Past, Present, Future

Chapter 15

Author's Notes: Hey there everyone! You miss me? Sorry for the delay for posting, finals just ended and during finals all you do is study, study, and you guessed it study. So to make up for my absence, I'm giving you all as long as a chapter as I can! :) Hope you all will enjoy it!


After getting kicked out of the club, Sakura went into town looking for a few outfits for her nightly excursions. She needed something eye-catching but not completely trashy.

'Oh come on. How hard is it to find clubbing outfits?! I've been to four stores already and still haven't found anything! And I still need to find a hotel before I go to the club.'

To say that Sakura was low on patience was an understatement. She was so close to grabbing anything she could find and turning it into whatever. That is….until this one store caught her eye.

The shop was a small boutique with a dark red sign that read "Lamé". The letters were in black outlined in white. Sakura ran across the street and peeked in the window. The whole entire store was filled with clothes.

'This is the last store I'm going in until I look for an apartment. Then I'll continue my hunt after that.'

Taking a deep breath in, as a way to clear her stress and hectic mind, she grasped the silver door handle and pushed it forward. As she stepped inside the store she was greeted by a worker.

"Hello and welcome to Lamé. If you have any questions please don't be hesitant and ask one of us." Said the cheery brunette, with a bright smile.

Sakura nodded her head and looked all around the store. It was exactly what she was looking for.

'Finally! A store with what I need!'

Sakura ran through the store, grabbing anything that would look cute or an eye catcher. She even had a few workers help her find some outfits.

Taking the arm load of cloths Sakura and two store workers walked to the dressing room.

"Miss, where exactly are you going with all these outfits?" Asked the red-head.

You could hear the zippers coming un-done and cloths coming off from inside the dressing room.

"Oh I'm just looking for a few. You see my friends like to steal my outfits whenever we go out and now I have none left."

Sakura came out of the dressing room in an all-white mini-dress. The mini-dress went up to her mid-thigh and clung right against her leg. The top half of it had a deep low cut and the straps were accented with silver rings.

The red-head and the brunette, that greeted Sakura at the door, both studied the dress on her.

"Put on the white wrap around high heels." Said the brunette.

Sakura nodded her head and put them on her petite feet. She then walked over to the three-way mirror and twirled around, trying to get a good look of the dress.

"Eh….I don't know. White seems too…..boring for you." Said the read-head.

The brunette disagreed. "Actually it depends which club you are going to. Which on are you going to?"

Sakura turned her attention to them and smiled. "The Lunar Eclipse."

Sakura watched their faces drop to the floor. "No way! How'd you get in?!" The Brunette said.

Sakura looked at them with a puzzled expression. 'What are they talking about?'

"What? You have to pass a test or something to get in?" Sakura asked.

"The Lunar Eclipse is a hard club to get into. Sure just about anyone can stand in line for the club but that takes forever. You would either have to get in line two hours before the club even opens or you make friends with the Bouncer."

Sakura nodded her head towards the red-head. She would have to keep that foot-note and tell the guys later.

"Anyways! It doesn't matter how she got in. All that matters is that we make her the sexiest one there! Then you can tell everyone where you got it."

Sakura smiled at the girls. "Ok, I'll hold you to it girls." Sakura said.

"Since you're going to the Lunar Eclipse, that outfit definitely won't do. Sure it reveals, but we need color as well."

And with that Sakura was banished back into the dressing room to try on millions of clothing. It took her at least an hour until she came out in a sexy outfit.

Sakura's two helpers stopped in their tracks. Their mouths dropped to the floor and they couldn't help but have smirks on their faces.

"Perfect!" They both said.

Sakura looked in the three way mirror and couldn't help but agree with them. On her was teal colored lace up halter top with a mini skirt. But this mini skirt would come around Sakura's hips and the strings from both ends would weave down about a half an inch and then tie together. To complete the ultra sexy look, Sakura accented her outfit off with four inch silver high heels. Her tiny feet made the shoes even cuter.

