Past, Present, Future

Chapter 12

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'Thoughts' 'Anri' "Talking" 'Inner Sakura'


Sakura tried with all her might to keep her mind concentrated on the task at hand but the pain was just too great. Anri could feel her attention slipping and her inability to continue healing herself, even with the help of her chakra.

"Sakura-Chan! Are you ok?!" She shouted truly worried for Sakura.

Sakura tried to nod her head to indicate to Anri that she was ok, but the waves of pain were coming more frequently that it was too painful to even do a simple notion as to nod her head.

Anri was about to say something but she watched as Sakura completely stopped healing herself and lost consciousness. Anri stopped configuring her chakra long enough to catch Sakura before she hit the ground.

'I don't know what is going on with you Missy. But with my chakra in your system now, it will be easier for me to stay in contact with you. So don't be too shocked when you start talking to yourself and I pop in.' Anri thought with a smile, picturing Sakura's face when Sakura would realize that Anri was in her thoughts.

On the outside world, medics were running in and out of Sakura's room trying to stop the excessive bleeding. One nurse ordered everyone to get out of the room, so the medics would have more space to work.

This brought them right back to waiting impatiently, which every single one of them loathed with a burning passion.

The Uchiha's, and Kakashi watched intently as the medics worked their magic on Sakura. Sakura spent four hours in the presence of the medics until she was able to be left unattended.

Some of the medics tried to get them all to go home, to wash up and get a good sleep, but no one wanted to move. They all sat and watched Sakura with a hawk's eye.

After the "attack" Sakura had, the medics explained to everyone what happened to Sakura.

"What happened to her?!" Mikoto yelled out loud, as everyone stood outside Sakura's room. They were outside the room trying to give Sakura peace so she could sleep.

The head medic raised his hands as an act to calm down the furious female that was ready to rip his head off in front of him.

"Mrs. Uchiha, please, let me explain her situation before you get infuriated." He said in a calm tone.

Fugaku held his wife by the shoulders as an act to calm her down. When his action worked everyone looked towards the medic as a way to tell him to continue.

The man cleared his throat and began, what he knew would be a long explanation.

"You see, from what we can gather about her condition, is that the medicine that was released into her system at the time of her battle was to stop her from excessively bleeding."

Kakashi looked at the medic with narrowing eyes. Fugaku and Itachi betrayed nothing, and Mikoto….well her mouth was wide open.

"You mean that Sakura took a shot to help her in the battle, which later brought her to this weakened state." Fugaku concluded.

The medic shook his head up and down. "From what we can gather is that she injected it into herself as a way to control the bleeding from her stomach wound. It's like the Domino Effect. Once one is knocked down the rest follows it."

"Where did she get this medicine?" Itachi flatly asked. How could she obtain a concoction that was very unstable?

"We asked around the hospital and one medic told us that Miss. Itou was seen in the laboratory for one of her medicine classes. We tracked down the teacher and she told us Sakura was working on a medicine to stop excess bleeding during battle."

"So you're assuming that Pinky used it during the battle." Kakashi concluded.

"It is the most logical conclusion we have. The medic told us that Sakura had been working on this substance for a couple of days, but a medic at her level should know never to use an untested medicine."

"When you're in battle it doesn't matter, you do what ever you can to survive." Itachi whispered as he turned his head to Sakura's bed.

'What in the world?!'

Everyone also looked in Sakura's direction and saw exactly what he saw.

"Sakura!" Mikoto yelled, while everyone ran to her room.

"Call the Hokage now!" The head medic said to one of the other medics.

--With Sakura--

In the deep depths of her mind, laid Sakura. She wasn't lying in pain, no, that had passed some time ago. She was lying there, deep in thought.

'How could I? How could I have fallen in love with the enemy?! Why me?!'

Sakura could feel tears start to form in her eyes. She tried so hard to blink them away, but the realization of her predicament came crashing down on her. Causing her to burry her head in her arms and cry her heart out.

