Past, Present, Future

Chapter 16

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The Techno music was playing in the background, as high as the speakers would allow, while people were dancing up against each other with the beat. Sakura sat down on the couch watching everyone dance until they couldn't dance anymore. Beside her was the one and only Tabito.

His brown eyes looked her up and down as she stretched out her arms over her head, making her black bubble halter top rise up her stomach a bit, causing his eyes to follow her motions.

"So Sayu, would you like to dance?" Tabito asked, as he set his and hers glass down on the glass table and grabbed her outstretched hand, pulling her up in the process.

Before Sakura could even protest, she went face first into his chest. She looked up at him and smiled a sly smile.

"It seems I have no choice."

Tabito smirked at her expression and lead her out into the dance floor. Sakura watched as a few women glared at the two as they started to dance. She also noticed Sara staring at them in the distance.

'Why is she glaring at Tabito? Do they know each other?'

Naruto switched the Techno music to some Hip-Hop single. Sakura let the beat take over and she swayed her hips in a slow sideways figure eight against Tabito's lower waist.

She heard no response from the dirty blonde male, but she knew he wouldn't show any signs of enjoyment, that is, unless she really hit a spot.

'He does that as a way to make the girls try harder to arouse him. That way he can take her to his bed when the club ends, have some fun sex, and forget all about her once day break roles in.'

"Sayu." He whispered her name in her ear. She couldn't surpass the shiver of disgust that went up her spine. She felt his lips form a small smirk against her ear.

"Yes Tabito?" She asked in a low purr, making him believe that she was aroused just by his simple jester.

"So how did you get into the Club? I doubt a pretty thing like you would wait in the long line outside…."

Sakura leaned back into his chest, raised her arms around his neck and swayed deeper into his lower waist, even though he wouldn't show that he was horny, she could feel his pulse quicken as her movements got bolder. Her shirt rose a little higher than it did when they were sitting at the couch, and his hands immediately attached themselves to her waist. His hands would slowly trail up her stomach in a feather-like stroke. Now Sakura could feel herself getting aroused.

'Just what I need.' She thought in horror.

"The Club manager and I know each other before she left home to start her career." Sakura lied.

"Oh? How interesting." He said.

"What about you Tabito? How did you manage to get into the Club? I always see you here when I come….." Sakura stopped mid-sentence, turned around to face him, and her face was centimeters away from his. She watched as his eyes went dull and were replaced with a little bit of lust.

"….unless you are stalking me…." Sakura said as she made sure to move herself closer towards him. If that was even possible.

She felt his chest move up and down in a light manner. His low chuckle gave her a good indication that he was enjoying how she questioned him.

'I guess no girl really did try to make conversation with him.'

"You would like that wouldn't you?" He asked as his hands attached themselves on her hips and dragged her, roughly, against him. "But no, this Club is my home. I meet new and soon-to-be famous people. It's where I make my name known."

Sakura lowered her long lashes to cover her pea green eyes and she forced herself to tangle her fingers in his hair. She pulled hard on the semi-long locks and brought his eyes down to her level.

"And just how do you make yourself known Tabito?" Sakura asked in a low seductive tone.

"Like this." Was all he said as his lips collided with hers. She felt his tongue poke at her lips for access.

'Let him have a little taste…..then tease him a bit.'

Opening her mouth, his tongue went flying into her mouth. He may have shown that he was uninterested in her actions, but the way his tongue scattered throughout her mouth told her otherwise. Sakura felt him wanting to play with her tongue, trying to instigate it into a little game of cat and mouse, but Sakura simply closed her mouth and bit his tongue. Causing him to give out a grunt and pull his bruised tongue back to the mouth that it belonged too.

Sakura watched as his eyes stared at her in disbelief. She simply winked at him as if it was nothing to worry about.

"You….you bit me." He managed to choke out as he narrowed his eyes at her.

Sakura poked her little pink tongue out of her mouth and slowly liked her lips. She watched his eyes trail after her. "You know Tabito, if you make the girl know that she turns you on, you might get more…..action."

Tabito couldn't believe Sakura, she could see he was a little agitated that she denied his demands to play with her, but then it was replaced with lust and desire.

'Yeah, desire to screw me.'

