Past, Present, Future

Chapter 2

Author's Notes: Hey there So here is chapter number two!

Hope you like it. I know the first chapter was a bit rocky and went by stuff wicked fast, but I was just getting started so give it another chance!

Here is Chapter Number TWO!


After Sakura was done hugging Mikoto, they set off to go to the Hokage's tower. Itachi lead the way while Sakura followed next to him.

'Wow. Kohana is more beautiful than ever.' Sakura thought as she looked around in awe at the sights.

Itachi didn't miss that she was in awe over her own village. 'I thought she said she was from Kohana.'

"You said you are from Kohana."

Sakura looked over to the usually quiet boy and stared at him. "Yeah. And your point is?" Sakura said, attitude evident in her words.

"Why marvel at your own village." Itachi said, turning his head, waiting to see her reaction. Thinking that he would see her eyes go wide and then start to stutter over her words. Unfortunately for him, Sakura wasn't the type.

"Can't I marvel at my own village?! Since when was that a crime!" Sakura yelled at him.

Itachi stared at the pink haired girl in front of him. Never before has he had anyone, let alone a girl, yell at him.

"Hn." Was all he said, trying to figure out how this girl ticked.

Sakura only sighed as she returned to her sight seeing.

It didn't take long for them to get to the Hokage's office. They simply went on the roofs of houses and ran to the Hokage's. Itachi was surprised she could keep up with his paste.

Now here they were, sitting in the Hokage's office. Sakura was facing Itachi and the Third.

When Sarutobi turned around to see the mystery girl, Sakura nearly gasped.

"What's wrong little one? Never seen a Hokage before?" Sarutobi asked in a joking laced with caring tone.

Sakura wanted to smack herself at her gasping. 'Great. Just great.'

"No. it isn't that. It's just I haven't seen you in a while."

Sarutobi looked at her with confused work but dismissed it. He would get the details from her.

"So, little one, what is your name?" Sartobi asked.

Sakura looked back and forth between Sartobi and Itachi. "My name is Itou Sakura."

Sartobi nodded his head in understanding, while Itachi studdied this girl.

"Well Sakura, mine filling us in about you?"

Sakura gulped. 'If I can't talk to the Hokage before this he would ask when he sent me on a mission. Ger. I'll have to ask him if I could talk to him in private before I answer that.'

Itachi watched as fear, worry, and asumption crossed her face.

'She really is a open book. But if she is such an open book, how come I cant figure her out.'

"Hokage-Sama. Before I answer that I would need to speak to you in private."

Sartobi shook his head. "No. We will dissmiss that for now. Right now, I want to know why my junin team found you in the forest, a few feet away the three Mist-nin."

Sakura grined at him. Very proud that she did apply some damage to them. "They were heading into this village and I didn't allow it so I went to them and took care of them."

Sartobi gasped while Itachi's eyes narrowed a little. How could this girl that was his age kill three missing ninja's?

"Sakura." There was a long silence before he continued. "You are telling me that a 13 year old girl, you, killed the three missing Mist-nin's that some Hunter ninjas have been after for a while?" He finished while looked with disbeleive in his eyes.

Sakura's eyes widened as well. "THEY WERE MISSING MIST-NINJAS?!" Sakura yelled jumping out of her seat.

Sartobi smiled. 'Well it seems this little one still is 13. Unlike Itachi who matured faster than his age.'

Itachi wanted to smack his head against the wall. But possessing the great Uchiha controlling emotion's, he didn't. 'How could she not have known that they were missing ninja. Unless something else was on her mind.'

Sartobi looked over to see Itachi just standing, but he knew he was pondering on how this girl didn't know they were missing ninja. Meanwhile, while Sarobi looked at Itachi, Sakura was getting ready to ask to talk to him in private.

"Hokage-Sama. May I talk to you in private now?" Sakura asked, her patience wearing thin.

Sartobi turned his head and nodded towards the pink haired teen. With a wave of his hand Itachi went outside and waited in the front of his office.

"Now, Sakura, why is it important for you and I to talk in private."

