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Fallen Angel Part 3


After Monica becomes human, she now faces a new struggle with her beloved family, as her past life of being an angel comes and terrorize her and her new family, to steal the love away from her.

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The Engagement Party

Griffin and Monica lay together in bed until almost noon that day. They were just so in love with being next to each other engaged. Griffin peered through the little slight of his eyes to find Monica still fast asleep in his arms. He tilts his head down to see her face barreled into his chest as her small arms are wrapped around his neck and arms. Griffin looks past her at the little alarm clock stating 11:00 AM in the morning. Then Griffin glances back down to Monica, and he gently nuzzles her cheek with his nose and slowly pulls out of her tight embrace. After last night what happened, he wanted to make Monica breakfast before Sarah rejoins them. As Griffin left his bed and put on a gray t-shirt, he can’t help but smile at Monica’s sleeping form. Then Griffin made his way downstairs to cook up some eggs and fresh coffee for his new fiancé. He had to admit, the whole coffee addiction that Monica has had sparked up the love feelings that he has for her.

Monica awoke with the smell of fresh coffee being brew, and she slowly opens her eyes, to the empty spot where Griffin was laying. As Monica sits up, she felt a strange circular band on her left ring finger. As soon as Monica glances down, a huge smile came over her face as she realizes that the last night event wasn’t just a dream, it really did happen. She was officially engaged to Griffin, and soon she will be part of Griffin’s family, and someday in the future, she will start a family of her own. The thought of it made Monica a bit terrified, but at the same time happy. She always wanted to be a mother and feel a living soul inside of her.

Monica pulls the warm blankets off of her, and she moves to the closet to pull out her small pink robe and wrap it around her small female frame. As Monica walks into the bathroom to fix her hair, she notices that her once short reddish hair was beginning to flow down off her shoulders. Now that she is human it was hard to maintain her short shoulder length hair to stay short. When she was an angel, it wasn’t that difficult. Shrugging to that, she combed through her hair and added some volume in it, as well as part it from the center. As soon as she was content with her hairstyle, she moves out of Griffin’s small bedroom bathroom and heads downstairs to be with her man.

Monica moves from the bottom of the stairwell and into the kitchen, where Griffin was working on making some eggs and toast. She had to admit that he was adorable and charming for doing this for her. “Morning, honey.”

Griffin looks up and sees Monica coming from the small hallway to him. A smile crept across his face as for the first time Monica just called him honey. Griffin handed her a mug of her favorite coffee, and she smiled at that. “Morning to you too.” Griffin was going to go back to check on the eggs, but before he did, Monica came to him and planted him a nice smooth kiss on his lips. Griffin couldn’t help but sink into her kiss, as he places his hands on the smallness of Monica’s back and pulls her near him. When he did that, Monica wraps her arms around his neck, and she kisses him deeper, causing him to lose track of their breakfast. Griffin was about to let go, as Monica’s kisses move off of his lips and down his neck. As each kiss she leaves behind on Griffin’s firm neck it felt like a warm, loving burn spot on his neck. “Mon….” Griffin tried to say.

“Yeah….” Monica said unwilling to let go of their passionate kiss. But soon Monica got the hint, and she drops her arms from Griffin’s neck. “I know. You’re cooking. Just really wanted to do that.”

Griffin smiles, and kisses her cheek, “I know, and I enjoyed it. Especially because how beautiful you look.”

“Thank you,” Monica said as she blushes and her schoolgirlish smile came out. “So what’s for breakfast?”

“Well, it was going to be my grandmother’s famous eggs, but since I got lost in your love, they are a little burnt.” Griffin winced.

“That’s okay. I don’t mind. Besides, it was worth kissing you.” Monica smiles as she took a sip of her coffee. “At least the coffee is perfect.”

Griffin smiles as he filled two plates of their meal. Griffin hands Monica her plate as he settles down beside her. Griffin had a little red carnation flower in his hand, and he reaches to stroke Monica’s soft auburn hair, as he puts the red carnation behind her right ear. “There, now you look even more beautiful to me.”

Monica smiles and nuzzles her nose to Griffin’s shoulder. “So, when is our little Sarah going to be here?”

Our?” Griffin asks looking at Monica.

“Yes, our. Griff, I’m going to be part of your family soon.” Monica pointed out.

“I know, not use to sharing procession of my little girl. However, with you, I don’t mind.” Griffin smiles and takes a bite out of a piece of toast. “Chris is dropping her off sometime around 12:30 or 1:00. He is giving me a day off, to spend with you and Sarah. Then later tonight, Kerry’s oldest son is watching the kids as we have our engagement party.”

“You and Chris planned this as well huh….” Monica said.

“Yeah, actually he is the one that has been hinting this for the past several months since you and I got back together.” Griffin smiles.

