Past, Present, Future

Chapter 11

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'Thoughts' "Talking""Anri"


Everyone in the hospital waited impatiently as they watched various medical ninja's run in and out of the E.R. Mikoto would try to get their attention and ask them how Sakura was doing, but they all ignored her. They were too caught up in the surgery to pay any attention to anyone, let along her.

"How many Mist Ninja's were there when we left?" Mikoto whispered under her breath. She couldn't even imagine how bad Sakura's condition was.

Fugaku was sitting on the waiting room bench quietly, silently hoping they would find out what happened to her.

"I'm sure Sakura is fine Mrs. Uchiha. She's a stubborn kid." Kakashi said encouragingly to Mikoto. This ended up with her smiling in gratitude towards him.

Itachi was sitting silently, just like his father. He hated to wait. He couldn't do anything to help his best friend. After all that she did for him; she got him to act his age at times and she got him to be carefree for split seconds at a time. Even though he wouldn't admit it, she also got him to laugh……on the inside. She was also one of his friends that was his age. Now, at the time when she needs help the most, he can't provide her with any of it.

'Never again. Never again will I leave you, Sakura. I promise you I won't put you in harms way ever again…..And I never break my promises.'

-----With Sakura-----

Sakura was tapping her foot against the floor; waiting for Anri to tell her exactly who she thought attacked her. After a moment of silence, Anri sighed and gave up.

"Fine I'll tell you Sakura-Chan………I was afraid that the Akatsuki attacked you."

Sakura raised her pink brow towards her. 'What are you talking about? Why would they attack me in the past? They don't even know what I can do. Hell I DON'T EVEN KNOW what I have to do!"

Anri watched as Sakura screamed towards her. Although Sakura felt horrible for snapping like that in front of her, Anri just stared at Sakura with emotionless eyes.

"Sakura-Chan. You have no idea how important you are do you? They know there is a Chosen One out there. They just need to find out where that person is."

'But what do I have that makes me so special?! Tsunade has perfect chakra control too! She is the one that taught me what I know today!'

Anri sighed and shook her head. "I guess I didn't explain your situation very well to you did I?"

Sakura shook her head and sat down. 'No you didn't. I wanted to ask you more about it…..but I never get in touch with you. I never had time to open the scroll up again…..' Sakura rambled on.

Anri smiled warmly towards Sakura and sunk to the floor as well. "Well now I can tell you in more detail. You see Sakura……you are one in a million to have the "perfect" chakra control. And when I mean by perfect is that you don't have to think twice about how much Chakra to apply to a jutsu. It just comes naturally to you. Making you a fast learner."

'And a great threat to the Akatsuki. And a strong ninja.' Anri thought to herself.

'But like I said before….Tsunde-Sama has the same Chakra control as I do. She could be the 'Chosen One' as well.' Sakura said to Anri as she made invisible quotations when she said the Chosen One.

Anri shook her head. "No Sakura-Chan. She can't be. You see, when the Demons are extracted from their containers, they are put in the weapon." Anri paused waiting for Sakura to digest everything she was telling her. When Sakura nodded her head, Anri continued.

"When you have powerful demons bouncing all around inside a tiny space, pressure is applied to the weapon. The more the Jinchuriki become unstable the more the weapon will become damaged."

'Which would mean that they need to be stabelized since the last thing Akatsuki want is their life's work to be distroyed.' Sakura said.

"Exactly. You, Sakura, are the key ingredent to their weapon. You act like a neutralizer. Your Chakra is able to calm down all the Jinchuriki."

Sakura's eyes went wide at the sudden realization. 'So without me to stableize their weapon, it will become distryoed? But that still doesn't answer my question Anri.'

Anri nodded her head in understandment. She knew how it felt to not truly comprehend that you are so important.

----With Everyone Else-----

It has been hours since Sakura was placed in the E.R. Everyone was getting extremely nervious and soon the Hokage himself joined them.

"Has any of them even talked to you about Sakura's condition?" Sarutobi asked.

Mikoto shook her head in fustration. "No. We all just have been sitting here waiting."

"I see." He said as he too, took a seat.

It wasn't long before a medic, in a long, no longer, whit lab coat, came out of the E.R. room. As he walked over to the group everyone stood up imediately.

Mikoto scanned the medic's lab coat to see splotches of blood all over his coat. It took all her will power to hold down her dinner.

"Are you all here for Miss. Haruno?" He asked as he took off his blood covered gloves and threw them into the waste basket while he grabbed the clip board he had underneath his arm pit.

"Hai." They all said, anxious to hear what Sakura's status was.

