I am appointed the secretary of billionare heirs of the world's largest company Empire.My parents were also their close friends until they suddendly disappeared. I went with the hope to find my family but fell for love. Revealed dark secrets. But what happens when the heirs fall for you... Can you handle it.... Can you love only one..? "God! Why am I stuck in this situation." is only what you can say ~

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"why do you need to become secretary of those filthy dogs." Said karen.
"Cause I need to find my parents and those filthy dogs were my childhood friends. You can't just say like this about them."
He pulled me closer and hugged me." I am sorry..I just can't see you hurt"
BADUM BADUM BADUM "oh god - this stupid heart- I might get a heart ache"I thought.

Well he and me have been friends since my parents had disappeared. I lived somewhat close to his home. My younger brother is in college. And he lives at his own apartment.
It's not like we live in a bad condition after my parents company went down. We were left with quiet the amount of fortune. Just a little less than that of what we could have lived.

Pulling myself back I said "Hey um you know after I start going to work, I won't be able to spend much time with you..... So you should start having some new hobbies."
"duh. Like last time you made me go to zumba classes or the art class. No then."
I chuckle. Sometimes I feel we could have been something more than just friends. But then things would have been different. Well I guess we're better as friends.

"Tomorrow is my first day of work,I should go home and sleep early."
"Yeah, go home and sleep tight."

"Ahh....I don't think they will remember me, of course. But I need to see how to deal with them without being suspected that my main intention was something else."I thought.
I reached home on time. Changed my clothes. Got refreshed. And fell on the bed and slept right away.

The sun rays hit my eyes and I woke up. I still had 3 hours left. But I decided to get up. You know what they say "if you're not early, then you're late."
I did all my chores and dressed up.I had to wear formal clothes.
Karen came to meet me. He came with a bouquet of roses. If anyone saw us they would mistake us for a couple. I chuckle thinking that.

Suddendly I heard a loud horn. And I was shocked a lamouise was standing out, I went to my balcony and the driver came out waving his hand to me."the heck!I just became a secretary and this much treatment.”
Even though it was too much,I kinda felt happy. Karen glanced at me and I came out of my thoughts.

“Ah shoot I will be late. I need to go.”I said.
“Yeah .you should go. Do great.” He said with a wide smile on his face.

I hurried down. As I sat in the limo . I looked at karen for the last time and he said that he would take care of the house and lock it before he goes.
I left reassured. The driver gave me a few instructions about what to do when I arrive, as he drove.

As I left the limo,I was standing in front of a tall, grand building. I knew I had arrived. I turned to thank the driver and he said"I hope you will be able to work here longer than others did.”
I nervously chuckled. And started to walk to the building.

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