Past, Present, Future

Chapter 10

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'Inner Sakura'



Fugaku snapped out of his staring and returned his attention to the room.

"Sakura……she……saved my life."

Everyone in the room looked at Fugaku with a confused expression.

"What do you mean Fugaku?" The Third said getting up out of his chair, his curiosity growing with each second.

"The Uchiha District was attacked by a bunch of Mist Ninjas. Thankfully we got everyone out safely. Mikoto and I choose to stay behind to fight them off."

Mikoto got up from the couch, placed Sasuke on the floor and she continued the story.

"We managed to destroy a good number of them, but there was this one Mist-Nin that was a little tricky to catch. I was hit with some paralysis jutsu and that left Fugaku all alone to battle him."

Sasuke looked at everyone to see them listening intently at the story his mother and father were saying. But they didn't know what his side of the story was!

"When Nee-Chan came to pick me up we walked back home. But the stupid police man wouldn't let us go in! But Nee-Chan and I went in anyways."

The Third smiled at Sasuke but then his expression changed back into a straight face. He nodded his head towards Fugaku for him to continue. Or for any one of them to continue the story.

"While I was on the side lines watching the battle, Sakura and Sasuke came just in time. Fugaku was lying on the ground injured, after knocking out that pesky ninja, and that's when Sakura ran over to Fugaku and healed him."

Mikoto stopped her story to make sure everyone followed her. Itachi looked at his dad with hidden disbelief. Since when did his father let Sakura heal him, let alone touch him?

'What happened that made my father let Sakura heal him?'

Mikoto could see the worried look her oldest son was hiding on his face.

'How cute. He cares for her so much. Come on Sakura hang in there!'

"Continue on." Sarutobi said.

Fugaku finished up the story. "While Sakura healed me, the Mist Ninja attacked her. She advised us to get Sasuke to safety. And here we are now."

Fugaku choose his words very carefully. He didn't want the Hokage to think that he was a coward and would run away in the heat of battle.

"So where is Pinky now?" Kakashi asked looking out the window. They haven't felt a surge of power in a long time.

"Probably still back at the house. Battling god only knows how many Mist Ninjas." Mikoto said on the verge of shedding tears.

"Let's get a move on then." Itachi said impatiently. Hoping to get to Sakura before it was too late.

"Wait Itachi. It isn't that easy." The Third said.

Itachi reframed from glaring at his leader. Wasn't he paying attention to what his parents said?! Sakura was in trouble and she needed their help!

Kakashi watched Itachi clench his fists instead of glaring at The Hokage.

'Calm down Itachi. We will get to her in time.'

"Why can't we help her?" Itachi grunted out in as little as anger as possible.

The Hokage turned his back to everyone and looked out the window. Even though he couldn't see anything thanks to the pitch black sky that covered Kohana.

"We have no information on how many she is fighting; we have no signal for help. You know that it is dangerous to run into battle when help isn't asked. You could endanger the Ninja and or ruin any plans Sakura may have." Sarutobi said to Itachi.

"Hn." Was all he said.

"Then what can we do?!" Sasuke said to the Hokage as he looked up at the elderly man.

"All we can do is wait until she sends help or we feel another surge of power coming from that general direction."

Itachi couldn't take it anymore. He walked out of the Hokage's office and slammed the door. Everyone turned their attention to the door and Kakashi walked out as well. Making sure his partner wouldn't try anything stupid.

"Itachi." Kakashi said as he closed the Hokage's door behind him. Gently.

Itachi was leaning up against the opposite wall, narrowing his eyes at the door Kakashi just came out of.

"You and I both want to help Pinky but you and I both know what would happen if we charge into her battle without any knowledge what so ever."

Kakashi could tell that Itachi didn't like what he said. For his fists were clenched even tighter and his eyes were Sharingan.

"Hn." Was all Itachi managed to say as he tried to keep his emotions in check. Failing miserably.

Kakashi shook his head and leaned up against the wall with his partner.

"You really care for her don't you?" Kakashi said/asked.

Itachi, now emotionless, glanced at Kakashi. "……."

Kakashi just shook his head. "If you don't see it, then it isn't worth explaining. Just…..keep this in mind Itachi. Tell her before it's too late."

Itachi stared blankly at Kakashi and watched as the older man walked back into the Hokage's office.

'What does he mean……he doesn't possibly think I like Sakura…..does he? That's crazy. She is my best friend. I can't fall in love with my one and only best friend.'