She twirled around just a couple more times before she was satisfied with the outfit. Retreating back into the dressing room Sakura folded the outfit and picked another outfit from the bunch.

'Even though this place has awesome clothes I can't buy more than two outfits. Otherwise they will get suspicious. That means I'll have to find a few more stores…but after I buy these I need to find a hotel room.'

When the clothes rang up on the cash register, Sakura could feel the money slipping away from her. These cloths looked expensive and sure enough she was right.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she bought the clothes anyways and exited the store with two bright red bags and a lighter wallet.

Looking at the sun she could tell it was getting close to sunset. Cursing under her breath, Sakura jumped up to the roof tops and ran like the wind. It was time to find an apartment, one that was cheap, but close enough to the club. Well….as close as she could get to the club.

It may not have been her first, or even her safest choice for a hotel area, but she needed to be right where the action was. And word on the street said that this decaying hotel was right in the middle of it.

Sakura opened up the door, which looked like it was about to fall off it hinges, and closed it. The walls had peeling wallpaper, revealing gross color schemes behind the wallpaper. The bathroom had tiles coming off the walls and rust on all the water fixtures.

The only clean thing, at least she hoped was clean, was the bed. But Sakura didn't want to chance it. So she stripped the bed and saw tons of stains on the sheets.

'Ew! This is nasty! I'm taking these sheets to the laundry mat later. There is no way I am sleeping on this thing called a bed.'

Sakura threw the blankets and sheets on the floor and examined the pillows. Which looked clean, but she wasn't about to take any chances.

Looking at the digital clock on the night stand, it read 9:00. Sakura looked out to the window and opened it up. Resulting in the screen falling out.

"Oopies….." Sakura said as she watched it fall to the ground. But it seemed like no one really noticed that she broke it. Shaking her head she noticed the long line outside the club.

'Good God. The girls were right, the line is HUGE!'

Sakura didn't waist any time and grabbed one of the red bags off the ground, ran in to the bathroom, and got dressed into the outfit she tried on earlier in the dressing room.

Stepping out of the bathroom, Sakura threw her clothes on the floor, not allowing herself to let anything touch the bed, and gingerly slipped on her silver four inch high heels.

'It's show time. Wait till Kakashi and Naruto see this! Ha!'

Sakura couldn't help but laugh at the image of their faces seeing her in such revealing clothes. She grabbed the V.I.P. pass the manager gave her and placed it in her silver purse.

'I guess the streets are not as bad as the hotel room. But it's a close tie there.'

Sakura thought to herself as she exited the hotel building and made her way to the Club. On her way to the Club she heard bottles being smashed and a few men coming out of the dark ally.

"Well look what we got here Lefty." Said one of the men. He had a red bandana wrapped around his head and a few tattoos on his right shoulder. When he smiled you could see a few teeth missing.

The so-called man named Lefty chuckled at Sakura and eyed her like a piece of meat. He had all his teeth, but were stained a dark yellow.

'No doubt from smoking or drinking.' Sakura diagnosed.

"You're right Smitty; we got ourselves a hott one over here."

Sakura held back her growl of annoyance. "What do you want?" She said coldly.

'I'm not in the mood to handle thugs."

"Oh nothing cutie….just want to know where someone as hott as you is heading off in an outfit like that." Smitty said as he advanced towards Sakura.

Sakura could feel her anger rising and a fist forming but she held it down.

"I'm going to The Lunar Eclipse." Sakura said flatly. She figured out, while on her way to finding a hotel room, that some people hated the Club while others would envy the people who could get in.

"That filthy Club? Looks like we lost another one Lefty."

"I guess so. Come on Lefty lets go."

Sakura studied the way the two left her and remembered the names of them. They could come in handy later.

When Sakura turned around she saw the line of people. She felt a little cruel cutting all these people who probably have been waiting for hours to get in, but she had a job to do.

Walking around the line of people, Sakura could sense many glares coming from the impatient people. Sakura felt her pace quickening just a bit from feeling very uncomfortable, thanks to the glares.

At the front of the line was a very big, broad man who presented himself as a scary and very strong man. His hair was spiky black and his black eyes seemed almost cold.

