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By Olivia N J Hamel

Adventure / Action


read the great history of the great cats that started the great clans and watch how they lead greatly and some not so great. Have a great time reading!

Chapter 1




Jack, Rose and Ash wash ashore after being abandoned by their owners, having been thrown off the side of a boat. They form WispClan and become Tidalstar, Beachfur and Sedgetail.

They eventually invite new members into the clan; Ravinefall, Jadefall, Spruceclaw and Meadowdawn. Spruceclaw and Meadowdawn have three kits—Speedkit and Tigerkit and Flowerkit.

Tidalstar lays out the laws of the clan, see The Warrior Code of WispClan.


Because of an accident that makes him incapable of being a warrior again, Jadefall spends a lot of time in the medicine den and falls for Beachfur, the clan’s medicine cat, and even becomes her apprentice.

They have one kit—Tanglekit. Tidalstar is upset because of their romantic relationship which breaks the Warrior Code, having found out from the deputy Sedgetail, and has Beachfur and Jadefall banished along with their young kit.

The entire clan is displeased with this decision, especially Ravinefall, but nothing is said to the leader or deputy and life goes on as normal.

Meanwhile, Jadefall and Beachfur struggle to survive in the wilds outside WispClan territory, this being during leaf-bare.


Tidalstar falls ill due to greencough and dies, leaving Sedgetail as the new leader. Sedgestar does not gain favor among the clan cats, and is viewed as worse than Tidalstar and as being very inexperienced.

His poor decision-making gets Speedpaw killed trying to hunt a goat, and Tigerclaw killed while being forced to patrol around a snake-infested area. Spruceclaw and Meadowdawn are terribly grieved for their sons, and Ravinefall has had enough—he openly denounces Sedgestar as his leader and renounces WispClan as his clan. He is supported by Spruceclaw and Meadowdawn, and Ravinefall leads them out of WispClan territory, turning their backs on Sedgestar and WispClan forever.

Thus, WispClan falls and is no more—Sedgestar disappears and lives as a rogue.


Ravinefall, Spruceclaw and Meadowdawn find Jadefall, Beachfur and Tanglekit on their journey and settle in at home in the old ravine they used to live in. Ravinefall intends on being the leader of a clan—he sees that they cannot just go back to their old way of life as a simple group of friends. They need to form themselves as a clan, and Ravinefall is the only cat strong willed enough to lead them—Ravinestar names the clan RavineClan, after the ravine that has always sheltered them from everyone.

He names Spruceclaw his deputy, Beachfur and Jadefall his medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice.

Ravinestar sets down a new warrior code for the clan. Over time, and as cats learn new moral laws, they gradually add codes in. See The Warrior Code of RavineClan.


Just like Beachfur and Sedgetail once did back in the golden days of WispClan, Ravinestar sends Spruceclaw and Meadowdawn to find new cats to bring into the clan. They find Silvershadow, Nightclaw, Specklethorn and Crystaldawn.

In this Golden Era period for RavineClan, the clan experiences a long time of peace and prosperity, so prosperous that there really isn’t anything to defend themselves from and their numbers grow very large, into the twenties. This period lasts for many moons—about 22 moons.


Sedgestar spends many moons as a rogue and builds up a corrupt heart, thinking only of revenge against Ravinestar and his love Beachfur stolen by the gray tom’s little brother Jadefall. He realizes how terrible he is thinking and tries to lie to himself that he is fine; he joins RavineClan as an omega, kept in the omega’s den near the camp entrance.

He returns to his old name, Sedgetail, and tries to deal with the distrustful looks from the clan cats the best that he can... until one day he sees Beachfur and Jadefall being sweet with each other, and the former WispClan leader snaps and attacks Beachfur, saying, “You were supposed to be mine!”

The brown tabby Sedgetail is exiled by Ravinestar permanently, and is driven out of their territory.

It is now that Sedgetail cannot control himself any longer and becomes Sedgestar again, rising then as the leader of ObsidianClan—a clan made up of rogue cats from around the Two-Leg Place. Bonedusk become his deputy, and Shinefrost, Nightstrike, Dewstorm, Desertfox, Leopardjaw, Heatherspots and Timberfur become his warriors. Sumacleaf and Cloudpool become his medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice.

Laurelfrost of RavineClan joins ObsidianClan because she feels the clan judges her for not being the a good warrior, but she later gets captured by two-legs and is forced to be made a kittypet... though Laurelfrost would not have it any other way, and enjoys being a kittypet.

Sedgestar sets down a warrior code for ObsidianClan, but it is clearly a perverted lifestyle... still cats remain loyal to it. See The Warrior Code of ObsidianClan (Sedgestar’s Reign).