"I guess you're right Sayu." He said as he moved closer to her. "I'll make sure to please you more." He said as he slid his tongue down her neck, making Goosebumps trail along the trail he left.

Soon, the two were dancing again, Sakura made sure that they continued it. Even though she wasn't suppose to feel the way she did, she was still human. And there is no way in hell you can avoid feeling like that! It's human instinct for God's sakes! But while they danced she was curious as to why all the other girls were glaring at Sakura.

When the song finished Sakura pushed him away and motioned for them to go back and sit down. He nodded, took her hand and led them to a booth. When they arrived at the private booth, Sakura watched as another bouncer opened the door for them and closed it after they walked in.

Green eyes traveled all around the quiet room. There was a set of couches and in the middle was a glass table. To her left was the door they entered from and to her right was a fridge.

"You get this room all to yourself?" She asked as she laid sideways on one of the couches, so she could see Tabito, who was still walking around the room.

"Yeah. It's one of deals you get when you are someone like me."

Sakura watched him closely as he went in the fridge and pulled out two drinks. "Why? Do you and Sara have a partnership going on?"

Tabito handed her a glass and sat right next to her on the other couch. "So you do know Sara."

Sakura shot him a playful glare. "Of course I do! Why would I lie about something like that?"

Tabito raised the glass to his lips and took a sip. "Many of the girls try to act like they know Sara. But none of them even know her name…." Sakura watched as he raised his hand to his hair and brushed through it. "It's pathetic."

Sakura took a sip of her glass, got up from her comfy position, and walked over towards him. Making sure to sit on his lap as she outstretched her legs away from them.

'If I want to get more information I'm going to have to get closer to him….Joy.'

Tabito's eyes eyed her toned legs and couldn't help but run his hands up and down her thigh. She watched as he stayed away from where her white skirt covered.

"Tabito….why were all those girls staring at us while we danced?" Sakura asked as she slid down, making her skirt rise a little bit and her head was able to rest on his shoulder.

"Because they are jealous that you get to dance with yours truly."

"How many girls try to get in this little room of yours? And how many do you let in?" Sakura asked making her last question have jealousy written all over it.

"Many try to get in, but you don't have to worry Sayu…." His head bent down towards her ear. "….I only let the good ones in."

Sakura felt the tension in the air grow thick and she felt him wanting to advance on her and strip her of her clothing, but the bouncer came in right as he slid on top of her.

"Sorry Tanaka-San, but the Club is about to close and we need you and your lady to leave." Said the bouncer as he exited the room.

Sakura heard a growl of annoyance come from the back of his throat but he got up, helped her up, and the two exited the Club. The Club was flowing with people as they all made their way out of the place.

Tabito pulled Sakura aside and pushed her up against the side of the building.

"Tabito…" Sakura started to finish her sentence but his lips prevented that from ever happening.

His kissing was brutal and she felt bruises forming on her lips. He was running his tongue wild inside her mouth. It seems like he wanted to finish what he started in the Club.

As his hands trailed up under her skirt she pushed him away. He stared long and hard at her.

"I don't get you." He said as Sakura narrowed her eyes at him. "First you instigate me on the dance floor and the next minute you're pushing me away…..why?" He was getting suspicious now.

Sakura made her eyes soften at him and she smirked. "Women are a mystery to men Tabito….they way we act is only understood by other women."

He pushed her back into the wall and glared at her. She placed her hands under his shirt and traced his stomach, making light circles all around. She felt his muscles tighten up under her touch. His eyes grew dark at her actions, to his disappointment, she stopped. Sakura grabbed his head and put her mouth next to his ear.

"A woman does not like to get screwed in a dark alleyway." Was all Sakura said as she pushed him away and disappeared into the darkness of the alleyway. Leaving Tabito smirking at what a sassy woman he has found and having no intention of losing her.

But the both of them were unaware of the murderous red eyes that watched the both of them in the alley. The red eyes were spinning like a hurricane. They wanted to kill the other male so badly, but knew that his chance would come.

Sakura sighed as she walked deeper into the darkness, she realized what a pickle she got herself into. Here she was trying to get information out of a man that would only give it to you if fucked him.

'Ugh! At least I managed to get some information out of him. Thank God for that!'