'What am I going to do when I return home? What would they say?! Would anyone even remember me?'

Sakura felt herself hiccup several times as her thoughts ranted on and on. Never before have she felt this much puzzlement within herself. She felt confusion, sadness, anger, and most of all concern.

'I wonder……if I leave…..would any of them even remember me?'

Her tear stricken face lifted up from her arms and she sat up into a sitting position.

'Ugh! Why do I have to be the one in these situations?! Why do I have to always fall for the unattainable guys?!'

'I told you to watch out….but noooo you don't want to listen to me!'

'Oh come on! How could I have prevented this?! It's not like I have the power to control how I like and who I don't like!'

'True but you can narrow your range of men you talk to.'

'You know you're seriously not helping me! What am I suppose to do about this?! I wish I could just leave it all behind, go back to the "future" and pray to God that my presence here will be forgotten.'

'And what about your feelings for the elder Uchiha? What are we going to do about that? Huh?'

Sakura groaned at her inner self and shook her head. 'No one will know what happened here and no one will know I fell in love with an S-ranked criminal. I'll lock up those feelings and throw away the key if I have too!'

"Are you sure Sakura-Chan?"

Sakura shook her head a couple of times, as an act to get ride of the intruding voice. But when she recognized the voice she was shocked beyond belief. How was she hearing Anri in her head?!

'Anri?! How did you….? How are you…?'

"Sakura-Chan answer my question. Do you really want to put all this behind you?"

'Would I?! Hell yes! I wish I could just run away from this place! Pretend nothing ever happened at all! Why do I always have to do this to myself? How come I'm the one that falls for the soon-to-be evil men?!'

Anri's smile couldn't have gotten any wider. Sakura's face was priceless. But she swallowed her amusement and continued on with the subject.

"I told you that you could go whenever you wanted to. Now is the time. Are you sure about this?"

Sakura didn't think too much about what she was saying to the voice in her head. She was too embarrassed with herself to fully comprehend with what she was saying to Anri.

'I just want to leave this place, it's the past anyways, it's not like they will even remember me.' Sakura thought in bitterness.

Anri nodded her head as she unrolled the scroll. Sakura watched as Anri formed a few hand seals and a bright sky blue chakra light encased her whole body.

'What is going on?!' She yelled as the light circled all around her.

Anri walked up to her and sighed. "I'm doing what you asked me. You wished to be brought away. I'm doing just that."

Sakura's emerald eyes went wide. She didn't say anything and watched as Anri brought her out of Sakura's mind and into the hospital room she was staying in.

Sakura looked around the room and saw her own body next to her.

'Is that….me?'

Anri nodded her head, while her ice blue eyes concentrated on Sakura's body before them.

"Yes. Right now we are in spirit form. I guess you can say it's my special ability. Like how Shukaku's signature ability is to use sand as a shield."

Sakura turned her attention back to her beaten up body, but then her attention turned to the swinging door to her left. She watched as Kakashi, Mr. & Mrs. Uchiha, Itachi, and a medic came running through the door.

Turning her body around, Sakura could see the sky blue light engulfing her real body as well. She turned back around towards the people in the room.

'Well I guess this is good bye. It was great to see you again Kakashi. Now I have some black mail on your sorry ass when I get home.' She thought as she smiled at Kakashi.

Her glaze fell to the soon-to-be deceased Uchiha's and she smiled a bitter smile.

'At least I was able to get to know you two. Now I know where Itachi and Sasuke get their personalities.'

She lastly turned her attention to Itachi. Her bitter smile fell and was replaced with a frown. She walked up close to him and she extended her hand out to touch his cheek. Only to have it go right through him. It didn't faze her, and she returned her hand onto his cheek, but she kept it there.

'How? How could I have fallen for you? I got over Sasuke. That much is true. But I guess that I never really will get over an Uchiha….considering you stole my heart. How it happened? I don't know. But you will never find out.'

