Assassin Snow


One kingdom. A desperate queen. Seven deadly men. And an assassin hellbent on being with the one she loves. "If you complete this mission I promise you that you will come out with a clean record." I quirked up an eyebrow, not fully believing the Queen who has hunted me for decades would ever be so stupid. "You have my word." Her eyes held mine with a level stare. I went to grab a sword from my side that was no longer there, "What would the Prince think if he found out his secret lover was a cold blooded killer." My teeth ground together. "You wouldn't." She smiled, "Then go save my people and I'll give you the happy ever after of you've always wanted."

Fantasy / Drama
Age Rating:

Assassin Snow

My wrists barked against the tightness of the ropes as I focused on keeping track of the turns and stops in the castle. The musty bag over my head did nothing to soothe my growing irritation, “If the Queen is that embarrassed of her castle we could have met at a tavern instead.”

A grunt from one of the guards and a sharp jab in my back set my teeth grinding. I felt a wave of damp air bristle the bag, even though the hinges were near silent, I could tell large doors were being opened. The two men dragged me forward before stopping, the only noise filling the large space was the dripping of water from the ceiling.

The echo’s bouncing off the walls.

The bag was gone and my eyes didn’t need to squint much to adjust to the darkness of the room, melting candles were lit everywhere as slick stone built the walls. “You haven’t been easy to keep track of.” I turned my head, my brown eyes clashing with her green. “I prefer to keep a low profile.”

Her pale white skin stretched taut as her lips pulled into a grim smile, “I have a deal for you.” The corner of my mouth curled, “I think you know better than anyone to make deals with an assassin.”

My black hair dusted across my shoulders as I straightened my back, “My kingdom has been in torment-” I shook my head, “I could care less about your petty kingdom. “Her jaw clenched but it was the only emotion she allowed to show, “You are a part of this kingdom.” My eyes narrowed, “I do not claim any lineage here, therefore I belong to no one.”

One of her men walked to the corner of the room, moving an object hidden beneath a sack. “What if I told you that I had a deal you couldn’t refuse?” My hands clenched into fists in front of me, the rope biting into my skin reminding me to focus, and not on my emotions. “Does the Queen not like getting her hands dirty,” A smirk crawled over my face.

“Seven men have been terrorizing my city for the past few weeks, destroying crops, burning down houses, and murdering my innocent people.” I masked the emotions that flitted across my face, “I believe you know who I am referring to.”

I did. All too well.

“The seven dwarves,” I whispered into the darkroom. Even the candles flickered in fear. “Yes.” She spoke, the bag has flung off the mirror and a green mask appeared. So, the stories were true after all...

“We were lucky enough to capture one, Bashful I believe is his name, however, it came at a great cost of life.” I couldn’t take my eyes off the mirror.

“She stood, her purple cape flowing behind her as she chanted, “Mirror of Magic, who might be the one to save a kingdom’s land from this plague?” I couldn’t stop my jaw from dropping as the reflection shimmered and roiled, an image started to form. A gasp left my lips as the mirror showed me. “If you complete this mission, I promise you that you will come out with a clean reputation.

I quirked an eyebrow.

She could see the distrust and with a level stare she spoke, “You have my word. “My hands reached for a sword that wasn’t there, “What do you think the little Prince would say if he ever found out that his secret lover was a cold-blooded killer?...”

She turned to resume her seat on her stone throne. My teeth grounded together. “You wouldn’t dare." She turned to smile, “Then go save my people and I will give you the happily ever after that you’ve always wanted.


The thud of my heart filled my ears. “What is it that you want me to do specifically.” A Cheshire smile graced her face.

“Are you certain they frequent The Maiden Head almost nightly?” The queen picked off a bit of dust from her sleeve, “According to my spies it is the one place they go to, we have no idea where they truly stay.”

I sighed heavily through my nose, “Has no one the common sense to look?” Her green eyes snapped to mine, “None have come back to tell.” I rolled my eyes in annoyance, “Well that’s just great!” I muttered beneath my breath.

