Past, Present, Future


Sakura is thrown into the past. Having no idea why she's there; she must live with the Uchiha's and not to change the past, which would change the future. But will love interfere? ItachixSakura

Adventure / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story was imported from fan fiction, if the margins are a little off, I apologize. Please enjoy this story, it's about five years old and isn't my best work. Still enjoy!

Author's Notes: So I know wat you are thinking right now. "Ahh its another time jumping flic where Sakura and Itachi fall for each other". But if you noticed, every story with a time skip thing has a different adventure. And truth be told, once I read some time skipping stories I wanted so badly to write one. So know I am! Now enough of me babbling! Time for the story!!

'Thoughts' 'Things that will stand out' "Talking"


Deep into the forest of Kohana, a girl about the age of 13 falling from the sky. Yes, you heard right. She is falling from the sky.

Sadly she didn't get to feel the way of flying through the air for long because she landed down on the forest ground in a matter of seconds. She bent her knees in a little so the shock of hitting a ground from a high jump was absorbed.

'Where am I?'

She looked around, trying to get a feel of where on earth she was at. Expanding her chakra she didn't feel anything or anyone chasing her hence making her way out of the forest.

Before long, she was out of the forest and came face to face with the Gates of Kohana.

'Oh so I was in Kohana's woods. I should of known. How stupid of me. But wait a minute….I was on my back from Stone after completing a mission having to deal with Orochimaru. I was no where near Kohana. Oh well. I do not sense any genjutsu and I know it is the real deal since in the right hand corner there is a tiny carving of the symbol for strength next to the detailed gate's hinges.'

Taking a big sigh she walked up to the gate, but stopped suddenly.

'No way are those missing ninja going to attack Kohana!'

With her emerald eyes blazing with determination, she took off as fast as she could, without any effort at all. Making a cloud of smoke trail behind her.

It didn't take her long to meet up with the missing-nin. But what surprised her was that they were from Mist.

'Tsunade-shisui said that the conflict with Mist was solved when we where Genin. Why are they attacking now?'

"Hey girly….Move out of the way." Said one of the three Missing-nin from Mist.

The girl looked at them with a cold stare. Mocking them, egging them on. Telling them if they tried anything, they will get beat. And badly.

"First off. My name isn't girly. It's Sakura. And two. I suggest you leave now before I kick your sorry excuse for an ass."

"Oh I like her. She is feisty!" Said another one.

The leader of the bunch, so what Sakura could figure out, shook his head and stepped forward. "I don't give a damn what she is. Kill her so we can continue on our way to destroying Kohana."

Sakura's eyes snapped wide and she unsheathed her long slim sword. "You will have to get threw me first if you want to attack Kohana."

"Just one of you….Against all three of us?"

"Oh well, she asked for it."

"We will dispose of you, and then we will get on with our task. You know to much anyway. And with that tiny little sword, you will not last long."

Sakura just smiled at them and shook her head. 'Stupid men. Do they not know that my specialty is quick and painful? Oh well, they are the ones who will die.'

-------------------------------------In the forest where Sakura was just at­--------

Deep into the forest a Jonin Team of four was running through the forest, wanting desperately to get home. The team's Captain stopped them, having a feeling something wasn't right. The other three looked around cautiously and gasped.

"That tension is close and that powerful Chakra is unbelievable." Said Nao, the team's best weapons expert, well next to the Captain of course.

"Hey guys….." said Ena, the team's best tracker. Trying to get their attention.

"What is it Ena-San?" Asked Kana, the team's best distraction maker.

The Captain turned to his team, even though he was the youngest out of all of them, they still respected him. "There is blood in the air. A lot of it."

The three turned to their Captain as he motioned for them to follow behind him. They arrived at a huge opening in the woods, but what was strange was that it wasn't from nature. It was man made.

The Captain sent Ena a look and Ena glanced around the sight. "There is no one else here. Just these four. And it seems that they are either dead or unconscious."

Nao looked at the Captain and sighed. "Itachi-San….this destruction…was made from weapons. Except the trees. They were pulled out from the ground."

Kana looked at Nao with a astounded look. "Impossible. No one has that kind of strength to pull a huge tree straight out of the ground. It is impossible."

