Past, Present, Future

Chapter 20

Author's Notes: Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the length of the previous chapter, but I am back, school starting back up again, and here is a new chapter as a Farwell to my summer :( I hope you all enjoy! :)


Three exhausted ninja's entered through Konoha's gates, making their way towards the Hokage tower. The fatigue and wounded ninja's entered the Hokage's office and tried to find a seat to sink their bodies into.

Tsunade had two towers worth of paperwork in front of her. When she heard the door shut and saw a glimpse of Kakashi's hair, she quickly pushed the papers aside, causing her to have a peep hole through the piles of paperwork. She watched as the three ninja's sank deeply into her deep blue velvet cushioned chairs on the other side of her desk.

"I take it the mission was successful?" Tsunade asked, while grabbing a few papers from her never ending stack of paperwork.

"I don't know if you can call it that." Sakura said towards her Sensei. Sakura watched as bewilderment and rage flashed through amber eyes. Sakura could feel a gulp raise up her throat, Tsunade did not look very happy.

"What do you mean Sakura?" Tsunade asked while she glared down at the team.

Kakashi cleared his throat, causing the attention to shift from Sakura towards his direction. "You see Hokage-Sama, during our mission we were able to figure out who was behind the killing."

Tsunade narrowed her blonde eye brows at the statement while she took her pen and scribbled a few notes on a sheet of paper. "Yeah, so that means it was a success then." She glared at Sakura once again, not fully understanding why her apprentice would say they failed their mission.

"But Baa-Chan, the killer was hired by the guy we tracked down. The killer turned out to be Teme!" Naruto added in on the conversation, throwing his hands up in the air trying to show Tsunade that there was more to the mission than they thought.

Tsunade stopped writing down information at the mention of the traitor. She hadn't heard anything of the Uchiha's activities, but hearing that he was involved in the mission did grab her attention.

"Go on." She motioned to Naruto, while placing her paper down on her desk and laced her fingers together while placing them under her chin.

"Well we followed this guy, named Tabito, outside the Club. After Kakashi, Sakura-Chan, and I cornered him he revealed his plan to us." Naruto finished.

Tsunade sat straight up in her chair and scribbled a few more notes. "Then what? You are going to give me a full mission report right here and now. It will make it easier on me and you." Tsunade finished while grabbing a few more sheets of paper.

"Tabito told us about how he was using the club owner, Sara, for fame status. He hired Sasuke to kill a few of the staff members, causing more celebrities to show up at the Club because of the murders. The celebrities came to the Club because they were curious about the place and with all the celebrities there Tabito was trying to get in with them." Sakura informed Tsunade.

Tsunade nodded her head, making her blonde locks shake as she did so. "So Sasuke did the dirty work for the popularity craving man. Why?"

"We are guessing for the money or he could have thought that the Akatsuki would be there." Kakashi informed.

Tsunade looked up from her paper and felt the world stop. Why were the Akatsuki there? She knew the mission was going to be a different than the two young ninja's were use too, but the Akatsuki being there was unexpected.

"How many were there?" She asked.

"Six…" Sakura started to say until she heard Tsunade growl.

"You are telling me that all the members were there?! Why the hell were they there?!" Tsunade shouted, not at them intentionally, she was just too shocked to stay calm.

At the mention as why the whole entire organization was there, Sakura felt herself stiffen. 'This is it. This is the time that I finally tell everyone my secret. Wish me luck Anri.'

Anri stood in Sakura's mind with a smile on her face. "Good luck Sakura-Chan."

Sakura was about to thank Anri for the encouragement, but she stopped her thoughts after hearing Naruto's explanation.

"Once we found out that Teme was the killer, all of a sudden the Akatsuki showed up. They talked about a Demon Tamer and saying that it was Kakashi-Sensei. What is the Demon Tamer anyways?" Naruto suddenly asked after his rant of news he was telling the Hokage.

Tsunade drifted her amber eyes to Kakashi. "They think that you are the legendary Demon Tamer?"

Kakashi nodded his head. "But I don't think I am it." Kakashi continued to explain. "Hokage-Sama, if I was the Demon Tamer, I would have already known it."

Tsunade nodded her head. "This is true, but for the Akatsuki to get their information wrong, the real Demon Tamer covered up their trail very well."

Naruto looked back and forth between the two veterans ninja's with a confused face, while Sakura sat up very still in her chair, listening intently to the conversation.

"So you don't believe that I am the Demon Tamer as well?" Kakashi asked, almost with relief.

Tsunade shook her head from side to side. "No I don't. The Akatsuki may have thought that you were the one because you were put in charge of Naruto while he was a Genin."

Kakashi nodded his head while Naruto was about to blow his top. No one was telling him who the Demon Tamer was.