Sakura could feel her heart breaking into a billion pieces; she knew it was the right thing to do. The world she would be returning to would never accept the two of them together. They were too….different.

Sakura could feel a bitter laugh crawl up her throat. Anri, although concentrating, could hear everything Sakura was saying.

'The poor girl. Her heart just had a habit of choosing the dangerous men. Oh Sakura-Chan……'

'I probably would never have told you in the first place anyways. You would reject me just like Sasuke did when I was thirteen. But it looks like you wouldn't have the chance to.'

While Sakura was talking to everyone that couldn't even see her, everyone else was freaking out.

"Where did this chakra come from?" Kakashi asked completely confused.

The head medic tried to get close to Sakura's body, so he could get a sample of the chakra, but the chakra was like a barrier. Making no one come close to Sakura and repelling objects that came close to her body.

"We need to get it off." Itachi pointed out the obvious as he started to form hand seals to activate a jutsu.

Fugaku shook his head towards his son. "No Itachi. If you use a jutsu on Sakura, we don't know if she will endure even more damage that she has now."

Itachi stopped his jutsu but didn't show his anger that he felt towards the predicament they were encountering. He was about to move towards her when he felt a cold chill rise up his spine.

'What in the world?'

He couldn't explain the strange feeling he got just then. His body didn't and wouldn't move from its spot. He felt the chill grow more intense towards his face. Not knowing what was going on, he stood there, betraying nothing. Soon he thought he could feel someone's warm hand on his face. But that was preposterous. No one was next to him.

It wasn't long before the Hokage came rushing into Sakura's room as well. When he saw Sakura's body encased in chakra he couldn't prevent his pipe to fall out of his mouth in shock.

"What is going on?" He whispered to himself.

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to do, what to say, or even know what to think about the situation. It seemed as though time stopped for everyone. Some had flashbacks of all the times they had with Sakura, others thought that Sakura was finally getting the full affects of the medicine and her body was giving out, and others…..well…..they just didn't know what to think.

Before anyone had time to snap out of their trance they saw the blue chakra start to thin out in color, making Sakura's body seen clearly by them.

It looked like clouds were floating around Sakura. Like powdered snow flew through the sky in a snow globe.

Itachi, now able to move his body again, stretched out his hand. Afraid to lose the one thing that made him feel…….almost human. But just as he held out his hand, the chakra spin around Sakura in a rapid speed and before they knew it…..her body vanished.

Sakura watched as a blue glow encased her spiritual body and spun around her, just like what was happening to her real body. Soon, she was no longer in the presence of her friends and in a hospital room.

Now she was floating through a black hole. It wasn't like one of those time streams with floating memories of what happened through out your life, no, it was a blank portal. Sakura felt her body sway in the way of the hole, until she felt herself being dropped down by gravity.

'Ow! What the hell was that?!'

Sakura blinked her eyes a couple of times and realized that she was in a forest.

"Ok first I'm in a hospital and now I'm in a forest?! Make up your mind!" She yelled to no one in particular.

As Sakura lifted herself up and healed the bruise that was forming on her butt, she realized something.

She noticed her gloved hands outstretched in front of her. Stopping in mid action, she let her eyes trail down her body, to find two well developed breasts obstructing her view.

"I have boobs?!...I have boobs!" She cried out in joy.

"That means I'm not 13 anymore! I'm a nineteen year old woman!" Sakura was so happy that she finished checking out her matured body.

She looked over her well built thighs and calves, and then traveled to her muscular, yet very curvy abdomen. Sakura felt the sigh of contempt that escaped from her throat.

"Yes! I'm back to my old self!"

'Sakura-Chan I hate to interrupt your reunion with yourself……but we got company!'

Sakura stopped her yelling and her face turned from happiness to complete seriousness.

'What does she mean…..THAT'S RIGHT! I'm still in Stone's forest! Shit!'

Realization hit her and she cursed at herself for getting caught up in talking to herself.