Nodding his head he took out the clip board and flipped through some pages. "I guess I'll fill you in on her status. When she was first rushed her by Mr. Uchiha, she suffered from several fractured ribs, punctured lungs, and her muscles and nerves were all jumbled up. The worst noticable injury was the hole that went right through her stomach." The Medic said with a heavy sigh. It was hard dumbing down the medica terms he could just rattle off the top of his head.

"Care to tell us how she got the muscles and nerves injury?" The Third said.

'The other injruies are self explanitory. But why would her neves and muscles be mixed up?'He thought.

The doctor shook his head. "It's hard to say. We have several hypothesis."

"Give us the most logical." Itachi sternly said.

Flipping through his clip board even more, he suddenly stopped and loked around to everyone.

"We believe some type of medicine was released in her system. We can't tell what was in it, or what it was used for, or even how it was used. But all we know is that this medicine served its purpose and then when it decided to stop working… attacked what ever it was near."

"Will Sakura be ok?" Kakashi asked. He was really worried for the little pink haired girl. She was the energy that was in their team. Without her everything would go back to boring. But all his concern was concealed by his mask.

"It's too soon to tell. But if she keeps going at the rate she is now, she will be ok."

"And what if she doesn't." Itachi blankly said.

"Her condition will get worse and she will never be able to continue her career as a Ninja. She will be lucky to walk after this. What ever that medicine was, it really put a extreme amount of pressure on her whole body."

Mikoto gasped as she raised her hand to her mouth, trying to hold back the sobs.

"What about her condition now?" Fugaku questioned.

"Now, her ribs are back into place, her punctured lungs are recovering nicely, and her stomach is slowly healing. We want her cells to heal some of her injuries, so right now all we can do is wait, watch her condition, and see what happens." He said.

"Can w-we see h-her?" Mikoto asked trying to conserve herself.

"Yes you can. But she is deep in sleep. It will be a while before she will wake up. And even when she wakes up, it would be wise for her to not speak. That way her lugns will have some rest."

Mikoto didn't wait for the Doctor to escort them to Sakura's room. She found it just fine on her own. Everyone was close behind her. They wanted to see Sakura, to ease their troubled minds that she was there and alive.

----With Sakura-----

"The reason why Tsunade isn't the right fit is because of her age. You see Sakura-Chan, if Tsunade were to be placed in the cercomstances that you are in, her body would crumble under the pressure. If she were to ever be captured and placed in the weapon with the Demons, her body wouldn't be able to move in ways the Demons want it to."

Sakura's mouth went wide open. 'It all makes sence now……but wait a minute….then why am I in the past?! It makes no sense to send me back here!'

Anri was going to continue on but she noticed Sakura's ripped clothing. Making a tisk noise with her tounge, she got up and with a wave of her hand Sakura's ratty cloths were replaced with a pretty dress accented with soft pink wrap around high heels.

The dress was knee length and black and pink. It was a halter top that wrapped nicely around Sakura's neck. The ties for the halter top was black and at the bottom of it had about a inch thick black stripe. The rest fo the dress was a soft pink with black outlines of flowers.

'Thanks Anri….you didn't have to though.' Sakura said as she stood up and twarled around in the new outfit.

"You needed a new change of cloths. Your old ones were stained in blood and smelly."

'Oh.' Sakura took a few minutes to awe at her new dress, but she looked right at Anri with a determined look.

'Now tell me why you brought me into the past in the first place!'

"I marvel at how presistant you can be Sakura-Chan."

'Don't change the subject.' Sakura said as she glared at Anri. Making Anri giggle.

"Ok fine. I brought you here because Akatsuki were going to find you. Granted, you were on your way home, but I didn't want to take that chance."

'Seriously? Well how long have they been looking for me? How long have I been away from my time? How do I get back home?' Sakura bursted out with questions for Anri. She tried to keep her questions in a calm speed, but after hearing that she had to burst.

Anri giggled even more at Sakura's burst of questions. "Let's take one question at a time. To answer your first question, they have been looking for you ever since they heard of what the Chosen One could do. They didn't know who it could be, at first, but now they have an idea. I didn't want to take the chance of them finding out it is you who they are looking for.'

'But won't they find out eventually? I mean everyone knows the Akatsuki find out everything about everyone even before we can.'

"Still, no one knows who it is exactly. You aren't ready to fight them off yet. Granted you need some tranning, but for now no one must know what your true power is for! One slip and you will put yourself and everyone else in grave danger!" Anri raised her tone at Sakura as she stressed out how important it was for Sakura to keep this a secret.

'But……But……' Sakura saw Anri glaring at her with her bone chilling eyes and couldn't help but gulp under her glaze.