Skypaw of RavineClan disappears and causes everyone to worry about her. It is ObsidianClan who has abducted her, and Sedgestar wanting to make his clan stronger tells Nightstrike and other males to mate with her so that she produces kits for them that will eventually become warriors for them. She conceives and gives birth to Waterkit and Rainkit.

Lionfang and Dapplefrost of RavineClan smell Skypaw’s scent by the ObsidianClan border and decide to investigate, not knowing that this is another clan’s territory, and they are kidnapped—Lionfang is force-mated with Leopardjaw, producing Cheetahkit, and Dapplefrost is force-mated with Timberfur, producing Cinderkit.

Bluepaw of RavineClan discovers where they has been taken, by following their scent trail mixed in with unfamiliar cat scents, that of the ObsidianClan warriors. Reporting it back to the clan, RavineClan is outraged that Sedgestar would do such a thing to them, and were not going to have it.

Ravinestar leads and attack against Sedgestar’s patrol at the border, and win although they lose their leader in the process—the clan’s beloved Ravinestar becomes severely wounded, and is destined to die but remains alive for the remainder of the war. As it says about this battle in the Battle Records of the Clans, “RavineClan sent a patrol in search of the lost apprentice and lost two warriors, Skypaw and Dapplefrost and Lionfang. They met up with a border patrol from ObsidianClan and were immediately attacked. Shinefrost of ObsidianClan was not truly loyal to ObsidianClan and wished to join RavineClan, but instead was caught in this battle against them. Nightclaw of RavineClan attacked and killed her by ripping her throat. In turn, Dewstorm (Shinefrost’s mate) of ObsidianClan did the same to Nightclaw of RavineClan, severely wounding him. Larchtail, the deputy of RavineClan, was busy fighting Desertfox of ObsidianClan, and Firestream and Swiftspeed of RavineClan were fighting Swallowstream of ObsidianClan. Larchtail was gravely injured, but did not die. Swallowstream lost a lot of blood but recovered. The battle was won by RavineClan when Desertfox was brutally beaten by Larchtail, before the RavineClan deputy collapsed from his wounds and severe blood loss. This is the key battle that plunged ObsidianClan and RavineClan into an all out war.

Back home in the camp of RavineClan, Beachfur the medicine cat and her apprentice/mate treat the wounds of the warriors. Ravinestar, bearing injuries too deep to mend, is about to die; seeing that his current deputy Larchtail will live he is relieved, though the old gray tom knows he needs to appoint a need deputy for Larchtail is too broken to even continue being a warrior. As Larchtail retires to the elder’s den, Ravinestar on his last breaths appoints a new deputy—Tanglewhisker, son of Jadefall and Beachfur. The first RavineClan leader dies, leaving everyone who knew him well to be grieved beyond comprehension.

Afterward, Tanglewhisker must muster up the courage to be a true leader, and then leads all of his warriors into the ObsidianClan camp and surprise-attacks them, holding a rescue for Skypaw by sending Fernpaw and Bluepaw to break her out, and Larchtail, the RavineClan deputy, goes up against Sedgestar.

Bonedusk, Heatherspots, Shinefrost and Dewstorm die, and Larchtail nearly does... Lionfang, warrior of RavineClan, fights Sedgestar and kills him, but not before Sedgestar blinds Dapplepaw, the love interest of Lionfang.

The war is over and RavineClan returns home. Dapplefrost becomes a queen as she is no longer able to continue being a warrior being blind, and Skypaw becomes a warrior named Skyflight. Fernpaw becomes a warrior named Ferndusk, and everyone assumes that Birchwind (Birchpaw originally) will become her mate.

Crystaldawn, Ravinestar’s mate, retired to the elder’s den, and so did Flowerbelly (daughter of Meadowdawn and Spruceclaw).

ObsidianClan is then continued and led by Desertfox, now Desertstar; his deputy is Nightstrike.

Beachfur, medicine cat of RavineClan, retired after the war and left Jadefall as the new medicine cat. Jadefall trained his own apprentice, Cedarpaw.


A few moons later, Desertstar proves himself to be a peaceful leader with good rationality. ObsidianClan forms again and is led well by Desertstar; though he formerly hated RavineClan and every one of their cats, his blinders were taken off his eyes, so to speak, and he grew softer feelings for them, and understood why RavineClan had attacked his clan. Wanting to create peace and to destroy the current tension, Desertstar proposed to Tanglestar that they should meet in peace once a month under the full moon, or whenever they deemed it necessary.

Tanglestar agreed to his proposed idea, though he was still distrustful of that lot of cats. So Desertstar took his clan to the meeting place that he had discovered, and called Shimmering Heights in honor of the gemstone-filled stone walls that would keep them safe from any predators dwelling around outside.

