Past, Present, Future

Chapter 17

Author's Notes: Hello all my wonderful reviewers! Thank you so much for your support. I do understand that the last chapter was a bit boring, but you all needed that information for this chapter. Now this chapter….is going to be VERY INTERESTING!!


Itachi looked deep into the green pools of Sakura's eyes. He watched as questions passed through them. The way her expressions changed was dangerous, yet amazing at the same time. Here he was, the most unemotional ninja alive, and here she was, very emotional and vibrant about her feelings. Yet, they are both part of the same world, destruction, death, and madness. These were some of the reasons why he vowed to protect her. She was too unique and too sweet to have to face the vile world alone.

"Why are you so protective of me?" Sakura asked again.

For the second time in that moment, Itachi repeated himself. "Because Sakura, no one is allowed to touch what is mine." He growled at her as he inched his way towards her lips, wanting to continue what they started.

Sakura felt butterflies rush through her stomach. The forbidden feelings were too overwhelming to turn away from. Why did he think that she was his? She didn't remember telling him that she was in love with him, then why was he making it seem like she did?

Before he could come any closer, Sakura moved her hands away from his hair and placed them on his chest, acting like a barrier between them. His movements stopped, he never forced himself on her, and he never would.

Sakura watched as his bright red eyes came crashing down onto her. She thought about how she would word this question that has been nagging her ever since he has referred to her as "his". 'How the hell do you tell a murderer that you are wondering why he is claiming you? I should be shaking in my heels and trying to escape…..but I'm not.'

"Sakura-Chan, please get away from him! I sense something big about to happen! Get out of here!"

Black locks tossed everywhere as she shook her head, trying to clear her head, while red eyes watched her movements.

"Itachi….why…..?" She couldn't find the words she was looking for. She couldn't just come right out and say "Why are you acting like you are claiming me?" Her eyes scrabbled all around, trying to figure out what to do.

Thankfully for Sakura, Itachi knew what she was trying to ask, they didn't call him a genius for nothing. His hands removed themselves from her waist and one hand shifted to her face, cupping her cheek, while the other one made its way to her hair tangling itself in the soft locks.

Green eyes widened as his face came closer. His tone of voice dropped to a whisper. "When they attacked you, I vowed to keep you safe."

Sakura's eyes went wide. 'He….He's talking about when Mist attacked me….but why would he still want to keep me safe? He couldn't possibly…..does he like me?'

Itachi watched as confusion, along with realization, crossed her face. He smirked her way and continued in his whispered tone.

"Yes, Sakura, I do." He said as he answered her unasked question.

Sakura snapped out of her thoughts and her green eyes stared at Itachi. Time felt like it was about to stop, everything that was happening was making her happy yet scared at the same time.

'Did he just….did he just confess that he likes me?!'

Itachi thought she would have jumped on him and hugged him to death. After he learned all about her past, about how his little brother crushed her heart when she was little and how she climbed the ladder of success trying to prove to everyone just how powerful she was, he was expecting a happy smile to flash across her face. It was strange to see her break all contact from him and start shaking her head in paranoia.

"No, no, no! This can't happen! No!" She yelled as she stepped away from him.

Itachi just stood there, waiting for her paranoia to pass. 'She is just shocked about the whole thing. She will realize that she can't do anything about it. It's fate.'

Sakura felt everything around her starting to fall apart. This couldn't be happening! There was no way in hell that the one and only Uchiha Itachi likes her! It was nearly impossible! And even if he did…..they couldn't be together.

Her hands shook and her knees gave out. She watched as her body fell to the ground, even when she hit the ground the shock was still there.

"This can't happen. It's impossible. How did this happen?!" Sakura kept repeating to herself, over and over again.

Itachi sat down next to her and pulled her close to him, making her sit on his lap. She didn't put up a fight and just buried herself deep into his chest. In a way it made her feel safe and maybe the whole mess would just go away.

'What am I doing?! Here I am cuddling with him! What is wrong with me?! This whole thing should just be forgotten. We can't be together; it's like a forbidden love! I'm betraying Kohana!'

Her shaking got worse and Itachi held on to her in a secure hold. He hated to see her destroyed like this, even when they were little he always wanted to see her face graced with a presence of a smile, never with a frown...