Monica giggled at Griffin’s statement, and she softly said, “Well I got to thank your best friend for doing this, and for pulling us together because Roan, I can’t see myself with anyone else but you.

Griffin looks into Monica’s eyes, and he grins at her comment, “Same here, you are the only one that I love, my ang….” Griffin tails off as Monica’s lips touched his and started the make-out session all over again.

Crystal arrives at her uncle’s house around noon. Gloria stood beside her as she waited for her uncle to open the door. As she waited impatiently for her uncle, she glanced at Gloria as she thumbs through a notepad.

“What are you doing?” Crystal said with annoyance.

“Just looking over some notes about your father’s estate that’s all. My one question is why are you here at your Uncle’s house and not in Chicago?” Gloria asks looking at Crystal.

“Because I need to get away from my city life for awhile. And I have no place to go but here in Gracie where I grew up. And Uncle Mac is the only relative I have.” Crystal said.

“What about your mother?” Gloria asks.

“She’s somewhere. I don’t know. She didn’t want me, so she dumped me with my father.” Crystal said in a bitter tone. “I just want to sell my dad’s business and get away from Chicago and start a new life here in Gracie.”

Gloria knows that’s not the only reason that Crystal came back to this town. But she had to go along with it. Just then the door to the old farmhouse opens up, and an old man about in his late 70′s to the door.

“What? Crystal? What…what the hell are you doing back here!”Mac said in an angry tone.

“Uncle…..I…..I need a place to stay. This is the only place I can run too. Please.” Crystal pleaded.

Mac took a long moment and stared down at his niece. He can’t believe that one night where his niece abandons her family and just took off without a trace, and now she is standing on his front porch begging for his hospitably. “Crystal, why do you expect me to welcome you with open arms after what you did to me six years ago?”

“I know what I did was wrong, and stupid and irresponsible. But I was a young and confused woman back then, but I’m different now. Please, I beg of you, let me stay.” Crystal cried.

Mac was going to refuse her again, but as he was about to say no, he saw the young Crystal he loved and care for when her parents didn’t give a shit about her. At the sight of his niece crying he had no choice but to accept that she needs her uncle’s love. “Alright, you can stay here.” Crystal was about to grab her bags, but her Mac stopped her. “On one condition.”

“What’s that?” Crystal asks.

“As soon as you find a job here in town, you find your own apartment, and live on your own. I’m not going to have you live here forever. Just only temporary until you find yourself a life again. Do I make myself Clear?”

“Yes, Uncle Mac.” Crystal mumbled.

“What!” Mac repeated.

“Yes.” Crystal said eyeing her Uncle.

“Good,” Mac said as he held the door open to let Crystal and Gloria through. As soon as Crystal went upstairs to her old farmhouse room where she grew up as a young teen and cross the line with many boys, she felt safe and home then her boyfriend’s apartment back in Chicago.

Gloria looked at Mac the old man and thanks him for his home. “You don’t know how much you are helping her by letting her stay.”

“I’m always her safety net,” Mac said in a sad and mad voice. “Sorry about my behavior earlier, my Crystal hurt more than just me when she left, and her abandonment left me a broken heart as well as a broken family.”

Gloria nods, “I’m sorry. I’m trying to help her.”

“Are you her shrink now?” Mac asks.

“No, I’m her business consular with her father’s estate sale.” Gloria smiles, “and her friend.”

“Ah, well don’t be surprised if she doesn’t return your friendship. She has a knack for doing that to people.” Mac pointed out. “What’s your name?”

Gloria gave him a small smile, “Gloria.”

“Well, nice to meet you, Gloria. I’m Crystal’s uncle.” Mac stated as he is extending his hand. Gloria accepted his handshake and looked up at him. “Well, I’ll leave you two to discuss my brother’s business. I’m sure you have lots to go over. I’ll be in my study reading my book if you need anything.” Mac said and walked out of the living room and heads to the door to the back of the house.

Gloria notices that Mac was not thrilled with his niece being here, and she wanted to ask what happened between Mac and his niece but as soon as she tried to call out after him, Crystal came down from the stairs and looked at Gloria. “So, Gloria is it? What do you have for my father’s sale?”

Sarah came home later that afternoon and together as a family Griffin, Monica, and Sarah all played The Game of Life until Griffin and Monica drove Sarah over to the Heart’s residents to gather up their party. Kerry was already there waiting for them. Kerry is now accepting that Monica is apart of her family, as she is now engaged to her brother’s best friend. She still has a hard time dealing with the fact Monica is a former angel, but she can’t deny the love she has for Roan. Despite how she felt when Monica told her she was an angel and shared the truth, she still values her friendship with her, and puts what she thinks past her and celebrate her engagement to Roan Griffin. She was telling her son about the kid’s bedtime hours and when they would be arriving back when Monica and Griffin showed up at Chris’s house. Griffin went over to Chris and Brian and told them about his day with his new fiancé and what it meant to him. While Griffin was talking to the guys, Monica bent down to look at her soon to be daughter.

