Key Nineteen: Glass:

Who was Grace?

She hadn’t told the Escape Crew much about herself. Kit stared at her back as they walked. He dug through his brain for the right questions to ask her.

“Hey Grace,” he said.

“Hm?” she asked. Kit thought about what he wanted to say, but closed his mouth.

“Never mind,” he said in a low voice. He stared at her hair coming down to her high back. The male angel tried to figure out what back story surrounded Grace. Meanwhile, she kept her eyes lowered. She had secrets that she didn’t want to share. Especially about her…

Grace shuddered as thought about her.

-One Year Earlier-

“Grace! Grace!” a woman’s voice shouted. The angel lifted her head. A big mountain troll of an angel stood over her.

“Get up!” she hissed. The smaller angel pushed herself to her feet. The big woman eyed her like an angry dragon. Grace didn’t have the fighting skills to fend for herself in the city. This other angel managed to find her. She just picked her up and dragged her along with her. Just like that. Why she picked up Grace, she couldn’t understand. They just ended up living together. Grace didn’t have much of a choice. It just happened that way.

“What?” Grace asked. The other woman snorted.

“Let’s go,” she said.

“Wait… now?”

The bigger angel glared at her. “Are you really asking me that?” She didn’t say it with her mouth. She didn’t need to. One look and all arguments were over. Grace lowered her head.

“Let’s go,” the other angel hissed. She walked out of the shack made of crumbling sticks. Grace kept her eyes lowered she followed behind. She had to do everything this angel said. At least until she could form a plan for herself. Today, she would be able to do some thinking on her own.

The angels split up to scavenger anything for their survival. It was a quiet day and those were never good. They had to keep their eyes open in case they ran into Tate and his crew. They preyed on days like this. Grace stood, eyes shifting left and right. That mountain troll didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. She takes in a deep breath.


Grace began looking for supplies. As she walked, she began planning her escape. This city was a vast place. Plenty of places to hide. Some angels hid underground during the day. Plus, Grace knew her way around the city pretty easily. She could just slip away without saying a word and free herself from her. However, the angel frowned. That mountain troll angel would probably track her down. She always seemed to find her without looking too hard. Grace puffed up her cheeks. She would have to try anyway.

Walking on broken glass was nothing compared to living with that crazy woman. The angel shuddered as she thought about last night. She breathed and pushed herself to keep walking. She bloody footprints behind her as she walked. So much glass on the ground. Grace didn’t understand why they kept doing this. They didn’t need any reason to do this. They never stay in one place for long anyway. It was get up, head out, gather up material, return, leave where they were staying, sleep, and repeat. Grace found herself getting tired of it.

She had to escape. So that night, Grace slipped away and headed towards the tower.

-Present Day-

Grace froze in her tracks. “Kit.”

“Yes?” the male angel asked. She grabbed onto her arm.

“There are some things you don’t know about me,” she said.


“I am not ready to tell you yet, but I am on your side.” She turned and grabbed him by the hands. “I only ask for you to trust me.”

Kit stared at her with big eyes. “Grace, is something wrong?”

“Please trust me.”

The male angel pressed his lips together. She looked so desperate. Was she finally going to open up to him? Why was she saying all of this now?

“Please?” Grace asked. Kit tightened his grip on her hands.

“Okay,” he said. The other angel breathed out.

“Thank you, Kit,” she said. The angel pulled him along with her. “Come on, I know a faster way to get out of this ring.” Her companion gave her back a little smile.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said. This time when they walked, there was broken glass on the ground.

Allen could hear a murmuring in his ears as he lay chained down naked to Road’s bed. He broke down chuckling.

Am I going crazy now?

Road smirked in the darkness as she closed the door behind her. She held her trusty riding crop in her hands.

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