Sakura heard scuffling of feet from behind her. She narrowed her eyes towards the black void of darkness and slid down into defense position.

"Wooahh! Don't attack me Sayu!" Shouted Twister.

Sakura got up from her crouched position and sighed. "Sorry Twister, I'm just a little on edge. What are you doing here?"

Twister came out from the shadows and winked at her. He was one of the newest member of Cortez. When Kakashi said they had new members every day he was right.

"Smitty told me I had to come find you and tell you he needs to speak to you." He said.

"Ok." Sakura said as Twister lead the way towards the gang.

Sakura arrived in a section where all there was, was a trashcan on fire, which was the only source of light that she had seen in the dark alleyway.

"Smitty! I got Sayu!" Twister shouted happily. "Am I in now?!"

'So his initiation was to find me? That seems rather….simple.'

Smitty approached the two from the shadows and the way the glow of the fire reflected off his face, it gave him a menacing look.

"Ha, you think it's that easy to join kid? Don't make me laugh. Get out of here and go find Lefty. He'll tell you what to do." Smitty said coldly. Twister left with a string of curses following him.

Sakura waited until he was out of ear range to begin talking. "Smitty. What did you find?" Sakura asked.

Smitty nodded his head, reached inside his trench coat and pulling out a manila folder.

"Yeah, I did. Everything in this folder contains any activities that Tabito Tanaka has made in his life."

Sakura grabbed the folder from him and smiled. "Thank you…..Should I ask how you go this?"

Sakura watched the menacing smile make its way to his face. "I don't think you want to know."

"I think you might be right." Was all Sakura said as she thanked him once again and made her way to her apartment.

After she made her sleeping nest pile out on the floor, got dressed into hot pink sweatpants and a white tank top, she grabbed the manila folder and made her way towards Kakashi and Naruto.

When she arrived there she noticed how drained Kakashi and Naruto looked.

"Hey are you guys ok?"

Kakashi nodded and Naruto gave her a fox grin. "Yeah, we just haven't gotten any sleep since Sara has been ordering us all to check up on our stations and make sure it is the way she wants it."

Sakura nodded her head. 'I feel so bad for them. I guess Sara isn't all that she makes herself out to be.'

"What's in your hand Sakura?" Kakashi asked.

Sakura opened the folder and threw its contents on the floor, making the information spread out across the floor.

"I had Cortez find me all the information about Tabito Tanaka as the could. I didn't look through it yet, but I think it has enough information about him."

"Ok, I'll look through these. Naruto, you and Sakura make notes on the scrolls about anything else you two have found." Kakashi said as he grabbed the sheets and scurried to a corner to read it.

"Did you find anything about that list Sara has?" Sakura asked Naruto.

"It isn't much, but when she called me into her office to talk to me about the speaker system, there was a folder opened and it looked like a bunch of names. I was able to get my chakra on the paper, so it could mold the letters. All I need is paper and we'll have a list."

Sakura smiled with pride at her teammate. She passed him some paper and with a single hand seal letters were placed on it. The two looked at the paper and gasped.

"The A-List…..those who deserve to fall…." Sakura read out loud.

Naruto snatched the paper out of her hand and scanned it, the list went on and on….the strange part was that it listed everyone that worked there and everyone that received a pass.

"This makes no sense. She can't possibly want everyone to die…"

"I don't think that's it Naruto….this whole Club is so paranoid about people finding them out, they in circles."

"What do you mean Sakura-Chan?"

"When Tabito would dance or even socialize with me, he made it seem like he wasn't enjoying himself. It's almost as if he was making me try my hardest to get him what I think he would want."

"So you think that they are all top secret about what they do and even the manager doesn't even trust who's on her "A-List"."

"Yeah exactly. You see, Tabito said he would do anything to get famous, and with this Club, I think it is just the ticket to that. He would seduce all the famous girls and they would pass his name around to others."

"The problem is, is that what Sara does when she finds this out…." Naruto finished.

"She might already know about it Naruto." Interjected Kakashi as he made his way towards Naruto and Sakura.

"What do you mean Kakashi?" Sakura asked.

He threw the folder on the floor and sat down. "In Tabito's folder, it said that he made large transactions from his bank account, and then with that money he purchased building material. Wood, glass, windows…it goes on and on."

