Key Six: Shame:

What was she going to do with him this evening?

Allen slowly lifted his head. His wrists were chained above his head. The familiar smell of jasmine perfume filled the room. He could see a little light across the room. Allen gulped. It was needless to say how he felt right now.

The angel chuckled to himself.

Is this what she has reduced me down to?

He began to picture all of the things that she could do to him. Aizen crawled across under his chest. Allen had become used to his “guest” by this point. It wasn’t like Road couldn’t do anything worse to him.


His head jerked upwards in attention.

Glowing eyes stared him down.

“Now,” she said. “What shall we play today?” He tried not to make eye contact. Road pouted.

“Aw, don’t be like that,” she said. “I have some really fun games to play with you.” Allen’s eyes widened, but he wouldn’t look at his mistress. She ran her fingers down his torso. The texture against his skin made him cringe. Her devilish hand slid down to his abdomen and into his pants. Allen moved his mouth, but no sound came out. Road licked her lips.

“You like this, huh?” she asked. The angel bit on his lower lip. His mistress’ hand went further down his pants. The tight squeeze made Allen turn around. Her skin touched at his skin. She used her free hand to unbutton his pants. The monster licked her lips. It took all of her self-control not to jump him. He wasn’t broken enough yet. This stage only called for teasing.

Road gave him a small peck on his neck. Allen shivered and gasped.

“S-S-Stop,” he whispered.

“Why should I?” Road asked. A little bit of blood escaped from his nose. She wasn’t even trying to be sexy about it. Then again, that would probably make things worse. He tried to push those thoughts out of his head.

As she fondled his package, more ideas filled Road’s head. She wanted to break him through humiliation. However, that presented a little problem.

“How will I know if Aizen is working?” Road asked Tyki in his office this morning. The doctor snubbed out his cigarette.

“Have you thought about testing it out?” he asked.

“He’s not broken yet,” she said.

“Not on yourself. With another angel.” The doctor noticed his niece frowning and puffing up her cheeks.

“Look,” Tyki said. “I know you don’t want to share him, but you want to make sure Aizen is working, right?”

“Well… yes…”

“So, why not try to it out with another angel.”

The more Road thought about it, the idea took on a life of its own. It might have its benefits. However, it had to be traumatic enough that he broke to her will. Which one should he pick? The tan-skinned one was too easy and predictable. Her brash friend would be fun, but it felt too easy. She needed to give him an angel that rested between the two in levels in personality.

Road’s lips curved into a smirk as the answer formed in her brain.

-Three Days Earlier-

Road walked up to Jasdevi’s door. Usually, she didn’t enjoy coming down to pay them a visit for any reason. The last time she did that was to help her bring back Allen to the Tower. (Not that she really needed them to do that, though.)

The female monster knocked on the door to get this over with. Jasdevi poked their heads outside and saw their older sister frowning at them.

“Road, what is in now?” they asked. She stood with her arms across her chest.

“When is the floor show?” the monster asked.


This next part was annoying to say, but…

Road pushed back her shoulders. “I have one more entry to add for my benefit.” She didn’t need to go into further detail for the twins to open the door wider and let her in.

-Present Day-

Road leaned into Allen’s ear. What she said next would end up pushing him further into a lustful hell that she wanted him to be in.

“You are going down to the Toy Box for the floor show,” she whispered. The lick on his ear made Allen’s body go limp and break down into shivers. His mistress unchained him and dragged him out of her chambers. The angel’s brain didn’t even get a chance to process what was coming to him as the door closed behind them.

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