Past, Present, Future

Chapter 14

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It was dark, so dark that it would be deemed impossible to see anything about five feet in front of you.

In this darkness stood five men. All dressed in black. In front of them was a glowing light. This glowing light was a hallow gram of their Leader or "Master".

"Did any of you find him yet." Said the hallow gram in a strained tone.

The five men could see their Leader's eyes dart back and forth between them. Not one of them dare spoke until they knew it as the right time to open their mouths.

"Well." The Leader blankly stated. Truly becoming impatient with the members.

Zetsu was the first one to speak up. "Leader-Sama, it is hard to find the person…."

Zetsu knew he said the wrong thing by the way the leader shot him a glare.

"I don't care how hard it is. You all are S-Ranked Ninja. How hard is it to find one simple person?" The Leader said with a hint of agitation in his voice.

The hallow gram watched as everyone nodded their heads in comprehension.

"Good. Now all of you get back to your mission." And just like that, the hallow gram's light disappeared to God knows where.

Once the five men knew that the hallow gram was gone they turned on the lights.

Once the lights came on, the five members were making their way to sit on the floor.

"God, you'd think that someone shoved a fucking monkey up his ass." Hidan said while glaring at where the Leader just came from.

"Watch your mouth Hidan. You know the boss has ears everywhere." Zetsu said, as his eyes darted around the room, looking for microphones planted in the walls.

"Stop being a paranoid freak Zetsu, hmmm." Deidara said as he patted him on the back.

"Where can we find this man?! It's bad enough we have no idea what we are looking for." Kisame mumbled.

Zetsu, Hidan, and Deidara turned their heads towards Kisame. "Oh come on fish-face. How hard is it to find a fucking person who can calm down fucking demons?"

Zetsu and Deidara shook their heads at Hidan. "Apparently very hard." Zetsu said.

"Yeah, we can't even seem to get a lead to where the guy is, hmmm."

Itachi sat in the back, half watching his teammates. 'The person we're looking for isn't the description that comes to mind….huh Sakura? I would of never guessed that you would be the one we are looking for. But it all makes sense now. The scroll taking you into a unconscious state, then those secret meetings with the Third, and you all of a sudden vanishing from the hospital. It all makes sense now.'

Itachi's thoughts were interrupted when he felt three chakra signatures coming their way. Itachi looked to see everyone else stiffening at the anticipation.

"Hide in the trees and don't give away that we are here." Itachi said as everyone teleported themselves on top of trees and concealed themselves.

Next to the Leader and his little side-kick, Konan, Itachi was the Leader within the group of criminals. Everyone looked to him for orders and answers. Wither they liked it or not Itachi was their superior.

'So you came to us instead of us coming to you.' Itachi thought as he crouched low in the tree, Sharingan activated. He searched the trees to make sure his teammates didn't leave their spots.

Everyone looked towards the moving bush to the north of where they were located.

Tension was sensed in the air as the five members waited, with tightened muscles, for the intruders to reveal themselves.

"Ah you're kidding me!" Naruto yelled as he jumped out of the bush. He swore to God that this was the right way to Lightning.

The five members eyes went wide. Right in front of them was the Jinchuriki himself. He came right to them. Hidan wanted to attack the demon but saw the stare Itachi shot him. He wasn't afraid of much, but an angry Uchiha was something only a fool wouldn't be afraid of.

"Naruto you should have had Sakura read the map before we left that village." Kakashi said as he entered through the bush Naruto just came out of.

Naruto turned around and shook his head. "No Kakashi-Sensei! I know where we are…..we just took a wrong turn." He said as he turned around the forest in a circle trying to look for a way out.

Kakashi shook his head towards his ex-student. No matter how old he was, he still possessed that little kid spirit in him, and he never did stop calling him Sensei even though they were equals now.

"Oh really Naruto…" Kakashi said under his breath.

"Hey where's Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked as he turned his head towards the bush they just ran through.

Kakashi turned in the same direction and noticed that she wasn't behind them.

"Do you think we went to fast?" Kakashi said with a little teasing-ness in his question. Knowing full well where Sakura was.

Meanwhile, Deidara, Zetsu, Hidan, and Kisame were trying their best not to reveal their hiding spots. Even with the Jinchuriki right in front of them, it wasn't worth having their base being discovered.

Itachi, on the other hand, was scanning the area for Sakura. He was curious as to why they were here and how they managed to get past the Genjutsu he put up to conceal this side of the forest.

Before Kakashi or Naruto knew what hit them, Sakura came flying down at them, with a surprise behind her back.

"What did you say Kakashi?" Sakura said with a threatening edge to her voice.

Naruto looked at Sakura with a sign of relief. "Sakura-Chan! Where did you come from?" He asked a little confused as to how she got in front of them.

