The Weakest Warrior


After being held captive in her own home by the man she thought she loved, Pym must decide what to do with her so called freedom. Is it really as simple as moving on or is there danger lurking beyond the horizon? He is enraged. He is delusional. But most of all…he is obsessed. And he always takes care of what belongs to him. This is a Star Wars fan fiction very loosely based on Padmé. I’ve changed the names and story but the world set up is relatively the same! This is a first draft so expect grammatical errors and an uneven flow! Cover picture credit: Eve Ventrue

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter One

My body shook from adrenaline, and beads of sweat trailed down my temples as I hid in the cloak closet. The back door was only ten feet away. That door would lead to the woods that backed the property of the huge mansion I called home. The woods would lead to my freedom. My home had turned into a prison and I would do anything to escape.

I breathed in for 3 seconds and out for 5 as I tightened my hold on the small bag I had packed for the long journey. I knew that I would have to run nonstop if there was any chance at getting away, and even though I’m not fast, I am desperate. Desperation has a way of creating hope with no foundations. But I’m chained to this hope as long as I breathe. I will fight for the rest of my life to break free from this prison.

My only help is my lady in waiting and dear friend, Rachel. She gave me her key to the back door and has promised to poison the drink to give me a head start. We both know that the poison won’t kill him. I don’t know if anything that will kill him, actually. But it will slow him down for a time. I pray that I will make it to the coast by then. The shore is exactly 3 miles from door. All I had to do was wait for him to get home and indulge in his nightly drink.

The lock clicked as the back door swung open to reveal him. 6’6” tall with broad shoulders and a muscled body that only comes from war. Dressed completely in black with a cloak that draped over his large frame. As he lifted his black hood, inked shapes and designs on his skin came into view that trailed from his shoulders, neck and wrapped the bare sides of his head. His blonde hair that grew in a mohawk fell to the side, braided with crimson fibers. His eyes scanned the kitchen as his head tilted to the side, water and sweat dripping on the floor. The air had been humid all day and finally the sky had opened the flood gates and poured it’s revenge on the tiny island.

I inhaled and held it my breath while he took off his black hooded cloak and muddy boots. He started to walk into the house in the direction of the his meditation room. He kept his potion drink in there. I knew that Rachel had spiked it with the poison, I just hoped that he wouldn’t smell it first.

I didn’t see him anywhere and has the minutes passed I grew steadily impatient. I’m sure that he had drank it by now. I opened the closet door slightly to look around before running for the door. If I could just get outside without him noticing, I may have a chance. I am done being the object of his torment. I’m done with being held against my will and abused. I’m done with waking up each morning to new bruises. I done with worrying about the rage building up inside him.

I run with all my might until I reached the door. My shaky hands slip the key in and grasp the handle. I let out a breath as I quietly turned it. Suddenly, I feel an enormous presence behind me has two heavy weights fall on my shoulders. I tense up immediately, tears spring to my eyes.

A deep, heart-wrenching chuckle sounds behind me as the hands slowly turn me until my back is against the door. I look up in terror as he towers over me, smirking down on me. At 5’4”, the top of my head only reaches his chest. I gulped hard and opened my mouth to make up some excuse, but all that comes out is a strained whimper. His smirk stretches into a full smile as he presses his body against mine. His right hand wraps around my throat threateningly.

“Where are you going, Pym?”

His voice is rich and smooth, it was one of his features that I used to love. Now it only instills fear. Fear like I’ve known in this world.

“I-I was just trying to help with the chores!”, I shriek while grasping his giant hand on my throat.

He tilts his head and bends down, bringing his full lips to my neck. His hot breath fans over my neck causing involuntary shivers to run down my body.

“Your rapid pulse says otherwise”, his voice is steady and calculated. He breathed in my scent and gently kisses my neck. I can feel his anger simmering dangerously over the edge.

“Adam, p-please!”, I plead while desperately trying to think of a way out of this situation. I taste the salt on my lips from tears that I didn’t even realize were trailing down my cheeks.

I could never out power him. Not even when he was vulnerable. I had tried everything, even stabbed him in the stomached with a kitchen knife once. He was too strong, too reactive and healed too quickly. I was absolutely powerless against him. I would think that perhaps I could outsmart him, but that would also end in defeat and only made him furious.

Adam raised his head back up and looked down on me - pinned between him and the door. My shoulder length hazelnut hair stuck to my skin from nervous sweat. My hazel eyes slowly trailed up from his firm chest, past his sharp jaw line speckled with a 5 o’clock shadow to his eyes.

Yellow eyes. Gold like the sun with flecks of orange and red nearing the center. Burning with rage, desire and undeniable power. Power surged through him and came off his body in waves so strong I could feel the pressure from it. It made a person sick their stomach when he was angry. I could feel the nausea now.

The corners of his lips dropped as Adam’s eyes locked onto mine. Even though I was terrified, he could still see it. The fight that was deeply entrenched in myself. It was a core part of who I was. I’d been raised to lead people and fight against evil political powers, especially the Lords of Azdan

I couldn’t believe it when Adam came home one day in a black cloak with the signature crimson symbol of the Lords of Azdan. I screamed and fled from the him. That symbol meant death and suffering and I had escaped assassination attempts from the Lords twice now. But of course, he had been too quick to grab me, beat the fight out of me for the day and lock me up in our home.

“Adam, listen to me!! Let’s just talk this out like we used to, please!!” I’m at wits end - grasping at the straws of our happy memories.

Adam slowly moves both hands down my body to hold onto my waist firmly. His thumbs caressing in small circles over the bottom of my rib cage. He used to do this to comfort me in times of stress, but all I feel is his taunting. He knows that I’m panicking.

Leaning forward he whispers, “Oh my precious Pym, when will you realize that you can’t outsmart me. Did you think I wouldn’t smell whatever you mixed in my drink?”

I just stare at him in horror. Of course he knew. How could I let myself think that he wouldn’t smell it? I’m getting too desperate.

His chuckling brings me out of my thoughts.
“Precious Pym…MY precious Pym. Why do you keep trying to leave me? Do you honestly think I could ever let you go? What do I have to do to prove to you that I love you more than life itself?”

He starts to turn to the side but stops suddenly when he spots something. His eyes darken his eyebrows furrow. I look down in the direction of his stare completely confused. My stomach drops as I look at the key hanging in the door handle with the initial “R” on it.

Rachel’s set of keys of which she was strictly forbidden from giving to anyone - especially me. I had begged her to go along with this plan but she was very wary of being caught getting punished. I assured her that I would escape and leave her keys in the handle so she could retrieve them before Adam became conscious. She would claim innocence and Adam would be in hot pursuit of me, not bothering to stop and question her. That was the plan at least.

My throat burns as I feel bile come up. I bend over in Adam’s arms, vomiting on the floor as tears stream down my face. I am so stupid!! Now Rachel is in danger and it’s my fault! I can’t protect myself much less protect her.

I feel Adam’s arms drop me as he turns to walk back down the grand hallway towards the kitchen. His massive gait carries him ten feet in just three steps. I gather my strength and run after him, wailing my apologies.

“P-please Addie, don’t do this!! She didn’t know that I-I stole the keys from her!!” I scream as I grab his arm.

He pulls his arm away roaring, “DON’T CALL ME ADDIE!!” He starts walking even faster than before and I fall down to my knees crying hysterically, unable to keep up.

He disappears around the corner into the kitchen and moments later I hear a loud snap followed by a blood curdling scream. The little bit of sanity I have left breaks down and I start hyperventilating. He’s going to kill her and then he’s going to kill me.
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