"So Sara and Tabito work together to build the Club…….but then Tabito must be pissed that Sara took all the credit for making the Club." Naruto said as he rubbed his chin.

"And that my friend will give us a motive. Tabito wants revenge for what Sara did to his name. He wants to make her crash and burn…so he decides to kill off two workers. Hoping to drive people away from the Club…..but if that is true why would he still be trying to get his name on the map? And more importantly…..why would Sara not care that he is plotting against her?"

Kakashi and Naruto looked at Sakura and nodded. "You got a good point there Sakura….but the only problem with that is that the two members that died off were not important to Sara at all. In fact they were just hired."

"Ah! This is going no where!" Naruto yelled as he pulled his hair out of his head.

Sakura nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah. Naruto's right. We just keep going in circles."

"We'll discuss more about it tomorrow. We only have two more weeks on this assignment, Naruto and I will try to decode that list and Sakura, try to find more information about Sara and Tabito's relationship."

With that, Sakura ran back to her hotel room. Not thinking twice to lock her useless door or broken window, she crawled up in the her bed and snuggled up in the covers.

The sun came shinning through Sakura's room. It was so warm and bright that Sakura felt herself almost at peace in the dirty city. Taking a sigh, she got up, got dressed in some silver flats, denim skinny jeans, and a pink shirt.

Sakura spent the day trying to dig up some dirt on Sara and Tabito. All she could find was that Sara and Tabito dated at one point, but even then that was questionable, since it was gossip.

'The only way I can get information is to ask Sara myself…….and I think that is what I am going to do.'

Sakura made her way to an office building where she heard Sara was working in.

'Looks like the Club owner has another job.'

When Sara heard her office door open, she couldn't keep her shock in. "What are you doing here?" She said in a sharp tone.

"I need to know how you know Tabito Tanaka." Sakura said flatly.

She watched as Sara's face went pale and noticed how her body ran stiff at the mention of his name.

"Why do you need to know anything about that bastard. He's a lying, cheating, son-of-a-bitch. I hold no respect for scum like him."

"And you know this how…?"

Her fists clenched into tight fists. Sakura could tell something happened between them. "We were friends at one point, and that grew into something more…..but that scum infested ass wipe only cared about fame."

"From what I see… do you."

Sara flashed Sakura a glare and stuck her middle finger out at her. "Don't get so cocky little girl. Tabito is a scammer. He'll con you to do what ever he wants and then when he has had enough of you….he drops you."

"But yet you still let him in the Club…."

Tension rose in the air at Sakura's statement….that is when she realized something. The way Sara would scream at the man as if she hated his guts, the way Sara would look at them when she danced with him…it finally hit her.

"You are still in love with him, aren't you?"

Tears started to fall from her normally controlled face. "Do you know what it was like?! One day he was there acting like the perfect boyfriend I ever had and then all of a sudden some bimbo from Hollywood comes down and he decides to leave! It hurt like hell, I felt that if I sent him personal invitations and treated him special that he would……"

"Come back to you…." Sakura finished. She felt herself tear up inside. Something about this relationship reminded herself of her infatuation with Sasuke. How she would secretly think that if she favored him he would like her.

'That never happened.'

But then she ends up falling for his older brother. This was even more of a shipwreck than her Sasuke fiasco. She fell in love with a man she couldn't have, wouldn't have, and SHOULDN'T have. Their worlds were different and she knew he would never accept her.

Deep down Sakura knew who Sara felt. The two of them were going through the same thing, but just had different road blocks.

"I'm sorry I bothered you Sara. Thank you for your time." Sakura said as she jumped out of the window and continued on with her duties. That is until ten o clock hit, that's when she slipped into her red off the shoulder mini dress with black five inch heels, and made her way towards the Club.

The Club was blaring with music, as usual, and there wasn't that many people in the Club.

'Maybe it's because the night is still young. No one comes right as a Club opens, unless you are standing in that ridiculous line.'

Sakura walked all around the Club, ever since she had been stuck with Tabito like superglue, she didn't have the chance to "talk" to her teammates.

Kakashi saw Sakura walking towards the bathroom. He motioned up to Naruto and the both of them left their posts. Since it was still early in the Club, Sara let her employees have freedom to walk around. That is, until the Club would start to heat up, then they were chained to their work stations.