"No Sakura-Chan. I am in charge of protecting you so they don't capture you! Please……just do me this one favor." Anri said as her head dropped to the ground. "Everyone I have known has been taken away by those Akatsuki scum, I can't lose you too."

And for the first time since Sakura has met Anri, she saw the demon shed a lone crystal clear tear. Sakura watched as it slid down her cheek.

'Ok Anri. I won't tell a soul.'

"Thank you Sakura-Chan." Anri said with a smile returning to her face. "And to answer your other two questions……well you have been away from your normal time for as long as you have been here. In order for you to get back……well……you can go when you want to."

Sakura raised an eye brow towards her direction, truly perplexed by her answer.

'What do you mean I can go back when I want to?'

-----With Everyone-----

As Sakura's door opened, everyone couldn't help but hold in the gasps that threated to raise. They all piled into the hospital room and sat around her bed.

In front of them was a sleeping Sakura. Her stomach and chest area were covered in bandages, they could see the various monitors keeping track of her breathing, heart beat, and much more.

"Poor girl." Mikoto said as she ran up to the side of the bed and gently hugged Sakura.

Fugaku looked blanky at the pink haired girl in front of him. But deep inside his mind he wasn't as emotionless as he appeared.

'Sakura……you saved my life and my family. Even though I treated you like crap….you still helped me. It's not common for an Uchiha to say or even think this but…….you really did impress me. I can see why my wife and sons have taken a liking to you.'

Kakashi just shook his head and slumped into a chair closest to him.

'Well Pinky, look what you got yourself into this time. No doubt you must of ticked those Mist Ninja's off pretty badly. I told you to watch out with that mouth of yours.' Kakashi thought as he let the cornors of his mouth give a slight smile towards the uncouncious girl.

Everyone sat in silence, just watching the uncouncious girl before them. The only proof that they had that told them she was even alive was the beeping of the many monitor machines that echoed through the dead silent room.

Saritobi walked up closely towards Sakura's body and they watched as his eyes scanned her whole form.

"What are you doing?" Itachi's warning tone raised as he watched Saritobi's actions with much intensity.

'I made a promise and I'm not going to break it.' Itachi thought as his stare was on Saritobi.

Saritobi turned his eyes from Sakura and he looked at the young Uchiha. The way he reacted towards him made him smile.

"Relax Itahi. I won't do anything to her……I'm just looking for something."

"And what would that be." Itachi said sternly. Narrowing his eyes with every passing second.

The Third was shocked at how Itachi was acting towards him. Normally he was the quiet one that stood in the cornor and would let Kakashi do all the talking.

Saritobi turned his head back towards Sakura. "I'm looking for….." The Third started to say ignoring Itachi's warning glare he could feel on his back.

As his eyes scanned Sakura's patched up body, he could see the various scrolls and herbs that were carried in her pouches. The medics were intructed to not touh any of the weapons or scrolls on any ninja. It would be unsafe and it would damage any evidence a ninja has found on their mission.

Itachi watched as his leader's hands came to Sakura's belt that was around her waist. He watched as his hands went into one of her pockets and pull out something.

"…..this" Saritobi finished his incomplete sentence as he pulled out a odd looking scroll with a blue string to tie it together.

"What is it?" Mikoto asked.

Itachi didn't know what it was either but when Kakashi gasped, everyone turned his way and stared at him.

"Impossible… did Pinky……" Kakashi was lost for words.

"So you know what this is Kakashi?" Saritobi said with a smile.

Itachi, Mikoto, and Fugaku watched Kakashi nodd his head.

"Why? What is that, that is in your hand?" Mikoto asked with a little irritation present in her voice.

The Third held the scroll up so everyone in the room could see it.

"Remember the slug that had Sakura on her back?" The Hokage watched as everyone, mainly Mikoto, nodd their heads. "That slug is a summon. And this scroll…." The Hokage undid the string and lifted up the scroll. "….is the key to that summon."

Everyone's eyes went wide and they all watched the scroll rolled down, unscrolled, on the floor. It contents being revealed to everyone.

"How can a 13 year old get their hands on a summoning scroll?!" Mikoto yelled.

"Someone must of gave it to her." Kakashi concluded. That is how he got his summoning scroll.

"But you need someone to teach you how to summon the creatures and what to do when you do summon them." Fugaku added to the conversation.

"She could of taught herself. That's what you did Kakashi." Itachi said. Defending Sakura.

Kakashi nodded his head. "True, but we don't know how much information Pinky knows about that scroll. It is possible you could teach yourself…..but you have to know at least a background of the scroll. And you would of had to sign your name to the spirit you're workin with."

