Key One: Aizen:

Grey, boney fingers ran along Allen’s bare back. She could see where Aizen was moving this time. Her angel trembled as that bastard creature steps in his body. His suffering made her mouth water. (Another part of her kept getting wet as well.) She rolled her angel onto his back.

His eyes looked so empty.

Road gave him a kiss on the lips. It took all of her self-control not to jump him then and there. She could tell that he still had some fight in him. That didn’t bother her. Aizen would take care of that really soon.

“You are so adorable,” Road whispered in Allen’s ear. He didn’t move due to the pain. Aizen ran under his chest.

Her words sounded so distant to him. Allen felt like his head was under water. He could still move at little bit, but Aizen would bite for more food if there was too much energy being used. The angel knew that he couldn’t stay here.

Road leaned down to his ear.

“You might as well give up,” she whispered. “Aizen will keep you on the ground. You have no wings and you will have no free will soon.” Allen wanted to scream that he refused to believe that, but she wouldn’t listen.

He could show her better than he could tell her.

Her mistress sat up and ran her claws along the angel’s skin. Allen decided to let her do what she will to him for now.

Leda closed her eyes and let her mind travel through the Tower. Her chains prevented her from flying far. In fact, she didn’t try traveling out of her body too much because of Tykki. He would probably run experiments just to see how she did it.

Right now, that doctor was doing his runs in the Tower.

Before she began, Leda did a quick count.

She would have about thirty minutes to fully assess the damage that Aizen was causing to Allen. Leda closed her eyes and began to chant her spell.

Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho!

Leda felt herself floating upwards through her cage.

First, she looked around through the tunneled vision. The fastest way to find Allen was through sound. Leda’s soul trained itself to listen. The rushing waves about made her jump. His blood guided her towards Road’s chamber.

This next part would by daunting. Leda’s soul had to double her energy and focus before she took a deep breath.

Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho!

She braced herself for the vacuum-like force to pull her in. When she opened her eyes, Leda could see red floating around her. However, something seemed off. Leda could only see a few red blood cells. Some even started to vanish before her eyes. Same thing was happening to the white blood cells, but they were disappearing at a faster rate. Her eyes scanned around for the source that she knew was causing it.

Come on! Where are you, you bastard? Show me your face!

Her ears picked up a rustling noise. Heh? Leda glanced behind her. The hissing was enough to make her freeze. This little jaws looked like they wanted to snap off her head. Its tail stood up in presence. Leda shook her head.

“No… I am not something you can eat!”

Aizen raised its front right leg up. The antenna pointed to where Leda would be if she was actually standing in the place where her soul was floating. She didn’t move as she tried to figure out what to do.

If I move too suddenly, Aizen could attack me. I don’t have much time to wait it out either. I have no plans to see if that creature is capable of eating me or not. Leda forced her ears outside of Allen’s body and into the hall. Tykki was still doing his round in the Tower. With her luck at this rate, he would come back and catch her in the act. Leda puffed up her cheeks.

Stay back. Stay back! She could feel her heard pounding back in her body. The soul gulped as she slowly floated backwards. When Aizen opened its mouth, Leda could’ve sworn that she heard a demonic scream ringing through her ears.

Is this what Allen’s been hiding from the girls? Leda shook her head to herself. You can’t keep this to yourself forever. They have to know the truth soon. The rotting lust had only started to leak from its crawl fish-like body. How long would Allen be able to hold off before this creature took over its host’s brain?

Suddenly, Aizen crouched backwards, hissing. Leda shook her head. Oh no, no, no! The hairs on the back of her neck stood up as instinct screamed at her to flee. Don’t come near me! Don’t come near me!

That damned creature took crawling towards her like a bullet. Leda shut her eyes.

Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho! Sin To Cho!

Leda opened her eyes back in her cage, panting. She was used to see death, blood, cruelty, and suffering. But Aizen… Leda broke down, trembling.

What…? What…? How could…? That’s just…

She happened to look outside of her cage and see Tykki staring at her, smirking. The chained up angel gasped in her bindings. Her captor lit up another one of his cigarettes.

“You saw it, didn’t you?” he asked. “Don’t bother lying. I can see it all over your pretty little face. It’s a beautiful beast, isn’t it? To be honest, I wasn’t sure how Allen was going to take it. The last time that a parasite was put into an angel, that angel wound up broken and fed to the ones in the city. You know, I am really curious to see how long and if Allen survives Aizen.” He noticed the panic-stricken look on Leda’s face.

“You’re insane!” she cried. The doctor blew smoke into her cage.

“Aren’t we all insane in a way?” he asked. Tykki walked back to his office, leaving his angel wide-eyed and panting.

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