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You'll Always Be My #1


Keisha Evans always held a place in her heart for her Bestie and next door neighbor Kim Hongjoong. However, fearing that he doesn't reciprocate what she feels for him she played it cool and continued to act like she usually does around him acting like she doesn't have an ounce of feels for him. How long will she hold out on telling her feelings? Will it take Yeosang her stepbrother to give her a push towards everlasting happiness with his best friend, the one he personally can see with his sister and making her truly happy. Or even better Hongjoong himself to give her that confidence boost to confess her feelings towards him. Stay turned and find out. This is my first attempt at an Ateez fanfic so bare with me guys as I get the plot set into motion. Shout out to @Armyyy_524 for the newly created cover art!❤️

Romance / Drama
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Spotting me across the hall observing their interaction Hongjoong lifted his eyebrows in questioning before he began making his way over to me, and without a word he grabbed me by the wrist and immediately took off down the hallway with me in tow behind him with the intent of ditching Somi.

Slow down, you are going too fast I whined feeling my legs becoming like jelly from all the twists and turns he was doing as we were maneuvering around people left to right. Slowing down when we reached a secluded area, Hongjoong turned to me and apologized for his behavior and for involving me in the matter.

Not long after he said that his phone started going off. Glancing at the caller ID I noticed it was Bianca his close friend Mingi’s stepsister. Not liking the vibe one bit because I knew she had a crush on him and made it her daily thing to rub it in my face that I’m strictly just a friend and that Hongjoong will not see me in other way but as a close friend who happens to be his best friend Yeosang’s stepsister.

Feeling chocked up and in my feelings because of the fact that those words of hers might be true I was propelled to confess how I felt regardless if he rejects me in the process, it was too much to continue to hold on to in the end. “Hongjoong” I said feeling my eyes watering up in the process at the mention of his name.

“Do you not know how I feel about you? Am I only just a friend to you?” I asked wiping away at the tears streaming down my face unashamed of how wrecked with emotions I am at this very moment.

“Do you not see that I love you oppa, and always have. I will do anything for you... I further went on to say sniffling, is it because I am not as beautiful in physical features in comparison to Bianca, I sobbed covering my face with my hands. Stepping forward Hongjoong pulled me into his arms and began to rub his hands in circular motions alongside my back.

“Say something.” I sobbed. In response he did not say anything only leaned down to kiss the top of my head. Feeling wrecked inside even more at his unresponsiveness, I glanced up about to plead with him to tell me rather he liked me or not but was met with his lips crashing into mines. Wrapping his arms around me even more, he furthermore pressed his lips into mines deepening the kiss.

Leaning back, he pressed his forehead against mines before saying “It’s always been you Keisha, no one else.” Smiling I returned his feelings and kissed him back before laying my head against his chest as he continued to hold onto me. It was from then on, that Hongjoong and I began dating and life could not get any better than that, especially since my best friend is now my boyfriend and in other words has “Always Have Been My #1.”

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