He lowered his head down to rest against her forehead. Her shaking ended and her glaze met his.

"Sakura, it has happened. There is nothing you can do to erase it." Itachi said to her in a gentle tone.

Sakura's mouth dropped to the ground. 'Is he serious...Itachi isn't kidding…..I guess……I'll have to accept this. I mean….isn't this what I wanted? I wanted him to return my feelings, and in an interesting way, he has.'

Her eyes sparkled with happiness at her realization. She watched as his face held a slight calmness to it.

'She is able to make me reveal emotions that I thought I locked up years ago. Am I ready to accept a weakness into my life? No. No, she is not a weakness. She is a strength that I will have. No one else will hurt her or even touch her.'

"Itachi." Sakura said his name gaining his attention.

He pulled his head away from her forehead but continued to look at her with great intensity.

His raised eye brow was enough for Sakura to continue her sentence. "What are we going to do? Kohana could think of me as a traitor! Even worse, they could try to kill you…or even me….."

He watched as fear crossed her beautiful face. His grip around her tightened and he held his fingers up to her lips, as an act to make her mumbling stop. He understood that she would be worried about her Village's reaction if they ever found out.

"Don't worry Sakura. It will be a secret until you want it known."

Slowly her paranoia slowly left her. Her shaking stopped and finally the world didn't feel like it was spinning around in circles. She felt herself return back to normal and she smiled gratefully at Itachi.

'I'm glad he is so understanding about this whole situation.'

Itachi looked down at her and smirked at her. 'Later we will be able to make it known. But for now discrete ways will have to be made.'

The two, now united, couple sat down on the ground, in each others arms, until they heard a stir come from beside them. Their heads turned to look at Tabito as he groaned out loud.

Sakura felt Itachi's grip on her tighten around her waist. She placed her hands around his and shook her head.

"Itachi you have to leave. I have a mission I need to complete, if Kakashi or Naruto find out that you are here…..that wouldn't end well."

Itachi glared at Tabito with hatred. Before he released Sakura from his grip, he kissed her on the neck and his hot breath tickled the inside of her ear.

"He better not try anything." Itachi whispered to her as he continued to narrow his eyes towards his direction.

Sakura giggled softly at his tone and nodded her head. Right as Tabito's eyes opened Itachi was gone. Sakura ran up to Tabito's side and watched as his eyes blinked at the ceiling.

"What the…." He said as he sat himself up. In the corner of his eye he saw Sakura watching him.

"Where did that bastard go?!" Tabito yelled as he jumped to his feet and circled around.

Sakura blinked her eyes at him and shrugged her shoulders. "What are you talking about Tabito?"

Tabito turned sharply on his heel and glared at her. "Don't tell me you didn't see the bastard!" He walked up to her and grabbed her wrist. "You better not be sticking up for the man Sayu…" He said in a dangerous tone.

Sakura felt a pair of eyes watching their every move. She felt herself smile on the inside, while she shook her head towards Tabito.

"No Tabito I'm not. Now can we get out of here? You've been asleep for a while now." Sakura said, trying her best to act innocent.

Tabito narrowed his eyes even more and just stared at her, not buying what she was telling him. Before Sakura could do anything he went running out towards the dance floor.

Sakura didn't know what was going on. Doing the first thing that entered her mind, she followed him. Tabito ran right through the crowd towards the side exit door. Not knowing what he was planning Sakura motioned for Kakashi and Naruto to follow her.

Naruto watched the chase and when he saw Sakura's signal, he popped in a mixed CD and jumped off the platform, following Sakura.

Kakashi watched Naruto jump from his station. He followed his movements and watched as Sakura ran after Tabito. He made one of the bartenders take over his shift, pulled his white apron off, and ran after them.

Sakura followed Tabito out of the Club. 'What is he doing?'

Tabito looked back to see Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi chasing him. He stopped short and turned around sharply.

"Who are you?" He asked with a sharp tone, towards Sakura.

Before Sakura answered his question Kakashi and Naruto showed up. The two of them stood on either side of Sakura.

They watched as his back straightened and his eyes narrowed once again. "Who are they?"