Sakura smiled sweetly at Naruto. "I wanted to check up on how far this Genjutsu wall went. It seems very short though. I wonder why…"

Itachi felt his feelings grow up his spine at the sight of her. But his eyes narrowed at her hair. It was black with pink highlights. She must be going on a mission or she had one of those spontaneous moments. Either way he didn't like it. He loved her hair, her original, unique hair.

Realization hit him, he was letting his feelings corrupt his mind…again! His eyes narrowed even more at the realization and he locked away those thoughts.

"Hey what's in your hand Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked.

Sakura stopped her rumbling and stared at her blonde friend, as he looked at her hand.

"Oh this?" She held up her fist to his face, making Naruto nod his head and Kakashi come closer to see what it was that was in her hand. "It's just…..a spider." She said as she opened her hand and smirked.

Naruto was a little confused as to why she had a spider in her hand. But Sakura's attention was mainly on Kakashi. He tried so hard to keep his pale face from becoming any whiter, but Sakura was a medic. Nothing escaped her eagle eyes.

She could see the way his pulse was quickening, the way he was sweating, and the way he was feeling very nervous around the harmless animal. But all these hidden attributes wouldn't be noticeable to the untrained eye.

"Ok enough with the spider Sakura-Chan. We need to get to Lightning Country and fast! Who knows how much longer until someone decides to kill another one at Lunar Eclipse." Naruto said in a mature manner, as he picked up the spider and threw it back into the forest.

Sakura pouted, understanding that her fun was over, much to Kakashi's appreciation.

"Naruto is right Sakura. We need to get there as soon as possible."

Sakura could see the excitement radiating off her teammates. She was excited to, but come on, next to their "cover-up" she felt un-important.

"Well I would be as happy as a clam if I was a Dj or a Bartender at the club too."

Kakashi flashed her a smile and Naruto shook his head at her. "Oh come on Sakura-Chan. You get to dance around with everyone! Then you even get to witness all the street fights!"

Itachi felt his Sharingan starting to spin in irritation. He blocked the flow of chakra to his eyes, making the spinning rotation of the notches in his eyes stop, but that didn't stop the sense of jealousy flashing through his veins. Sakura was his, she wasn't allowed to go on some mission and dance with all the horny men.

He imagined her small, but curvy figure, rubbing up against some rugged male. The male would be grabbing her in places only he was allowed to touch. He didn't like how Sakura was going to be tainted by other men and how she would just be a toy to them.

He was going to find her and keep her away from them. By now his emotions were growing wild in him. No matter what, he just couldn't keep them down. Just the thought of Sakura dancing in the club, with the flashing lights, drunken men, and blaring music made his blood boil.

"You calling me a Slut?" Sakura said as her mood darkened and her blood lust revealed itself.

Naruto felt the growing lump in his throat and swallowed it down. Before he knew it Sakura was chasing him through the way out of the forest.

Itachi was so wrapped up in his flare of emotions that he didn't see them leave the sight and make their way to their mission. He growled in the back of his throat. Angry with himself for letting his emotions get in the way. Before he jumped down from the tree, he locked the emotions back up.

"Well that was unexpected, hmm. The container came right to us, hmm."

"But he left just as fast as he came." Zetsu said quietly.

Kisame nodded his head. "If his teammates didn't show up we could of captured him." Deidara nodded his head in agreement.

Hidan was walking around the place where they just were. His eyes were dark and his mind was spinning around like crazy.

"Who was the girl?" He asked.

Everyone turned their heads towards his direction and shook their heads.

"I think it was the Hokage's apprentice. Rumor has it that she can kill someone with one punch." Zetsu said. He was the master of gossip thanks to his special skill that allows him to merge with any object.

Hidan nodded his head. He had heard of her before. They said she was one of the best medics of their time and with a few more years she would be the best.

"She is one hott piece of ass." He said out-loud to no one in particular.

"Don't get any ideas." Itachi said. It took all his power within him to not kill the fellow member right in front of him.

Hidan turned and stared at the Uchiha. 'If you weren't who you are I would question your motives.'

"Now that, that is over. Let's get back to work." Kisame said. Not wanting to hear their Boss yell at them, again.

Deidara and Zetsu poofed away without a world. Deidara went to get Tobi and search more on the mystery "man" while Zetsu went off to scout out for any information he could find about the same person.

Leaving Hidan, Kisame, and Itachi left.

Hidan grunted out loud and shoulder bumped the Uchiha as he walked past him. He was immortal, so he could never die, which made him a little cocky.

"I don't know who you think you are Uchiha, but I'll do what ever the hell I damn well please. And no fucking pretty ass like you can change that."

Kisame stood there with a wide-opened mouth. No one dared insulted Itachi. Kisame looked to see Itachi's reaction, and just as expected, he gave none. Sometimes he wondered if his partner ever had emotions at all.