Sakura only sighed. "You may think this is weird, but please just listen."

"Oh? You want to tell me that you are from the future."

"You see I'm from…….wait…..How do you know?!" Sakura yelled astounded that he literally took the words out of her mouth.

Sartobi laughed softly. "Sakura. There is only one Sakura and her last name isn't Itou. It's Haruno. Also, I got a letter from Tsunade that you would be visiting me."

Sakura's mouth nearly dropped wide open. "Wait! So that means you know exactly why I am here?!"

"Sakura. Calm down. No I don't know why you are here. All I got was this letter from her that I would be expecting you."

Sakura nodded her head. "May I see the letter?"

"Sure. Maybe you will get more on why you are here than I did."

Sakura nodded her head and Sartobi handed the neatly folded piece of paper to her.

Dear Sartobi;

You probably are wondering why I am writing to you, especially since it is from the future. I can not tell you much, since even I have not much knowledge of this subject. You see Sartobi, I have a feeling that Sakura Haruno will be visting you. I do not know why either, but all I can say is this, She was on a mission from Stone, where a ancient scroll is placed. You know that scroll is used for time travel, so I had Sakura get it. Not trusting anyone else to deliver it to me. Write back and send it with this bird.



Sakura nearly gasped and the letter fluttered down to the ground.

"So your telling me, that she set this up?"

"I do not think so. She said she didn't trust anyone else to get it, proably since she knew you wouldn't change the past. Having no reason to."

'He is right. I am already over Sasuke. I realized now that he was just bent on revenge so much there was no turning back. I have no horrible past that I want to change. Tsunade-Shinshu was right.'

"Now what?" Sakura asked, picking up the letter and handing it back to Sartobi.

"Here is what we will do. I will say that you were sent on a mission, personly from me. You just come back and I guess you will stay with the Uchiha's untill we figure out how to get you back. But there is one thing I'm curious about…"

"And that would be…?"

"I know little about the scroll that Tsunade made you retrive. So your mission for right know is to find as much as you can about that scroll."

"Ok, but know I have one question."


"What will my rank be?"

Sartobi smiled at her. "You always were a bright one. Before I can tell you that I need to put you with a team. I think that itachi and Kakashi will be good, they need a third member anyway."

"Hai. Thank you very much Hokage-Sama."

"It was my pleasure. Now get out of here before I deam you crazy for staying indoors. It is beautiful out. Enjoy it!"

Sakura flashed him a bright smile and walked out the door. Shutting it behind her. When Sakura emurged out of the Hokage's office, she saw that Itachi was getting harassed by one of his fan girls.

'This is to funny!'

Sakura tried to contain her laughter but seeing the energetic red head bouncing around the quiet Uchiha, she couldn't resist.

Her laughter caught Itachi and the red head's attention. Itachi glared at the laughing girl while the red head was getting annoyed.

"What is so funny."

Sakura looked up to see an angered Itachi, glaring at her, and the red head mouthing "Bitch" to her. Sakura jumped to her feet and mouthed back to the girl "Bitch." She then turned her glaze to Itachi and galred right back at him.

Itachi barly smirked at the girls action. 'Interesting. She is challenging me.'

"Oh come on Itachi-Kun! She isn't worth it!"

Itachi shooed the girl away and she left with a pissed off look. Itachi didn't care, and he intensified his glare, ten fold.

"You think your glare can scare me?!" Sakura said, a sassy smile appearing across her face.

"Your different."

Sakura's glare went soft and she stared into his onix eyes. "What do you mean by that?"

Itachi's smirk started to get broader as he saw her emotions crossing her beautiful pale skin.

"I mean, you don't fear my glare's and your not a fan girl."

Sakura giggled softly at him. "Well for one thing, I have seen more intimidating glare's than yours, and two, I do not see what the point is to be a fan girl. Although I was one at one point. But I got over it."

Itachi's black eye brow went up with curiousity. "For who." He had no idea why he asked that, but he did.

Sakura's head shot straight down and sighed. "From a teammate of mine. All the girls loved him, but his personality….well there really wasn't one there. After being on a team with him, and then seeing him abandom everyone he loved, it was the last straw."