'What is a Demon Tamer anyways?! Why are they so important?!'

"What is a Demon Tamer?!" Naruto yelled, getting impatient.

Tsunade and Kakashi turned their heads towards Naruto to see him about to jump out of his seat and his blue eyes flicker with anger.

"A Demon Tamer...there is one every one thousand years. The Tamer has unmistakeable chakra control, making the ability to calm down the Demon's chakra an easy task. With a single touch of the chakra any Demon can go from a raging animal to a relaxed one. The chakra sends the Demon's to a state of peacefulness. With the unbelieveable chakra control that the Tamer possesses it makes transfering normal chakra into demonic chakra, which is how the Demons are able to calm down so easily and very fast." Sakura said in an all knowing tone.

Naruto, Kakashi, and Tsunade turned their attention to the pink haired girl sitting down on the cushioned seat. Naruto felt understanding flow through him, Kakashi felt his suspicions resurface, and Tsunade raised a single blonde brow towards her apprentice.

"How do you know that Sakura?" Tsunade asked, while continuing to write down all the information that Sakura just shared.

'I heard of the Demon Tamer being able to calm down a raging Demon, but what Sakura said was so much more than I have ever heard before.' Tsunade thought to herself as she looked over her student and the explanation that was given.

"Yeah Sakura-Chan, where did you hear that from?" Naruto asked.

Sakura felt a sigh escape her pink lips. Now was the moment of truth. Her head rose to meet the glazes of her Sensei's and best friend.

"All the information I just told you was told to me by the Demon sealed in the scroll I handed to you Tsunade-Shinshou."

Naruto looked between the two powerful women and watched as shock crossed the Hokage's features.

Tsunade opened up her robes and pulled out the scroll. She never did find a secure place for the scroll yet and with all the paperwork that she had she never got around to finding a place for the scroll. When Tsunade placed the scroll on the table Kakashi felt his single eye widen a fraction.

'It's the scroll that held Sakura in a trance, so the Demon told Sakura about the Demon Tamer...'

"So there is another Demon that the Akatsuki hasn't caught yet?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade nodded her head. "Yes, that is why I am stuck on what to do with this scroll….and along the fact that all this damn paperwork is getting in my way." She growled out the last part while glaring at the overtowering mounds of paperwork.

'Sometimes i wonder if the Gods are just mocking me with these loads of paperwork.' Tsunade thought as she watched Kakashi eyed the old scroll.

Kakashi examined the scroll on Tsunade's desk. It looked just like had when he first saw it. The scroll still had its fragile looking paper with a light blue string tied around it. Kakashi remembered reading those hypnotic words when they tried to save Sakura from the cluches of the Demon. "Sakura…" Kakashi started to say.

Emerald eyes moved towards Kakashi with a questionable look. "Yes Kakashi?"

"So this scroll told you all about the Demon Tamer? Why?" Kakashi asked her causing both Tsunade and Naruto to wonder the same thing.

"Yeah that's a very good question Kakashi." Tsunade added in and she turned her attention back to Sakura. "Answer the question Sakura." Tsunade instructed as she watched the debate that ran through Sakura's head for a few seconds.

Sakura felt the world freeze all around her. She wasn't sure how they would react to her new role in the ninja world, and somehow she felt that all her priviliges would dwindle down, but she had to tell them who she was, otherwise they could be in serious danger. Something she would never wish upon her beloved family.

"Anri, that's the Demon's name, told me this because….." There was dead silence throughout the room; the tension was high waiting for the answer to the serious question. Sakura took a huge sigh and continued on after her dramatic pause. "……I am the Demon Tamer…."

The room was so silent that a pin drop could be heard. Sakura studied everyone's reaction towards her statement. Tsunade stared at her with unreadable eyes, while Kakashi stood there was realization crossing his face, and Naruto….well…..he was shocked beyond belief.

"Sakura-Chan….how come you are the Demon Tamer?" Naruto asked. "I mean, remember when we were Genin and Teme and I were fighting Haku? The Kyuubi came out and I didn't see you trying to stop it." Naruto told her gently.

Sakura felt herself stiffen at his words. She remembered all too well about how weak she was during her Genin days, but come on, she was a teenage girl. It was only human for her to think only about boys and appearances, it was the fact of life.

Kakashi and Tsunade stood right where they were and waited to hear Sakura's answer to the question. Sakura felt herself sighing, again, for the millionth time that evening. Her body went loose and fell back into the velvet chair causing herself to sink into its comfyness.

"I guess I'll start at the beginning then." Sakura said as she began to tell her dramatic story to her precious people.

Unbeknown to Sakura, Kakashi, Naruto, and Tsunade, they had an eavesdropper in the building. Throughout Team Seven's debriefing, the man stayed blending in with the wall color that ran through the Hokage's office.

