Past, Present, Future

Chapter 18

Author's Notes: I am truly sorry for the really delayed posting of this chapter! I didn't mean to make you all have to wait so damn long! :( I was out last week, so I had no access to a computer! :( I hope you all will forgive me for leaving you all on a cliffhanger for too long.

But enough is enough, time for the chapter you all have been waiting for!


While everyone on the outside watched Sakura form those ancient seals, Sakura had a visitor enter her mind.

Before Sakura decided to use her new found jutsu, Anri had to call on the Demon that held Sakura's chosen technique.

"Before you start Sakura-Chan, let me call on the Turtle Demon for you."

Sakura nodded her head at Anri and watched as Sakura's mind became engulfed by demonic chakra. She looked all around the outskirts of her mind, looking for the Turtle Demon. In a blink of an eye, there stood the Turtle Demon.

"Anri! How did you get out? Where am I?"

Sakura watched as a tall three tailed Demon stood before her and Anri. Looking over the Demon, Sakura noticed that his skin color was green, but had light brown scales here and there.

'If he is suppose to be a turtle like Demon….then that means those brown spots could be part of a shell or something.'

The tall Demon turned his head towards the sound of another voice. Sakura watched as his face came into her view. He had bright red eyes, just like all the Demon's Sakura has seen, with long brown hair.

His red eyes darted up and down Sakura's form, wondering who this human was and why they were here.

"Anri, who is this human?" He asked as he shifted his glaze towards the quiet female.

Anri smiled sweetly at the male. "Nobu-San, this is the one you all have been waiting for."

Nobu turned his head, sharply, towards Sakura direction. He narrowed his eyes towards her. Sakura had a gut feeling that he didn't believe Anri.

"This little shrimp? You have got to be kidding me right?"

Sakura felt her anger rise at the Demon. 'I don't care if you are a Demon! I need you to show me your special technique so I can save my friends and one of your former Demons!' Sakura yelled at him as she glared at the male.

Anri stood on the sidelines watching the scene unfold. Sakura did have a way with words. 'I just hope that Nobu-San won't see it fit to kill her.'

Nobu commanded one of his tails to circle around Sakura. Sakura stood still, not showing any type of fear at all towards him. He smirked in her direction.

"So you want to learn my technique eh?"

Sakura nodded her head with assertiveness. He needed to hurry up, he either taught it to her or he didn't.

'Yes I do, now can you show me the hand seals?' Sakura tried to ask in a polite voice, trying to restrain her anger.

He nodded his head in her direction and formed an earth seal. "My technique comes in handy in tight squeezes, but I will warn you, Chosen One…."

'Sakura. I have a name and it's Sakura.' Sakura said to him while cutting him off.

"……Sakura, I will warn you, that this jutsu stresses your body beyond belief. So be wise on when and where you use it."

Sakura nodded her head and formed the seal that the Nobu had already formed. Once she formed that seal, Nobu continued running his hands through the seals. He watched Sakura follow every move he did. The way her eyes caught every move he made was miraculous.

'She may be able to copy it……but let's see if she can actually perform it. This technique eats up a lot of your chakra if you're not a Demon. It will be interesting to see how she does with my jutsu.'

Her hands continued to follow ever step Nobu's hands made, soon chakra engulfed her whole body and she was knocked back towards reality.

She blinked a few times and saw everyone still looking at her, but as she moved, she noticed that the Akatsuki didn't react.

'Anri was right, it is like time has slow down…..I can't stop to experiment! I need to grab Kakashi and Naruto and get the hell out of here!'

Turning her attention to her teammates, Sakura ran towards them, grabbed onto their wrists, and without looking back she ran as fast as she could. Even though she was performing a high level jutsu, Sakura still found chakra in her system, sending it to her feet, making her run even faster.

While Sakura was running around at the speed of light, everyone else on the outside was blown away.

Everyone watched as her seals ended and Chakra started to spread all around her. Once the blue hue around Sakura disappeared, she was gone!

"Where did she go?!" Deidara shouted turning around in circles trying to pinpoint her location.

Hidan narrowed his eyes at the now empty space. 'Where did she go?'

But, before any of the Akatsuki could react, Kakashi and Naruto disappeared right from their sight.

"Great! Now where did they go?!" Kisame shouted, truly annoyed.