'Even though I was gone for a month they are still after this scroll? They don't give up do they?'

With fiery determination flaming through her emerald eyes, she ran full force through the forest. She spread her chakra around a 5 mile radius and she could feel the stone ninja running at her.

"Ah the thrill of a chase. Now this is what I miss." Sakura whispered to herself, finally happy to be back home and in her own time.

It didn't take long for her to come up with a plan to erase her trail from the Stone ninja's.

'He, he. Perfect. I'll send half of them one way and cast a gen-jutsu on the other half.'

With a few simple hand seals, she summoned a clone and sent her one way, to lead some of them one way, while she took care of the remaining Stone shinobi.

Sakura felt half of the men follow her clone and the other half followed her. It wasn't long before she had the two Stone ninjas under a genjutsu she strategically placed. A few minutes later her clone send two kunai's dripped in sleeping liquid towards the other two Stone ninjas. All she wanted to do was knock them out, to get them out of her way. She didn't want to kill them.

Smiling at her job well done, Sakura felt her Chakra return back to her body and she continued on her way home. As she was traveling back home she noticed that her wounds from her fight back in the past were gone.

'Anri….did you heal me while I was going though the time portal?'

'No Sakura-Chan I didn't. You see, when you traveled back to your real time, it placed you back to the way you were, when you had no life threatening injuries.'

Sakura nodded her head up and down in understanding. She ran for hours through the thick forest. Two hours passed until she reached Suna. Even though she was tired and wanted to rest, her desire to go home was greater. She stopped in Suna to restock food and water, only to leave an hour later. Now she was walking though the hot desert sand for hours.

She couldn't run, for she could suffer from heat exhaustion and, or, sun stroke. Not matter how impatient she was to get home, she had to think rational about things.

'Ugh….if only I could go faster. But what if I run into an enemy or something? That would not be…..'

Sakura stopped dead in her tracks. She looked behind her, in front of her, and left and right. There was no where for her to hide.

'This is why I hate the desert.' Sakura though bitterly as she ran a few feet away and buried herself in sand. Making sure to give herself a peep hole and to conceal her chakra in the process.

Sakura watched, through her man-made peep hole, to see two men in straw hats and red clouded robes.

'Shit! Akatsuki!'

Sakura felt herself involuntarily hold her breath. She watched with steady eyes as the two S-criminal's stopped right where she was standing a few minutes ago.

"Ah! I hate the desert! Why are we here anyway?! It's obvious that the person we're looking for isn't here. Why would they be here?!" Yelled a big man who looked like a fish.

His partner turned his dull red eyes towards the blue man and didn't betray anything.

"We look anyways." Was all he said.

Sakura held in the gasp that she could feel explode from her mouth.

'Impossible! I thought I would get away from him too! Just my luck.'

'Sakura-Chan. Be careful, Kisame and Itachi are searching for you. And this Itachi isn't the one that you became friends with. He has changed.'

Sakura could feel small tears of sadness form in her eyes. 'Don't worry Anri. I know Itachi isn't the person he use to be.'

Snapping out of her thoughts, Sakura watched as the two Akatsuki left just as fast as they came. Taking a moment to check her surroundings, she unburied herself from the sand and continued on her way.

Deciding to take a rest, Sakura set up a small bed for her, made out of sand, and fell fast to sleep. The next morning Sakura got up bright and early. She cleared out her camp and made her way towards Kohana.

It seemed like forever, until she was able to see the forest that marked the end of the desert and the beginning of Fire Country territory.

"Finally! Almost there. Just a few more hours." Sakura said to herself as she picked up her pace and ran towards the forest.

Half way through the forest Sakura noticed the same Chakra signatures she felt when she was traveling in the desert coming in fast.

'What are they doing this close to Kohana?! They better not be after Naruto!'

Sakura was about to find a hiding place in the trees, but she noticed that her feet wouldn't move. As her glaze looked down to her feet, she noticed kelp binding around her feet.