“Sarah honey, why are you a little sad?” Monica asks.

“Just, I just don’t understand why I can’t celebrate with you and daddy?” Sarah looked at the dusk sky.

“Well, this is just only for adults only. But I tell you what, how about tomorrow you and I will spend the day for a girls day out just the two of us, how does that sound.” Monica said looking into Sarah’s soft blue gaze like her father’s.

“Really?” Sarah said looking at Monica.

“Absolutely. Now hug me.” Monica smiles as she opens her arms for the little child to run into her arms.

Sarah didn’t hesitate for a second as she went into Monica’s embrace and hugged her. “Is it alright if I start to call you mom now?” Sarah whispers in Monica’s ear.

Monica gave a little laugh, “Oh sweetheart, as much as I want to have the title of a mother, but your father and I are not married quite yet. Once we are, then yes you can, but until then I think it’s wise just to call me Monica.”

“Okay,” Sarah said and embraced Monica again into a hug. The other adults were climbing in cars, and Griffin came next to Monica and his daughter.

“Ready?” Griffin asks, and Monica nods slightly to him.

“I think your dad wants to say goodbye,” Monica whispers in Sarah’s ear. Sarah turns and gazes at her father.

“Night sweetie, I’ll be back sometime around 1 in the morning to drop you off at our house okay?” Griffin said hugging his daughter.

“I know, Monica told me, and tomorrow she and I are going to have a day to ourselves. Sorry, dad but you’re not invited. It’s girls only.” Sarah giggles.

“Really, I guess I will find my own time then. Well, I got to go, sweetie, I love you.” Griffin smiles and hugs his daughter.

“I love you too, and you too Monica. Have a good night, and dad, try not to kiss her too much okay?” Sarah said casting an eye on her father.

Griffin looked at Monica, then back at his daughter, “I’ll try not to honey.” And together Monica and Griffin walk hand in hand off the porch and into Monica’s red Cadillac. Monica wave’s goodbye to Sarah then follows Kerry out of the driveway.

“So you made another date with my daughter huh….” Griffin cast a sideways glance at his fiancé.

“Yeah, sorry she needs my love too. And besides, she had sacrificed her quality time already by giving us a chance to spend two whole nights by ourselves. So I made a girl’s date with her, to have her celebrate in with our engagement. But don’t worry, I still will love you just the same.” Monica smiles as she kept her eyes on the road. “So where is this place that we are going?”

“You remember the Lou’s Bar and Karaoke?” Griffin asks.

“Yeah, where you and I met each other again after our little separation we had, how can I not forget.” Monica suppressed a smile.

“That’s where we are heading. And yes there is a Karaoke tonight.” Griffin smiles.

Monica’s smile fell a little, as she briefly looks at her new fiancé. “Griff, I love you, but you are not going to make me sing tonight,” Monica advised.

“Well, I won’t make you sing, but you will probably get pressured by Kerry and Kristin.” Griffin slightly hinted. Monica glanced at him for a second and then back to the road. “Just saying, you and I are the center of attention tonight so you might get pushed into doing it. I won’t laugh I swear.”

Monica laughs with Griffin, as they continued their ride to Lou’s Bar. Once they arrived at the bar, Kerry, Brian, Kristin, and Chris greeted them for the celebration. Monica felt the love between her group of friends as she walks hand in hand with her man. She never thought that love between humans could be so strong, and she was happy with the love she felt.

Monica followed Griffin to a table by the stage and sat next to him. Then after they seated, Kerry sat next to Monica and accompanied by her husband, then next to Griffin was Chris and next to him was his wife.

“So tell me Monica, how romantic was your proposal?” Kristin asks.

Monica cracked open a smile, and gave a little giggle, “It was very romantic, I was so in love what Griffin had done, and it was, so beautiful, and oh my God, amazing.” Monica looked up at Griffin, and her eyes just sparkled with love. Griffin caught on to that and kissed her quick and lightly on her lips.

“Aww. I knew you two were going to make it. You two have this love that can never be broken.” Brian said after Griffin and Monica’s love moment.

“A toast to the newly engaged couple, may you two enjoy your love for each other, and God bless that it will last a lifetime,” Kerry spoke holding up her red wine to Monica and Griffin. Soon every one raised their glasses, as they congratulate Griffin and Monica for a happy, filled marriage that is to come.

After everyone took a sip of their drink, Chris spoke out, “You two do realize that you have to kiss every time we toast.”