I wanted to pound her with my fists. “You must go now, time is of the essence.” With a wave of her hand, the guard closest to me swung out his blade, and like lightening my hands were unbound. Rubbing at my wrists a male in a silver cloak emerged from behind her velvet throne. “Hubert, my Huntsman, shall be accompanying you on your expedition.”

The guard who released me handed over my belt along with weapons, grabbing them roughly I started to arm myself. “Like I previously stated before, I work alone.” A grunt from Hubert could be heard, ignoring it I took the dark cloak from the guard without so much as a thank you and turned on my heel.

“You will need someone to escort you back outside,” Her voice rose across the room, angling my head over my shoulder I spoke with a coolness, “Well your Majesty, it’s a damn good thing I was counting my steps then. “Her lips formed a tight line as only my footfalls echoed down the expansive hall.

“Maybe I could interest you in seeing our esteemed guest.” My feet froze just a few paces past the doorway, “However, Hubert must accompany you as a precautionary measure.”

I waved my hand at him, not even turning around. Although he was quite broad his steps were quiet, lithe and it only made me all the more aggravated as he took the lead.

The damp air licked my cheeks as he pushed open an iron door, “She seems to not like having any escape artists.”


“You’re not much of a talker, are you?” I stated, and all that he cared to reply with was a grunt. There was only one high window cut into stone that showed the full moonlight on a circular slab of granite. And in the middle with arms and legs cuffed to the sides laid a passed-out Bashful, I couldn’t help the small chuckle that left my lips.

Although his clothes were unkempt and his hair was longer, he still looked relatively the same.

Memories resurfaced and I choked them back down.

Glittering on his hand in the light laid a ruby ring around his stubby finger, I looked at his sleeping chest lifting and falling in a solid rhythm before taking another step forward. From my memories, I knew each dwarf had one, all with a different gem. The purpose behind them, I hadn’t the slightest clue.

When I went to reach out and touch it, water swept beside me and splashed onto the sleeping man. I jumped back instantly, the front of my cloak soaked, and glared at the Huntsman.

He wore the smallest grin on his face.

A loud gasping and coughing snapped my attention. “Ah, so he has awakened at last.” I spoke with great sarcasm, Bashful opened and closed his eyes a few times, “Whose there?“ I laughed. “Have you been using that much opium that you have forgotten your apprentice?” His eyes narrowed in the dark.

“You.” His voice was venomous, I could feel Hubert’s eyes darting between us. “I hear you and the boys are causing quite a stir in the Queen’s town.” His laugh was gruff, “Those spineless, bone heads deserved it!” He shouted, Hubert’s smooth voice cut in, “For someone with the name Bashful, you’re very outspoken.”

Bashful tried to spit on his boots.

“Now you speak?” I stated with annoyance. “You won’t get anything from me!” He shouted into the dark, “That’s quite alright actually,” Hubert gave me a sideways glance as I walked back and forth across the room. “We don’t need your help.”

Hubert coughed.

“I have my mindset on a completely different mission instead.” Both pairs of eyes watched me cautiously, halting right in front of Bashful’s face I held up his ruby ring. His face turned red with rage, “You backstabbing bitch!” He hollered.

I waved my finger in his face, “Such filthy language, teachers shouldn’t swear.”

“Give it back to me or I’ll-”

“You’ll what? Last time I checked, you are tied up and I still have your precious little ring.” I could see the steam blow out of his ears, “If the bastards at The Maiden Head-“”Oh, The Maiden Head did you say?” He clamped his mouth in a firm line, twirling his ring around my fingers I smiled at him, “Looks like you were of great use after all.”

I motioned for Hubert to follow as I slid the ring on a finger and began to walk to the door, “Rot in hell!” He screamed from behind us before the Huntsman slammed the doors shut.

“What is all the fuss about that ring.” His voice remained steady as we walked out, “I just know it irritates them when they don’t have it.” The blood-red ruby dazzled in the torch-lit hall, the magic humming against my skin.

“You seem to know a lot about them.” His silver cloak billowed behind him, “That’s what happens when you live with your teachers.”