'God Damn it.' She snarled in response towards the kelp that held her feet paralyzed.

Sakura's back was towards Kisame and Itachi, and she heard Kisame chuckling.

"Look what I caught Itachi! Some little girl……are we lost in the woods little one?" He asked with male humor present in his voice.

Sakura could feel her anger rising with each passing word Kisame let out of his shark-like mouth. She knew her size deceived most ninja, and she wanted to prove just how wrong he was.

"Shut it Fish-man." Sakura grunted out.

Sakura could feel Kisame's amusement rise even more. "Oh a feisty one aren't we?"

Kisame and Itachi watched as Sakura's hands tightened into fists. Itachi stepped back and watched the scene unfold. He believed that he only needed to fight when necessary. A little weird for a murderer, but that's what he believed in.

"I said shut-up." Sakura's voice got a little louder as her fists got a little tighter.

"What cha going to do about it……Pinky?" He said tauntingly towards Sakura. Not seeing how she could possibly break out of his kelp.

Kisame's choice of nickname for Sakura made both Itachi and Sakura receive flash backs. Kisame could hear the gasp escape from her mouth and watched as her body started to shake.

Itachi, on the other hand, didn't indicate any emotion what so ever. He just stood there, while he banished the flashbacks of the pink-haired girl from his childhood.

'To think that you came from the future….and now……I've found you……Sakura Haruno.'

Sakura couldn't take it anymore. She effortlessly broke out of Kisame's hold and turned around sharply, glaring at him.

"What did you say?!" She yelled, full murder clearly evident in her eyes and voice.

Kisame smirked a shark tooth grin. "I said….what cha going to do about it….Pinky."

'That's the last straw! He's going down!'

Kisame watched as Sakura ran full force at him intending to kill him.

'Sakura-Chan! Don't! Just run home! Forget about it! It's not worth it! Remember what I told you!'

But Sakura didn't listen to Anri's advice. She ran full force at the fish and at full speed.

Itachi watched as the young lady snapped under Kisame's remark. He watched as she ran up towards Kisame, and how Kisame chuckled in amusement towards the attempts of the pink haired girl. But to Kisame's surprise, she didn't punch him, she punched the forest ground. Causing it to crack underneath her powerful punch.

Kisame's reaction towards Sakura's display of power as priceless. He was lucky enough to jump out of the way from the punch.

"Oh, ho, ho. Looks like Pinky has a few tricks up her sleeve." Kisame smirked as he stood up on a branch.

Itachi could feel old feelings resurface, as he saw Sakura's reaction towards the nickname. But on the outside, his face was as still as stone.

"Kisame." Itachi ordered, before Kisame had a chance to jump down from the tree and attack the woman in front of him.

"What!" Kisame groaned out in annoyance. He was really looking forward to "dancing the tango" with this ball of fire.

'Oh come on Itachi! I just want a little fun with the feisty lady. We don't find many like this on our travels. Not to mention she is on sexy something something.'

"Stop playing around. Go scout ahead. We don't have time for useless ninja." Itachi said in a monotone voice that revealed nothing.

Sakura felt Itachi's words cut through her like a knife. She knew he was a cold blooded murderer and she knew she wasn't suppose to feel this way. But she couldn't help but feel sadness swell inside her thanks to his complement. It reminded her so much of how Sasuke would treat her. But she swallowed that feeling down and stood there head up high.

Kisame, after a long stream of cursing, loosely nodded his head and ran through the trees. Leaving Sakura and Itachi alone.

For a few moments Sakura felt the tension rise in the air. She could hear Anri screaming at her to bolt out of there, but she couldn't. Her body wouldn't let her. No matter how hard she tried.

Itachi shifted his careless glaze towards Sakura for a split second before she saw him disappear from sight.

'What the….?' Sakura thought as she walked over, cautiously, to where he once stood.