"Sorry Miss. I can't let you through." He said in a low, dangerous tone.

Sakura smiled at him and flicked her hair to the side. 'Let's see if you really have to know the Bouncer. I bet you all you have to do is flirt with him and you're good.'

"Oh why can't I get in?" Sakura said in an innocent voice while she flickered her long lashes at him.

He looked at his clip board and asked for her name. "My name is Sayu." Sakura said. She watched as his eyes darted up and down the paper looking for her name.

"Sorry. Get to the back of the line." Sakura was shocked. So the Bouncer didn't let just anyone in.

'That will make this mission just that much easier.'

"But what if I have a pass?" Sakura asked before he made her, forcefully, get to the back of the line.

The Bouncer looked at her with narrowed eyes. No one was handed a pass and not on the list unless his Boss knew them.

Sakura saw his eyes narrow and she showed him the pass. It took him a few minutes to make sure it wasn't a fake, and then he let her behind the velvet red rope.

She stepped through the Bouncer and made her way in the Club. When she entered the place it looked even better than it was when it was empty.

The music Naruto was playing was blasting, lights were scanning the room like wild fire, Kakashi and his crew were running around the bar making drinks everywhere.

'Well at least I don't have to be so hectic like Kakashi, or have to figure out which songs are the right ones to play. All I have to do is dance….and extract information…'

Sakura thought of the last part with bitterness. She really enjoyed the dancing part, but the fact that she basically had tell a man she'll fuck them in order to get information, was what she disliked. But no-one ever said a Ninja's job was all play.

Making her way towards the bar, Sakura saw a few men eyeing her.

'I guess those girls were right. I'm not even dancing and I already caught some attention.'

But how could you not? With the short skirt swaying in the way of her hips and her shoulder-length hair swaying against her revealed back it was hard not to notice. And besides, those four-inch heels added that cherry on top of the Sunday. The heels made her legs seem even more toned than they already were and her legs seemed long.

The silver heels clicked against the floor and her movements were graceful, almost cat-like, as she walked up to the bar and took a seat on a barstool. Crossing her legs enough to make the skirt crawl up, showing some more of her smooth legs.

"Hey what can I get you?" Kakashi said to Sakura. Not really noticing who it was in front of him. His job was so hectic that he was running circles around a small area.

Sakura looked up at the menu over-head and smiled at her ex-Sensei. Wait till he saw her in this outfit.

"I'll have a Blue Sky Martini please." Sakura said.

Kakashi's eyes went wide when he heard her voice; he blinked several times and couldn't swallow how his ex-student looked. She was a knockout.

"Coming right up." He said with a nod, and a hidden smile.

After Kakashi delivered her the drink, Sakura sat at the bar until Kakashi came over again. Drink in hand.

"This is from a guy over there." Kakashi told her with a grunt. She followed his glaze to a tall man with black hair and ice blue eyes.

"Oh?" Sakura said, trying to sound enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Kakashi nodded his head and sent her a watch-out-for-this-guy look.

Sakura smiled the mans way and got off her barstool. Her own drink forgotten and the new drink in hand. It was time to get into character mode.

Her hips swayed as she made her casual walk turn into a cat-walk, a sexy, slow and seductive walk. The ice-blue eyed man watched as her skirt rose as she walked and her bust would move up and down. His buddies patted him on the back as a job well done and left him alone with his catch.

"The bartender said this drink was from you." Sakura said as she lifted the glass up to her mouth and took a sip. Bating her eyelashes at him.

The man nodded his head. "Do you like it?" He said in his own seductive tone.

Sakura flashed him a smile and nodded her head. "So what brings you to a Club like this?"

The man returned his glaze from her chest to her face. "Same as everyone else. To dance." He said as he lowered his head to her ear and placed his hands around her waist.

"Care to join me?"

Sakura forced a light giggle to come out of her throat and placed her drink on the bar.

"Hope you can keep up." Was all she said as she grabbed his hand and they both went running out onto the dance floor.

