A Beast Again

Chapter 5

“I am too, but she will undo it. I know she will.” Belle said as she embraced her husband.

“I know. I am scared to re-join the world again after so long. I...I will visit you and Irena in the library tomorrow. Please do not ask more of me than that, I couldn't do it.” Adam begged, knowing that his wife would not ask more of him than he was able to give.

“I won't. Irena will be pleased. I shall tell Lumiere to clear the halls of the servants when I go to the library with Irena.” Belle said with a smile, glad that her husband was willing to become part of the world again.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door, before it opened a little to reveal Lumiere standing in the doorway.

“Master?” Lumiere asked, as he normally did not like to disrupt his master, as he had learned that Adam’s temper could become inflamed at the slightest provocation as had been revealed during the first enchantment.

Adam forced himself to acknowledge the presence of a member of his staff. Looking to where Lumiere was standing, he asked “Yes?”

“Dinner is being served. Shall I bring dinner to you and the mistress?” Lumiere asked, glad that the master seemed to be in a relatively good mood.

Adam was unable to speak, as he had not recalled receiving such kindness during the last enchantment, despite the fact that since then he had been receiving kindness from all servants within the household.

Belle responded, noticing her husband’s lack of response, “Yes, Lumiere, that would be wonderful. Thank you. Could you please tell Irena to join us in here?”

“I will mistress. If I may, it is nice to see you and the master together after so long.” Belle smiled as Lumiere bowed before walking to the door.

“Thank you Lumiere.”

Lumiere then left to carry out the request that had been made of him, leaving Belle and Adam alone once more.

“Belle?” Adam said, a hint of a question in his voice.


“Will you embrace me? I feel as if I am a child, not a grown man.” Adam asked, feeling slightly foolish.

“Of course. I have missed this. Last time you weren't so timid around me- you even yelled at me.” Belle reminded with a small smile to show that she was simply using the first enchantment to tease him about his behaviour.

With a groan, Adam responded “I was wrong then. I don't want to hurt you. Last time, I was angry with you and myself and didn't know how to act. Now, I know how to act but I am sometimes unable to.”

All of a sudden, a knock was heard at the door. At the lack of response, Adam and Belle watched the door open slightly, to reveal their daughter standing there in the doorway.

“Mama? Papa?”

“Irena, please come in.” Belle said gently.

“Why did you call me? Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?” Irena asked anxiously.

“Please calm down Irena. You have done nothing wrong, on the contrary, you have brought us back together as a family. We owe you thanks.” Belle responded, eager to reassure her daughter that she had done nothing wrong.

“Your mother is right. Thank you for bringing me back to your mother after all these years. We called you into my wing in order to share a meal together, however you will have to excuse my manners as they are not what they once were.” Adam responded, grinning sheepishly as he recalled when he had first tried to use utensils whilst a Beast during the enchantment through which he had met Belle.

“Of course father. Mama, is father to come to the library with us tomorrow?” Irena asked.

“Irena, I am to join you in the library.” Adam confirmed.

“Thank you father. I shall have to tell my friend, he will be so happy!” Irena said as she clapped her hands together with excitement.

“Irena who would this friend be?” Adam asked, genuinely curious about the identity of this friend of his daughter’s.

“Why, Chip of course! He has become as a brother to me.” Irena replied.

“That is alright, I suppose he may know that I am to come out of hiding.” Adam replied, somewhat resigned with the fact that Chip would likely tell about his return to society.

At that moment, Lumiere came into the room, holding trays of food for the royals.

“Thank you Lumiere, for everything. Tomorrow could you make sure that the halls are empty when belle and Irena journey to the library as I would like to join them.” Adam requested, trying to be as polite as he knew how.

“Of course master, may I alert the others to this plan?” Lumiere asked timidly.

“Please allow Mrs Potts and Cogsworth into the plan, but no one else.” Adam ordered.

“Very well master.” Lumiere replied with a bow.

With that Lumiere left the room.

The dinner progressed with only minor mishaps to report of, mainly involving Adam and his skills involving feeding himself. After one particular occasion, Belle needed to usher Irena out of the room as his temper was beginning to flare again after lying dormant for so long.

“Belle, it is no use. I shall never be human again. I can barely control my temper, how did I remain calm last time as I relearned to use utensils?” Adam said in frustration, as he nearly broke the knife in his hand.

“I don't know. This is the first time that you have become angry about something so small.” Belle said as she shrugged, as she could not explain her husband’s behaviour.

“What does Irena think of me now? I could have hurt her, or even killed her if my temper had well and truly snapped.” Adam said, somewhat embarrassed of his behaviour in front of his daughter.

“Yes, you could have, but you didn't. You will learn again because I will teach you. I have patience enough for both of us. You know, sometimes when Irena is annoyed she wears the same facial expression you do.” Belle said firmly.

“Well she is my daughter. How do you have the patience after all these years of my childish behaviour?” Adam asked, truly marvelling at the patience of his wife.

“Because I love you and I always will. Now how about you go and find Irena and apologise to her?”

“I can't leave the room. Would you please bring her to me?” Adam reminded as he meekly asked for his daughter to be found.

“Of course, but if she runs off again you will be the one to find her.” Belle said with a smile.

Belle goes and finds Irena, she is in her room.

“Mama? Is father angry with me? Why did he get so angry?” Irena asked.

“Oh Irena, it is not your fault. Your father is angry with himself that he is unable to be the father you deserve.” Belle said soothingly.

“Will you come back to dinner? I think he wants to apologise for his behaviour.” Belle continued.

“How could he think that? I love him and want him to be more involved in my life. I shall come back, if only to tell him this.” Irena wondered.

Irena hurried back to the West Wing with Belle.

Adam sat forlornly by himself.

“Father, I forgive you.” Irena said as she hurried into the room.

“I have not yet apologised Irena. I am sorry for letting my temper overrule me, especially in your presence.”

“It is alright. Mama tells me that I am like you- my temper is seemingly unmanageable.” Irena said with a small smile.

“Belle is it true that she inherited my temper?” Adam asked, raising his head to look at Belle.

“Adam, it is alright. She is able to manage it well.” Belle reassured.

“Father, is it very difficult eating with utensils for you?” Irena asked curiously.

“Yes, it is quite difficult. This is the reason I exploded with my temper just now.”

“May I touch your paw?” Irena suddenly asked.

“Why would you want to do that?” Adam asked, slightly unsure of the request that was being made of him.

“May I?” Irena repeated.

Adam sighed and replied “Yes.”

Adam decided to comply with the request and so extended his paw to his daughter. Intrigued, Irena ran her hand along his paw, finally leaving her hand in his paw, comparing the size.

“Papa, the enchantress is the one who did this to you? You did tell me, but I don't really remember.” Irena asked.

“Yes, she is responsible for my torment. Why do you ask?” Adam responded curiously.

“I want her to come to the castle so that I can talk to her.” Irena said firmly.

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