Itachi would of asked more, but the girl took his wrist and ran outside , him trailing after her.

Sakura smiled at how Itachi just let her drag him out of the Hokage's Tower.

'For a S-Criminal ninja….he is cute. Wait…what am I thinking?! I cant change the past! That will only change the future!'

She dragged him till they reached the park, and realization hit her that she was still holding the boys wrist. She side glanced at him and let go of his hand, a soft pink blush went across her face. Itachi saw the blush and smirked.

"Itachi-Kun!!!" Shouted someone.

The two turned around to see a blonde girl running full force at him. Sakura noticed that unlike the other fan girls, she was a ninja. She looked over to see Itachi crunge, even though it was very disscreet. She giggled softly earning a glare from Itachi. But Sakura simply stuck her little pink tounge out at him.

The blonde saw that "her" Itachi was talking to some freak with a huge forehead. And the freak had pink hair.

"Itachi-Kun. Why are you talking to this freak." The blonde said, grabbing Itachi's hand and glaring at Sakura.

Sakura laughed at the girl. "I'm a freak? Thanks for the update."

The blonde was getting aggitated and raised her fist up to Sakura. Itachi just stood there, waiting to see what would unfold.

"How dare you! He is mine you…….FOREHEAD GIRL!"

Sakura froze in her spot. Her head bent down so all you could see was her bangs shadowing her face.

"Oh look. She is going to cry. Let's go Itachi-Kun. She is a total whimp."

The blonde started to take a step to Itachi, but she didn't get very far because Sakura was right infront of her.

"How did you move so fast?!" The blonde yelled.

'Hate to say it, but Sakura is fast. Even I didn't see her move that fast, but truth be told I wasn't paying much attention.'

"Oh what's wrong? Afraid that I actually can stand up for myself?" Sakura said sarcasim exscaping her lips. "Wait, don't even answer that. Just keep this in mind. If you dare call me forehead again. I will make sure to send you to the hospital, striaght to the emergancy room."

The blonde took a big gulp and she ran as fast as she could. Sakura smiled at herself and turned to Itachi, only to see him star right back at her.

"You know staring is rude."

Sakura stook out her tounge at him and they continued down towards the Uchiha Manner.

----------- The Uchiha District-------

Itachi lead the way over to his house, having Sakura in tow. Soon a ball came flying at their feet. Itachi turned to his left to see his little brother running over to them. Sakura looked down at the ball and grabbed it.

"Hey Itachi-neesan! Sakura-neechan!" Sasuke yelled running to them.

Itachi nodded his head to his little brother and Sakura smiled at him.

"Hello there Sasuke-kun. Is this your ball?"

Sasuke looked up to see his ball in her hands. "Yeah! Can I please have it back?"

Sakurs knealed down and ruffled his hair, having him grunt in return. "Here you go Sasuke-Kun."

When Sasuke got his ball back, he had to put it away to get ready for dinner. Itachi and Sakura followed Sasuke inside the house. Sakura followed Itachi while she secretly stared and aweed at the elegant mansion.

The three of them arrived at the kitchen to see Mikoto setting the table.

"Sasuke sit down." Mikoto said and when she looked up she saw her son and Sakura there as well. "Well I see Sakura-Chan will be eating dinner with us."

Sakura smiled brightly at the woman and helped her with what ever she needed. Soon dinner was ready. Itachi and Sasuke sat on one end and Mikoto and Sakura set across from them. Fugaku got home just in time and he sat at the head of the table.

While eating Sakura could tell that Fugaku was staring at her, with his intense glaze.

'Itachi's may not faze me. But Fugaku's does!'

"Mikoto. Who is this." He said in a sterm, demanting voice.

Sakura looked over to Fugaku, not wanting to have Mikoto answer for her, she stuck out her hand and decided to introduce herself.

"The name is Itou Sakura. The Hokage said I would be living with your family untill I found a place for myself."

'Actually untill I find out how to get home. But he doesn't have to know that.'