“No they don’t that is when they are married not when they are engaged,” Kerry pointed out. “Besides you just want to see them kiss.”

“I do not.” Chris objected.

“It’s fine. I don’t mind,” Monica said as she gazes at Griffin. Then slowly their heads came together, and Monica looks into Griffin’s eyes, a heartbeat later, their lips collided with each other as they showed what true love meant to their group of friends. After a brief moment of kissing Monica slowly pulls back and mouths to her newly fiancé I love you. Griffin smiles back and nuzzles his nose to Monica’s neck, and then turns his attention back to their group of friends.

Crystal and Gloria had been at her father’s business sale all day, and Crystal decides to settle on a great deal of fun and a break. “Well, Gloria how about a drink to cool off for a while?”

“Sure, I could use some lemonade or water right about now,” Gloria replies as she is starting to feel the warm atmosphere hit her dry throat.

“I’m not talking about here.” Crystal smiles.

“And where is…..” Gloria started to ask.

“You’ll see, come on, grab your coat we are heading off to one spot I know that I used to hang out all the time when I lived here.” Crystal laughs remembering the good old days with Chris, Kristin and some other friends. Come to think of it, the Lou’s Bar and Karaoke was the first time she ever met Roan Griffin. At first, she thought he was one of Chris’s loser friends, but Roan was the first guy that had shown her real love, and she fell for him that night as a young college girl. Now looking back on it, Roan Griffin was the only guy Crystal had ever loved, and she wishes she hadn’t let him go.

Once at Crystal arrives at the bar she smiles at Gloria, “Come on Gloria, you will love this place. This bar was the only freedom in this Godforsaken town that I loved as a young adult.” Crystal laughs as she took a step, but Gloria held back. Crystal looks at her funny, “What’s wrong?”

Something told Gloria going into the bar tonight will not be a smart plan for Crystal, “Crystal….I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

“Why not?” Crystal asks, then looking at Gloria she knows she had never drunk in her life, “What because you are afraid of drinking is that it?”

“No….I…I,” Gloria paused and was going to say something that her angelic instincts would come out to say, but she switches to something new, “I don’t see a great outcome out of this if you go in there. Besides alcohol and guys will only make matters worse for you.”

“Oh come on Gloria don’t be such a goodie goodie, I left all of that party life behind me when I left Chicago. I want a new start and a new life here, and this is one place I know I will find it again.” Crystal said laughing. Crystal still believes that Griffin and Chris still hang out in this particular spot. But what she didn’t realize that when she walks through those doors to the bar, that Griffin was engaged to Gloria’s best friend.

Gloria looks at the doors where Crystal disappears to, then over to her left were standing by Tess and Rafael. Gloria gave a nervous nod to the two unseen angels and followed Crystal into the bar. Tess looks at Rafael, and he looks at her, knowing that the next few weeks Monica will soon find out the truth, and she will need both of their help to get through this.

It was about an hour into Griffin and Monica’s engagement party. When Chris blurts out the old Gracie tradition to every newly engaged couple, “Hey Griff, I think it’s time to show Monica the famous tradition that we have here in town.”

Monica looks at Griffin with a confused look, then back at Chris, “And what will that be?”

Griffin gave his best friend an annoyance look then looks at Monica, “Chris started this tradition back when Kerry was the first to get married, it’s pointless, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to honey.”

“No it’s not Roan, every newly engage couple has to go through with it, we did and so did you with…..” Kristin trails off not wanting to finish the sentience of Griffin’s ex-wife.

Monica looks at Griffin and then back at Chris, “I will do it whatever it is. Just as long as it’s nothing stupid.”

“No, it’s not. Perfectly harmless, the tradition is singing to the karaoke, as a couple.” Kerry smiles to Brian, and he smiles back.

“You two have to pick a song to sing before you go up to sing it.” Kristin points out.

Monica looks to Griffin and then to their group of friends, “Alright.”

“Mon…hon,” Griffin tries to back her off.

“It’s fine Roan, I sang in front of people before and made a fool of myself back then, I think I can manage to do it again with you.” Monica smiles remembering her singing the blues when she got drunk the first time, and when she got dared by a group of female girls on one of her assignments and sang out her heart back when she was an angel. Now she is engaged and didn’t care what other people think about her terrible voice. She was happy and in love with the greatest man she had ever known. Plus she wouldn’t mind singing with Griffin, his voice melted her heart, and she will love to have a chance to sing with him.

“So what song?” Brian asks.

Griffin cast a look at Monica and winks at her, “Come on I have just the song for us to sing.”

“Roan,” Chris said looking confused. But Griffin took his future bride’s hands as he pulls her to the stage, and a bigger smile came over his face.

“So, my love what song,” Monica asks as she stood beside Griffin.