Kakashi slyly took out a notebook, which was used for writing down orders, and wrote down the description of the man that went with Sakura.

Out on the dance floor, Naruto was having a blast. His music was getting positive feedback and he would pull the lever when ever he felt like it. But he made sure not to pull it constantly. As his mixed music played he looked out around the dance floor.

'So far there is no one that looks suspicious. Maybe Kakashi-Sensei and Sakura-Chan are having better luck than…..'

Naruto saw his teammate grinding up against some tall, but built man, on the dance floor. Naruto narrowed his eyes towards the man and made a mental note to question Sakura-Chan about him later, once they had their conference.

It took a few minutes for Sakura to totally forget about who she was dancing with and where his hands were traveling to. She made sure her mind was concentrating on other things. While her dancing partner was having a field day with running his hands on her from the waist down, she was trying to find anyone that looked suspicious.

'Nothing. Nothing at all. Something tells me that you'll have to look deeper than what appears…..great.'

She knew what she needed to do. She had to question her dancing partner and get more background on this place. Taking a deep breath, Sakura ran her petite hands down to the mans legs that surrounded her. At first she rested her hands there, waiting to feel his reaction.

His body stiffened at her sudden movement but soon relaxed. She waited for the techno music to get to the apex of the song and worker her magic.

Her hands lightly traced the tops of his legs and she could feel what she was doing to him. Sometimes being a medic was a way to obtain too much information on how people react to you movements.

In her mind she could feel herself smirking at the typical man's reaction. Now was time to kick it up a notch. She leaned her back into his chest, making a little arch, just to play with him a little. She moved her face up towards his cheek and could feel the way his heartbeat quickened.

"Mind if I ask your name?" Sakura asked in a sexy low tone.

"Yukio Satou." He said in a husky tone. "And you?"

"I'm Sayu." Sakura said. Already making a name for herself in this twisted town.

Sakura let the conversation die down right after that, he wasn't all the way rattled….just yet. Naruto's song died down and before the Yukio could move on, Sakura sent Naruto a stare and he immediately played another up beat song, but this song was faster.

Sakura swayed her hips left and right and then all of a sudden she made her whole lower body shake with the music, causing Yukio's attention to return back to her.

"Well, well, well. Didn't think you could move like that." Was all he said as he felt his urges growing.

Sakura felt them too, it was kinda hard not to. "So how did you get into the Club?"

Yukio gulped and his hands scaled Sakura's body even more. "My buddy Tabito Tanaka got us in. He's friends with Eddie."

Sakura figured that Eddie was important, so she played along with it.

"Oh. Do you come here often?"

The music got slower and the lights started to darken. Sakura took this as a time to tease the man into talking more. Her grinding got slower and started to drop lower, she heard him grunting.

"Damn, y-you're good…." Sakura could feel her affects on him. She swayed like she was going to stop, until he grabbed her hips and pulled her into him, trying to pleasure his urges.

The beat of the music went back up and she returned to her up-beat dancing.

"So do you come here often?" She tried again, now that he was getting a little of what he wanted.

"It depends what mood Tabito is in. He brings who ever he wants."

Sakura wasn't enjoying how he would give her little information. But then again, she was giving him a thrill and who would talk through a fun time like this?

The pair danced to a few more songs until another girl cut in and took Sakura's dancing partner away. Which she didn't mind at all.

Not wanting to dance alone, she went back to the bar and sat on a couch. She stretched out her legs on the couch and sat on her side, with her legs curled on to the side of her.

'This club isn't all that it appears to be. You need to know someone to get it, but that's a given. What's strange is that you can't seduce the Bouncer, like at normal Clubs. How much does Sara pay her employees, that's the golden question. If you're getting paid a fortune to stick to the list, you would stick to the list…..'

Sakura's thoughts were interrupted by a foreign voice. "Hey mind if I sit here?" Said a man.

Her emerald eyes floated up towards the dirty blonde haired man. She flashed her pearly whites at him and nodded her head. "Sure."

Very slowly, yet gracefully, Sakura moved her legs off the couch and down to the floor.