Zetsu and Itachi stood there analyzing the situation. One minute Sakura was in front of them and right as a gust of wind comes, the whole entire team is gone?

"Did anyone realize just how demonic that jutsu seemed?" Zetsu commented, catching everyone's attention.

"Now that you mention it….that jutsu did seem a little…off." Deidara added.

Itachi stood there still in place. He watched her perform a high level jutsu, and the scary part was, was that his Sharingan couldn't read it. The intensity of that jutsu's seals was unbearable.

'What kind of jutsu was that? Where did she learn that?'

Nothing made sense, from everything that he has read about Sakura; they always said she wasn't one for high level jutsu's. She was the type that could make a kick ass genjutsu and be able to analyze people's battle style, making it easy for her to find a weakness in it. But nothing said about her possessing such an unimaginable technique.

"Now what do we do?" Kisame said, getting annoyed with everything.

Zetsu sighed. "Looks like I have some more research."

Hidan shook his head. "How much more fucking research do you fucking need? So the hott piece of ass did a one nasty jutsu? Wupp-de-fucking-do."

"She isn't supposed to be able to do types of jutsu's like that." Itachi stated, while trying to forget the way Hidan described Sakura.

Hidan glared at the Uchiha. "What-ever." He grunted out.

"Everyone back to our original mission, try to find out as much as we can about Kakashi Hatake and his little female teammate." Zetsu said as he poofed away.

With a big sigh, the organization poofed away trying to dig up information. Leaving Kisame and Itachi alone, once again.

"Itachi, how did you know that they would be here?" Kisame asked, a little suspicious that Itachi showed up right as Team Seven entered the alleyway.

Itachi turned his impassive face towards his teammate and stared at him with red eyes. "They were heading in this direction; the major city that a Konoha ninja would travel to would be Cloud. There is no need to travel to small villages."

Kisame nodded his head. Sometimes his partner was just too smart. "Oh. So where should we go researching?"

Itachi sighed in his head. Kisame way have brute strength, but he was truly the brains of their operations.

"Anywhere." Itachi said as the two of them poofed away.

Deep in the forest of Cloud stood Team Seven. Naruto and Kakashi blinked several times before realizing that they were away from the Akatsuki and Sasuke. They watched as Sakura panted heavily.

"Well I'll be damned, the girl did it." Nobu said.

Anri smiled at the scene before her. Sakura successfully completed the jutsu, but also caught the Akatsuki's interest.

"See, I told you Nobu-San. She is the one."

Nobu turned his attention away from the screen and stared at his youngest sister. Anri, although quite powerful, was the youngest next to their family of nine.

"Anri, how do you know that she is the one? I know how you wish us all free, but you can't place these actions upon one human."

Anri looked deep into her older brother's eyes. She knew that she had the intention for trying to save her family, no matter the consequences.

"Nobu-San, I know you are worried, but I know she is the one! I just know it!"

He raised his eye brow towards her direction. "How do you know she is the one?"

Anri glared at her older brother. "When her chakra flared out of her body, didn't you feel a sense of peace at all? Or how about when your tail circled around her, didn't her presence seem different than your host's?"

Now that Anri mentioned it, there was something different about Sakura's Chakra than all the other human's he has came in contact with. While the human's chakra he would analyze made his chakra boil or made him want that chakra, Sakura's Chakra seemed to calm him down. Her chakra made him feel a peacefulness that he hasn't felt in over 400 years.

His attention was brought back to the screen as he stared at the pink haired woman, trying to compose herself.

"You know Anri……I think you are right. Her Chakra gave off this serene feeling." Anri watched as a small smiled crept to his face. "One that I have not felt in a while."

Anri walked up to her brother and captured him in a hug, one in which he did not return. He wasn't one of those touchy-feely types.

"See! I told you brother!" Anri said, realizing that she called him her brother instead of his name. "I mean…."

Nobu shook his head towards his sister. "Don't worry about it Anri, it's just you and me right? It's when you are in the presence of your elders do you have to refer to me with such a title."

Anri nodded her head. If there was one thing she didn't like about being the youngest, was that she had to call everyone by their names and add the honorific -San at the end of their names.

'It would be nice to call them brother or sister every once and a great while.'

"Well Nobu-San, I guess I'll bring you back to the container in which you are all locked up in. Tell everyone I say hello."