“This has been my favorite songs back in my last few years of high school and my early years of college. I come to realize that this song speaks to us. And I will be honored to have you sing this song with me.” Griffin smiles and holds Monica near him. “The title of it is called Somebody To Love.”

Monica looks at him, and smiles nervously, “I don’t know the words.”

“I’ll help you, and our friends will. We all grew up with it, and it’s easy to catch on. If you need help, there are words to follow along, that’s why it’s called karaoke.” Griffin smiles.

“Okay,” Monica laughs and pulls her lover into her small embrace and kisses him lightly.

As soon as Crystal was seated in the back of the bar with her small drink of alcohol beverage, she smiles to many friendly faces. But one person caught her eye, as she realizes that some of her old friends were in the same place on the same night.

Gloria caught on to Crystal stare, “Who are they?” She asks.

“Those are my old friends, wow they really have not changed. There on the right is Kerry Chris’s older sister and her husband, and the other two couple is Chris and Kristin. Chris is my ex-husband’s best friend.” Crystal smiles. “And were ever Chris is at, my ex-husband Roan will be at too.” Crystal said as she scans the bar for her long-lost love.

“Are you sure you want to be in the same room with you know…” Gloria asks and nodding to Crystal’s old friends.

“With Roan? I’m fine. It’s he is the one that is not fine. That man falls hard with any woman he ever so wishes to love.” Crystal said with a bitter tone.

“Something tells me that you are still in love with him.” Gloria points out as she looks into Crystal’s blue depths.

“No, I’m not I’m just…..” Crystal starts to say but trails off when she hears the crowd cheer up for another go around for the fool stand of the karaoke singing. “Oh, joy, another person making a fool of themselves on the microphone.” As soon as she spoke those words the tender male voice that made Crystal whip around to see her ex-husband on stage. “What the….“Gloria looks at her assignment and then to Griffin and Monica. Gloria tries to reach for Crystal, but Crystal was already on her feet, making her way to the stage.

Griffin nods to the piano man and hands his fiancé a microphone. As both Monica and Griffin took their places on stage, the crowds begin to cheer. “I’m going to dedicate this song to my lovely fiancé, who is a little shy singing to large crowds like this one, so with all of your help, will you join us,” Griffin said into the microphone as he held Monica’s hand. Then he nods to the piano man to start the song.

Griffin took a deep breath as he breathes out the first few notes to the song, ”Cannnnn.”

And the crowd of people joined in to sing the song, “Anybody….find me…someone to….love”

The notes to the famous Queen song rang throughout the bar as people gathered around the stage to sing to the old time favorite song back in the late 70′s. And Kerry, Kristin Brian, and Chris jumped up and gathered around Monica and Griffin as they help them to sing the hit song.

Monica took a breath as the words flowed on the screen, “Each morning I get up and die a little can barely stand on my feet…..” As the crowd sang out on the top of their lungs to the ensemble part.

As Griffin sang the guy part of the song, “Take a look in the mirror and cry, Lord what you’re doing to me.”

Monica soon follows after Griffin as she smiles at him, “I spent all my years in believing you. But I just can’t get no relief, Lord!”

“Somebody,(Someday) somebody. (Somebody) Can anybody find me somebody to love?” Griffin sang out a nice smooth tone, which made him smile when Monica beams into his eyes and forgets the world around her.

“I work hard (He works hard) every day of my life, I work till I ache in my bones, In the end, I take home my hard earned pay all on my own.” Griffin sang out.

“I get down on my knees, and I start to pray till the tears run down from my eyes, Lord,” Monica sang her part.

“Somebody, (Somebody) Oh Somebody, Can anybody find me….” Both Monica and Griffin sang together. Then Griffin left Monica on her own to sing the female solo part, “Somebody to loovee….”

The Griffin comes in again, “(He works hard) Everyday…I try, and I try and try….”

“But everybody wants to put me down they say I’m going crazy!” Monica sings as she looks at Griffin.

“They say I got a lot of water in my brain…Got no common sense I got nobody left to believe…..” Griffin came in after Monica’s part.

Then they a wave of voices shouted, “Yeah….Yeah…Yeah….yeahhh” as the instrumental part of the song rang out throughout the bar people raise their hands in the air and wave them from side to side to the guitar part of the song. “Ooo…Ooo...Ooo… Lord”

Then Griffin and Monica sang together the course line again as Monica took the lead female solo, “Oh Somebody(Somebody) …. Oh, somebody. Can anybody find me, somebody, to love? (Can…. Anybody….. Find meeee…. someone to loovee)”

Griffin follows in after her as he sang his part, “Got no feel, got no rhythm, I just keep losing my beat.”

“I’m ok. I’m alright. I Ain’t gonna face no defeat….” Monica echoes her fiancé.