Itachi didn't do anything to Hidan, he was a waist of time and he had bigger things to attend to.

"Kisame. Let's go." Itachi said as him and Kisame ran away from their base. Leaving Hidan behind.

Kisame followed his partner having no clue where they where going. This mission was like finding a needle in a hay stack. Well at least to him it seemed like it.

"To where?" Kisame asked cautiously.

Itachi didn't skip a beat, he pushed his pace up a little faster so they were at a consistent jog.

"Lightning Country." Was all he said.

Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura were running at lightning speed. They wanted to get to the Club before opening time. Thanks to Naruto's little slip up in reading directions they arrived a little later than expected.

They ran straight through the opening to the city and continued to run towards the club. As they entered the district of the club they could see that it was in the run-down part of town. But that didn't mean the club wasn't run down. It stuck out like a sore thumb next to the decaying houses.

"Wow, didn't expect it be in this part of Lightning." Sakura said to he teammates.

"Yeah, I thought it was in the more trendy part of town." Naruto said. "But it still is the best club!" His energy was coming back to him.

Kakashi shook his head. "Clubs in the bad part of town normally means more interesting customers and more suspects to go through."

"Hai." Naruto and Sakura said as they entered the well furnished club.

The club was enormous. With the huge dance floor made of glass, and the state-of-the-art Dj system and speakers, where could you go wrong?

Not wasting any time, the three of them made their way towards the manager's office.

"Ah! You must be the Kohana Nin's I asked for." the manager said with a smile.

Team Seven nodded their head towards the manager. "Yes we are." They all said with a bow.

The Manager of the Trendy club got up from the chair and bowed right back at them.

"Excellent! My name is Sara and I'm the Manager of this Club."

Naruto looked at the woman with widened eyes. "You mean….the Manager of the Club is a woman?!"

Sakura and Sara glared long and hard at Naruto. "Yeah, you have a problem with that Naruto?" Sakura said raising a questionable tone in the back of her throat.

They all watched as Naruto gulped and swallowed the lump in his throat, for the second time that day. "No! not at all! I was just…..surprised."

Kakashi nodded his head. "Yes. It's very rare to have a woman in charge of Clubs, since it is known that all incidents while owning a club are anything but glamourous."

Sara nodded her head. "Well , I can understand what you mean, but let me tell you…" She let her black eyes dart between each and every one of the ninjas. "I'm no push-over."

Everyone nodded their head to Sara and they saw her facial expression go from cold as stone to bright and happy. Causing Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura to develop the biggest sweat drop in the back of their heads.

"Come on. I'll show you around. It's vital that you all know where everything is, I want this job done right."

The tall woman got up, making her red hair swing in the way of her hips. To say that she was striking was an understatement. Her long, lean legs accented with high heels made them seem endless. Her bust was big enough to make men jump off their seats and demand a peak.

Team Seven followed the red-head out to the dance club. First she lead them to where the Dj's were set up.

"Here is where you'll be Blondie." She stepped aside from the state of the art mixing device to let Naruto take a look. "You see this is all you need to do what you do best. All around the club are high voltage speakers. On the walls and on the floor. So feel free to turn it up as loud as it goes."

Naruto couldn't help but jump for joy. He ran his hands along the equipment. Sakura and Kakashi could see the growing fox smile start to creep up on his face.

Sara chuckled lightly at his expression. "Yes, ain't she a beauty? But that isn't even the best part, on the left of you is a lever….pull it."

Naruto, at first, was hesitant to touch the lever, but after seeing her black eyes egg him on he pulled it down. And just like that the platform went flying up about seven feet. Presenting more dance floor space and gave Naruto a easier way to see the whole club.

"Awesome!" He shouted eagerly. 'I have more of a way to see people who enter and leave the club. Not to mention I can see any brawls that happen.'

Sara smiled towards the astonished man. "Yes, every Dj that comes here delivers that kind of reaction when they see what this baby can do." Sara took the handle and the platform returned to its original spot.

"Now as you can see, all around you are exits. But they lead to other places besides the outside. The two exits with the brighter red than the others, are the ones that lead outside. But the ones with a dull red are rooms for the security, employers, and a special treat for the customers."

"What's the special treat?" Sakura asked as she studied all the exits.

"Oh, it's just a room that opens up for contests when we have them."

"How often do you have these contests and what are they?" Kakashi asked.

"The contests are held spontaneously. And they range from costumes to random competitions that the customers asked for. But they have to go through me first, of course."

They walked to the other side of the club, and saw a huge bar that went from the edge of a corner and went along the wall. It could hold about 200 people sitting on the barstools. The bar had mahogany wooden shelves that held all the liquor anyone could ask for. On the bottom shelves, it possessed all the ice for the drinks and anything else that was needed.

