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Welcome To AstroWorld


AstroWorld (Wish You Here) What's up You Guys welcome to AstroWorld Sorry I haven't been keeping you updated on this book cause I deleted it by mistake and didn't have any copies, so I'm re-writing it but from basically like a part two version. So basically I'm giving y'all a recap on what's going on, Kourtney and Michelle we're engaged in this Dimension called AstroWorld, Michelle is a human in a spiritual world. Long story short, Michelle left to go back to Earth to pursue her dreams. While she was away Kourtney move on and got into a relationship with someone else. When Michelle came back into the picture she was crushed when Kourtney moved on. That's all I can give you, for now, you just have to read to see what's all going on.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Astral World also known as the Afterlife or Netherworld, is a fundamental realm of the universe, together with the Physical World and Ideal World. It is the plane in which ethereal beings reside - the World of Spirits.

More precisely, the realm is home to numerous creatures of legend on its surface layers, as well as profound forces of nature near its deeper strata.

Come and join These characters as they give you a love drama from the spiritual world.

What does it mean when a person is nonbinary? Being nonbinary is identifying gender as not 100% male or 100% female. Someone who has a nonbinary gender could describe themselves as having no gender, multiple genders, a masculine or feminine gender, or any other gender that is not fully male or fully female.

Please no hate at all this just a book of my fantasy, if you don't support LGBTQ+ then don't read this story.

The main character is identified as non-binary but in the story their pronouns will be She/Her.


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