"Would you like a drink?" The brown eyed man asked.


"What would you like?"

"It doesn't matter."

Sakura watched as he flashed her a shady smile and made his way to the bar.

'He's different than the other men I have seen at this bar. He tries to create conversations. Granted I've only talked to one person but still….'

It didn't take him long to get the drink and he returned right back to Sakura's side.

"Here you go." He said as he gently handed the drink to Sakura, who took it ease.

"So you must be new. I haven't seen you around here at all." He said.

Sakura smiled at him. "You're right I am new. My name is Sayu. And you are?"

The man showed her that shady smile again. "Tabito."

'So this is the guy Yukio was talking about. He's smart enough not to give his lat name out. He also makes it seem like he's been in this type of "business" before.'

"So how long have you been coming to this club? I've heard so many good things about the place. That's part of the reason why I came here."

Sakura watched the way Tabito studied her. He seemed a lot more on-guard than his friend was.

'Which means seducing him will be a hell of a lot harder too.'

He took a sip of his drink and locked his brown eyes with hers. "I've been a customer for a while. Does it matter how I became one?" He asked a little suspicious present in his question.

'Shit! He's on to me!'

Sakura sipped the drink and crossed her legs, doing the same trick she did when she first sat on the barstool. Causing his eyes to wander downward. Only for a moment.

"Who said I wanted to know? I just asked if you've been here long." Sakura said in a feisty tone.

Tabito smirked at her attitude. 'Interesting little thing aren't we? Let's see how far I can go until you crack.'

Sakura watched as his eyes darkened with curiosity. She has seen that look before and it always lead into a sticky situation. He set his drink down on the glass table next to them and came close to Sakura. Making her back up into the arm of the couch.

"Well Sayu, aren't we a little feisty." He said as he lowered his head towards her ear.

His breath was brushing against her ear, and she felt a shiver go up her spine. Not a good sign. She felt him smirk.

Before he could say anything, Sakura decided it was time to go bold.

'If this guy comes to this Club regularly, that means I'm going to have to strike him with curiosity. And fast.'

Placing her glass down on the floor, Sakura placed her leg in-between his legs and with one simple sweep they switched places.

"Is being feisty a bad thing?" Sakura asked as she made a little purr at the end of the sentence. It was her turn to advance on him.

"No. Not at all." Tabito said as he watched her movements.

"I suggest you watch who it is you advance on Tabito. You have heard of the saying: The curiosity killed the cat right?" Sakura said in a whisper in his ear.

She could feel some type of reaction out of him, but not much. All she could feel was a slight shiver, but you could classify that more as a twitch than anything.

His face came up close to Sakura's and she could see a few specs of gold in his eyes.

"Well Sayu, I'll assure you, that curiosity won't kill me." He said. The curiosity and interest present in his eyes.

'Good. I have some interest from him, I just need to push it a little more.'

Without warning, Sakura pushed herself on him and planted a kiss on his lips. She didn't want him to enjoy the kiss any longer, otherwise she would loose his attention, so she broke it just as fast as it came.

She pulled away and saw that she sparked even more interest in him that she thought.

"See you around Tabito." Sakura said as she got up off the couch and made her way down to the bathroom hall.

Tabito watched as she swayed her hips and couldn't help but feel a growl come from the back of his throat.

'Looks like I found a real interesting one over here.'

Once in the bathroom Sakura felt her anger, that she locked away, starting to rise.

'Ugh! I hate horny men! They think they can do anything with women!'

Sakura turned around sharply and punched a hole in the wall. When Sara said that no one went in the bathroom she wasn't kidding. And since no one goes in here, Sakura figured she could vent out all her hidden anger throughout this mission in this bathroom.

"How I'm going to be able to survive a month of this is beyond me. Maybe I can make those horny bastards believe women aren't just a toy to play with. And the only way to do that is to play with them back."

Taking a deep breath in and counting to ten, Sakura calmed herself down and got herself back out there.