“Where are you going.” It wasn’t a question as I mounted one of the Queen’s horses, “Home.” He stared at me, brown eyes boring into my own, “Why.” A demand then, “To sleep, what else?” I gave an exasperated yawn and tugged on the reins.

Hubert stepped in front of me. “Shouldn’t we be tracking them?” I let out a deep sigh, “It’s not the right time of the week for them to go out to the tavern.”

“And you know this how?” He questioned, “I used to live with them for quite some time.”

“Please, do care to elaborate.” He mocked. “I think I quite liked you better when you kept your trap shut.” I snapped at him, he shrugged his shoulders before going over to a black stallion and mounted it with grace.

My horse snorted.

“Where do you think you’re going?” My patience was starting to wear thin, “To keep an eye on you just as I have promised my Queen, what else.” I glared at him before turning my horse and galloping off towards the bridge.

Not even a second later, I heard another set of hoofbeats going just as fast as mine.

We spent the next few days at an Inn instead, paying the clerk manning the desk a small sack of gold for his silence. Along with me threatening to cut out his eyes.

Hubert threw himself down on the mattress again, tomorrow was going to be the night we tried to murder the other six.

“Run me by the plan again,” I stopped sharpening my knives, courtesy of the Queen, and began to go over the plan in full detail once again.

“Do you ever listen to anything I say?” I stand and pace the floor again, “Intentionally, yes. Be careful walking like that, you’ll put a hole in the floor. “His arms went behind his head as he let out a heavy sigh, “You need a different cloak, by the way, the silver will let everyone know you work for the Queen and are too easily spotted.” He sucked in a breath, “I think it’s unnecessary.”

I launched my knife at the bedpost for the hundredth time that afternoon, and hit the X I carved into it with deadly accuracy. “They’re going to be very pissy with you,” He mumbled as he continued staring at the ceiling. “We’ll shop for a new cloak later in the afternoon, maybe we’ll hear people talking about the dwarves at a tavern or pub.” He gave a simple nod, the ring on my finger still humming steadily. “Where do you plan on getting a bag of opium.”

I chuckled, “Are you concerned about what it might say about your reputation?” I mocked in a high voice, he grunted, “You’ll have to get over it, besides, I’m getting it myself.”

He sat up abruptly, “I’m not supposed to let you out of my sight.” I sighed and kicked the bedpost as I continued my pace, “You will be standing directly outside the establishment, they’ll all know who you are meaning I won’t get my bag of opium!”

“You’ve bought it before?” I glared at him, my cheeks turning a shade of red, “Shut it!” I snapped before turning around, rubbing the tension from my temples. “When you said you lived with them... For how long?” I could feel those dusky eyes bore holes between my shoulder blades, “It wasn’t my choice to be raised by them,” I whispered.

The sword leaning against the wall reflected my face, “I was submerged into a deep sleep and locked in a coffin while my family was murdered. I have no memory of it other than being awakened by little men.

“His even breaths were all I could hear as I recalled the many faces peering over the edges of the wood at me, tears staining my face as I desperately asked about my family.

Turning my face away from the sword I strapped the remaining knives on the table into my boot and arm sleeves, “How did you wake up?” I smiled to myself, “That I haven’t the slightest clue.”

The ring grew hot on my finger.

“We must leave now if we would need to be on time.” He didn’t respond as he stood, grabbing the sword itself, and walked out our room door, leaving his silver cloak behind.

The wind whipped at my hair as I pulled the leather thick cloak around my shoulders tighter, The Maiden Head was in full swing well before we walked up. I was more than surprised that for Hubert’s large size he was quiet while hopping from roof to roof, the deep red cloak cutting off just at his calves.

The man I punched in the face for it was much shorter and skinnier than he was, however, the Huntsman was unaware of exactly how the cloak was attained. All that mattered was he had something dark enough to not stick out.

“How do you know for certain that they’ll come out?” He whispered too low that I had to strain my ears to listen over the howling wind, “Trust me, after spending 10 years with them their habits become your habits.”

