Nothing is Ever as it Seems


Carly's life gets turned upside down by a vampire attack. She loses her friends, her family, and everyone she ever loved. Sam and Dean save Carly from joining her loved ones fate, but was she worth it? Sam can see the pain in her heart that she buries deep. Can he help her overcome that or will they both sink deeper, especially when they learn she isn't fully human herself?

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

Vampires in Wisconsin Pt.1

The drive was long and tiring. Two days of nonstop travel with no motels or restaurant stops. The best the boys had to eat was gas station burgers and let me tell you that was like rubber placed between two pieces of cardboard. Sam tried to eat healthily, but even the salads had an artificial flavor.

To have a case after John died was all they needed. It had been a few months since they had to say goodbye to their father, and Dean still thought about it every day. Remembering it was his fault their father was dead; a burden he’d have to carry to the grave.

He pulled into an empty lot so he and Sam could actually breathe fresh air. The ignition went silent as Dean stepped out of the car, Sam stepping out shortly after. They both took in the crisp air, something they both enjoyed about the midwest country.

“Here we are!” Dean exclaimed, looking around as if he had never seen trees before.

“And where is that exactly?” Sam asked, rubbing his eyes.

Dean had said there was a case and pretty much threw him into the car. Sam had some of the basic research but didn’t have time to really analyze as Dean was singing Metallica half the drive, and Sam couldn’t focus on anything when it came to Dean jamming out to his cassette tapes.

“We’re in Wisconsin for the case I mentioned,” Dean said

“Oh, the case,” Sam mumbled, grabbing his research from the backseat. “In the last few years, about 20 college kids from the surrounding area have gone missing. In the last week, four have joined that list. Only a few of the bodies have been recovered and all of them were drained of blood.”

“Any similarities between the vics?” Dean asked

“All of the victims were girls from a local college. They were in their early twenties, but other than that none of them looked alike.” Sam explained, analyzing the notes he had taken.

These girls were so young and they didn’t deserve to be taken or what Dean and Sam suspected...dead. Their lives were taken from them, and Sam hated it. He hated when monsters, human and creature alike, took innocent life with their hands, just for the fun of it. It made him sick. That’s part of the reason he killed evil, to get rid of the monsters.

“Who was the first recent vic?” Dean asked

“Alaina McBrian.” Sam read

“Let’s go talk to the parents then.” Dean suggested as they both got back in the car.

Sam got their suits from a duffle bag in the backseat and the two switched into their fancy attire. Sam pulled out their fake FBI badges, that somehow always worked, and shoved them into their front pockets. Once they looked presentable, Dean started the car and they were off. The rest of the ride was in silence. Both thinking about their own things...their own tragedies.

When they got to the house, Dean parked across the street and two got out in unison. Sam took the lead as Dean followed close behind. When they reached the front steps, Sam gave the door a hard knock.

A muffled woman’s voice came through the door. “Who is it?”

“FBI, we would like to ask you a few questions about Alaina’s disappearance.” Sam asked

“I already told the police everything.” The woman admitted, opening the door.

“I’m agent Northman and this is agent Stackhouse. This will only take a moment of your time.” Dean said, showing her his fake badge as Sam did.

She looked at them for a long moment, fear in the back of Sam’s mind. She relaxed and offered them to come in as Sam relaxed. One of these times that wasn’t going to work.

“So, Mrs. McBrian was...”

Before he could speak, she interrupted. “Call me Precious.”

“Wait, your name is Precious?” Dean asked, giggling a bit.

“Yeah, it was my grandmother’s name, is there something wrong with that?” Precious asked, giving Dean the evil eye.

“No.” Dean said, holding back another smile.

Sam glared down at Dean to shut up as he returned his attention to her. “Okay, Precious. Was Alaina acting strangely before she vanished?”

“Please sit.” Precious suggested as Sam and Dean sat down on the couch, her taking the chair across from them as she continued. “No, nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Did Alaina have any enemies or anyone who wanted to hurt her?” Dean asked

“No, Alaina was a good kid, she was friends with everyone.” Precious quickly replied

“What happened the night she disappeared?” Sam asked, intertwining his fingers. “Did say or do anything that made you feel uneasy? Something odd?”