Throughout the rest of the night Sakura danced with more men, but she could feel Tabito's eyes on her. It seemed like it would never go away. When it was time for the Club to close Sakura grabbed her purse from behind the bar and gave Kakashi a glance. As a way to remind him of their meeting that would happen in two hours.

Once out on the streets, her lungs were filled with fresh air. Well if you even want to call it that. Walking along the streets, Sakura saw a fire coming from a street trash can deeper in a dark alleyway.

'I wonder….'

Sakura turned down the dark ally and once she got to the flaming trashcan about ten heads turned her way.

"Look Smitty! She's back!"

Sakura saw the two same guys from earlier that night, but it seemed they got more friends.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. How was the Club?" Smitty said in a sarcastic tone.

Sakura's eyes narrowed and watched him walk circles around her.

"Why do you hate the club so much?" Sakura asked.

One guy who was a little heavy-set came up to her face and stood there.

"Ever since that shit came into our streets we get all these preppy bitches. Like you!"

Sakura glared at the man and sustained herself from punching him through the wall.

"So you're a gang. And you don't like new people coming in here?"

Smitty nodded his head. "You got that right Missy. Ever since that bitch built that place, all we have gotten is rich snobs that think they can come and think they're better than us."

"And then you wonder why so many fights break out after the Club." Said another guy, who was wearing a red bandana as well.

Before Sakura could dig anymore in the conversation four drunk men, from the club, came over towards the gang members.

"Look what we got here. Gang members and their hoe." Said one drunk man.

Sakura couldn't believe what that guy said about her! She was pissed already, she didn't need someone calling her a whore. She could feel her anger rising and she did nothing to stop it. She needed to punch somebody anyway.

"Hey is she any good?" Asked the other one. The three guys laughed at his joke.

Sakura could see the ten members getting out their knives and anything else they could find.

"You wanna repeat that?" Smitty said with a glint in his eyes.

"I said how's your ho…."

The guy was cut off. Sakura snapped. She couldn't take it anymore. She tightened her right fist and before the drunk man could register what happened he went flying out of the ally. Hitting the street light and causing a dent in it.

Smitty and his crew looked at Sakura with widened eyes. The drunken man's friends looked at Sakura with vengeful eyes.

"You little slut."

The remaining three men surrounded Sakura. Sakura slipped into a defensive position. Waiting for them to attack. One of them came right towards her, and the other two followed suit. Sakura took her right fist and punched one right in the face. Sending him right where his friend was. The other two men drew back and both charged at Sakura. Sakura sighed. She stood up straight, grabbed both of their fists and flung them into the opposite walls, leaving even more big dents.

"Don't call me a slut." Sakura said as her chest heaved up and down from her adrenaline rush. Once she calmed down Sakura turned back towards the gang.

"I can see why you would get in a fight with them."

Smitty stared wide-eyed at her. "You're not like the other snobs and bitches…."

"No. I'm not. And never will be." Sakura said.

Smitty put his knife away and dropped the crow bar on the ground. Having the other members follow his act. He came up towards Sakura and outstretched his hand.

"If you ever get into any trouble Missy just call us." Said one of the members.

Sakura took Smitty's hand and shook it with a firm grip. "Sure thing. And the name is Sayu."

Smitty gave Sakura a smile and nodded his head. "Well Sayu, call on us any time."

After her scrimmage with a gang and punching four drunk men, it was time to meet Naruto and Kakashi in their room.

It took her a few minutes to find their window and once she found it, she picked up a rock and threw it at their window. Kakashi stuck his head out the window and motioned for her to come up.

When she entered their room, Naruto was sitting on the floor, a scroll out and everything. Kakashi sat on the floor as well and Sakura followed.

"Nice outfit Sakura-Chan. Where did you find that?" Naruto said as he eyed her up and down.

"Naruto!" Sakura shouted and punched him on his head. Causing a bump on his head to form. "And not like you need to know, but I got it from a store called Lamé."

"I think you gave a few men a nosebleed with that outfit Sakura."

Sakura stuck her tongue out at Kakashi. "Uh huh. But lets get down to business. What did you guys find out over on this end."