The peasant opened the rotting door, we could hear the rambunctious laughter inside. I knew this much would go right at least, anything after that was all a gamble. But, knowing Dopey and Happy they both couldn’t get their noses filled up with enough opium to last a lifetime.

The doors opened again and I elbowed Hubert to get down, only one shadow emerged.


We remained still as what appeared to be Dopey walking out, he tripped over his feet and started to crawl right into garbage cans.

Knocking them over bottles shattered as he hollered at them for being so damn loud, there was no moon this night, only the street light candles dimly illuminated the streets. “Yern,” he whispers shouted into the night, “Yern!”

I smiled devilishly, poor Yern was still suffering from a broken nose while also being tied up after his deep red cloak was stolen this afternoon once I bought his opium. I gripped onto the slabs of the roof and crouched into position, he just needed to come a little closer.

The door to The Maiden Head swung wide open, “Dopey, get your ass back over here!” Yelled Happy, Dopey gave him a vulgar gesture that made Happy storm out after him, slamming the door.

Shit, I gritted my teeth.

Although they were small, the rings on their fingers gave them an edge over me. They gained exceptional speed and strength, however, the ring on my finger only hummed with power never giving it to me.


I motioned for the Huntsman to come closer, gesturing with my hands he gave a quick nod and crouched along the edge of the roof as well. Happy stumbled towards Dopey who was becoming impatient waiting for Yern, “Where is he!” He kicked over a bottle as it shattered against a house.

I gave a long, low whistle.

Both dwarves looked up just as Hubert and I were already falling through the air and landing right on top of them. A flash of silver and both of their throats were cut wide open, making screaming impossible. Anger flashed hot in their pupils as they both struggled to whip us off of them. “Hurry!” I shouted to Hubert, reaching for my sword I hailed it down upon the soft flesh of the neck of Dopey, bone bit back into my sword as I rose it high into the air again and brought it down harder than the first. His head rolled to the side of the garbage.

My breathing came out fast and hard, “We got lucky,” Hubert grunted in response as he lifted his sword out of Happy’s thick neck. “I thought you said that they were fast?” I laughed, bending over I plucked each ring off their still warm fingers.

“They are, but they were loaded up on opium and taken by surprise, the others won’t be such an easy feat.” He remained silent beside me as we threw their lifeless bodies into the trash, “Do we start the next step of the plan, or do we wait for the rest to come out looking for them?” Wiping the sweat from my brow I cleaned the blood off my sword with my cloak.

“The others won’t go looking for them until tomorrow, it’d be pointless to wait that long when we can get it all done now.”

Sheathing my sword I jumped when I heard a woman’s high-pitched scream pierce the night sky.

“Doesn’t anyone hear what’s happening on this side of town,” I smirked at him and began walking, “For being a Queen’s pet you sure don’t know shit. “I felt his agitation roll in waves off of him and smiled, “To answer your question no, no one lives on this part of town.

They all moved or were killed for a sport most likely, the company at The Maiden Head isn’t always the most welcoming to people snooping.”

“We’re going in the front door?” He questioned with a sense of uneasiness, “No, the back window where I know Doc is running his experiments again.” I shivered at the thought and consciously ran a finger across my scarred palm, the one thing that always reminded me of them and how they trained me.

The woman screamed again and this time it sent Hubert and me running.

Rain slicked the colored windowpane as we peered in, and as I had predicted a woman was strapped to a chair. The gag being shoved back into her mouth as Doc began polishing his tools, speaking nonchalantly as tears soaked the maiden’s cheeks.

“They don’t call it The Maiden Head for nothing.” Grumbled Hubert, I elbowed him, the rain switching from drizzle to a downpour. “Do you see a way for us to get in?” I felt on the outside wall for a doorframe, he shook his head. Water droplets spraying everywhere, “I didn’t notice any, and I highly doubt they’d have an entry that obvious.” I sighed deeply from my nose, he wasn’t wrong.