Nobu nodded his head towards Anri and smirked. "I will. They will be eager to hear of the news." Nobu turned his head to get one last look at the woman that could save them of their horrid predicament. "Take care of her Anri. Although I have only met her for a short time……she has grown on me."

Anri giggled at her brother. "Yes, Sakura-Chan has the power to do that."

Before Anri formed the seals to bring her brother back to the dark depths of the Akatsuki's layer, Nobu threw her a necklace.

"Give it to Sakura." Nebo said as he got ready to depart.

Anri looked at the necklace. It was a silver gold chain with a round pendant. The pendant held nine colored stones lined up in a circle. One color for each demon, red, blue, green, brown, white, yellow, orange, black, and light blue.

Anri gasped at it and stared at her older brother, clearly confused at what it was that he was implying.

"Nebo-San……why are you……?"

Nebo smiled at his little sister. "Incase that little shrimp gets in trouble over her head, she can always ask us for help. Those Akatsuki think they can contain our power, I don't think so."

Anri smiled brightly at her brother and nodded her head. "I will make sure to give it to Sakura-Chan. So long……brother."

"Good bye little sister." Nebo said with a wink before Anri poofed him off into his caged environment.

Soon, Sakura's breathing returned back to normal and she was able to stand up back on her own two feet.

'Dang, Nebo wasn't kidding when he said it stressed your body.'

"Sakura-Chan! How'd you do that?! What did you do?!" Naruto shouted questions out at her, now that she was able to breathe normally.

Kakashi nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, Naruto has a point there Sakura. Where did you learn that technique? And what exactly did it do?"

Before Sakura even had a chance to answer any of the questions being thrown at her, Naruto added a few more statements in.

"I don't know what it was Kakashi-Sensei, but it felt like we were moving so fast no one could see us."

Sakura smiled at Naruto and nodded her head. "That was what the jutsu did. It made my body move at a speed where it seems like I'm invisible."

Naruto's eyes went wide. "Really?! You have to teach me that Sakura-Chan!"

Sakura shook her head at him. "I'm sorry Naruto, but I don't think I can."

"Aw! Why not?" Naruto was baffled that he couldn't learn her trick. It would come in handy in many situations.

Sakura just shrugged her shoulders, she really wasn't sure why she couldn't teach it to him, he has the Kyuubi in him, so why couldn't he?

'He can't learn it because the Kyuubi has his own special talent.'

"Sakura…" Kakashi said, grabbing her attention.

"Yeah Kakashi?" She could only imagine what he would ask her.

"Where did you learn that jutsu?" His eyes narrowed down at her, truly suspicious.

'That technique seemed to demonic for a normal human like Sakura to even conjure it up. I mean if Naruto preformed it, that would have been understandable, but it wasn't Naruto that released the jutsu.'

Sakura stared wide eyed at her teacher, what was she suppose to say now?

'I can't say, oh I just read it out of a scroll and ta-da I learned it! I don't know how much longer my secret identity will last…'

"Well Sakura?" Kakashi asked, raising a silver brow in her direction waiting for her to answer.

Before Sakura could come up with a bull shit answer, she felt a chakra presence coming their way. Automatically, every one of them went into a defensive mode.

Their eyes trailed everywhere around them, but stopped on raven haired Uchiha in front of them.

"Sasuke?" Sakura whispered.

'What is he doing here?'

"What do you want Teme?!" Naruto yelled, truly disgusted by his ex-teammate. When did Sasuke become so...evil?

Sasuke snickered at them and turned his attention straight to Kakashi.

"If I knew my own Sensei was the Demon Tamer, I would have kidnapped you a long time ago Kakashi." Sasuke said in cold tone.

Kakashi stared at Sasuke with a blank expression. Naruto was getting riled up, while Sakura stood in her defensive position.

"Teme! Stay away from Kakashi-Sensei! You are taking you back to Konoha! Believe it!"

Sasuke snickered at him. "Why would I go back to that puny village? It's weak and a waste of space. What makes you think you can even catch me, you weak demon." Sasuke stated.

Sakura watched as Naruto looked like he was shot. Sasuke was the last person you would expect to call Naruto a Demon.