"Enough. We will go down and inspect." Itachi ordered out. Having his whole team nod in acceptation. "If you find out anything. Tell me immediately."

When they all jumped down from the trees it was surprising that they could stomach, for what they saw was horrible. Three men, with the Mist headbands around their arms, were cut up and bruised everywhere. Every bone in their body looked like it was broken, beyond repair, and with the trees lying around. Lets just say it didn't add to make the scene any more prettier.

Kana walked up to the men and checked their pulses. As soon as she did, she turned pail. "Their dead." She said in a flat tone.

Ena was checking out the battlefield while Nao ran to Kana to see who exactly they were.

'This is some heavy duty damage. Like Nao said, the trees were pulled out of the ground, kunai's in the tree's puddles of blood are everywhere. Who could cause this much destruction. Normal Mist nin can not cause this much blood shed.'

Ena couldn't examine the battle anymore since Nao called all of them over.

"What did you find Nao." Itachi demanded. Trying to piece all the puzzle pieces together, trying to figure out what exactly happened here.

Nao turned to all of them and sighed. "They are the three missing nin that the hunter ninja's have been looking for. Some said they wanted to attack Kohana, but someone stopped them."

"What do you mean by someone?" Kana asked.

"It takes more than one person to kill one Missing nin. Let alone three of them." Ena added.

"How do you know only one person killed the three of them." Itachi commanded.

Ena turned to Itachi. "If you look at the tracks the Mist nin all have the same foot imprints, just different sizes, but there is only one different type of shoe imprint."

"Hn." Itachi said.

'So three Mist-nin's came wanting to attack Kohana, but someone got in their way and disposed of them. The only question that remains is who and why.'

"Team. Search and split up. Look to see if the person who did this is still around or even alive. When you do. Send a chakra signal and we all will come."

"Hai!" They all said as they all defused into the trees.

It was a couple of hours before anyone found anything and when Nao did, boy was he shocked. Right as he saw a girl laying in a pile of her own blood he sent the chakra signal as quick as he could.

"What did you find Nao?" Kana asked.

"What could it be?" Ena mumbled to herself.

Itachi looked at Nao and he lead them to the girl. When he did everyone's eyes went wide.

There laid a girl around 13 in her own pool of blood. She wore a brown three quarter sleeves short hoodie with a orange tank top. Her lower half had black border shorts with a kunai holster tapped to her right leg. In her hand was a thin sword, that looked like it would break any moment, with blood covering the blade. They all focused their attention on her face, but couldn't see anything since a brown hood, thank to the hoodie, was covering her face.

"Go tell the Hokage what we found. I will take care of her." Itachi said, as his team went off to tell the Hokage.

'Who are you? You couldn't have killed these three impossible to catch Missing-nin. Intriguing.'

Itachi didn't waist anytime and scooped up the girl bridal style and dashed away into the forest. Realizing how light she was in the process.

-----------The Uchiha District---------------

Itachi ran through his neighborhood with the bloodied girl in his arms. Some of his aunts and uncles gave him a confused look while others smiled at the cute sight. Hoping that the Uchiha heir finally found someone to share his thrown with.

He just brushed off their stares and ran to his house. His little brother Sasuke was sitting on the steps watching his mom water her garden.

"Okaa-San! Look Itachi-neesan is back!" Little Sasuke yelled

Mikoto turned around to see her sun running up to her, but once she looked at what he was holding in his arms her expression turned from happy to concerned.

"Sasuke! Go get me my medic bag!"


Itachi came up to his mother and saw her looked at the girl in his arms.

"Itachi! Where did she come from? How did this happen? Do you know her?" Mikoto said, her eyes glinting something when she asked her last question.

Itachi groaned at his mothers hints. 'Great. All ready she is hinting something. Women and their assumptions.'

Sasuke came running out with her bag and in a few moments Mikoto took the girl in the house and started to work on the mystery girl.

A bird flew on Itachi shoulders telling him that the Hokage wanted him.

-------------At the Hokage's office-----------------

Itachi came in the door to see Kana, Ena, and Nao sitting waiting for him. The third Hokage gave him a look and Itachi leaned against the wall.

"So….this girl….do we know who she is?"

"No. My mother is taking care of her injuries as we speak." Itachi said.

The third just nodded his head. "How bad is she?"