Then together they sang out, “I just got to get out of this prison cell someday I’m gonna be free…..LORD!!!!!!!!!”

Then everybody started to sing, “Find me somebody to love” for about 10 times, until the buildup of the peak of the song as Chris, Kerry Brian, Kristin, Griffin, and Monica sang out, ” Somebody, (Somebody) Somebody (Somebody) Somebody (Somebody)( Somebody Find me Somebody to Love)……Can Anybody find me….” There was a brief pause in the song as Griffin sang out in a smooth voice, “Somebody toooo……loooovvvveeee.”

The crowd cheers as Monica joins in, to finishes the song, “Find me…somebody toooo love,”

Monica looks into Griffin’s eyes, and he looks into hers, as she sang, “Somebody find me…..”

Griffin echoes her, “Find me….”

“Somebody find meee…. Somebody to love….” Monica smiles and continues to finish off the song on her part. “Find me…somebody….to..oo…Loooveee.” As soon as Monica finishes her notes that she sang, she moves towards Griffin and tilts her head to one side. Then Griffin came down to place his lips to hers, and very slowly he lefts Monica up off the floor and as her arms clasps around Griffin’s neck, and she peers into his eyes as the sparkling deep ocean blue eyes look back at her. Monica saw Griffin’s smile came over his face and she returns his smile. Then Monica crashes her lips to his and holds their kiss for a while longer, showing the world their love.

After the last notes of the song, Griffin and Monica came together and shared a beautiful and lovely kiss the crowd all cheered for the happy couple. Everybody cheered except Crystal who was hurt to see her ex-husband smiling and in love with another woman besides her. And seeing him kissing this auburn lady that didn’t have that great of a voice broke Crystal as the tears she held back let loose and flowed down her cheeks. It wasn’t just the kiss that broke Crystal’s heart, and it was the fact that realizing that her Roan had never looked so damn happy in his life and loved her as he is when he is with this auburn woman. Crystal pushed her way through the crowd and went to her table as she stumbles to find her purse. When she came back to Gracie, she was expecting to pick up her marriage with Griffin when she left, but she was six years too late for that. Now he is engaged and happy with a new love, and the love that she and Roan once shared is now gone forever.

Gloria stood beside Crystal and was stunned to hear her best friend sing so damn well, and she was happy for Monica and her new found love. And when Griffin pulled Monica into a passionate kiss on stage, she couldn’t help but shed a happy little tear for Monica. And seeing her best friend and mentor kissing him back, it brought joy to Gloria’s heart. But as soon as she glances over at her assignment, and seeing her pain, and anger towards Monica, all the happiness left. “Crystal, Crystal! Wait!” But her assignment didn’t listen to her, as she stumbled through the crowd and to the table where they were sitting, and the next instant Gloria knew her assignment was out the door.

After the song ended and more people came up to the karaoke to sing more songs, Monica couldn’t stop smiling after what she just did, “I can’t believe I just did that!”

“Welcome to the club Monica. You have a lovely voice…” Kerry pointed out. “Griff….you picked the perfect song to share your love with your fiancé. I wish my husband here did the same for me.”

“What! Kerry, I chose the perfect song for us at the time,” Brian smiles.

“Oh right, I’m sure Don’t Go Breaking My Heart was a good choice for us,” Kerry mocked her husband.

“Well it’s true, you didn’t break my heart, and after all this time, you are still my woman.” Brian smiles and Kerry couldn’t help but to smile back at her husband and then falling into his arms and kissing him. After settling back into the conversation, Kerry looks at Monica, “This is what you have to live with when you and Griff here, get married.”

Monica smiles at her new close friend, “I think I can manage.” Then Monica laces her fingers to Griffin’s and leans against his shoulder.

The karaoke bar lasted until 10:00 that night and then a local jazz band played slow and soft music. Monica and Griffin went off to dance alone as they left their friends with their own love moments. “Why do I feel so happy when I’m with you?” Monica asks looking into Griffin’s soft glow eyes as the dim lighting turn Griffins’ eyes into a midnight blue.

“Because you love me, and I don’t know if this is true love or not, but it sure feels like it,” Griffin said, and Monica snuggles under Griffin’s chin, and lightly kissing his lower neckline.

“I think it is,” Monica whispers.

“What is?” Griffin asks.

“True love,” Monica answers as she raises her head to look at him.

“Really, what made you think that,” Griffin asks.

“Because every moment I spend with you Roan, I fall more in love with you, and the more I fall, the stronger the love I have for you. It is an endless love that I have for you which is my definition of true love.” Monica smiles. And he smiles back and puts his might chin upon her head, as his hands flow back down to Monica’s waist again and continue to dance with her. Monica and Griffin danced their last love moment song to the one a slow jazz melody that Monica focus in on her lover’s thundering heartbeat.