The ObsidianClan leader waited, hoping that RavineClan would follow through with their agreement and arrive. To his relief, Tanglestar arrives and sits down beside Desertstar on the High Stone where the ObsidianClan leader designated leaders to sit. Their deputies and medicine cats sit on lower ledges below. The rest of the clans merged together, and sat among one another for the first time ever. Mingling, some cats could not let go of their hate for one another, and harbored no forgiveness. However, most cats were happy for the opportunity to let go of the past and move forward in peace.

Waterpaw and Rainpaw of ObsidianClan meet their mother Skyflight at the first gathering; Waterpaw was more receptive to her, but Rainpaw was angry and wanted nothing to do with his birth-mother. Rainpaw was perfectly happy to live in ObsidianClan, and did not want to be known as half-RavineClan.

Leopardjaw and Lionfang met respectively; they had been forced to mate and produce kits, back when Sedgestar led ObsidianClan and had kidnapped Lionfang, Dapplefrost and Skyflight. There was nothing between them anymore, although they had liked each other at one time.

Timberfur of ObsidianClan asks Lionfang how Dapplefrost had been doing since the battle. Timberfur had been Dapplefrost’s mate (Dapplepaw then) during her kidnapping, just like Leopardjaw was to Lionfang. Lionfang told him, “She has been doing alright since becoming blind. She has become our clan’s resident queen, and I have become her mate.” Timberfur loved Dapplefrost and this was hard for him to hear, but he let it go and continued his friendliness.

Jadefall spoke with the cats that had known Sedgestar well, and explained how terrible the former ObsidianClan leader had been—to him personally! Sedgestar had cast him and his mate Beachfur, and their kit Tanglekit (who would eventually become Tanglestar), out of the old WispClan for having a relationship together, because in WispClan medicine cats were not allowed to have kits, and they had been medicine cat and medicine cat apprentice. Sedgestar had even gotten Tigerclaw and Speedpaw killed as a result of negligence.

Once the two leaders demanded there be silence among the two clans, Desertstar spoke first. “It is a pleasure to be here before you all.”

“Indeed,” said Tanglestar. “I never thought I would be here before you all on peaceful terms, at least not for a long time to come. I admire your quickness to forgive and change.”

“Well,” said Desertstar. “I am not Sedgestar, and I will treat your clan much better than he did.” So the leaders talked with each other and announced news from their clans, such as the birth of Frostkit, Minnowkit, and Foxkit (son of Desertstar) in ObsidianClan... and the naming of new apprentices in RavineClan. Cedarflame was also cheered for receiving his full medicine cat apprentice name, as he was the apprentice of Jadefall the RavineClan medicine cat (Beachfur had retired and left her mate, her medicine cat apprentice, as the new medicine cat).

At the end of the Gathering, Tanglestar and Desertstar agreed to form an alliance; in which no trespassing, kidnapping nor any other intrusive or threatening thing would be committed by either party. As a reminder, they planted a spruce tree (like those in RavineClan territory) and an oak tree (like those in ObsidianClan territory) on the highest ledge above the High Stone in honor the existence of the two clans.

When the Gathering had come to an end, the clans went their separate ways and headed home... but as RavineClan was nearly inside their camp in the old ravine, some warriors noticed that Stonepaw, one of their apprentices, was no longer with them for he had run off to join ObsidianClan... feeling discriminated against for his crooked jaw.

Soon after, Jadefall retires and leaves Cedarflame as the medicine cat in order to join his lovely mate Beachfur in the elder’s den. Cedarflame ponders who he may take as an apprentice.


Stormkit was born to Tanglewhisker (now Tanglestar) a few moons before the war, and grew into a very ambitious little cat. He wanted nothing more than to be a great and powerful warrior and eventually the leader of the whole clan. When he became Stormpaw just after the first gathering, he flew through his training with flying colors, impressing Tanglestar, who did in fact consider him for greatness—perhaps if his current deputy Silvershadow were to die Tanglestar would be happy to appoint Stormpaw in his warrior days. The whole clan saw his potential clearly and wished the best for him, but there was one greedy and jealous apprentice named Thistlepaw, and that cat went too far—on a hunting patrol he, unseen by any other cat, pushed Stormpaw over the cliff and plummeting down to the bottom of the ravine, into the middle of camp. He claimed it was an accident, and was believed because he otherwise had never done anything suspicious. Thistlepaw was actually quite a good apprentice, but he wanted all the praise and did not want Stormpaw to get any—so he had killed Stormpaw... or so he thought. Stormpaw lived, though he was badly crippled. Stormpaw tells on Thistlepaw and Tanglestar exiles Thistlepaw for his treachery, permanently.