Her mother sat there for a moment thinking of what went down that night. If anything stood out to her in Alaina’s behavior. That’s when she remembered.

“Alaina was hanging out with her friends at this party, she called me beforehand to let me know she was going to be late.” Precious explained

“Did she come home?” Dean asked

“No, that was the last time I talked to her before she vanished.” Precious muttered, beginning to cry.

“Do you know where this party was?” Sam asked

“No, she never got the chance to tell me.” Precious said with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you for your time.” Dean said, standing up.

Sam and Dean headed for the door. Dean stepped out onto the steps and as Sam was going to do the same, Precious grabbed his arm. He looked down at her hand and then back up at her face.

“Can you promise me something?” Precious asked with pleading in her eyes.

“Yeah, of course.” Sam nodded

“Please bring my daughter home.” Precious begged

“We will do our best.” Sam reassured

He walked away from the house feeling awful. Sam and Dean both knew it was unlikely Alaina was still alive. Giving her mother hope was cruel, but telling her the truth was so much worse, especially if it was the monster they expected it to be.

Sam got into the car as Dean turned toward Sam. “Shall we question the next vic’s parents?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

They headed off to the next house, which was only a few blocks away. As they did with the last house, Dean parked across the street. The two approached the house and this time Dean took the lead.

“Mrs. Henderson, this is officer Northman and officer Stackhouse from the FBI. We would like to ask you a few questions about your daughter. We discovered she went missing and our boss sent us here to check it out.” Dean announced, knocking on the door.

“Ask away. I just want my daughter found.” Mrs. Henderson said, opening the door.

“Did Claire seem strange before she disappeared?” Sam asked

“What do you mean?” Mrs. Henderson asked with a raised brow.

“Like scared or worried?” Dean suggested

“Well, the night before she went missing she was acting a little strange.” Mrs. Henderson mentioned

“Like?” Dean said

She looked from Sam to Dean and back again before sighing. “She kept saying over and over again that vampires were after them and that she was next. But I didn’t believe her, vampires don’t exist.”

“Them?” Sam and Dean asked at the same time.

“All her friends.” Mrs. Henderson said

“Are they the ones that have been going missing?” Dean asked

“Yes, Alaina, Christina, Phoua, and Claire were friends. They were best friends and did everything together.” Mrs. Henderson explained

“Would anyone want to hurt Claire and her friends?” Dean asked with crossed arms.

“No, but...” Mrs. Henderson muttered

“But, what?” Sam questioned

“The night Claire came home from the party, she was covered in cuts and bruises. Dirt on her shoeless feet and she looked petrified as if she had seen a ghost. That was the night Alaina went missing.” Mrs. Henderson cried, wiping her eyes. “I just feel bad for Carly, she must be so depressed right now.”

“Who’s Carly?” Sam asked with intrigue.

“Carly is the only one left that was at the party that night.” Mrs. Henderson cried

“Do you know where she lives?” Dean asked

“Yeah, she lives about two blocks from here.” Mrs. Henderson said

“Thank you.” Sam said as the two went back toward the car.

Sam and Dean kept their back to the door, keeping their thoughts to themselves until the door shut. When they knew she could no longer hear them, they began to discuss. This whole thing was so damn weird.

Sam spoke first. “I wonder why a bunch of vampires are going after these girls, it doesn’t make any sense.”

“We should go get a motel. I am beat and I haven’t slept in days.” Dean said, not paying attention to a word Sam just said. “Were you even listening?” Sam asked, Dean shaking his head. “We need to go talk to Carly as she’s going to be next.”

“But sleep...” Dean whined


“Fine, but when we’re done, I’m sleeping.”


The two headed over to the house. A simple 2 bedroom home. So innocent and simple, yet a girl was soon to be murdered. Vampires killed, turned, or made their victims into blood bags. Death was the most humane of any of the options they offered. Sam and Dean went to the door and knocked, but there was no answer. They knocked again, but still no response.