Itachi stood out against the wall for quite some time, just thinking about what Kakashi said. When he got to the point of getting tired of thinking about the topic, he walked back into the office. He stood in the corner, waiting to jump into action and save his best friend.

----------------WITH SAKURA--------------------

Sakura smirked at the three Mist Ninja's before her. They would have no idea what hit them once she released her new attack. The leader and his remaining two sidekicks laughed at her.

"You can barley breath! Let along make another jutsu!" Said one while he held his stomach in pain from laughing so hard.

Sakura's smirk faded away and watched as the three of them laughed uncontrollably at her little comment.

'We will see who has the last laugh!'

'Let's get 'em!'

With that Sakura closed her eyes and took a deep breath in and out. As she opened her eyes she quickly grabbed a scroll from her belt, which she always kept with her, and with a flick of her wrist she opened it.

As she opened it, the laughter died down, and the men watched as the scroll floated in the air. The full moon was shinning down on her and it light up the whole forest area they were in. Making everything much more clear. They watched as Sakura held her thumb up to her mouth and bit her thumb. Making a small stream of blood come out.

The leader's eyes went wide. He recognized what she was doing. 'There is no way a 13 year old can perform that jutsu! It takes time, precision, chakra control, and a lot of damn chakra to do it!'

His two sidekicks saw the face of fear pass through their leaders face. They stared at the 13 year old and made a loud gulp. They knew they were in for a bumpy ride.

Sakura didn't pay any attention to them and ran her bleeding thumb along the scroll she unrolled. Once the blood hit the scroll, it started to glow all different colors. Wasting no time, Sakura formed some seals at lightning speed.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Sakura yelled as she applied more chakra to the scroll and slammed her hand and the scroll straight down on the ground.

The three Ninja's watched with frightened eyes as a poof of smoke cascaded around them. The leader squinted his eyes and ordered his team to stay on their toes. Sakura stood there waiting and hoping that her summoning worked.

'Come on baby work! Please work!'

Sakura and the Mist Ninja's watched at the smoke cleared. Sakura waited hoping that she summoned the right one. It is her first time after all. But her opponent doesn't need to know that.

"It's…..It's…..a giant….!" One stuttered out.

"Slug?!" The other one said as he shook with fear.

Sakura smiled at the sight before her. She did it! She successfully summoned Katsuyu!

'Yeah take that Ass holes!'

"You called Tsunade-Sama?" Kasuyu said in a pateint voice as she looked around for her Master.

As Kasuyu looked around she could see three Mist Ninja's shaking in fear before her.

Sakura took this time to present herself in front of the giant, yet very strong, slug.

"It wasn't Tsunade-Shinsui that called you. It was me." Sakura said as she bowed before her summoned creature.

Kasuyu looked down at her Master's apprentance. "She did tell me you were practicing on summoning me. But this soon? Impressive."

Sakura tried to bow even lower towards the slug, as thanks, but her wound prevented her from doing so. Kasuyu noticed this and her mood changed.

She turned her attention towards the Mist Ninja's and then back towards Sakura.

"Sakura-Sama. What is the reason you called me here?"

Sakura looked up at the slug and turned her attention to the still stunned Mist Ninjas.

"I don't want them to hurt anyone else. I could kill them myself…..but…."

Sakura couldn't finish her sentence for a wave of excusiating pain swept in her body. Kasuyu watched as her new Master shuttered in pain.

Kasuyu broke off a part of her little tail in the back to form another slug, but this time it was a lot smaller.

"Sakura-Sama, get on this slug, she will bring you to me." She watched as the tiny slug brought Sakura up to sit on her head.

Sakura tried to ignore the emense pain she was feeling, suprising to her, she was able to surpass it. Well just a little bit of it. Kasuyu felt Sakura stand up on the top of her head and she couldn't help but smile.

But unfortunatly for the three remaining Mist Ninja's, Kasuyu didn't forget about them. They shook even more when the giant slug turned her head and stared at them.

"How dare you hurt this child! For that you will be punished!" She said as she started to move towards them. The leader snapped out of his daze and the three of them oved out of the way.

---------In the Hokage's office---------

Everyone couldn't stand themselves. They were sitting there for the longest time. Not knowing what they could do. Sarutobi sent a few ANBU to potrol the Uchiha District and if any of them were to find something, they would report back immediately. But so far nothing has been reported.

"How much longer?!" Sasuke shouted. He could see the moon shinning brightly through the window.

Mikoto looked out the window and let silent tears of worry slide down her face.

'What could be happeneing over there?'

Kakashi was keeping a close eye on Itachi. Ever since he came back into the room he has been more quiet than usual.