Kakashi took out Sakura's holster and handed it to her. Tabito watched her as she wrapped the item around her leg.

"Tabito, are you responsible for the killings of Sara's staff?" Kakashi asked staring down at the man.

Tabito looked right at Sakura and shook his head. They watched as an evil smile spilled across his face. "No. I didn't kill them."

Team Seven watched him burst out into an evil fit of cackles. The doors they just came out of were opened and Sara stepped out. She looked at Team Seven and then her eyes came upon Tabito.

"Tabito…." She whispered.

Tabito stared at her for about a minute and then his attention was back on Team Seven.

"I knew you were a spy Sayu. You were too good for a dump like this." Tabito said.

Sakura's eyes narrowed at him. She heard Sara gasp at him and start to run towards them, her high heels clicking as she ran. Naruto stuck his arm out, cutting off her path to Tabito.

"Tabito! How could you call this Club a dump?! We made it together!" Sara screamed as tears streamed down her face.

"HA! Sara did you honestly think I really cared about this shit hole?!" Tabito cackled again, causing more tears to fall down Sara's face. "I just used you, since the day I met you I knew you would be the perfect sucker to build a Club. I used you to get my name to fame. And it worked."

Naruto held tighter onto Sara as she tried to break his hold, which was impossible. Kakashi took out a kunai and advanced towards him.

"If you didn't kill them, then who did." He demanded.

Tabito showed his evil smirk at them and with the clap of his hands a poof of smoke appeared. Sakura and Kakashi got into defensive position and Naruto took out a Kunai from his holster.

When the smoke cleared a gasp was about to come out of Sakura's throat. Right in front of her was…..Sasuke!

"Teme?!" Naruto shouted in a shocked expression.

Sasuke didn't look at him and just stared at Tabito. "Where is the payment?" He said in a cold tone.

Tabito just smirked, ignoring Sasuke's question and continued to stare at Team Seven.

'Shit! We are in for a rough ride!'

"Sakura-Chan, listen, there is something I must tell you…"

'Not right now, I'm a little busy Anri.'

"What is Teme doing here?!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes at Sasuke and saw just how much his ex-student changed. He was wearing one of Orochimaru's costumes; he gave out a cold and evil vibe.

Tabito took a step forward and smirked. "You see Sara; I hired this Ninja to kill any two workers that were part of your Club. Once they did that, more people came to the Club and when I mean more people I mean more famous people."

"Tabito….how could you?! You killed innocent people just to get famous?!" Sara shouted at him.

The evil scum nodded his head at her and made his eyes travel towards Sakura. "I didn't expect for you to actually hire someone, and a good looking one at that, to solve this little mystery."

Sakura felt her grip on the Kunai tighten as she felt all her anger rise from his statement. Oh how she wanted to shove that Kunai deep down his throat!

"Payment." Sasuke said again, this time with little patience.

Tabito looked at Sasuke with hollow eyes. "Oh yeah. Do what ever you want with them." He said as he waved off.

Sakura side-glanced at Sara. 'She needs to make a decision. Does she want him to get away with what he has done all because she still has feelings for him or does she want him to pay?'

"Tabito!" Sara shouted, causing him to stop and turn his head towards her. "How could you?! I loved you! You made me so happy! And now you just walk away?! Why?!"

He snickered at her and walked up towards her, only stopping a few feet away. "I never loved you Sara. You were a tool I used to get what I wanted…..and guess worked."

Sakura felt her control snap within herself. The jackass needed to be taught a lesson.

"Shut it." Sakura said, gaining attention from everyone.

Sasuke looked her way and smirked. "What does this remind you of Sakura?" He said.

Sakura glared up at him. "Don't even go there Sasuke. That was in the past. Get over yourself."

Sakura watched as his face betrayed nothing, but his eyes seemed annoyed at her little outburst. If he thought she was still going to be in love with him after he left, he was crazy.

Naruto let go of Sara and got ready to fight. Kakashi did the same thing, while Sakura walked over towards Sara.

"Still standing on the sidelines Sakura. How pathetic." Sasuke commented as he unsheathed his sword and got ready to battle.

Sakura brushed him off and looked right at Sara. "Sara…."