"Well the Bouncer Eddie is a nice guy, but he told us he only lets certain people a head of the line. Next to Sara's passes."

Sakura nodded her head. "Yeah, same here. I was in that Lamé store and when I told them where I was going they flipped out."

"It sounds like you need to know the right people to get in without standing in that huge line." Kakashi said.

Sakura and Naruto both nodded their heads.

"Hey Sakura-Chan…who was that guy you were dancing with?"

A light bulb went off in Sakura's head. "His name is Yukio Satou. He is friends with a guy named Tabito Tanaka. From what I could get out of Yukio, Tabito comes to the Club regularly and brings anyone he wants into the club."

"That means we need to do some research on this guy. He sounds like a suspect. And maybe have a special relationship with the Club." Naruto said.

Kakashi nodded. "When he first entered the Club, everyone stopped and greeted him like he was some type of Celebrity. I don't think the man disserves the respect he is given. He treats every worker like dirt."

"I didn't even get to the best part guys….after I finished dancing with Yukio, I went over to sit on the couch and I met the one and only Tabito."

Kakashi narrowed his eyes at Sakura. "So he was the one that was sitting on the couch with you."

Sakura could tell the threatening side coming out of Kakashi and when she looked at Naruto she could see the same thing as well.

"He didn't do anything. I just sparked his interest so we can get more information out of him later."

"Watch yourself with him Sakura-Chan. Who knows what a guy like that will do to you."

Kakashi was scribbling everything they said on the scroll. He had a feeling that he was going to need more than one of these with all the information they were getting.

"Also, before I came here I came across a gang. The leader's name was Smitty. They have a grudge on this place. It brings to many rich people in their "territory". But it's not like the clubbers don't antagonize the gang."

Kakashi looked up from his scroll. "The gang is called Cortez. Even though they are small they are well known. Watch out with them. They get new members everyday I hear, and a rising threat to the club, so Sara says."

"Don't worry, we have an agreement or a treaty with them. Well I do. I am not the normal "rich snob" as they so described me."

"Nice Sakura-Chan! They are going to come in handy soon. And that Bouncer Eddie, I wonder how much he is getting paid."

"So you're wondering it too huh?" Kakashi said. Sakura nodded her head to agree with Kakashi.

"I tried to see if he would crack if I flirted with him to get in, before I showed him the pass, which apparently only the boss gives out. So you need to ask Sara how many people she gives those to. Their names aren't placed on the list. Anyways…he didn't crack, he stuck to the rules. That's strange." Sakura said with a finger under her chin, in a thinking position.

"Yeah! I noticed that too. When I was setting up I saw him got out back with Sara for some business talk. I was gonna ease-drop but workers were around. And like Sara said, no one can know we are ninja here."

"While you were talking to Yukio, Sakura, the men around the bar were saying how Sara favorites certain employees. We need that list that she has."

"What list?" Naruto and Sakura asked Kakashi.

"It's a list that says who can receive a pass. We need to figure out who is on it and how they got on it. And I'm afraid Sakura….that's where Tabito comes in."

Sakura could tell he didn't like the idea anymore than she did. "Hai."

"That's enough for tonight. We all need sleep. Tomorrow, me and Naruto will dig up more information about this crazy place and try to find more information from the outside Sakura."

"Hai!" Both Naruto and Sakura said. Sakura got up and teleported out of one hotel room to the next.

With each new information they were finding out, another road block enters their path. Sakura had a funny feeling that as time goes on more interesting things were going to turn up.

'Just my luck.'






Author's Note: Hey there everyone! Is that long or what?! Sorry if the context hit border line teen rated. If it seems more than teen I'm truly sorry. I didn't think it's more than teen, but then again……that's just me.

I'm sorry if Sakura seemed….waaayyy out of sakura-like during the club scene. But she's 19! She needs to have that sexy edge when she needs it.

And if anyone else was OOC, I'm sorry for that too.

Also i feel really bad if the language affended anyone. please tell me if the swearing bothers you.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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