Nao spoke up. "She has only cuts and bruising."

"She just finished with a battle how can she have such low injuries?" Ena asked.

"Because she was healing herself unconsciously."

"That means she is a medic-nin. And a good one at that." The third said.

"What do you want us to do?" Kana asked.

"When she wakes up. Bring her here Itachi. I want to know what exactly happened."

"Hai." Was all Itachi said as he disappeared from everyone's sight.

-------------------------Back at the Uchiha Manner---------------

'Ah. What happened?! All I remember is running through the forest, meeting up with some Mist-nin's and beating the shit out of them…..Wait a minute! That is why I am so empty. They put up a good fight for normal Mist-nin. So that leaves a question of where am I?'

Sakura didn't change her breathing pattern, just incase someone was going to attack her once she was awake. She then had her chakra pour out of her, and masking it so no one could tell she was using it, she looked or chakra signatures. What she found made her gasp.

'Wait I AM 13! NO NOT AGAIN! I DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH ALL THAT AGAIN! And, I found Sasuke's chakra….but I have other chakra as well. But Sasuke's chakra is so low compared to what he is now….wait a minute…..I AM IN THE PAST!! HOW THE FUCK DID I GET HERE?!'

Before Sakura could ponder anything else she heard the door crack open. And then she could hear voices.

"Okaa-San, will she be ok?"

"I think so Sasuke-Chan. She didn't have many injuries, but she had a lot of blood."

"That's because she is a medic." Said a new voice.

'He is fast. Wonder who he is. Better "wake up" now.'

Before Mikoto could say "Really?" Sakura started to stur and in a second she was sitting up in the king sized futon.

"Look Okaa-San! She is awake!" Sasuke said as he jumped up on the bed and watched the girl with awe.

"Sasuke-Chan! Give the girl some space!" Mikoto yelled out.

"No. It's ok. I don't mind. I like children anyway." Sakura interjected in a cheery voice. (AN: and nooo she doesn't like him in the pedophile way!)

"Hey! My name is Sasuke!" Sasuke said as he jumped up and down on the bed.

"Nice to meet you Sasuke." Sakura said, smiling. Even though they couldn't see it, since the hood was still on her head.

Mikoto moved over to the girl and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Why don't you remove that hood?"

Sakura gulped. 'What if I see my younger self? Or WORSE! They know who I am and then now I am from the future! What do I do?! I could tell them….but I would have to make up a last name….something common. Itou Sakura, from here but was on a mission. I will need to talk to the Hokage to have him help me.'

"Dear? Are you ok?" Mikoto asked with concern laced with kindness.

Sakura nodded her head and with shaky hands moved them up to her hood. Taking it slowly she removed her hood to have a room of gasping people. Well mainly Sasuke and Mikoto. Itachi just played emotionless-man and stayed there.

As her hood came down it revealed two bright emerald eyes, filled with spirit and energy. Her pink hair was up in a high pony-tail. Her hair normally up to the tops of her shoulders.

'She is beautiful!' Mikoto thought.

"your really pretty!" Sasuke shouted.

Sakura looked at him and smiled. The smile seemed to lighten up the room as she did. "Thank you Sasuke-Kun."

'Pink hair. I never seen her around before.'

"Where are you from." Itachi ordered.

Sakura looked at him and smiled. 'I cant show a shocked expression, they will think something and I cant have that. So just smile like you know hoe to do.'

"I am from Kohana. See." She pointed to her headband and smiled again. "I just came back from a long mission."

'Interesting. She didn't thrust herself on me like other girls would.'

"The Hokage said that once you are awake, you have to see him."

Sakura nodded her head and turned to Mikoto. "Did you heal me?"

Mikoto smiled. "Well according to Itachi, my son over here, you healed most of yourself so I only fixed you up a little."

"Thank you very much. But I do not want to intrude so I will not stay long."

Mikoto smiled at her. 'What a polite little girl.' "Oh do not worry! You don't have to leave! Stay, stay! You don't have anywhere to go do you?"


"So it is decided! You stay here!"

"Thank you." Sakura said as she hugged the older woman, who returned her hug with one of her own.

--------------------------------to be continued!!---------------------

Author's note!: SO! The ever so common time skip story! Just getting started!!

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