'Maybe he is trying to figure out what I ment when we had our talk.'

And Kakashi was right. No matter how hard Itachi tried to get his mind off it, he couldn't. All he could think about was Sakura and what Kakashi said that he wouldn't explain.

The Third sat in his chair, quietly waiting to hear from any of the ANBU he sent out. Soon there was a knock at the door. The whole room when quiet. They all hoped it was Sakura.

"Come in." The Hokage said.

To everyone's dismay it was simply a ANBU reporting in. Sarutobi watched as everyone's expression seemed to become sour.

The ANBU bowed down and stood there waiting for the Hokage to speak.

"Report." Was all he said. Getting a bad feeling in his gut.

"I think it would be better if I showed you." Said the ANBU as he formed a few seals and soon everyone was in the Uchiha district.

"What is this?!!" Sasuke yelled amazed at what happened.

"It's a jutsu that allows you all to see what I saw when I went on my potrol. Nothing more, nothing less." Said the ANBU. Making Sasuke nodd his head.

They all watched intently as the scene started to move. Itachi couldn't believe how much damage was done in the district. Tension rose as the ANBU's mind made it's way to the Uchiha's Main House.

As the scene rounded the corner all they could see was Sakura very high up on something.

"What is she standing on?" Mikoto asked.

"Could it be….." Sarutobi said to himself.

Sasuke turned to the ANBU. "Did you get closer?"

The ANBU nodded his head. And without further adeu, they watched as the ANBU's mind zoomed closer towards the battlefield.

Mikoto gasped and barried her head into her husband's shoulder. Sasuke's mouth went wide opened, Kakashi was stunned, Fugaku and Itachi didn't protray anything, and Sarutobi blinked a few times thinking it wasn't real.

Right in front of them they could see three Mist Ninja's on the ground, knocked out cold. As they went deeper into the forest, they could see three more Ninja's shaking in fear at what was before them.

Everyone's attention truned in the direction they were looking in and their reactions stayed the same. There Sakura was, on top of a giant slug?

"Impossible…." Fugaku said as he looked up at the powerful slug.

'So Tsunade has taught you the summoning technique. Most impressive.' Sarutobi thought as he smiled up at the slug that couldn't see him.

"How could she…." Kakashi was speechless. He could summon animals too, but never before has he tried to summon the most powerful out of his group. He's never seen anything like this before.

Itachi looked at the slug with abosolute surprise in his eyes. As he looked up at Sakura, he strained his eyes hoping to see if she was alright. Unfortunatley for him, the ANBU didn't really pay much attention on her condition, so he couldn't see her. Even with his Sharingan.

Mikoto held onto Sasuke and the two of them looked up at the Slug. Mikoto was so proud that she could summon such a powerful tool. Sasuke was just staring at the slug with wide eyes.

"I wonder if Nee-Chan will let me ride it later!"

Sasuke's comment made everyone, well almost everyone, chuckle. The ANBU turned to everyone and canceled out the jutsu. With a wave of the Hokage's hand, the ANBU was out of the room.

"Now what?!" Sasuke shouted. Causing Mikoto to cover his mouth with her hand.

"We just wait untill something happenes." Was all The Third said as he looked out the window. Still amazed that she summoned the Queen Slug.

---------With Sakura-----------

As the three Mist Ninja's kept dodging Kasuyu's attacks, Sakura was getting use to being able to stay up on top of the Slug's head.


Kasuyu's voice brought Sakura out of her thoughts. "Hai?"

"The only way for these three Mist Ninja's to go away, is if we use a little attack of ours."

Sakura's eyes went wide and her mouth dropped to the ground.

'Do I have enough staminia to do it?'

'Hell yeah!'

'Tsunade only told me about them and I have only read them in the scrolls she gave me. But I never really tested them out.'

'Let's give it a shot! The faster these Ninja's go the better off we will be!'


"Sakura-Sama. Just call me Kasuyu." She said as she chuckled at how Sakura called her Kasuyu-San.

"Hai. But I have only read of the attacks from Tsunade-Shinsiu's scrolls. I never tested them out."

Before Kasuyu could do anything two Mist Ninja's came attacking her and the leader came up on Kasuyu and started to lung at Sakura.

Sakura remembering the swords she stole form the Main House and right when he came lunging at her she swipped at him with the two swords.

"You're to good to be a 13 year old." The Leader said as he dodged Sakura's multiple swipes.

"It is impossible for a girl your age and size to be able to proform some of the attacks you do."

