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Arnav was flying back to India to attend a funeral... Shashi Gupta's funeral who committed suicide. The man who didn't get time to come to India to fix his YOUNGER brother's marriage is going to reach India in an hour... Arnav. Arnav's younger brother NEERAV Singh Raizada wanted to marry Shashi's daughter Khushi. Their marriage was on hold because Neerav's elder brother Arnav was not interested in marriage. Why Shashi committed suicide? Where was Arnav staying? What's going to happen next in their lives?

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Arnav is in London

Part 1 Arnav is in London

Arnav had been in London for the past year in the establishment work of the AR London branch. He was the elder son of the Raizada family. He was just twenty-eight. No one from his family insisted on him getting married. Because they knew it’s a waste of time. He was busy solidifying the company which met a huge loss by a fire accident. AR had lost loads of its raw materials and met a huge loss. Their business status turned upside down overnight.

That’s when Arnav took over the responsibility of AR on his shoulders who just returned back to India, completing his MBA at Oxford University. Because of his complete dedication, AR raised again with new dealers and shareholders.

This is Arnav’s successful fifth year in the business world. He wanted to take AR to the next phase. Leaving the responsibility of the Indian AR branch to his father and his friend Aman who was the AR manager, he was staying in London at present.

Raizadas were fed up as Arnav was not showing interest in returning back to India. He went to London for the opening process of the AR branch. Raizadas thought he would get back to India in a few days but it has been one year, he was still in London.

Raizadas are waiting for his arrival to fix his younger brother Neerav’s marriage. Neerav was one year younger than Arnav. Raizadas wanted to fix Arnav and Neerav’s marriage together. But Arnav was not at all giving ears to it. Arnav said clear-cut that he doesn’t want to get married. So, Raizadas decided to complete Neerav’s marriage.

Neerav liked his father’s friend, Shashi Gupta’s daughter KHUSHI. Arnav knew Neerav’s marriage can be fixed only after he comes to India. But he didn’t get time to come to India. Because he was asked to spend ten days in India for the marriage which was next to impossible for him.


Arvind welcomed his one of the client and friend Anup Kapoor and his family. They often visited RM. Anup’s wife, Mrs. Sapna Kapoor smiled at Ratna. Anup Kapoor’s daughter Laila Kapoor rushed to Ratna and hugged her.

*How are you, beta? * Ratna asked.

*Fine aunty…*

*I heard you had fixed Neerav’s marriage…* Anup asked Arvind.

*Not fixed yet… just spoke to Shashi about it…*

*When is the marriage? *

*Arnav should say that…*

Hearing Arnav’s name, Laila’s face brightened.

*Is Arnav coming? * Anup asked.

*No… he doesn’t get time…*

*Why he is backing off? * Sapna asked.

*No… not backing off… he is just busy* Ratna said.

*Arnav is the elder son of the family. How would you do younger son’s marriage, leaving the elder? * Sapna asked.

*Arnav is not at all showing interest in marriage* Arvind said.

*But why…? *

*He is establishing the business…*

*Show him a good and beautiful girl like our Laila… he will fall down flat…* Sapna laughed as if it was a joke.

*Do you think he has no chance to see beautiful girls in London? There are many girls in the AR London branch…* Arvind snapped back.

*Maybe… but they can’t be like, our culture girls…* Sapna said.

*I ask you directly… why beating around the bush? I would like to give my daughter’s hand to Arnav. What say? * Anup said.

Arvind and Ratna spared a content glance.

*In this matter, we can say nothing because this is the matter of Arnav* Arvind said.

*You don’t worry about Arnav… we will get a YES from him* Anup said.

*Hann… who could deny marrying our Laila? Sapna said.

Ratna and Arvind became nervous. Ratna nodded her head from left to right horrifying.

*No, Anup… you don’t know Arnav…*

Cutting him,

*Do you have any problem if he is ready to marry Laila? * He asked.