THE SECOND GATHERING—Tanglestar and Desertstar lead their clans to the Shimmering Heights for the second gathering in Clan history. They discussed news and made announcements about their clans; new warriors had been made, new kits had been born. RavineClan was producing so many new kits and making so many new warriors and apprentices, with zero deaths on their hands... they did not even know what to do with themselves. This made Desertstar secretly jealous and bitter; ObsidianClan was constantly being attacked by foxes and wolves and hawks, in fact just before the second gathering Swallowstream of ObsidianClan had been killed by a wolf. Desertstar’s Clan was not protected and sheltered like RavineClan. Desertstar wondered how RavineClan had even won the war against Sedgestar, having been sheltered and not having had any real threat until then. RavineClan had such ease of life, and had not had many deaths in their long existence. In ObsidianClan’s short existence, many had fallen as casualties.

“I have another special announcement,” said Desertstar. “An apprentice of RavineClan has come to us and requested to join. His name is Thistlepaw. Do you have any idea why he wishes to join or why he desires to not be with your clan anymore?”

Tanglestar’s eyes widened. “Thistlepaw?!”

RavineClan was shocked and gasped; Thistlepaw really had had the audacity to join another clan after his exile. “Desertstar, Thistlepaw was exiled from RavineClan when he attempted to murder Stormpaw, one of our apprentices. He wanted to be on top, and he was jealous of how well Stormpaw hunted and fought, and so he tried to kill him, instead just crippling him so that he could never become a warrior. This cat has an evil heart—if I were you, I would never allow him into my clan.”

Desertstar was surprised but agreed with Tanglestar. “You are right. I do not need another power-hungry, evil cat in my clan... not after Sedgestar.”

Stormpaw stood next to Cedarflame on the medicine cat ledge, having been trained as his apprentice though was not officially the medicine cat apprentice of RavineClan. The crippled apprentice had been able to travel to the Shimmering Heights rather well after healing up, and was eyeing Thistlepaw.

The angry apprentice Thistlepaw was furious that he was going to be cast out, and snarled. “Curse you, Desertstar!” he growled.

Stormpaw stood up, his tail held high in dominance over the treacherous cat. “Keep your mouth shut, you traitor!” he snarled. “You will obey the leaders, and go far away from clan territory. No clan wants a cat who would be as evil as to kill his own clan-mates.”

“Stormpaw is right,” said Desertstar sternly. “Leopardjaw! Thundershine! Stonejaw! Rainclaw! Give him the punishment due him.”

“Punishment? Do you intend on hurting him?” asked Tanglestar, slightly worried.

“Yes!” replied Desertstar.

The ObsidianClan warriors that had been ordered to harm Thistlepaw leaped on him and tore at his pelt, drawing blood immediately with their sharp fangs. Thistlepaw tried to fight back but he was no match for the experienced warriors. Blood began to pool around the fight scene. Thistlepaw was pinned to the ground and slashed at with rigid claws and raking teeth. “Please! Stop!” the traitorous apprentice begged.

Tanglestar was about to force the punishing to stop, in fury never intending to repay evil for evil as that was not the righteous thing to do, but as a surprise to all Stormpaw beat him to it. Even though Thistlepaw had crippled Stormpaw and stripped him of ever being able to fulfill his dreams, Stormpaw still had compassion flowing in his heart like a warm river.

“Stop!” Stormpaw yelled, barreling into Rainclaw as he was about to, most likely unintentionally rip the throat of Thistlepaw. “Do not hurt him anymore. He may be a traitor, he may have tried to kill me; but please do not repay evil for evil. Just banish him from clan territory! Enough of this nonsense!”

“But he tried to kill you! Do you understand the terrible crime properly?” argued Desertstar.

“It doesn’t matter,” retorted Stormpaw. “By doing this to him, we are being just like him. It is unnecessary to punish him; what’s done is done. I am crippled, and I have no choice but to accept it. Torturing him won’t bring back my ability to be a warrior like I have always dreamed of. Forgive him, exile him and let it go.”

There was silence among the clans and the leaders; it was true, they all saw sense in what Stormpaw had said. “I guess I can see your point, Stormpaw,” said Tanglestar, smiling and giving his son a proud wink. “Good job, young one.”

Desertstar smiled and agreed with Stormpaw’s words, and turned his head to look over the whole crowd of cats present at the gathering. “Does anyone disapprove of the words spoken about Thistlepaw?”

Everyone shook their heads, fully in support of them.

“Then it is settled,” decided Desertstar, looking over Thistlepaw’s bloody body. “Since Tanglestar already passed his judgment and banished him, Thistlepaw has tried to join ObsidianClan. As his leader now, I forgive him just as the victim Stormpaw does. However with that forgiveness must come justice and in light of that I sentence Thistlepaw to permanent exile from my clan, and I think I can speak for Tanglestar when I say that I banish Thistlepaw from RavineClan permanently.”




















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