Sakura didn't say anything and charged at him with one sword in each hand. Making the Leader have to dodge attacks, more than attakcing her.

As those two were fighting, Kasuyu was busy moving around and trying to swish the two other Mist Ninja's at her feet. But they wouldn't sit still.

'We need a jutsu that will hit all of these Mist Ninja's in one blow. Then we can get Sakura-Sama to a hospital. Her injury is getting worse.'

With the mentioning of the wound, while Sakura and the Mist Ninja's leader were battling, Sakura fell down on Kasuyu in pain. The Mist Leader watched as the girl cryed out in pain.

Kasuyu could feel the leader making his way over to Sakura, and with out warning she seperated herself so he would fall right through. Making it so he couldn't attack Sakura while she was donw. Once Kasuyu saw him fall down to the ground, she pulled herself back together.

"Sakura-Sama. Are you ok?" She said with worry in her voice.

Sakura tried to hold back another scream of pain as she tried to talk to the summoned slug.

"Y-Yeah. J-Just a r-reaction to a-a m-medicine." Sakura said as she coughed out blood.

"Sakura-Sama. We don't have much time. We need an attack. Now." Kasuyu said as she tried to stall her Summoner some more time to form a jutsu.

While Kasuyu would throw some poisionous smog at the opponetns, Sakura tried with all her will power to compose herself and get back up on her feet.

As she rose to her feet, she could feel another wave of pain flow though her, but she bit her lip as a way to control the scream that wanted to release itself from her mouth.

'Ok….what technique can I use?'

'We only now a few so it shouldn't be to hard.'

Sakura watched as Kasuyu was trying to buy her some time. As Sakura watched the three Ninja's move around. It hit her.

'That's it!'

Sakura kneeled down on Kasuyu. "Kasuyu I figured it out. I just need a few more minutes."

"Hai Sakura-Sama!" she said as she tried even harder to bring them down so her Master wouldn't have to over-work herself.

Sakura closed her eyes once again and no matter how much it pained her, she called on her chakra for what she believed would be the last time.

'Come on! Please work!'

Not knowing what would happen once she did this jutsu, didn't matter to her anymore. She said she would pretect her loved ones. And that is what she is going to do!

Sakura formed the seals she memorized in the scrolls she read, and watched as the mist Ninja's ran for their lives.

Kasuyu could feel new energy crawl up around her. She turned her head to see Sakura's Chakra all around her.

"The Poisionous Armor Technique…..good choice." She said in a whisper as she saw her skin turn from a white to a purple and her blue strips turn yellow.

Kasuyu didn't waist any time. She told Sakura to hold on and leaning her head back she sent a series of poision prinks towards the three ninja's.

Two escaped, but one was too slow and got stabbed by the deadly poision. The two remaining ninja's didn't wait to see what would happen next. Kasuyu watched as her color changed once again to a yellow and white strips.

The leader and his remaining sidekick charged at the slug but right as the sidekick tried to attack the slug, he got attacked by a small yellow slug.

The yellow slug latched onto the sidekick and before the sidekick knew it, he was being eletrocuted. The leader watched as his remaining partner fell to the ground dead.

"How dare you!" He yelled filled with anger. He just wanted to kill the slug and that puny little 13 year old.

Kasuyu watched as he ran towards them. 'One more attack and it shall be all over.'

As the leader ran at the slug, her color changed once again. Her normal color, white, was back but her stripes were bright orange.

The leader cautiously ran towards the slug. He thought that sicne she was so big, she wouldn't see him from behind. So he sent a shadow clone to make it look like he was attacking her from the front, while he would come from behind. Unfortunatly for him, a breeze picked up and soon he could see a mix of orange and grey around him.

"What is going on?!"

Kasuyu didn't say anything and she just watched as the man started to gag on the disgusting smell that circulated aroudn him. Soon the fums made their way into his lungs and all Sakura could hear was a good amount of coughing.

The coughing fit didn't last long and soon Kasuyu's coloring turned back to normal. Most of the Mist Ninja's were dead. Sakura was about to congradulate Kasuyu, but she reached her limit. As she was walking over to look at Kasuyu, she fainted in exhaustion.

Kasuyu watched as Sakura fell from her. With eyes wide, Kasuyu got a good look at her injuries. Her cloths were ripped to shreads, many cuts and burises accented her face, arms, and legs. Then her stomach was covered in blood, Kasuyu could see the fatal wound on her stomach.

Not waisting any more time, Kasuyu divided herself and soon she was about normal adult height. She waited until Sakura's body came colliding with hers. As Mini-Kasuyu caught her, she poofed away towards the hospital.