"Teme….." Naruto stood there in disbelief. He felt his anger rising towards Sasuke. "How dare you insult Konoha!" Naruto yelled, feeling the Kyuubi's chakra raising.

'How dare Teme insult his home town?! Why would he call me a Demon? What has happened to you Teme?'

Naruto was in major disbelief. How could his best friend/ teammate insult the place called home? What has the snake bastard done to Sauske? Naruto didn't know what to do, but he did know that he needed to get Sasuke as far away form Orochimaru as possible. Which meant that he needed to fight him.

"That's it Kit, let my power take over, and kill the one that calls you a Demon!" Kyuubi didn't care that Sasuke was insulting the village, but he did care that the emotionless Uchiha called him weak! No one would dare call the famous nine-tailed fox weak! For that Kyuubi would make him pay!

Kakashi and Sakura watched as Naruto let his body be consumed by red Chakra. His eyes turned red, his teeth grew larger, his whiskers grew longer, and his fingernails grew longer.

"You'll pay for that Teme! I'll bring you back to Konoha!" Naruto cried as he got ready to advance on Sasuke. His voice the mix of the Kyuubi and Naruto. Causing Sasuke to become anxious about their fight.

Sakura turned to Kakashi. "What should we do Kakashi?" She was afraid for Naruto and Sasuke. She remembered when Naruto let the Kyuubi consume him the first time, that was scarey. Now Naruto was fighting a friend who was yet tehir enemy. Even though Sasuke was her enemy and she didn't love him anymore, she still would never wish anything bad to happen on his behalf.

Kakashi stared at the soon to be battle and sighed. This mission was getting worse and worse as time passed by.

"Sakura, I'll watch Naruto, I want you to watch Sasuke and try to help Naruto as much as you can. Make sure he doesn't get to the point where the Kyuubi takes over his body."

Sakura nodded her head. Reaching down into her holster, Sakura pulled out three kunai and shuriken. Placing three of each kind in her hands, Sakura got ready for the fight.

Kakashi stood beside Naruto and waited for him to attack Sasuke. Even though Naruto was oblivious to everything around him, that didn't mean his team would let him do all the work. Kakashi and Sakura would fit in the battle wherever they could.

They watched as Sasuke drew out his sword from its holder. He twirled it a few times and without another minute Naruto ran right at him.

Sakura watched as Naruto went full speed at Sasuke. At first Sasuke didn't seem like he thought Naruto would be that fast, but after Naruto managed to scratch Sasuke with his claws, Sasuke became completely serious.

Sasuke lifted his sword and soon all Kakashi and Sakura could see was blurs of red and black. The two went back and forth, Naruto lunging at Sasuke, while Sasuke would try to dodge the Demon's pace.

A few times here and there Kakashi would try to land a move in the battle, but Naruto wouldn't let him. The Kyuubi was making Naruto fight Sasuke one on one, with no interruptions.

When Kakashi came back down landing next to Sakura, she was worried.

Her emerald eyes followed the blurs and could catch a glimpse of wounds entering on Sasuke and Naruto.

'At this rate, they both will get killed! They are going so fast their bodies won't be able to withstand all the pressure being put on their muscles and bones.'

Sakura felt her medic side rise with caution. If she didn't stop the merciless fight soon, she would have to come home with two dead teammates, and that was something she was NOT looking forward to.

"Sakura-Chan, it looks like you need to calm down Naruto before Kyuubi gives him any permanent damage."

'How do I do that?' Sakura asked Anri as she continued to analyze their moves, finding where opening were in their fighting circle.

Anri also watched as Naruto pushed his limits even more, trying to throw Sasuke into a couple of trees. Sasuke would come back with a few jutsu's, trying to knock Naruto backwards that way Sasuke could deliver a painful blow.

"What you have to do Sakura-Chan is gather chakra into your hand and place it anywhere on Naruto. As long as your Chakra touches him, he will calm down."

Sakura nodded her head. Taking a deep breath, Sakura waited for a hole in their fight, so she could enter right in the middle of them.

Kakashi watched the fight ensue with the growing strength both his male students showed. The both of them have grown so much, Kakashi then turned his attention towards Sakura. She was different than her other two teammates. She was in a league of her own, even when they were younger, Kakashi never compared her to them when it came to power or smarts or skills.

"Sakura, I have an idea." Kakashi said, but as he turned his full attention to her he saw she wasn't there anymore.

