Past, Present, Future

Chapter 19

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Sakura landed gracefully on the ground while catching Naruto in her arms. Kakashi stood right next to her and examined the Blonde, from the way Naruto dropped down to the ground, Kakashi could safely conclude that Naruto was unconscious.

His two colored eyes made their way to his female teammate. There was something she wasn't telling him or Naruto and it troubled him. Sakura was the type that would say what was on her mind, after some badgering of course.

"Sakura, what exactly did you do to Naruto?" Kakashi asked.

Kakashi watched her face for leaking emotions. Her eyes seemed to widen as he asked his question, while her jaw tightened and teeth grinded together. At her reaction, Kakashi knew there was something she wasn't suppose to tell him. What could it be and why couldn't she tell him what it was, was his question.

When Kakashi's question was released from his mouth, Sakura felt her whole world starting to slip away from her fingers. Every action she took, every move she showed, came crashing down on her. She exploited her secret, and not just to her teammates, but to the Akatsuki as well.

'What have I done?! I broke Anri's promise!' Sakura clenched her jaw and grinded her teeth in anger. 'How could I be so stupid?!'

"Sakura-Chan, what you did was admirable. You were right when you told me about how your teammates were the only thing that mattered. We may have showed them all who you are, but not what you can do."

'But Anri, Kakashi is asking questions what can I tell him?'

"Tell him and Naruto the truth. I realized that sometimes keeping secrets from the important people in your life is just as dangerous as telling them."

Sakura felt her lips curve into a bright smile. Finally she was able to tell Kakashi and Naruto what her skill was, it felt great to be able to share her intentions with the ones she loved.

"Well Sakura?" Kakashi asked, as he took Naruto from her grasp and placed him up against a tree they were near.

"Well Kakashi you see…." Sakura never did get to answer her ex-Sensei, for a tree collapsing, caught their attention. Kakashi and Sakura turned towards the sound of the noise to see a panting Sasuke, throwing a tree out of his way. His whole body was shaking with anger and his eyes were bleeding red. How dare she interrupt their fight!

"What the hell was that?" Sasuke asked while shouting at Sakura, glaring at her with his intensive Sharingan. "Why did you interrupt us?!" He was truly mad, a weak woman had no business interrupting his battle.

Her muscles tensed up as his Sharingan eyes trailed all over her, trying to figure out what exactly it was that she did. Emerald met blazing red in a heated staring contest, not one daring to look away, for it would show weakness.

Kakashi could smell the tension raising from the ex-teammates. He has been in enough situations to know that a battle was about to ensue and he knew they couldn't battle Sasuke. If their medic was hurt, then who would be able to heal their dire injuries?

"Sakura, don't fight him." Kakashi ordered. He knew that he would hurt her pride, but he was the leader and he needed to look out for his team, no matter what the outcome was.

Sakura watched as a tiny smirk plastered itself on Sasuke's face. "Yeah Sakura, listen to your Sensei, just walk away. You were always the weakest of our team."

Sakura felt something snap from within herself. She knew that he was setting up a trap, hoping she would charge at him full of rage, where he would then show her just how weak she was just because she would be blinded by her rage. Taking a deep, Sakura could feel the urge to prove him wrong.

Her emerald eyes flashed with new determination. She would show him just how wrong he was about her, and she would also show him how costly it was to think in the past. First he ruins his life by following the path of vengeance and now he was going to get his ass handed to him for thinking she was still the weak little girl.

"Kakashi…." Sakura started to say as she turned her attention towards him. She watched as he narrowed his eyes at her. He knew that look, and when Sakura was set on something, there was no way you could talk her out of it. "….take care of Naruto. Make sure that you two don't get hurt in any way." She finished as she flashed a smile towards Naruto.

Sasuke watched the pink haired woman advance towards the unmoving blonde. Sakura kneeled down at Naruto's side and leaned down towards his ear.

"Naruto, I know you can hear me, please don't get angry with me. Sasuke needs to be shown that we are as powerful as him and without leaving the village. I know you want to fight him too, but you did your part… it is my turn." Sakura ended her speech and shifted her body to stand up.