“Looks like it’s going to have to be a forced entry then,” I started looking for a large rock to haul through the window. “I feel that would cause a lot of noise,” Hubert also started searching for something useful as well.

“Not when it’s downpouring and there’s sure to be thunder.” He froze, his hand encompassed over a rock, “I feel as though you have done this before,” My black hair clung to my neck and cheeks, “Maybe a time or two.”

He gave a devilish grin.

We stood far enough back that the glass wouldn’t fly and cut our skin, and then we waited. It felt like forever.

He grabbed a small surgical knife and began cutting her wrist.

I bit into my lip so hard the metallic tang of blood filled my senses. “For someone murdering people, you sure have a soft spot.” I didn’t respond. I bit into my lip harder to stop those surfacing memories of me helping targets on the dwarves list escape before their front door was kicked in.

Her screams were drowned out by the rain and gag in her mouth, “Now?” Hubert’s breath was but a whisper, “Not yet.” I gritted between my teeth, “What are we waiting for, he’s hurting her.” The anger burning off of him was hot and red.

“I promise you, anything more than one dwarf when they’re stone-cold sober is something you don’t want to handle.”

My voice was swept away by the wind, I didn’t know if the Huntsman heard me or not. But he remained still nonetheless, muscles stretched taut beneath his soaking clothes.

Lightning flashed and I saw my face reflecting in the pane, the woman caught my eye, her brown eyes were nothing but an abyss of fear. I raised my finger to my lips in silent command, something like understanding flowed through her irises.

A rumbling came from the skies, the muscle in my jaws tightened as he traced the tip of the knife along the collar of her throat. A thunderous roar broke through the clouds and with all the strength in my body, we hurled our rocks through the window.

As soon as the slippery surface soared past my fingertips I launched myself forward, my boots sliding in the mud but I refused to let it stop me as I leaped through the open window. Pulling my sword free of its sheath I held it in front of my face just in time to catch the iron hot poker going for my face.

“Well if it isn’t Little Snow.” His breath smelled like rancid milk, I choked down my gag as my lower back bit into his operating table, my muscles trembling as I felt sweat coat my brow.

“I see you still are up to your usual doings, mind if I try an experiment on you?“

I grinned even under the heavy strain of my sword, movement caught the corner of my eye as I didn’t dare to turn my head, shoving the sword and poker closer to me he spoke in a soft voice.

“How about we cut open that pretty, white skin of yours and see if the inside of you looks just as delicate as the outside.”

My upper body burned as I shoved him back onto the ground, “Decapitation is more of my style, Doc,” and with a wicked grin I launched myself at him. Thunder and lightning dancing across the inky sky.

We danced a deadly battle, flipping over chairs and slamming into each other with nothing but steel and raw anger. “I think the first thing I’m going to do is tie you up and start cutting up that pretty little mouth of yours.” I lunged and slashed his arm open, sweat pouring down my back as the rain hailed from the sky.

“You filthy bitch!” He screamed, I gave a low chuckle, “Who is the one with the pretty little mouth now?” Before he could yell another word Hubert came up behind and slit his throat wide open, a fountain of red flowed free.

Dripping down his shirt and onto his clenched fists.

“Took you long enough.” My breathing was heavy, “She had difficulties getting through the window and I had to throw a chair under her.” His breathing was also heavy, his hand and knife coated in the sticky liquid.

“I think you should thank me for saving your life.” He choked out between breaths, “Let us wait until the job is over to see who should be thanking who.

I walked up and kicked the toe of my boot in his face, “Have you ever heard about having respect for the dead?” Bending over and taking the emerald ring off his finger I stuck it on my own, the gems capturing the fire from the hearth and making it dance within their shapes.

“I don’t respect them.” I spat on his face as that same power from the first ring hummed louder in my veins, “We must continue quickly, I want this job done as soon as possible.” I started throwing the dirty rug over his body, “We’re not going to dispose of him?“

I turned to look back at him, the hood of my cloak already concealing most of my face. “I promised to assassinate, not become a bloody maid. Now shut up, because I have a plan.”

