Key Seven: Glam:

The floor show is coming up.

Every year, the monsters get to pick out which angel from Paradise they want in their “collection”. Everything has to be perfect. Jasdevi got up early for the finishing touches. The ritual began like this:

First came the lights. The twins decided on deep red this year. The color looked so much more desirable on their skin. The light couldn’t be too soft, the effect needed to stand out. The couldn’t be too strong, it would take away attention from the angels. They needed to be angled right to catch all of their perfect features. Setting up the lights take about ten minutes to get right.

Next is the decoration. Silk was always best. But this year, Jasdevi wanted to heighten the excitement of the monsters. The sheets of silk cover the walls and windows. Less is more with the background. Now for the toys.

The twins love to go all out for this part. Earlier this month, there was a poll given out. Each monster gets to vote in what toy they want to see used in the floor show every year. Whips and chains are quite popular. The twins are open to variety, however. This year sounds like it’s going to be pretty kinky. Devit looked over the poll on the week before setting up. This year, the monsters wanted whips, chains, vibrators, electric toys, knifes, and dildos. Not a problem. It didn’t take the twins long to get the desired toys.

The music was already picked out in advance. Something soft and sexy has to fill the room and put the crowd into a lustful frenzy. Once the music was picked, it was time to work on the equipment. The twins get fellow monsters to wire up the sound system just right. The speakers deliver the music, but also their secret weapon. Speaking of which, the twins managed to round up enough jasmine perfume for the floor show. The angels needed to be subdued for this to work. Measurements are no different from every day use. Too much and the angels will be sleeping. Too little and the angels will resist. Once everything is set up, there is one more thing left to prepare.

Here comes the most important part.

The angels are the main attraction, obviously. The ladies have to look their best. They are stripped naked and washed down. Cold water stings against the skin, but they know better than to resist. A beating before the show will take away from their beauty and value. The angels are only allowed to wear little or nothing at all. Most of them wear heels and a collar. Make-up will be applied with great care. Cherry lips. Deep blush. Eye shadow and mascara. Even their hair has to be perfect. Once the angels were stripped, cleaned, and dolled up, they are ready for the show.

This year is going to be quite the show. There is a new feature too. Road came to Jasdevi with a request. At first, they found it a little off.

“You want us to do what now?” they asked. Road had to explain it much slower and clearer to her younger brothers. Jasdevi pondered this for a little bit.

“We will see what we can do,” they said.

Today, the annual floor show would begin. Jasdevi unlocked the doors and let in the ravenous monsters. Road walked in behind with her hands behind her head.

This better work, she thought. Jasdevi snickered to themselves as they closed the doors behind their sister.

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