Sara looked up to Sakura with heart broken eyes. "How could he be so cruel?" She whispered to Sakura.

Sakura sighed and shook her head. "I don't know Sara, but I need to know something."

Sara looked at Sakura and nodded her head. "What do you want us to do with Tabito? Do you want him dead? Or do you want him alive and handed over to the police?"

Sakura watched Sara as she contemplated on what to do.

"Sakura-Chan they are coming!"

'Who is…..? ?'

Sakura was cut off by, yet another poof of smoke, but this time the smoke screen was bigger. Team Seven held their guard up even more. The more enemies the harder the mission was going to be to complete.

They watched as Sasuke tensed up as well.

'That means it isn't someone he knows…which means….who could it be?'

"Get out of there now!" Anri yelled at her. Sakura didn't know what to do. If she ran then her team and Sasuke would be suspicious. She had to stay; she needed to help her team, no matter who it was that was behind the smoke.

Once the smoke cleared the air turned thick with tension. Right in front of them was the Akatsuki. Six cloaked men stood in front of the little group. Not wasting anytime they all removed their hoods and caused the air to get even tenser.

'Shit! What are we going to do Anri?! If we run now they will know something is up!'

"Ok, ok. Calm down. We can do this. All we have to do is not expose you."

'You make it seem like there is a move I can do that would give myself away.'

Sakura was thrown out of her thoughts when she saw Itachi remove his hood. She didn't think that she would have to fight him. She felt sick to her stomach. They just patched things up and now they had to fight each other? Life was never fair to Sakura.

She felt her eyes trail over towards his direction; she shook her head and forced her attention to the whole team in general. If anyone sensed something between them she was in deep trouble.

"Zetsu why the hell are we here?" Hidan groaned out.

"Hidan shut it. Zetsu has a reason, so let him share it." Kisame grunted out.

"Yeah Zetsu why are we here?" Deidara asked. He shot Toby a look before Toby could comment as well.

While the Akatsuki talked amongst themselves, Kakashi glanced at Naruto and Sakura.

"What are we going to do?" Naruto asked.

"There is too many for us to battle. If we attack Sasuke it would be useless since we all know Sasuke will attack the Akatsuki." Sakura added as she told Sara to run back to the Club. Tabito on the other hand already fled the scene.

'Great, we will have to get him later then.' Sakura thought as she stared at her ex-Sensei for a plan of action.

Kakashi lifted up his headband to reveal his Sharingan. "We will not provide the first strike. If Sasuke is as predicting, he will attack Itachi first and then everything will unfold from there."

The other two nodded their heads and returned back to the battlefield.

"Itachi." Sasuke spat out of his mouth like it was poison. Causing the Akatsuki to stop bickering and turn their attention towards Sasuke.

"Who's the punk ass?" Hidan stated with a lazy expression.

"Itachi's little brother." Kisame said.

"Pathetic." Was all Hidan said.

Sakura was sure Sasuke was going to attack Hidan but he controlled himself. Itachi just stared at his little brother for a split second and then brought his eyes to look at Zetsu.

"Why are you here?!" Naruto yelled at the Akatsuki.

Zetsu stepped forward and they watched as a smirk crossed his face. "You thought you could hide from us didn't you? It was pretty clever actually."

Sakura felt the color of her face drain. 'How could they have figured me out?!'

Kakashi and Naruto shot the member a strange look. "What are you talking about?" Naruto asked.

Hidan sighed. "Stupid Fox. You don't even know about the person that can calm down your fucked up demon huh?"

Kakashi gasped. 'So they have heard of the person as well? But who do they think it is? I mean it can't be Sakura, she has been around Naruto whenever he went out of control and she didn't calm him down at all. It isn't me….could it be Sasuke?'

"Zetsu why don't you tell us who it is already?!" Deidara yelled.

Zetsu folded his hands together and released a sinister smile. "I'm surprised we didn't think of it before. I mean, they were always around the Kyuubi and other Demon containers….."

"Just fucking tell us you prick!" Hidan screamed.

Zetsu looked straight at Team Seven and shook his head. "Well now you can't escape……Kakashi."

Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura's mouths dropped to the floor. They thought Kakashi was the Demon tamer?! Naruto raised his brow towards Kakashi, while Sakura just stood there still as stone.