*No… definitely not…*

*Then, you just leave it on me*

Arvind nodded ok. Ratna prayed inwardly. Arnav should not get angry about it. Not only the Anup family but any family related to Raizadas know nothing about Arnav. He hardly interacted with people. Even though he had a rich background he never took his studies lightly. He spent most of his time in his studies. Ratna is his best partner… he accepts Arvind too. And, he got a lifetime friend in college… Aman. That’s all. Neerav is not his type. Neerav was kind of a flaunter. Arnav didn’t like the quality of him. Neerav still has four arrear papers without completing them.


Arnav was checking a file, in his cabin. That’s when his phone rang. He saw an unknown Indian number flashing. Yet, he attended the call, thinking that the call should be coming from an AR client.

“Arnav Singh Raizada...”

The way he uttered his name had a fire in it.

“This is Laila Kapoor...” Laila said with a gorgeous smile as if Arnav is seeing her.

“Who are you?” Asked Arnav which disappointed Laila... She felt insulted. She thought Arnav will say, Hi, how are you? Didn’t Raizadas tell him about her and their proposal? What the heck...

“Hello... who is this?” Arnav asked again.

“Your father’s friend, Anup Kapoor’s daughter...”

“Oh... Why did you call me?” disinterest sounded in his voice.

“To talk to you... Then only we can understand each other...”

Arnav sat straight, sensing something wrong. The route of her talk was going somewhere which he didn’t want...

“Why would we understand each other?”

“Don’t you want OUR life to be happy?”

“Stop beating around the bush... I have no time to entertain your stupidity... understand?”

Laila gulped down.

“Stupidity…? Our parents want us to get married…”

“Whaaaat? ”

“Yes, Arnav… do you know how worried your parents are...? They couldn’t fix Neerav’s marriage too… Poor them…” she said with a sad tone.

“You don’t have to worry about it. I know what to do… stop poking your nose in my personal matter…”

“No, Arnav. Uncle and aunty want me to become a Raizada bahu…”

“Shut uuppppppp…” he disconnected the call in frustration.

Laila again dialed Arnav’s number but his number was engaged. How could she get the line if Arnav was trying Ratna’s number?

Ratna saw Arnav’s number flashing on her mobile. She took her mobile delightedly. She was about to swipe the screen, something kicked her mind. Did Anup call Arnav? She attended the call, making her up.

“Hello, Chotte…”

“How did you plan my marriage without my consent?” his voice was damn angry.

“No… we didn’t. How could we do that without your consent? Don’t you know us? ”

“Then why that stupid girl is irritated me…? ”

Girl? Ratna gulped down.

“Who, Chotte?”

“Ms. Kapoor…”

Laila called Arnav? What she had done…?

“Anup uncle wants you to marry her… he said that yesterday. I think that’s why Laila would have called you”

“Mom, please stop torturing me… just stop all this… I told you already… please understand me… I don’t like Laila… Koyla… anyone…”

“Ok, Chotte, cool down…”

“I should not get any phone calls anymore… if you don’t want me to hurt anyone, please stop people from approaching me”

“Ok, Chotte, you don’t lose your temper… relax…”

“OK, I will talk to you later… (Arnav paused for a while gulping his anger) I’m sorry, Mom… I hope you understand me…”

“I know Chotte. You never hurt me… but I don’t know why you don’t want to marry…”

" Mom, there are many USEFUL things in the world than marriage... one among them is YOU, Mom…”

Ratna couldn’t hold her smile. She had a good understanding of Arnav than Neerav even though Arnav was not with her for the past many years.

“Love you, Mom…” Arnav’s voice melted Ratna.

“Love you too, Chotte…”

“I know…”

“Take care”


They disconnected the call.

Ratna looked at Arvind who was listening to the mother and the son’s talks smilingly. Ratna showed her thumb down and Arvind sighed. They were worried about Arnav… if he says YES to marriage, then Arnav and Neerav’s marriage will be held on the same day… but seems like it won’t happen soon.

To be continued…

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