Fugaku looked at her hand like it was poison and turned his head over to his son. Completely ignoring Sakura, like she was a mere fly on the wall.

'Well excuse me! How rude.'

Sakura looked down at her hand and shrugged her shoulders. Fugaku could see her shrugging her shoulders from the corner of his eye.

'I'll have to ask the Hokage about this later.'

"Itachi. Did the Hokage tell you about your aplication for ANBU."

"Hn." Itachi said.

Sasuke turned to his dad and smiled. "Dad! I got an A on my test!"

Fuagku didn't turn to his yougest son and he is attention was still on his oldest son.

"You will go into ANBU."


Sakura couldn't believe it. Fugaku tuned out his youngest son and went straight back to pestering Itachi.

'Way to play favorites. Poor Sasuke. I can see why he was so quiet around us.'

Mikoto smiled at her youngest son and congradulated Sasuke in a job well done. Then Sasuke asked a question that got the whole table to be dead silent.

"Hey Sakura-neeChan! What where you doing before you came here?"

Sakura stared at him and looked around to see that everyone was wondering it to. Fugaku didn't care though.

'She is just a weak little girl. Why would the Hokage want her in my household. He knows I don't like weak people.'

"Um….Well Sasuke-Kun, I was returning from Stone, I had a mission to retrive something."

Sasuke's face light up like a christmas tree. "SO YOU'RE A NINJA JUST LIKE ITACHI-NEESAN?!"

Sakura giggled at how easily he could become happy. "Yes, like your brother."

"Sakura-Chan. What rank are you?" Mikoto asked. She was trying to get her husband to see that she wasn't as weak as he thought she was. Sure her appearance made it seem like she was to small and fragile to be a ninja, but from what she found out when Sakrua and Itachi were gone, she wasn't the bit least weak.

Sakura scratched the back of her head and smiled. "Well, I never raelly have had time to sign up for different rankings, the last time I did I was Chunnin. But I doubt I am still one."

Mikoto's jaw dropped open. "Well then you better sign up for Junin or ANBU!"

Sakura turned pink. "N-No. I don't think I'm strong enough to go into ANBU."

Itachi looked at her with disbelieve. "Bull." He stated angerly.

Sakura turned to him, with a slim pink eye brow raised. "What does that mean?" She said.

'Why is he mad that I said that I was to weak to join ANBU?'

"You killed three missing mist ninjas. You would get into ANBU."

Fugaku was shocked that this mere girl killed three missing ninja. Mikoto smiled, happy that her son actually made a friend, and a girl at that. Sasuke stared wide eyed at her, he looked like a fish out of water.

After dinner Mikoto and Sakura washed the dishes while Itachi and Sasuke hung out in the living room. Fugaku went straight to his study and slamed the door. When they were done Mikoto lead Sakura to her room.

"Here is the room you will be staying at. Make yourself at home. I put a tank top and long pants in the closet for your pj's and I got you some new cloths. Since yours are covered in blood and ripped."

"Thank you so much Mikoto. You are truly kind."

Mikoto smiled at Sakura and sighed. "Thank you Sakura-Chan. Dotn worry about my husband, he will turn around, it will come. All in good time."


With that Mikoto waved off and went to tuck Sasuke in bed. When Mikto shut her door, Sakura got dressed in a white tank top and blue long pj pants with the Uchiha symbol on her hip. The tank top had the Uchiha symbol on the back.

'How ironic is it that I am wearing the Uchiha symbol on? Oh well. Now that everything is solid, all I have to do is research that stupid scroll and see what happenes.'

With that Sakura drifted off into a deam filled sleep.

---------With Itachi-------

Itachi was in his room, laying down on his bed. But he wasn't asleep, no, not one bit. He was too curious with the pink haired beauty across the hall from him.

'Why am I so curious about you? So you don't have immediate atraction to me, that's good. But you are just a mystery. I will get to the bottem of this……Sakura Itou. If that is even your real name.'

-----------to be continued!!------------------------------------------

Author's note: Yo! Hey there! Hope you all liked it! I apologise if Itachi is "out of character" even when he is only 13 yrs old! So please………………….



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