Her face turned serious as she passed Kakashi, she nodded his way and faced her opponent head on. Sasuke seemed amused at her actions.

"It's your funeral Sakura." Sasuke simply said, as his eyes started to swirl at the growing tension.

Sakura just stared at him, reached down to grab her shuriken and kunai from the previous battle, and continued to stare at him.

Muscles tensed, weapons grasped in ninja's hands, and plans formed in their minds. The first move would be the catapult of which plan to use.

Sakura took a deep breath, preparing herself for one of the toughest battles she would ever have to do. Her determined emerald eyes sparked with fire at Sasuke as she made her move.

Sasuke watched as her body moved towards him. He watched her movements with his steady eyes and blocked each kick and punch she aimed at him. Her punches came at him with a steady pace, but held kunai's and shuriken poking out of her fists. He retaliated and would perform with his own set of punches and kicks, easily avoiding her punches filled with weapons.

Sakura watched his punches and kicks. They came in fast, at first, and it caught her off guard. She didn't expect him to be so fast, but after working with Itachi at his Junin level her eyes could piece together his movements. Even though it was when Itachi was younger, every ninja can benefit from their past experiences.

Punch after punch, kick after kick came from the two ninja's. Sharingan eyes narrowed at how Sakura easily evaded his taijutsu moves. He was always the quickest on the team while she was the worst.

'This game of cat and mouse has gone on to far.'

Sasuke did a back flip, providing distance away form Sakura, and contemplated his next move. He felt his curse seal giving him even more power, as the power level from Sasuke rose, Sakura could feel his Chakra levels rising.

'It's suffocating. His power….where did it come from? It is almost demonic in a way.'

Sakura took a few back steps and felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. What ever Sasuke was cooking it wasn't going to be good.

His hands went flying through seals. He never faltered once and his Chakra flow began to heat up. Before Sakura could register what he was planning, blackness started to creep up on her.

Sasuke watched Sakura's movements. At first she stood there, wondering what his shadows could do, but as soon as she saw the shadows turning into snakes she ran through the trees. Her intentions were unclear to him, but he made sure to follow her. Sakura ran through those trees with the shadow snakes on her tail. Not looking back, Sakura started to work her own magic, she was a medic and a damn good one at that.

'I need to draw him close, that way I can plant my jutsu.' Sakura thought as she let herself be consumed by the snakes.

Sasuke watched with alarmed eyes as his shadow snakes captured Sakura. His snakes were meant to just corner her and then eat at any chakra she would use. As he waited he noticed his shadow's wavering, they seemed to flicker a lighter shade of black.

From inside the shadows Sakura watched the snakes' just stare at her, waiting for her to do anything. As her eyes studied the snakes, the more she noticed something familiar.

'It's like they are waiting for me to do something. It is typical for Sasuke to be waiting for his prey to make the first move. But these snakes….their shadows….'

At first Sakura made some of her chakra check what the shadow snakes would do. Right as she summoned the chakra the snakes attacked her, causing her to draw it back.

'So they are attracted to chakra.' Sakura felt herself smiling. A ninja knew that it was deadly to rely solemnly on chakra; apparently Sasuke thought she would make that mistake. 'Let's show him just how wrong he is.'

Since the shadows were attracted to chakra, what happens when they can't sense it at all? Sakura concealed her chakra and watched as the shadows faded away, but she didn't stop there. While the shadows were evaporating away, she hid amongst the trees.

Her steady eyes watched as Sasuke examined the area, her chakra slowly seeped out from her hands as she waited for him to move. He hasn't seen her signature move yet and it would be great to see the look of shock on his face.

Sasuke smirked at the competition. He expected her to use chakra every chance she got, she was smart he would give her that, but the fact that she found a way out of his snake hold was interesting.

'But this isn't even my real power.'

As he neared in the middle of the battlefield, Sakura stealthily raised herself for her attack. Before Sasuke had a chance to register the chakra surging from above, Sakura came soaring down at him with her chakra enhanced fist.

He barley avoided her lethal punch and watched with utter shock at the magnitude of her punch. The ground shook like an earthquake and a giant fissure appeared where he once stood.