Gloria follows Crystal out of the bar and looks to find her. Gloria spots Crystal arriving at the corner of the street trying to get a cab. Gloria knew she had to stop Crystal to do something she is going to regret. “Crystal. Crystal what are you doing?”

“Leave me alone Gloria. I need to be alone for awhile.” Crystal cried through her tears.

“Crystal please, you don’t want to do this come on let me help you,” Gloria tries to help her.

“You can’t help me, Gloria, I need a damn drink that’s what I need.” Crystal cries.

“No, you don’t. Crystal alcohol won’t help you with your pain what you are feeling, only God can.” Gloria said.

“What do you know of pain Gloria? You don’t know what’s it’s like to have your heart torn out and see your fucking husband kissing and in love with another woman. Okay, I need a fucking drink to ease my pain!” Crystal shouts.

“Crystal…” Gloria suppressed the foul language. She knows that Crystal was latching out in anger.

Crystal backs away from Gloria as she shots at her, “No Gloria. I need to be alone for a while. Taxi!” Crystal waves out her hand and a cab driver drove up. Crystal hops in without thinking and closes the door before Gloria could utter another word. Crystal was in a deal of shock as seeing her ex-husband triggered the lost pain she had been holding back from day one when she first met Roan Griffin. The moment she witnessed her Roan’s true happiness with this Irish woman, all her jealousy, anger, and pain rushed through her veins like an angry hurricane over the land. Crystal had never found true love in her life, and she turns to the one thing that she has always known to cure her pain and sorrow, which is alcohol and sex.

Gloria looks down the street as her assignment refuses her help, and standing by a lamppost was Andrew looking at his watch. “I tried Andrew. Crystal won’t accept my help. How am I suppose to help her see God’s love if she won’t even take advice from me?”

“Keep trying Gloria. She will come around,” Andrew said looking at his friend.

“This can’t be good if you’re here. Will she try to kill herself?” Gloria asks.

“I’m not here for Crystal. I’m here for him.” Andrew nods at an old homeless man playing on his guitar. Gloria nods, and Andrew caught Gloria’s arm and told her one thing, “Gloria, just be with her, even if she won’t accept the Father’s love or word, but be close to your assignment and pray for her.”

Gloria nods in agreement, “I’m sorry Andrew.”

Andrew looks at Gloria in confusion, “For what?”

As soon as Andrew asks that Gloria stares in the opposite direction from where she had come, and Andrew follows his gaze. Out came Kerry, Brian, Chris, Kristin, and Monica and Griffin as they made their way back to their cars. Looking at Monica’s happy smiling face and kissing Griffin broke Andrew’s heart. Then he notices a ring on Monica’s left finger and knows that she is engaged to him. Gloria didn’t want to mention that Monica is engaged, because she knew how much Andrew is still in love with her. And it hurt Gloria to see the sadness and hurt in Andrew’s eyes.

“Well, I’m happy for her,” Andrew said in a sad tone hiding his pain.

“Andrew,” Gloria said sensing his pain.

“It’s fine Gloria. Monica made her choice when she fell from heaven. Roan Griffin is a lucky man to be loved by her. I wish them a happy life together.” Andrew said as he tries so very hard to hide his tears. “Wow, it must be the warm summer air, my eyes are watering.”

“Andrew, are you sure you are all right?” Gloria asks coming near him.

“Yes. Now we both better get back to our assignments. Go to Crystal Gloria. She needs you more than I do right now.” Andrew said. But as Gloria’s brown eyes glared at him, Andrew added, “Really…I’m fine. I just got to accept that Monica doesn’t love me back; just it hurts like hell to see her happiness with another man beside me. I will talk later, now go Gloria.”

“You sure?” Gloria asks.

“Yes, now go,” Andrew said.

Gloria nods and embraces Andrew into a hug. Andrew gives Gloria a sad comforting smile, and Gloria rushes off to find her assignment. Andrew takes one last look at Monica as he watches the little red Cadillac drive passed him. Monica can’t see him anymore because she is human now, but she still has her spiritual senses, because Andrew caught her eyes burning through his soul as she peered out of her review mirror to the spot where he is standing. The feeling lasted only a second or two then it vanishes as the red Cadillac turns the street corner and disappears into the darkness of the night.

Andrew shed a few tears, as he whispers to his lost love that he still has for Monica, “Take care, my Irish love.” Then Andrew turns his focus on his appointed assignment.

