Key Twenty-Two: Worry:

How did they all get into this mess?


He lay on the bed, chained up. His eyes looked void of life. He’s not completely gone yet. He’s in a struggle with Aizen in his body. How long before it reached his brain? How long before it took over? How long before he would lose himself?

He couldn’t let that happen. He needed to fight to keep his mind. He needed to break out of the Tower and escape again. He needed to get out of the city. He needed to get back to Heaven. Only Leda knew the extent of his condition. Her footsteps walked up to the door. He knows where this will be heading next. What was she going to do to him tonight?

He closed his empty eyes. Her mouth all over his body made him tremble. Using her teeth made his spine jump. Her tongue made him want to inch away from her. The riding crop stung against his skin. She hadn’t tried to fully ride him yet. But, he knew that was coming real soon. He counted on it, in fact. The worst part? It all excited him. He wasn’t sure if it was Aizen or if Road untapped some hidden desire trapped inside of him. Either way, it started to freak him out. He needed to escape before he was reduced to a mindless sex slave.

Even with his eyes closed, Allen began to remember how he first got into this mess.

-Marion and Alma-

They have their ways of coping with their bleak situation. They are just there to pleasure the monsters of the Tower. They have no say in what happens next. The monsters can do what they want with their bodies. Some angels can take it day from day, but others can’t.

Marion has been handling it for years. She had to be the stronger of the two. Maybe it was because she dealt with it in Brooklyn when she was human. Only this time, it never ended. The relief got shorter and shorter each day. Her fellow angels wondered how she managed to handle this all with no emotion. She herself wonders the same thing. Being brave is not an easy thing. But she has to do it for Alma. All for Alma.

Alma can’t handle this. They won’t stop attacking her. Those vile twins enjoy picking her. They come to the cage and pick her out. She ends up in the worst rooms too. Afterwards, she would lay on the floor, panting with tears in her eyes. The monsters would laugh at her pain. Marion has to be the one to pull her back from hell or comfort her. In truth, she herself is starting to get sick of it. She wishes that she wasn’t so weak. But she doesn’t know how to change.

Both remembered how this happened.


She is trapped in the Tower because of Allen. She had been raped and pushed into hell. Now, she just lay in her own cage in Paradise. Her mind was in a confusing place. Everything looked bleak around her, but Leda and Allen kept telling her not to give up hope. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Each day kept telling her to give up.

How was this any different from her life in Paris as a human? She was pretty much going to be another faceless pretty play thing for the monsters in the Tower. Marion didn’t seem to show much sympathy to her. None of the angels did. Most of them were drugged beyond belief. The others were either too scared or pretended not to see anything. Only Alma seemed to feel sorry for her, but she didn’t act on it.

She wished that she had never met Allen in the first place. Things were much easier in the city for her. As long as she stayed in that hotel, no one would bother her. Tate was still a problem, but he was nothing compared to the monsters that lived in this hell of a Tower. Tate and his dogs just wanted something to eat. These monsters just wanted her body for their pleasure. She could hear the curtains being ripped open on the cage. They were coming to do a test run on her. She shut her eyes. What did it matter anymore? It was just all going to be the same to her in the end. Leda and Allen kept telling her it didn’t have to be that way.

She remembered how this whole mess began.

-Harry and Tyrone-

Days of wandering produced nothing for them. Nothing looked familiar to them. The one-armed angel couldn’t fly up and use his powers. That would draw too much attention to them. What was the point of doing this anymore? Their group was broken up and they didn’t know where anyone was. They couldn’t go back to the hotel. They had no idea on how to do that.

All they were doing was walking, hiding, and sleeping. Their day was just doing the same thing over and over just like it was before in their safe hotel. At least there, they were still safe. Not only were they sitting targets to Tate and his dogs, but the number of cleaners had been increasing in the area as of late. Why did they have to listen to Ophelia and Allen?

To escape was a foolish idea. Every angel knew that. Allen didn’t seem to catch onto that. He was determined to escape. How did he do it? Their words of reason didn’t reach him. He was going to try and escape no matter what it would cost him. He seemed to have floated them the false hope of escaping too. So why did they keep doing this? What was the point anymore? For some reason, they couldn’t stop. Not until they found the rest of their party.

They began to remember how this all started.

-Grace and Kit-

Days of wandering produced nothing for them either. He was no closer to getting to know her. She kept her away at arms’ length. What was she hiding from him? Of course, he trusted her. He had no choice at the moment. Everyone else got separated and only she knew her way through this city. It didn’t matter if she was hiding something or not, he needed her to survive for the time being. It still didn’t help that he didn’t know anything about her.

Every time he tried to ask her questions, she was quick to shut him down. What was she afraid? She already had his trust. It wasn’t like he was going to kill her when she wasn’t looking. He seemed too gentle for that. Still, she couldn’t break her old habit of distrust. She thought him too trusting. It would be better if she kept him by her side. She didn’t want to think about what would happen if Tate got a hold of her. Honestly, she only wanted a place to hide from her former companion. She hadn’t expected to be pulled into Allen’s little escape crew. Too late to complain now. They just needed to find everyone in their group and figure out want to do from there.

They began to remember how this all started.

-Lavi and Ami-

Back in the living realm, they had their own problems. He still hadn’t revealed his true nature to her. How would she take learning that he was really an angel? How would she take learning that their child was a nephilim? He heard stories of women going mad from learning the truth. She couldn’t handle learning it. Overtime, he realized that he probably should’ve left a long time ago. This child became the reason that he had to stay by her. Bookman told him that he shouldn’t think of his child as his own. It would a stranger to him as soon as he was born. The child was already going away to new loving family after it was born. She and him had no say in the matter. Still they had more problems to deal with.

They kept her in the dark. It didn’t stop her from seeing visions. Black cat always stared at her as she walked by. Their eyes had something sinister in them. She heard whispers surrounding her when she was alone in the darkness. At first, she couldn’t make out what they were saying. Into the next month, their voices became clearer, but their words were lost on her own ears. Each time these voices spoke, her baby felt like it was trying to claw its way out of her belly. The pain started to get worse as of late. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with the child. In fact, they all said that she had a healthy baby. He on the other hand seemed to know what was going on, but couldn’t bring himself to tell her. Every time she demanded the truth, he would get choked up and turn away. She would be determined to learn the truth one way or another.

Meanwhile, he remembered how this all began.


She hears and sees everything. The chains holding her didn’t stop her from seeing outside of the Tower. She saw the aftermath of the Great Crash and round one of the Woman in Red’s destruction. She knew that this wasn’t over yet. The Woman in Red would return once the nephilim child was born. By then, everything would be lost. There would be no Heaven to return to. There would be no chance of her having her revenge. Everything, including the city and Tower, would be gone.

However, there was a way that this could be stopped. Allen would have to be the key to stop this tragedy waiting to spring forward again. The problem that stood in the way was Aizen. Removing the parasite would turn him into a vegetable just like those angels in the graveyard. Aizen couldn’t stay in his body either. Allen needed to have all his mind for this rebellion to work. Right now, he was already slipping away. She would have to rely on her powers and her knowledge to pull him out of this before it was too.

She too remembered how this all began.

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