Kakashi's eyes went wide. He's never seen a bar this big. 'It's like a alcoholic's dream! How can she afford all this liquor and equipment. I know the club is popular….but just how popular?'

Sara turned around and smiled towards Kakashi. "As for you tall, dark, and handsome. Here is where you'll be living for a month. This bar has every type of liquor imaginable. If you don't know where something is ask one of the boys. They'll help you. Underneath the railing of the bar, there are three buttons. A green, blue, and red one. The red one is to call security if one customer gives you trouble, the blue and green ones are there to turn on the lights to attract customers."

Kakashi watched her as she pressed the blue and green buttons and sure enough the a disco ball, strobe-lights, and blinking light bulbs popped out from the bar.

"Very nice." Was all Kakashi could say. 'I also am right near the two doors that people enter from. Perfect.'

Sara then turned her attention to Sakura. "And as for you sweetie, the dance floor is your home."

Sakura's emerald eyes darted around the whole club house. The floor, that she noticed earlier, was made of glass. But it looked like the glass wasn't something that could break easily.

'Well obviously not. You know how many people probably jump up and down on this floor?'

"The floor changes colors along with the music from the Dj. There are couches on the side, where the bar is, as a way to catch your breath after to much dancing. Sometimes the technicians bring out more lights, that is, if I'm in a good mood."

Sakura nodded her head. She knew she needed to be able to inspect each and every room. That way she can plan where to send her "subjects" to "interrogation".

"Are the contest rooms opened even when there are no contests?" she said. Plans forming in her mind already.

"No. they are locked unless a contest is going on….Oh! I almost forgot!" Sakura could see the way the thirty-year old woman jumped up in realization. "There are bathrooms down that hallway. But I've never seen people go there to actually use them. It's more of a make-out room than anything."

Team Seven nodded their heads. "Miss. Sara, do you mind if we talk for a few until the club opens?"

Sara nodded her head towards Kakashi. "Sure. But just to let you know, Blondie and you are going to be staying in the rooms that I set up for my employees. Since I don't want to loose anymore employees you two will share a room. Just like everyone else. You can make out a time for your little lady friend to meet with you, and tell me when. That way I can distract your co-workers. None of them are allowed to know that Ninja are here and you two can't make it seem like you know Green eyes over here." Sara said pointing her freshly manicured nails towards Sakura's direction.

The three watched as Sara walked down the hall and shut her office door behind her. They then made their way to a couch and started to talk strategy.

"Ok, since you're going to be up in the air Naruto, you'll be able to see who enters and leaves the Club." Kakashi said.

"Hai, and I can also see if there are any struggles on the dance floor."

"What about you Kakashi?" Sakura said.

"I'll be working the drinks. Which means I can drug any guy that I need you to question. And if I need to, not give you as much alcohol as necessary, to keep you sober."

Sakura nearly groaned. "So I'm going to be the main person to question the people?"

"Sakura-Chan don't worry, you've done a few missions like this before." Naruto said with a twitch.

They all remembered when Sakura had her first mission using her body as a weapon to extract information. To everyone's surprise she was good at it, they thought that the quiet, introverted Sakura would interfere with this line of work. But it seems that with all the reading Sakura did, she figured out a few things or two.

"Yeah I know….How are you two going to relay a signal to me?"

"Naruto and I will pick one of the lights from the bar that we will only press if we see someone suspicious."

"But if you keep pressing the lights how do you think the bartenders will re-act to that one?" Sakura asked.

"Sakura-Chan, you're in a Club, Kakashi-Sensei could say that he was going in the beat of the music."

Sakura was surprised at Naruto's theory, but she smiled sweetly at him. He has grown so much since she last went on a mission with him.

"But how are we going to meet up? She said we can't associate ourselves with Sakura-Chan…."

"Naruto, you two are going to be in one room together right? I doubt she'll have you two be in two separate rooms. And about two hours after the club is closed I'll come over and we'll exchange information I got. That way we can split up the research."

Kakashi and Naruto nodded their heads towards Sakura. "Good idea." Kakashi said.

Before they could elaborate any more about their plans Sara came out from her office and announced that the club would be opening in about an hour.

"You two better get in costume. I'm opening the club in an hour. Hurry up." she said in a Boss-like tone.

Naruto and Kakashi turned to Sakura and they exchanged glances. Sakura waited until she couldn't see her teammates or Sara anymore.

"Miss I'm sorry but you'll have to leave." Said one of the security guards.

"Oh. Yes. Sorry." Sakura said as she was escorted out of the club.

After the security guard literally threw her out of the club, she went into the closest city to the Club.

'I need to find a outfit for clubbing and a place to stay. I don't know how bad it'll be during the night. Let's hope we can figure out this little mystery.'






Author's Notes: Hope you all liked it! I tried to add some twists and turns in there. I hope I didn't make Itachi, Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto OOC.


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