"When will we find who taught her….or if someone even taught her at all? Or for Itachi's theory, who could of gave her that scroll in the first place?" Mikoto asked truly preplexed.

"Who in their right mind would give a 13 year old such a powerful scroll. You only get those types of scrolls when your mentor is dieing." Fugaku stated.

The Third shook his head. "All these theories are possible, but we won't know anything untill she wakes up."

"And how long will that take?" Kakashi asked.

Just as Kakashi started to ask that question the montors hooked up to Sakura started to beep at a fast rate. Everyone stepped back away from Sakura and watched as tons of medic flooded into the room.

"What is going on?!" Mikoto shouted.

No one could get a straight answer. All they could hear were the medics shouting out fancy names for certain things as they tried to figure out what was wrong with Sakura.

-----With Sakura-----

'What do you mean I can go back when I want to?' Sakura repeated herself not fully understanding what Anri was saying.

Anri smiled an all knowing smile towards her. "You see Sakura-Chan, I brought you here as a way to stall time for the Akatsuki to pass over where you were. Once they passed our area and I made sure they were not coming back, I was going to bring you back……but I noticed something."

'What?! What did you notice?' Sakura asked truly interested in what she would say.

Anri shook her head, making her silver hair sway with the way she shook her head. While letting out a giggle.

'Sakura-Chan don't tell me you don't notice it!' Anri said as she acted completely stunned like it was as plain as bread.

'What are you taling about?! I have no idea what you mean.' Sakura whinned.

Anri sighed and snapped her fingers. And with the snap of her fingers, the background changed. Sakura stood up and watched as flashback from when she was 13 came into view. She watched as she flirted with Sasuke even after he completely crushed her confidnece.

'Ok…..what does that have to do with anything?'

"Watch it all and then you tell me."

Sakura then watched as the background changed again and now there were flashbacks of her hanging out with Itachi. It first showed her time she spent with him and Sasuke but then switched over to the incident right before he left to go on his mission.

The more Sakura watched her flashbaks with Itachi, the background started to do a split screen. She watched as it matched up one scene with Sakura and Sasuke with a scene with Itachi and Sakura.

It was like it was trying to show her the similarity and differences between the two.

As she watched the two scenes play back and forth, the more she realized that she acted just like she did when she was 13. But not as dramatic and she could see some of the looks she would give Itachi that she never knew she could give.

Some had longing, while others had the look of content. She watched as a scene played when her and Itachi got caught in the rain once and they were forced to stay under the tree the whole night. That was when Sakura really notied how much she oogled at Itachi.

She watched as her eyes would travel up and down his body, then how her eyes would show awe when he tied the tree branchs together, trying to get the water to fall on them less. She then noticed how willingly she let herself feel at ease and comfortable around the soon-to-be killer. Sakrua couldn't believe how her face betrayed so much emotion, even when he was not even 10 feet away from him! What was even more confusing was that he didn't even seem to notice. Well at least that's what she thought.

'You're kidding me right?...there is no way…" Before Sakura could finish her shocked sentence, she feel to her knees and started to hold her stomach.

"Ahhhhhh!" She screamed.

Anri stopped the flashbacks imediately and ran to Sakura's side. As Anri tried to lift Sakura up into a sitting position, she could feel a good amount of blood dripping down her arm.

"Sakura-Chan…." Anri said with worry.

Sakura looked down at her stomach and sighed. 'I knew there would be side affects to that potion, but I didn't think….'

Again Sakura coudln't finish her sentence thanks to another wave of pain that overcame her.

"Sakura-Chan, what potion? What are you talking about?"

Sakura only shook her head at Anri and grunted out a few words. But those few words were so mumbled, that all Anri could hear were:


Anri didn't have a clue what that ment, but she watched as Sakura called onto her chakra to start fixing her wounds. As Sakura used her Chakra, Anri noticed that her chakra reserves weren't even a quarter full.

So with much skill, Anri activated her chakra and started to pour her chakra into Sakura. But Anri made sure to configure her chakra making it fit into Sakura's system.

'What ever potion she used it serverly damaged her. As long as I keep configuring my chakra to her, she can fully heal herself.'

--With everyone else--

Itachi watched on the sidelines as the medics were running back and forth from table to table, getting all the tools they needed.

Apparently from what he could gather, Sakura's system was acting towards what ever drug was in her from her battle. He knew how servere Sakura' condition was in and it just got him even more fustrated.

'Right when something good in my life comes around something bad happens to it.'

Itachi could feel his anger rising, but he made sure to swallow it back down.

'Sakura…..please be ok. I don't know what I would do if you left. Please at least let me tell you how I feel about you…..and maybe…..even let me see if you feel the same.'






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