-----------With everyone else-------------

Time seem to go by so slowly as everyone waited to hear anything from Sakura. When all of a sudden they heard a knock at the door. When the Hokage opened the door, an ANBU came in holding three of the Mist Ninja's.

Itachi couldn't help but glare long and hard at them. They were the ones responsible for attacking his faimly, his home, and Sakura.

"I found these three in the Uchiha District. What shall I do with them?"

"Take them to the prision. I want them interigated later on." The Third said without hisitation.

"Hai." And with that the ANBU was gone.

"Hokage-Sama. Is it common for battles to go on for this long?" Mikoto asked as she moved away from the sleeping Sasuke, who passed out on the couch from being up past his bedtime.

"A battle can't be judged. Some last days, months, or years. But when it comes down to an outnumbered battle……"

The Hokage couldn't finish his sentence for they all saw a poof of smoke in the middle of the room. Everyone froze in their spot and waited for the smoke to clear.

As the smoke cleared right in front of them was a Mini-Kasuyu carrying a beaten up Sakura. Mikoto held back her gasp of releave and then worry. She started to cry into her husbands shoulder, out of what emotion? No one really knows.

Sarutobi walked over to the summoning and bowed down.

"Kasuyu-San. What a surprise."

Kasuyu just nodded. "You need to get Sakrua-Sama to a hospital now. Her injuries are critical."

Sarutobi nodded his head and picked Sakura up off the slug's back. When he did Kasuyu poofed away and his mouth nearly dropped. She was so beaten up. Kakashi was shocked that the little girl could handle so much damage, and Itachi….well he was mad.

His hands started to clench and he wanted so badly to run down to those three Mist Nin's and beat the shit out of them. But when the Hokage told him to bring Sakrua down to the hospital he threw those thoughts away.

Taknig Sakrua he ran with so much speed he felt like he was flying. But he made it so he didn't make Sakura's injuries become more irritated than they already were.

'Sakura, you stupid girl! Why didn't you call for help?! Why did you have to be the hero and battle way to many ninja's for your own good? You didn't have to prove yourself to anyone! I can't lose you! You're the only one I have! You're the only one that understands me!'

While Itachi was mentally scolding her, he arrived at the hospital and followed where-ever they wanted Sakura to go. They told him to give her to them so they could take her to proform surgury on her. He was a little reluctant to let go of her and that's when he realized it.

'Sakura…..please don't leave me…..I guess Kakashi is right…..I love you.'

Itachi watched the doctor's run, with his best friend/crush, through the E.R. doors. He stood there untill he couldn't hear their footsteps anymore.

It wasn't long untill the waiting room was filled with Kakashi, Fugaku and Mikoto. Kakashi told Itachi that the Hokage had to figure out how to repair the damage done in the district. Sasuke however was sent to go stay with the day-care lady in the hospital for the time being.

-----------With Sakura----------

The Medic-Nin's were running around the operating table like a chicken without a head. Her injuries were horrible. They never seen anything like this before. A few internal organs were injuried, a few ribs were broken, and her stomach was just completely distroyed.

While they were throwing everything they got at Sakura, Sakura was having issues of her own.

------Deep within Sakura's mind-----

Sakura slowly opened her eyes and gently lifted herself up into a sitting position. As she looked around she saw that she was in a white plain.

'Hello? Anyone here?'

As Sakura moved her head left, right, and behind her she heard footsteps.

'Finally I was able to get intouch with you.'

Sakura's face light up and she rose to her feet, not noticing that she didn't twitch in pain ro anything, and ran towards the direction of the voice.

'Anri! Oh my god! I have so many questions to ask you!'

Sakura stopped right in front of the beautiful demon and saw her smile down at the young girl.

'I can see that." She then stared at Sakrua's wounds. "What happened to you?"

'I had a run in with a few ninja. No big deal.'

With the mention of Ninja's Anri's face truned completely pale.

'What kind of Ninja.' She demandingly asked.

'Just a few Mist ninja's…..why?'

Sakura watched as Anri's expression when back to worried and was no longer a scarey pale.

'Anri answer my question.' Sakura said in a warning voice, wondering what got the beautiful demon so worked up.





-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Author's notes: HA! Finally I finshed the cahpter! This thing took me all day to write! Just to let you know the jutsu used by Sakura with Kasuyu was completely made up. I also wanted to say sorry if Itachi or anyone else seemed OOC. I know that can ruin a story and I hope you tell me if there was OOC!



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