"Why didn't you say anything Kakashi-Sensei?" Naruto asked Kakashi.

Kakashi looked at Naruto with just as much confusion. "I didn't know about it Naruto."

While everyone was trying to swallow the fact that Kakashi was the "chosen one" Sakura retreated back to her mind.

'They think Kakashi is the one?'

"It makes sense for them to think that. I mean he was put in charge of the team that contains a demon, of course they would think that. I covered your tracks so well that they have their information wrong. This means you are out of the clear."

'But Anri they could hurt Kakashi and if they capture him they could end up killing him! I don't want my ex-Sensei to die just because I won't admit to the world what I am meant to do!'

"Sakura-Chan you don't get it! You aren't ready! Sure calming a Demon sounds easy, and it is. All you do is concentrate on your Chakra to your hand, make contact with the demon, and everything else takes care of itself. But there is one skill you are missing!"

'What could that be?!'

During Sakura's internal battle, Akatsuki inched their way towards Kakashi.

"Time to come with us Hatake." Kisame said as he reached up for his sword.

Toby and Deidara came behind Team Seven and Blocked off their escape routes. Hidan stayed with Kisame and got ready to capture the Copy Cat Ninja. Zetsu stood on the side of Kakashi and Itachi stood on the other side of the circle.

'These idiots have the wrong person……but that gives Sakura a way to get out of this. What ever Sakura did, she made it so the organization has their information wrong. That's interesting, what did she use to cover her tracks?'

Sasuke was itching to attack his brother, and with Kakashi as their object of attention, it would be easier for him to finally kill his brother. Sasuke watched the excursion, if he knew Kakashi was the Demon Tamer he would have captured him and used him as a bargaining chip.

"Come with us quietly Hatake and we won't hurt your teammates." Zetsu said.

Naruto growled at them and shook his head. "There is no way in hell Kakashi-Sensei is coming with you!"

Kakashi just stood there watching everything unfold. 'How could I be the Demon Tamer if I had no idea I was? I think they got their information wrong….so in that case….who could it be? It's not everyday the Akatsuki get their information wrong. Someone must have covered up their tracks really well.'

"Oh don't worry Demon boy, you're coming with us too." Hidan snickered towards Naruto.

"Every Demon has their signature move. Like how Shukaku can control sand and how the Cat Demon can shape shift into any form it desires. As the Demon Tamer, Sakura, you can chose ONE signature move."

'Now you tell me this?! Perfect timing Anri, just perfect.'

"I didn't think you needed to know just yet, but due to the circumstances, I think you must know now."

'Which one am I allowed to have?'

Anri smiled at Sakura. "What ever one you desire. You already know that Shukaku holds the power of the ultimate defense, and that the Kyuubi can crush mountains and create tsunamis with a single swipe."

'And the others?'

"The Cat Demon, which I already told you, can shape shift. The Turtle Demon has the power to slow down time. The fourth demon was able to control the powerful element of water. While the fifth, sixth, and seventh demon's powers are unknown. Even to me."

'What about yours Anri? What is your power?'

"As you know I can call on human spirits to exit their hosts' bodies. But what my main power is, is the ability to call on the dead and summon them to life….for a certain amount of time that is."

Sakura thought for a while and nodded her head. 'Ok…..I made my decision. But Anri….will I know how to do the technique?'

Anri smiled and nodded her head. "Yes. Remember Sakura-Chan, you possess the perfect Chakra control. You can perform any jutsu."

The circle became smaller and smaller. As Kakashi and Naruto stood their ground everyone noticed Sakura didn't move.

Hidan stepped close towards the woman and smirked. "Oh look…..she is so scared she can't move."

Zetsu sighed. "Come on Hidan focus!"

Hidan brushed him off and continued to look at Sakura. "She is even more hot up close."

Itachi felt his anger rise, but he made sure not to show it. He also noticed that his little brother was making a move on him. Before Sasuke could catch Itachi by surprise Itachi caught Sasuke's sword with one hand and threw him across the ally way. Making Sasuke's sword crack in half.

Naruto watched as Hidan circled around Sakura and moved towards her.