I sat alone at the end of the bar, my hood was pulled over my head more than I would have liked, my fingers had a relaxed grip on the ale even as the rest of me remained tense.


I told myself, taking a swig I fought back the urge to spit it back out into the stein.

“Disgusting crap...” I muttered under my breath, there were only three of them left. Grumpy was currently beating the shit out of someone from the sounds of it, as Sneezy was railing a long line of opium and Sleepy was inhaling bath salts again.

I guess I had to be a bit more forward with my approach, taking a swig from the ale once more I spilled it on the white, powered line Sneezy was inhaling. His bloodshot eyes glared into the darkness of my hood, the shadows concealing my hair. “Sorry,” I said over the loud noise I made sure to flash him my hand. Each gem was a slap in the face, his eyes narrowed as he moved closer. “You.”

Tipping up my hood just a fraction so he could see my eyes he let out a growl, “Nice to see you too, old man.” And I swept myself out the doors and into the cold, rain. I heard multiple shouts over the music in the tavern, my steps picked up as I refused to turn my head.
Only 16 more steps to go.

Whipping out my knife I hurtled it through the air as it found its mark in one of the dwarves chest, a grunting sounded as he slowed.

Fuck the walk.

I started sprinting to the big elm tree on the edge of the town, I heard their footsteps as they bounded after me.

Faster, my brain screamed at my feet, the damp choking my lungs.


I lunged to the trunk just as something heavy and cool slammed itself into the back of my head. My fingers gripped the bark as my teeth sang against the impact, “Looks like Little Snow is off running again.” Taunted Grumpy from somewhere in the dark, “It seems she is still upset about what we did.”

The scar in my palms burned hot.

A liquid that wasn’t rain, seeped through my hair, I heard the crashing of branches as Hubert sailed down from them. I heard the sound of flesh ripping open as one dwarf screamed into the night, “Good to know you still scream like a bitch.” I chuckled and turned around my sword already gripped in my hand.

“You’re going to pay for the lives you killed today girl,” spat out Grumpy. I gave him a laugh as the lightning flashed in the sky, “I just wanted to have some fun boys.”

We all clashed at each other, my sight failing me terribly as I tried to swipe for them. Their nimble movements making them almost impossible targets in the night. “Get into the street!” I shouted at Hubert, his steel screaming against Sleepy’s.

We started to back towards the flickering lanterns.

My arms ached as my head started a heartbeat of its own, “The others didn’t even put up as much of a fight!” I shouted at the two fencing me, “They were on their knees begging me for mercy.” Grumpy hollered as Sneezy lunged through the air with a knife raised high into the sky, bringing out the last knife from my boot I flung it at Grumpy as my sword kissed his chest before going straight into his heart.

His wide eyes stared deep into mine as his mouth opened and closed shut, the weight of him made my muscles scream as I shoved him onto the ground. Pulling out my blade I turned to find Grumpy limp on the ground as well, the water splashing along their red cheeks.

A yell from Hubert and I sprinted towards him, he was on his knees in front of Sleepy his steel raised high in the air for the killing blow.

“No!” I hollered as I lunged, my sword in the air, but I was too late as Hubert’s head rolled off and hit the ground with a thud. I felt the scream leave my lips, but my ears couldn’t register the sound. I grabbed Sleepy by his beard and kicked his knees out under him and stood over, sword raised right at his throat, “You fucking bastard!” The rain soaking up my words into nothing as he shook so hard from the drugs.

“Please, the Queen-” He didn’t get to finish before I slit him open. His blood splattering all over my face, the blood in my veins ran hot as I added the last of their rings on my fingers.

The power from all seven crackling with unlimited power within me, I stared at the Huntsman’s lifeless body. I closed his eyes and whispered my promise to come back and give him a proper burial.

I turned, my cloak falling off my shoulders, blood running down my face.

The cackling of a purple light encased in my fists as I made my way to the Queen’s castle.

It explained why she wanted them all dead, for their rings while using their havoc as a cover up.

The untapped power that lied within them.

I smiled, “Let’s dance.”

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