'Where did she….?'

"Sakura!" He yelled.

Sakura was right in the middle of them fighting. It made Kakashi have a flashback to when Naruto and Sasuke were fighting on the roof top and Sakura ran right in the middle of them.

As she approached the middle of the chaos, Sakura gathered chakra in her palm and got ready to grasp onto Naruto. As Sasuke and Naruto came closer and closer to her, Sakura got ready.

Naruto-Kyuubi watched in horror as Sakura placed herself in front of their high intensity battle. Even though Naruto was half taken over by the Kyuubi, the Demon also held a soft spot for her, hence why he and Shukaku gave her that tattoo.

Sasuke on the other hand continued on with his Chidori. Who cares if his ex-teammate got in the way. She was just another pawn that needed to be destroyed.

Sakura watched as Naruto-Kyuubi tried to hold back his Rasengan, while Sasuke was trying to thrust his Chidori through her.

'Ok Sakura you have one shot at this.'

Right as the two got close enough, Sakura flipped her body over towards Naruto and placed her glowing hand of Chakra right on his shoulder. While her hand was on his shoulder, she pushed him down, making Sasuke fly right beside Sakura. She felt the intensity of the Chidori as it flew right past her. She flattened her body down on Naruto's back and watched as Sasuke went flying away form them.

Once Sakura's charka touched Naruto's shoulder, Naruto-Kyuubi felt the world spinning. Naruto and the Kyuubi watched as his body felt warm and fuzzy.

"Kit, what is going on?'

Naruto didn't say anything, for he felt his body slowly slipping to unconsciousness.

The Kyuubi was left alone feeling his body feel as light as a feather. "What is going on?"

"Glad to see you awake Kyuubi-San."

Kyuubi squinted his eyes, trying to get a better view of what was in front of him. "Anri? Is that you?"

With a flash of light, his little sister was right before him. "I thought you were in scroll Shukaku and I sealed you in?"

Anri smiled at her brother and nodded. "I am, but Sakura-Chan holds my spirit in her mind."

Kyuubi's eyes went wide and he felt his body shoot up. "Is she ok? The Kit would never forgive me if she died."

Anri nodded her head. "Yes Kyuubi-San, she is. Actually she is the one that saved you and Naruto-San."

Kyuubi narrowed his eyes towards his sister. "What do you mean? The only way Sakura could separate my power from Naruto's is if she was……"

Anri watched as his red eyes went wide with realization. "Yes, Kyuubi-San, she is the Chosen One that we have been looking for."

"So she used Nebo's technique eh? I knew I have seen that jutsu before."

"Right again." Anri said with a smile. "And you have seen that she even calmed down your rage with her chakra."

Kyuubi stared blankly at Anri. He sent his chakra to scale his body, and he found his chakra no longer in a testy state. It was as if he was calmed down and found peace within himself.

"All from Sakura, huh? Does anyone know of her power?" He asked.

Anri shook her head. "No, no one knows. I sworn her to secrecy."

Anri watched as her older brother chuckled at her. She raised her eye brow at his statement.

"Well after her calming The Kit down, I think she is going to have to explain herself."

Anri bite her lip with uncertainty. "I know that……but……"

Kyuubi placed his claw like hand on her shoulder. "Let her tell them, they need to know. You never know Anri, they could be the help that Sakura needs to help free us all."

Anri sighed and nodded her head. "I guess you are right, I will allow her to tell Kakashi-San, Naruto-San, and her Sensei. But that is it. If anymore find out about her……I have a bad feeling nothing good could come from it."

"Looks like its time for me to go." Kyuubi said as he felt Anri slipping away from him. The last thing he saw was her smiling a grateful smile towards him.

'She was always the one that showed the most emotion out of all of us.'

Kyuubi shook his head at his silly sisters' tactics. He never did quite get his youngest sister, but he would always trust her methods, even if she was the youngest out of all of them.

'You better watch out for Sakura Anri. I have a feeling her little showing of her jutsu is going to bring her a troubling future.'






Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed that! Please tell me that you did! I'm sorry if it got boring for a bit, that's why I placed in the tiny fight scene. I didn't do a good job on it, but I just need to bring my fighting scenes back from the crapper huh?

Well tell me what you think! I am looking forward to hearing them!


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