Suddenly, a voice rang from behind them. “May I help you?” The two turned around to face the girl standing a few feet from them. Sam’s eyes caught her emerald ones instantly. She was maybe 5ft 5in, long brown hair pulled into a ponytail, and a sweater barely covering her shoulders. There was a toughness to her...she had been through hell long before that party.

Sam knew trauma and could sense it a mile away. He silently stared at her as Dean nudged him. Sam broke out of it and cleared his throat.

“Are...are you Carly?” Sam asked, trying to regain his composure.

“That would be me, can I help you with something?” Carly asked, her gaze lingering on him just as he did with her.

“May we ask you a few questions?” Dean asked as he and Sam showed their badges.

She looked at the badges and silently nodded. Dean spoke first as Sam was still trying to get himself together. Dean slightly smiled at the fact Sam was smitten, but he tried to stay on task.

“So Carly, what happened the night Alaina went missing?” Dean asked

“You won’t believe me, no one does,” Carly muttered

“Just tell us, we’ll understand,” Dean reassured

“Okay, but you can’t call me crazy, got it,” Carly ordered

“We won’t, I promise,” Sam said with understanding

Carly sighed before telling the story. “Okay, well we were walking home from practice because we all swim on our school’s swim team. We went down this empty road when this flyer from out of nowhere hits me in the face. It was for this new club called Vampiros or something like that. So of course, Claire wanted to go and we weren’t going to let her go alone, so we went. Everything was fun for a while until...”

“Until what?” Dean questioned

“An hour into the party, 6 or 7 people ran into the crowd. I thought nothing of it until the first scream rang out. Then everyone was panicking, running, trying to escape. We started to run when Alaina got captured. All my other friends had already escaped, but I couldn’t leave her, she was my friend. The thing bit her and drank her blood like she was a human-sized juice box.”

“And then what happened?” Dean asked

“He drank her blood until there wasn’t an ounce of life left. So I used all my strength and ripped a piece of wood off a chair and impaled him with it. Of course, it didn’t work. He just pulled it out like it was nothing. That’s when I ran and didn’t stop until I was home. Then I heard about my friends going missing, and I expect it to be that man taking them.” Carly explained

There was heartbreak in Carly’s tone, but no tears in her eyes. She had been through hell before and tried to push her emotions down until she exploded. Something Sam and Dean did every day of their lives.

“We won’t let them touch you, okay?” Sam reassured

“How can you believe me, while no one else will?” Carly asked

“We have open minds,” Dean said

“But how? How can you believe in something so crazy?” Carly asked

“We’ve been through a lot of crazy stuff ourselves. Now Carly I want you to lock the doors and stay inside, tomorrow we will check on you. They can’t get in unless you let them.” Dean explained

He left Sam and Carly to talk as he headed back to the car. Sam waited until he was a good distance away before turning his attention to Carly. He knew this was the first time they had ever met, but he wanted to keep her safe.

“We won’t let them hurt you…” Sam said, Carly looking up at him. “We will do everything to make sure you breathe another day.”

“Why am I worth saving?” Carly asked

“Everyone is worth saving. You were put in an awful situation, but it’s not your fault. I blame myself quite often for the mistakes that I had no control over. You can’t let that stuff weigh on you. If you do, you’ll shatter.” Sam said, motioning toward her. “Give me your phone.”

Carly pulled out her phone from her back pocket, handing it to Sam. He went into her contacts and put his number into it, putting Sam above the number. He handed the phone back to her as she looked down at it before returning his gaze.

“If something happens before we return, call me. I will drop everything and come to your aid.” Sam reassured

He began walking down the driveway as Carly yelled after him. “Thank you, Sam.”

“You’re welcome.” He smiled in return.

He headed off down the road toward the car, which Dean was leaning up against. Dean was smiling ear to ear, a suggestive type of smile. When Sam saw it, he raised a brow.

“What are you smiling about?” Sam questioned

“You just gave her your number. We’re trying to save her life, not get into her pants, Sammy.” Dean laughed

“Shut up,” Sam muttered, getting into the car as Dean just laughed louder.

“Let’s go to a motel and sleep. We can deal with beheading some massive vampire douchebags tomorrow.” Dean said, turning the key in the ignition.

“Yeah, tomorrow.

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