When Monica and Griffin left the bar that night to return home, Monica had this strange feeling as she drove past a homeless man. She may not be an angel anymore, but for some reason, her newly human spirit sense the presence of an angel. Not just any angel but one of her old friends Andrew, with whom she broke his heart when she left her home in heaven to be with Griffin. Monica still regrets saying those awful words to Andrew, and she wishes that she could see him tell him how sorry she is. Monica gazes out the review mirror, and for some strange reason, she felt Andrew’s gaze staring back at her. Monica shook her head to clear it, and Griffin caught on to it.

“Is everything alright?” Griffin asks.

“Yeah fine, just the night is catching up with me; that’s all,” Monica replies with a smile. She didn’t want to tell Griffin the truth, because she didn’t know what that feeling was.

Once they arrive at the Heart’s residence, Kerry held little Sarah in her arms, as she hands her off to Monica. Monica smiles at Kerry and pays her a 20 for her eldest child to watch Sarah. “Oh Monica….keep it. I’ll pay my son.”

“You sure, I don’t mind….” Monica said.

“No really, it’s fine, my treat to you.” Kerry smiles.

Monica nods and hands Griffin the 20-dollar bill. Monica slips Sarah in the back seat while Griffin made his rounds of saying goodbye. As soon as Monica puts Sarah’s seatbelt on, she made rounds to say goodnight. Once all the goodbyes were said, Monica and Griffin were off to head back to Griffin’s house. It took about 20 minutes to reach the house, and Griffin laid his daughter on her bed and stood in the doorframe watching her sleep.

“She’s very peaceful when she sleeps huh….” Monica said coming behind him as she wraps her arms around Griffin’s waist.

“Yeah, I remember coming home from long shifts at work, and just watching my little girl sleep, just made my night better,” Griffin said eyeing his baby girl.

“You are a good father to her Roan, which is one of the qualities that made me fall in love with you…” Monica smiles at him, and she laid soft kisses his strong right shoulder. Griffin smiles at Monica’s loving touch, and found her hands and entwine one of his hands to hers as he slowly closes his daughter’s bedroom door. Once his daughter’s door was closed, he then took Monica’s engaged hand and led her to his bedroom.

Little after two am It began to rain as Monica and Griffin snuggle in for the night. Monica watches Griffin sleep. He looked so handsome it made her heart flutter as she smiles at his sleeping form. She is stroking his beautiful hair feeling every strain of his hair between her fingertips as she gazes upon her future husband and watching him dream. Then Monica heard moaning and crying in the bathroom. Monica quickly pulled out of her romance gaze and the sound of Sarah being in distress, pulled her out of Griffin’s embrace to go and investigate.

It took Crystal about a half hour to get out of Gracie for a while to shake off her anger and pain towards her ex-husband. Crystal found a bar called Heaven’s Bar, and she slips into it hoping to get hammered hard with the liquid soul to wash out her pain. Gloria was not far behind her, and she saw her assignment walking into the bar….Oh, joy.

Once inside the bar Crystal eye the crowd, there were lots of men in here, and woman here and there. Close to the bathrooms was a couple groping each other hard, and a few stumbling to get inmate with each other. Crystal bypassed all of that and found a seat at the bar. The bartender came to serve her right away “What will it be madam?”

“I will have whiskey rum on the rocks please…” Crystal ordered.

“Tough night?” The bartender asks.

“You have no idea….” Crystal mumbles. A few minutes later Crystal downs the first drink hard as she drinks away her pain that she felt earlier that night. However, one glass didn’t cure the pain in Crystal’s heart.

Gloria came in and found her assignment at the bar downing about 3 or 4 pints of alcoholic poison, and dangerously flirting with a man with brown eyes, wearing a cheap suit and a 1950’s hat rested upon his head. They were moving into a kiss when Gloria pulls Crystal away from him urgently, “Crystal, please stop this.”

“Gloria, what are you doing here?” Crystal sawed back and forth.

“Crystal you need to get out of here before you do something incredibly stupid,” Gloria advises.

“What, I’m not doing anything wrong…I’m having the time of my life. Besides, I found my cure to my heartache” Crystal stumbles over her words. Just then the cocky guy comes beside her.

“What by sleeping around and drinking your brain cells away? Crystal getting drunk and flirting with guys is not going to heal your heart from your pain, only God can do that.” Gloria tries to persuade Crystal to turn away from her addictions but doing so only made the matter worse.

“Oh…now you are starting to sound like my Uncle. Look, Gloria, I don’t need God, I have here Gary, and He is my lover….” Crystal shouted.

“Crystal, please listen to me!” Gloria snaps.

“No! I’m going with Gary here. Bye Gloria!” Crystal shouts and drags this man with her.

Gloria watches in terror as her assignment stumbles with this strange man into a cheap trailer house by the bar. Gloria knows that she needs help, and she wishes that her mentor Monica were here to help her out on this assignment. Gloria looks to the heavens as she mummers, Oh Father, help me find my courage to help Crystal, and for her to find peace.

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