Harry Potter One-Shots


A compilation of Harry Potter; one shots, reacts, and short stories. May or may not contain smut; I haven't made up my mind yet. ongoing

Romance / Fantasy
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Author's Note

Hi, welcome to my first story. It isn't really a story, it will be a bunch of random stuff from Harry Potter
Till now the things that I think I will include in Harry Potter:
1. one shots, those I will open requests to write from.
2. Short stories, meaning that they will be a bunch of chapters not more than 7 chapters than will all be connected. I would call them one-shot but the biggest one shot I read was 75 minutes long and these stories will be longer.
If I receive a request that could be made into a short story I will turn it into one.
3. How the Harry Potter boys (or girls) would react.

I still don't know what else to add, tell me if you have any Ideas.
In the MCU I have this Idea for a Loki short story, tell me if you're interested or not. That however will not be out for a while. In the music part I would compile a bunch of music recommendations and post them here.
Now it's time to talk about smut. I am comfortable with writing it, the only issue is that I don't know how to write it, soo yeah. I will probably include it in the short stories but I'm not really sure. (future a/n: I wrote smut.)
I'm still working on my Wattpad account so lookout for that, if you are more comfortable with that, and I think my ao3 account will start working on September 3rd so look out for that too. (Future a/n: my ao3 account is working, my user name is mastermindmiko and I posted everything there. I will not be using Wattpad anymore because it pissed me off too much )
Any way if you have any request ideas put them on the most recent post on the wall on my profile. I will write there what I'm opening request
Anyway please enjoy the book. I have no idea how the updating schedule will be, what I can assure you is that it won't be once a day but it won't be once a month either.
currently working on :
George Weasley Short Story - not yet published - not yet finished.
Neville Longbottom short story - not yet published - not yet finished.
Tom Riddle Short Story - not yet published - not yet finished.
Marauders Short Story - not yet published - not yet finished.
Draco Malfoy Short Story - not yet published - not yet finished.
Also check out my MCU, books and music story.

My only upload strategy in short stories is to not publish the first part until at least the second part is finished, and to not publish the last chapter of a story until I finish the First part of another story.
I post here on Wednesdays and I post on ao3 on Tuesdays. (but it really depends.) I just put whenever but yeah.
Should I post on Tumblr?

Mar. <3
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