The two men walked into the girls' bathroom and saw Sakura leaning up against a wall.

"What is it Sakura-Chan?"

Sakura sighed, making her shoulders rise up and down. That's when Kakashi and Naruto noticed her outfit.

"Damn, Sakura-Chan! Trying to really dig for information tonight are we?" He said as he raised his eyebrows up and smirked her way.

Kakashi resisted the fact that he wanted so badly to slap his head. Sometimes Naruto needed to learn what he can say and what he shouldn't say.

"I'm sorry I had to drag you two out of your "jobs" but I need to tell you guys what I found out about Sara and Tabito." She said, clearly trying to ignore Naruto's comment.

"What could that be?" Kakashi asked.

"Apparently Sara and Tabito dated before the Club opened. We were right when we said that Tabito helped with the Club founding, but apparently he left Sara for another woman."

"That gives us, yet, another motive. Sara could be staging this whole thing just so Tabito can go to jail for murder." Kakashi said.

"No. She doesn't have the heart to do that." Sakura said as she lowered her head.

"What do you mean Sakura-Chan? The lady is a bitch of a Boss and doesn't even make relationships with her employees."

"Naruto, she is still in love with Tabito." Sakura said as she glared at him.

Kakashi nodded his head at Sakura's statement. Sakura softened her glaze and continued on. "She thought that if she gave him all the privileges that was offered he would come back to her. But in reality he is just using it as a way to get his name known."

Kakashi felt a slight sting in his lower gut. It was well known that Sakura has had bad luck in the department of love. Even though it was with just Sasuke, the girl never looked at a man in that way ever again.

'Sara's case is somewhat like Sakura's. Sara won't get close to her employees because she is afraid of getting hurt. That would explain the hostile vibe you get from her.'

"So what you are saying Sakura, is that you think Tabito is the one who we are looking for?"

Sakura shrugged. "I don't know. Why would he cut his major link to fame? It makes no sense. We just need a little bit more information….."

"Hai. But we don't have any more time to chat Sakura-Chan, the Club is starting to get busy, we need to go." Naruto said, as she nodded her head.

The three of them walked out of the hallway together and made their ways to their separate ways. Before Sakura could even move anywhere, Tabito grasped onto her and pulled her to where she just came from.

'Didn't take him long to find me, now did it?'

"What were you doing with them?" He asked in a pissed off tone.

Sakura glared at him and tried to get her arm free. "Tabito, let go. You are hurting me."

His eye narrowed down at her. "What are they to you? All they are, are just employees of this Club."

"So what if I make small talk while making my way to the bathroom?!"

Tabito was surprised by her response, but channeled that into pure lust. He wanted to finish what they had started last night and he would be damned if someone interrupted him.

Before he could corner Sakura into a corner and attack her with kisses, she grabbed his hand and brought them to the dance floor.

"Let's dance." Was all Sakura said.

"We like to dance don't we Sayu?" He said, as he made sure to show Sakura just how much he wanted to continue their little activities from last night.

While the two danced with each other a tall man with all black clothing, entered the bar. He made sure not to draw any attention to himself. He grabbed a drink from the bar, from some new bartender, and sat himself down at a table.

His appearance didn't spark any attention from the workers but from the female population. They were always drawn to his mysterious domineer, but he wasn't interested in any of them. He brushed them off, one by one. He was here for one purpose and one purpose only….he just needed to find her first.

His red eyes scanned the crowd of people, looking for his purpose. He was about to go look in another place, until he saw her dancing close with a male with dirty blonde hair.

His jaw clenched and he felt his blood rushing through his veins. He was getting sick of his emotions running crazy every time he saw her. But that was the thing that drew him to her even more.

The male was all over her. His hands would run down her hips, trace designs in her arms, while she was rubbed up against him swaying in all different directions.

Once the song ended, he watched as the male dragged Sakura back towards a hallway, where no one was around. He waited a little bit until he went to follow them. When he got to the hallway, he made his presence unknown to them.

Tabito shoved Sakura up against the wall. He had enough, he wanted her and after their dancing it just made him even more riled up.