"Well that was…...pointless." Sakura said to herself, as one eye brow was raised in the air in complete confusion.

"Really now." Said a dark voice from behind her.

Sakura's eyes grow wide as she felt his hot breath tickling her neck. She could feel his heat radiating off his body and she heard him move closer towards her.

Itachi felt the need to smirk at her stiffened state, but surpassed it. It was bad enough his feelings were resurfacing.

"Did you think you could run away from me?" He whispered in an almost whispered tone.

Sakura could feel his lips brush against her ear and she just stood there dumbfounded trying not to shutter under his touch.

"What are you talking about." Sakura grunted out. Trying to hide her shock.

'He couldn't of possibly remembered me…..could he?'

Itachi forcefully turned her around and slammed her into the bark of the tree. His Sharingan eyes focused on her, and only her.

Sakura watched eyes wide, as his face came closer and closer towards her face. She could feel her breath get caught up in her throat, and she could feel her heart pounding in her chest at an unsteady rate.

His face stopped when he was merely a few inches from her face. His dark, evil eyes, staring into her bright, innocent eyes. It showed how different both their worlds were. His revolved around killing while hers revolved around saving.

Once Sakura vanished from that hospital bed, Itachi remembered himself scaling the whole Fire Country to find her. Only to find nothing. He knew once she left he would return back to an empty shell. And that he did. Soon after Sakura's disappearance, the Uchiha Massacre came. Leaving Sasuke the lone survivor and Itachi left to join the Akatsuki.

As time passed Itachi researched everything he could about time travel. But all he could find were incantations that didn't fit the scenery he had in mind.

Itachi thought he forgot about his little crush and thought he locked away all his feelings, but now, with the girl, now a woman, in front of him. He felt all self control slipping away. To make it any worse, he couldn't stop it.

For that, he was furious. But he didn't dare let it show. It would show just how much his self control was slipping. He just stood there staring into her eyes, while she stared right back. But that didn't last very long, for Itachi couldn't take it anymore.

Sakura didn't know what hit her, one minute she was having a staring contest with Itachi and then the next she was being pulled deeper into a kiss.

'Wait a minute! A kiss?! What is going on here?!'

Itachi could feel her struggling underneath him, so he pushed her closer to him. Now that he found her he wasn't going to let her go. Even after all that time she was gone, and even after he found out who she really was, that tiny flame inside him never diminished. It still burned for her, no matter how much he didn't want it to.

He broke their rough kiss and let his head rest on her large forehead. As he did so, Sakura noticed their position. He had both his strong arms wrapped around her waist and their legs were entangled with each other.

"I know who you are, don't think I didn't remember you. But remember this….Sakura……You are mine." Itachi said with growing possessiveness evident in his voice.

Although Sakura could feel her cheeks burning with a dark, as a tomato, blush she pushed him away. No matter how much her body wanted to stay in their little holding position.

Itachi eyed Sakura up and down, now back to his emotionless face. Anri's words were starting to penetrate the wall Sakura put up in her mind and Sakura knew she outstayed her welcome here.

"Good-Bye Itachi." Was all Sakura said as she dashed full speed into the forest.

Itachi revealed nothing and watched her run through the forest. He watched as her short hair swayed in the same pattern as her hips and butt. He knew he could of caught her easily, but he decided he would visit her….another time.

'Looks like we will be meeting again Sakura.'

Sakura felt the adrenaline pumping through her veins, causing her to run so fast it felt like she was flying through the forest instead of running.

'How could I have been so stupid as to let him gain control like that?! Why?! Why?! Why?!'

Sakura was mentally beating herself up for her slip up. She no longer could interact with Itachi, for they were on two different sides. It was wrong to love the enemy….right?

'Look what I got myself into….'

And with that Sakura continued running, thinking about how she was going to explain her absence to her Sensei, and how everything changed.

If Itachi remembered her, than that meant that everyone she interacted with in the past, remembered her. Another thing she would have to look out for.

'Great just great.'






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