"Sakura-Chan! Move! Get out of there!" He shouted afraid of what the man would do to her.

They all watched as Sakura's attention was brought back and she was eye to eye with Hidan. She watched as his smirk grew at her.

"So now we are awake? I thought I was going to have some more fun."

Sakura glared at the man. "Who the hell are you?" Sakura said.

Hidan smirked at her. 'A little feisty are we?' "Doesn't matter Pinky. All you need to know is that your team is coming with us."

Sakura felt anger rise within her. No one called her Pinky! She tightened her fists and brought it up to his face, aiming to punch the shit out of him.

Hidan chuckled darkly at her and shook his head at her actions. "Now, now Pinky. Did you honestly think that you could punch me down with a single punch?"

Naruto and Kakashi watched the Akatsuki member, not knowing what to do.

"What can we do Kakashi-Sensei? We have no way out and they will be on us like dogs if we do any jutsu.

Kakashi nodded his head towards Naruto. "You're right Naruto and we need to get you out of here. They can't extract the Kyuubi from you that would end badly."

Naruto looked at their options and there wasn't many. They could try to run right through Toby and Deidara but that was risky. There was also the fact that they could try to poof out of there, but even then they could follow their chakra trail, leading them back to the same position.

"Ah! I can't think of anything!" Naruto groaned out loud.

Sakura watched as Hidan traced her knuckles while he held her hand in his.

'I need to pick a technique that can get us out of this mess. But which one can get us out of here. I know Shukaku's sand could teleport us out….but then they would know my secret. I guess I'll have to use that Demon's technique.'

Sakura pulled her hand out of Hidan's grip and watched as his face showed shock.

"Well looks like Pinky is stronger than she appears." He said with a bit of an edge to his voice.

The other Akatsuki members watched the interaction. Toby and Deidara just shook their heads at him, while Zetsu glared. Kisame and Itachi made it look like they didn't care.

"Come on Hidan! Stop it already and let's get the Hatake and Kyuubi already!" Deidara shouted.

Sakura took Hidan's moment of distraction and started to form seals.

"Shut it douche bag. Can't you see I'm working here?!"

Hidan saw all his team members looking behind him with baffled expressions.

He turned around to see Sakura forming seals. The seals were ancient and foreign to him, never before did he see seals like these before.

Jumping away, he took the time to speculate what she was about to pull. Everyone watched as her hands moved at a steady pace. It was almost as if she wasn't afraid to show them her jutsu.

'What is Sakura-Chan doing?' Naruto thought as he felt the great amount of Chakra come off her. He never has seen her use this much Chakra before. She was never one for Ninjutsu; she was more of the genjutsu type.

Kakashi scanned her with his Sharingan eyes. 'Incredible. I've never seen this jutsu before. What could it be? Where did she learn it?'

Naruto and Kakashi watched as the Akatsuki got ready to attack what ever it was that she was going to throw at them.

"Kakashi-Sensei what is Sakura-Chan doing?"

Kakashi shrugged his shoulders and tried to read even more into her jutsu.

"I don't know Naruto; did she learn it from Tsunade-Sama?"

Naruto didn't know that answer to that either. "Who knows? What ever they trained was kept secret. So maybe….."

But the two of them really doubted it. Tsunade taught Sakura medical jutsu's and the inhuman strength. This jutsu showed more power and more….demonic twists to it. Where ever Sakura learning this jutsu it wasn't from Kohana.

'Ok Sakura get ready, you might reveal your identity but I have to! I need to save my teammates and my friends!'

Anri watched Sakura form seals. She held twisted emotions about Sakura choosing now as the time to try out the technique.

'She could expose herself, but at the same time she is willing to put herself on the line for her friends. I have no problem with that. If the fight gets to out of hand, I have no choice but to end it.'

Sakura paid no attention to anyone or anything. All she did was concentrate on her chosen technique, for once she activated this technique, and she knew something would happen. But, she was willing to do anything to save her friends, even if that meant risking being discovered.






Author's Note: ok hope you all enjoyed it and I wanted to tell you all that I tried to do some research on the Demons but all I could find were the ones I was able to describe, except the turtle, it's power i made up. So please forgive me on that.


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