Key Four: Training:

Allen sat chained up in a golden chair. Road stood in front of him, smirking. By now, Aizen had already ate through the initial amount to start emitting pheromones into its host body.

Time for a little “training”.

“That collar looks great on you, Allen,” she said. He looked much cuter with that collar around his neck and the ball gag in his mouth. Right now, the angel looked tired. Aizen was doing a number on his body. Road walked over and kissed him on the forehead.

He smelt of blood. Nothing a little bath wouldn’t fix after she had successfully broken him. Her mouth moved down to his neck. Allen let off muzzled scream as she bit into his neck. His hands were bonded to the chair. She had stripped him naked earlier. Road balled up his pants and underwear and stored them in a drawer high out of reach.

Road’s hand moved down to his lap. Her frozen fingers made Allen tremble. She didn’t dive straight down either. Her fingers inched down his throat, chest, abdomen, and down to his crotch. The cold against the sensitive skin felt like a knife. Her fingertips began stroking him. Allen’s eyes widened at the first touch.

No! Stay away from me! You will not break me. Stop!

Aizen froze in his body as it bit into another vein. However, it did something different. Cold chills ran up Allen’s spine. His pupils began to dilate as his breathing became labored.

What… What is this?

Road’s hand began to move slower. Sweat began to develop on Allen’s body. He gulped and shut his eyes.

I… I…

His cock slowly roused from slumber. The angel couldn’t control it. Road put more pressure on the more sensitive areas of the hardening skin. The hard rubber in his mouth muzzled his moans as drool leaked from the corner of his mouth. His mistress smirked as an idea formed in her head.

She moved back up to the head. Road looked into Allen’s eyes as she did so. The cracks through his brave facade made her mouth water. Sex and violence were two of the most powerful forces that could break a person’s will. Violence didn’t work on Allen, so maybe…

Small whimpering noises escaped through the hard rubber in the angel’s mouth. Road’s lips curved into a smirk.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked. Allen frantically shook his head. His mistress smiled as her hand moved slower.

“You’re not good at lying,” she whispered. Her hand placed more pressure. Allen yelped through his gag. His brain grasped to think. That devilish hand threw him into circles. His heart pounded against his chest.

“You can make all of the noise you want,” Road poured in his ear. “It’s only going to turn me on.” She moved her hand downwards. Chills ran up his spine. The monster kissed him on the neck again. The more stimulation he felt, the more his cock rose. Part of him wanted to tell her to stop, but the rest of him didn’t know what to do. Road staring into his eyes fed his sinking feeling of dread.

She suddenly knew what would bring him to his largest.

The monster took her hand off of his member. Allen’s moan turned into whimpering. His eyes darted over to a smirking Road. She sank down to her knees in front of him. Allen’s heart skipped a beat.

Don’t tell me she’s going to… Oh…

Her tongue felt rough, but her mouth warm and wet. Allen’s body trembled in his bindings. Meanwhile, Aizen fed on the rushing blood in the angel’s body. Road about jumped at the sensation in her mouth. Allen gripped the chair as he felt himself getting bigger and about to reach his limit.

Suddenly, Road stopped.

Allen whimpered as she rose to her feet. She stared him straight in the eye. Her next question rather the game into another level.

“Would little Allen like more?”

He stared at her, wide-eyed. What the…? Why would…? He refused to be at her mercy. She was a monster, the enemy to all angels. How could he let her push him to this level? She had physically tortured him, took his wings, forced him to watch his friend’s rape, and put a ravenous parasite in his body. Now she had him bound and gagged while teasing him. Her smile mocked his confused state.

Allen lowered his head.

Road buried her fingers into his white hair and turned his head towards her. “Look at me and answer.” His heart froze in his chest.

I am an angel. Can’t let myself submit to a monster like her. But…

His eyes darted away from hers. Road licked her lips as dug her nails into his scalp. The muzzled screams sent a happy chill down her spine. Her lips came within inches of his ear.

“Tell you what,” she whispered. “If you say how much you want me to fuck you, I will let you up.” Allen thought that he was going to explode in his chains. Of all of the things she could’ve picked to push him over the edge, she just had to…

Road removed her hand from his hair.

“I will let you sit here and think about how badly you want me to fuck you,” she purred in his ear. She his ear before taking a hard bite. Allen as he listened to the footsteps across the hard floor. When the heavy door swung shut, he lowered his head, humiliated that they were going down that path now.

The worst part?

This was only night one.

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