A Beast Again

Chapter 2

“Adam, it is still you. Do not fall into despair just at the moment, there is still time before your fate is sealed.” Belle soothed, attempting to comfort her husband in the only way that she could think of.

Nothing could placate Adam however, as he insisted “it may as well be sealed now, she will never see me as her father, but a monster to be feared and hated. How can I face anyone looking like this?”, his voice filled with hopelessness and despair.

With sadness, Belle replied dejectedly “I do not know, but shouldn't your closest servants know? They have seen you in your current form before and therefore won't be scared to approach you.”

Despite the situation that was unfolding, Adam felt that his wife was speaking enough sense. He agreed to the plan.

“Fine. Summon Lumiere.” He said, however it sounded more like a demand to Belle.

“Do not speak to me like that. You may be in the form of the Beast, but Adam would never have spoken to me thus.” She replied, trying to make Adam see that despite his current form, he was still her husband who loved her.

Adam was horrified at the tone of his words and how quickly his behaviour was transforming into that of the Beast that he had been for so much of his life. Sighing, Adam started, “Belle...”

Unwilling to listen to him, Belle replied, “Summon him yourself if you insist upon speaking to me in that way.” Belle then practically ran out of the West Wing, trying to keep her emotions in check in front of her husband and any servants she may come across in the hall. All of a sudden, an almighty roar could be heard coming from the West Wing.


A few moments later, said servant appeared at the doorway. Unlike the original enchantment, the servants had been allowed to retain their human forms this time, due to the fact that Irena was the one who was truly affected by the enchantment, as well as her father.

“Yes master?” Lumiere politely enquired from the door to the West Wing, which had once more become dull and dark as in the original enchantment.

“Belle seemed to think you would like to know about me.” Adam said, not really sure as to how he should reveal that he was once more a Beast to one of his closest friends, as this is how he viewed the servants who had helped to raise him and care for him during the enchantment that had stolen away his childhood and adolescence.

Hesitantly, Lumiere replied “that is not necessary master”, as he was unsure as to what Adam was referring due to the fact that the darkness hid Adam from his view.

“Yes, it is. Now, do not be frightened, but I understand if you are.”

Adam approached Lumiere slowly as to not alarm his friend.

“Oh master.” Lumiere replied, sorrow lacing his voice and etched into his facial expression.

“What is it?!” Adam said, as his old temper flared, somewhat surprising him.

Confused and a little distressed at the sudden change in his master, Lumiere replied, “nothing!” in an effort to placate his master’s temper.

Finally, unable to control his temper, Adam roared “YOU ARE STARING!!”

Lumiere calmly replied “apologies master, I just never thought that this would happen again.”

Somehow, these words struck Adam enough to sufficiently calm him down, as he responded “I know.”

Uncertain as to how long his friend and master would remain calm, Lumiere enquired “why did you call me, master?”

Filled with sadness at the need course of action, Adam replied “I need you to tell the rest of the staff about this. Only the ones who knew about the original enchantment. You must also...conceal my daughter from me.” this last part pained him as he would never hold his child again, however he realised that if his daughter was concealed from him, the enchantment would not be broken, however he was so upset, he did not care what happened to him.

Ever practical, Lumiere stated “but sir, she will ask questions about her father.”

“I know, but you have to keep her away from me.” Adam said, as he felt his heart practically break in two.



“I'm so sorry that this happened again, but I will help you however I can.”

Grateful for the support of one of his friends, Adam replied, “Thank you.”

Once Lumiere left, Adam sank to the ground and wept, as he realised that the life he had tried so hard to obtain had been taken away from him so suddenly, along with everything that he held dear.

As the years passed, Adam fell into despair as all hope of regaining his humanity slipped away. He realised that he had missed out on much, however he knew of the rumours that were being spread around the castle about a monster inhabiting the West Wing and he didn’t want to prove them correct.

One day, he heard someone enter the room, something that had not happened in a long time.

“Sir, there is someone who wishes to speak with you.” Adam realised that the voice belonged to lumiere and so went over to him. He rolled his eyes at the fact that anyone would wish to speak to him after they had left him alone for so long.

Annoyed, Adam stated “I do not wish to speak to them- how could they face me in this form?”

Attempting to calm him down, Lumiere replied “It is your wife, I believe.”

“Fine. Bring her.”

“Sir, I believe that you should try to be polite towards her.” Lumiere said, as he remembered when Belle had first arrived in the castle during the last enchantment and the way that his master had treated her then.

“Bring her.” Adam stubbornly replied, unwilling to use his manners, wondering why a Beast would need to use manners, as he had truly forgotten what it was to be human.

Lumiere leaves the West Wing and allows Belle to enter.

“Adam?” Belle inquired, due to the fact that Adam had decided to hide in the shadows, rather than speak to Belle. Adam was ashamed of what his life had become and did not want pity for he believed that he deserved the fate that the enchantress had bestowed upon him.

“What?” Adam growled.

Pleading, Belle replied “please, I have missed you so much. It is so hard to have to pretend that you don't exist around Irena. I can't stand lying to her- please allow her to see you, if you wish to break the enchantment once and for all.”

“No. She will not wish to see me.” This, Adam was sure of as many of the servants were terrified to even be near the West Wing.

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