The two ninja's gracefully landed from flying through the air and continued to attack each other. Blood was shed and bones were cracked. Sakura and Sasuke stood firmly in their place, panting hard. Not one of them thought that the battle would become this intense, gruesome, brutal, and stressful. Sasuke's constant jutsu's were wearing down on his body, but Sakura's dodging skills were being strained.

The grounds held holes, fissures, trees, and everything else imaginable that could be destroyed, was destroyed. Sakura tried to heal her deep gashes while Sasuke would compose any jutsu that was kept up in that head of his, but the more he used his jutsu's the more Sakura's medical trained eyes saw just how strenuous they were.

A large rumble from the ground came and enormous amounts of earth shot out from the ground. Aiming for Sakura, making her feel like a target board. She kept running and running around, using her inhuman strength whenever she could. She could see Sasuke from the corner of her eye and she flipped herself towards his direction, throwing a kunai at him, causing a small cut to be placed on his shoulder.

Sasuke continued to hurl the boulders towards Sakura, but as soon as one of the biggest rocks was being ready to be thrown towards Sakura, he felt something in him falter.

The rock fell down to the ground with a large thud, and he felt his chest start to close up. Sakura watched as he dropped to the ground and held onto his chest, his fingers tightened on his shirt in pain.

She jumped down towards him and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. His red eyes showed pain but also puzzlement. She watched as his eyes flashed in pain at her and she felt his muscles tensing up.

"What…..did….you….do…?" Sasuke barely managed to get out of his mouth. His chest felt like it was on fire and all his organs were melting by the intense heat. It came out of no where, one minute he was cut by a kunai and the next he was dropping down to the ground like a dead fly.

'That's it. She must of put something on the kunai. It could be poison.'

Sakura watched him a few more seconds before she flung him towards a few trees. She didn't want to hurt him anymore, but she needed to make sure he knew that she wasn't the weak little girl he thought she was.

"I'm a medic-nin Sasuke. You should know that our hands are deadly. We can manipulate muscles to perform actions, without the need of a puppet, or we can cause each system to shut down one by one." she kneeled down towards his side and stared right at him, not afraid of his Sharingan. "but the scariest thing about a medic Sasuke…." She paused for dramatic suspense. "Is the fact that they can turn your health from good to bad all by a tiny cut with a kunai."

She watched as he glared at her, finally putting all the pieces to the puzzle. The whole fight wasn't trying to kill him, it was all a trick just to show him just how much of a challenge she was for him. She made the battle too easy with her only attacking with necessary and falling into every trap he set.

He forgot to put into account that she was a medic and a very good one at that, he was stuck in the past so much that he couldn't analyze his opponent correctly, a mistake he would never make again. Now, he has to live with this burning sensation in his chest as a reminder of just how much she has changed and how much more powerful she has become.

Sakura picked him up once again and with a few hand seals, Sasuke was transported far away from Sakura and her team. Kakashi came jumping down from a tree, carrying Naruto, and couldn't help but smile at her job well done.

"Good job Sakura." He said as he looked over her injured body.

Sakura felt her insides fill up with happiness, Kakashi never did shower her with praise, so it was great to hear it. "Thank you Kakashi, but we better get a move on back home. We need to tell Tsunade about our mission."

Kakashi nodded his head, but eyed her up and down. "Are you going to be alright with those injuries?" Sure the injuries were not as bad as they were in the beginning, but they had a long way back home and if a surprise attack was bestowed on them, it would not be pretty.

Sakura flashed Kakashi a reassuring smile. "Don't worry Kakashi I'll be fine."

The two of them continued on their way back to Konoha replaying all the events that has happened in the past month. First their mission slowly unraveled, which brought them right in the middle of the Akatsuki and Sasuke. This reminded Kakashi of what the Akatsuki were looking for, and to ask Sakura what exactly she did to Naruto.

'I will ask her when we are back in Konoha and in front of the Hokage. It will save her from repeating everything.'

Sakura continued to jump steadily through the trees, trailing beside Kakashi. Their air was silent but she was thankful. She could only imagine when he would bring up the previous subject. Until then, Sakura had to remain focus on the task at hand and that would be the ability of getting back home, unharmed and alive.






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