Sakura didn't see what was coming. His mouth went flying at hers and he bit her lip open, causing it to bleed while also causing her to open her mouth. Sakura whimpered at his brutal moves. All she could do was stand there and watch as his hands made their way down towards her thighs.

The red eyes that were watching this display, was about ready to jump the male. But he waited, curious to see just how far he would be able to go.

His tongue left Sakura's mouth and made its way towards her neck. He sucked on it long enough to leave a red mark and tempted her by licking it with his tongue.

'What can I do? I knew he was curious but….this is just nuts.'

Sakura broke apart the intense situation and just in time too. His next step was going to end up with Sakura having an extra pair of hands where she didn't want them.

He glared at her. "Now what is your issue?!" He shouted at her.

Sakura glared right back at him and raised her hand to slap him in the face, but he caught her slap and grasped her hand tighter than necessary.

"I'm not a piece of meat that you can just chew Tabito. I have been more than willing to do some activities but now you are just crossing it."

His grip tightened up on her hand and she was sure that if any more pressure was applied, it would break. She knew she wasn't suppose to act like she was a Ninja, but the way he was acting made it harder for her not to throw him into the wall.

"Who said you had any say in this Sayu…?" He said with a annoyed tone.

"Let go. You're hurting my hand." Sakura said with a whimper.

The red eyes snapped. He couldn't sit back and watch the man hurt his gem. It was his, and only his. He jumped form the shadows and tapped the male on the shoulder.

Sakura's eyes went wide. She didn't need to be a genius to figure out who was in front of her. She felt her throat close up and all her feelings resurface.

"What do you want!" Shouted Tabito as he threw Sakura's hand down roughly, causing the red eyed man to glare.

"When she says let go. You let go." He said as he clamped his hands around Tabito's neck and backed him into the wall.

"Sayu, who is this guy?!" Tabito demanded.

Sakura stood in her spot, still not believing the fact what was happening. "How did you….?"

He turned his head towards her and she watched as a tiny smirk appeared on his face. Her attention as brought back to Tabito, as he struggled in the mans hold.

'How did Itachi…..'

"Sakura-Chan, watch yourself. I'm getting a very bad feeling about this."

Itachi squeezed his hand around the mans neck and watched as Tabito, fell into unconsciousness. When Tabito fell to the ground, Itachi turned his attention towards Sakura and stood right in front of her.

She watched as his eyes examined her whole body. The way his eyes narrowed at her neck made her a little red faced.

"Dress to impress Sakura?" He asked as he looked at her outfit, making her blush even more.

"I…." Before Sakura could respond, his lips cam crashing down onto hers. The way his lips were on hers sent chills down her spine. His kiss wasn't as brutal as Tabito's.

Itachi licked her bottom lip and she gladly opened her mouth. He made sure to run his tongue across the open skin that Tabito gladly made. The way his tongue slid over the wound made her flinch yet relax at the same time. She knew her relationship with him would never happen, she knew it couldn't happen, so she might as well take advantage of what was presented in front of her.

His tongue darted through her mouth, it was almost like he was trying to replace the other man's scent with his. His hands wrapped around her waist and pushed her towards him. Sakura felt lost in space, she was overwhelmed with him being here and the way he was touching her.

His hands lightly ran up and down her back, he made sure to close any space between them, finally she was all to himself and no one could interrupt it. With little convincing, he was able to get Sakura's tongue to play with his. The way her tongue blended together with his was sensational.

'Why is he doing this….?'

Sakura broke their heated kiss and stared deep into his Sharingan eyes.

"Why are you….." Her eyebrows rose with confusion. Why was he here? Why did he stop what was going on? How did he know she was here?

Itachi smirked at her confusion. The way her facial expression would change just made it to irresistible.

"He isn't allowed to touch you." Itachi said in a possessive tone. "He's lucky I didn't kill him."

Sakura felt a gasp come out of her lips. 'What…..why is he….?'

"Why are you so protective of me..?" It felt foreign to say to the man but she had to ask.

She watched as his lips went into a straight line. He watched as she placed her hands in his long hair, trying to untie the pony tail. He felt almost….at peace.

"Because Sakura…."






Author's Note: So there is the much needed Itachi X Sakura Fluff. I would have put more but I am running out of time :( sorry guys. Hope you enjoyed this chapter sorry for the wait! I feel so bad!

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