He heard about their mission, how and why they thought the Uchiha's little brother was there, and about the Demon Tamer. He listened intently through the conversation about the describing of the Tamer, and was amazed to find that the pink haired woman knew a lot about the subject. What surprised him even more was when the pink haired woman admitted to being the chosen one that everyone was looking for.

After hearing that confession he, very stealthily, exited the Hokage's Tower and went hiding in a few trees that were just outside the village.

'How pathetic. Konoha doesn't even notice when an enemy is running free throughout their village. What is even more surprising is how unguarded the Hokage's office is. To be able to speak freely in that woman's office is a display of weakness. But that girl….she is Tsunade's apprentice. Why didn't I see it before? No matter, I will wait until tonight to strike.' Thought the spy as he camped out in the tree, waiting for the targeted chakra to begin its way towards its home.

'But to have the girl know so much abotu the Demon Tamer it is only reasonable that she really is who she says she is. I mean, why would you want to bestow that kind of title upon you without it being true. Although she could be lying...but then again, the fact that the three of them disappeared from six Akatsuki is hard to believe as well.' Thought the man again as he continued to wait for his target.

Tsunade's office was filled with Sakura's voice, she was telling her story with as much detail as possible. Minus the fact that she fell in love with Itachi, it wasn't they could know about…...yet that is. While her story went on, scribbling of pen meeting paper was heard as well. Tsunade wrote all the important details as Sakura went through her story. With the new found information that Sakura was the Tamer, things were going to have to change around Konoha.

Kakashi felt pride and sadness for his only female student. The fact that the woman could calm down any raging Demon was amazing yet dangerous at the same time. If news was ever released that Sakura was indeed the one and only Demon Tamer, the Akatsuki would be after both Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto, on the other hand, was worried for her safety. After her Genin days, he felt that Sakura and him were getting closer. He never did blame her for the way she acted when she was younger; it was only natural for girls her age. As she went through her story he felt flashbacks flying through his head. He remembered the pink haired teen that helped him gain the confidence that he holds so dear till this day and now he realized that it was Sakura. With her story progressing, he was able to piece together all his unanswered questions. It really amazed him as how much Sakura helped him and even Sasuke even if it was only mentally and not physically. He just wondered if Sasuke remembered Sakura's good deeds as well.

After two hours of explaining her story, and questions, Tsunade nodded towards her and cleared her throat.

"Well Sakura, I must say that is an interesting story. For right now I want all three of you to get some rest. Now that we finally know who the Tamer is, Sakura, I am afraid that you are only aloud on certain missions."

Sakura nodded her head in agreement. "Hai Tsunade-Shinshou." It wasn't like she wasn't use to it. She would only sometimes go on missions only because of her medical skills were greatly needed her in the village.

"As for you Naruto, I think I am going to have to dwindle down your missions as well. I can't have the Akatsuki getting a hold of either one of you."

Sakura could tell the amount of hurt that Naruto felt once those words left Tsunade's mouth, but with his head strong stubbornness, he accepted his fate with great maturity. "Hai."

"Kakashi, as for you, I am going to give you the ability to track down the Akatsuki and their activities, but for now, all three of you are going to go home and get some rest."

The three ninja's bowed deeply to their leader and exited the room. As the three ninja's walked the streets of Konoha, the mystery man felt his targeted chakra making their way home.

'Let the games begin.'

The tiny team walked together until Kakashi separated from the group. Sakura and Naruto watched and waved towards Kakashi as he made his way towards his apartment.

The two remaining ninja's walked in a comfortable silence towards their apartments.

"Wow Sakura-Chan I can't believe that you are the Tamer." Naruto said.

Sakura nodded her head and held a small smile. "I was just as shocked as you are when I found out as well."

Silence over took them once more as the mini conversation died down. Naruto felt uncomfortable by the silence and so did Sakura, for the both of them started to fidget in the silence.

"Hey Sakura-Chan…" Naruto started to say.

Sakura turned her head from the scenery and back towards her close friend. "Yeah Naruto?"

Naruto stopped walking and held her emerald eyes with his blue ones. "What was the past like?"

Sakura felt a happy smile plaster across her face. She still didn't get to share her interaction with the current Jonins that were once the Rookie Nine's Sensei's.

"It was interesting to say the least."

Naruto raised an eye brow towards her. "How so?" He couldn't wait to hear this.

"Well…." Sakura felt her smile grow bigger as memories flashed through her mind. "Ever imagined an Anko that had a crush on Kakashi?"

Sakura watched as Naruto's jaw dropped to the ground. Next was the disgusted shutter of disturbance that rushed through his body, causing Sakura to giggle at his reaction.

"You are kidding me right?! Anko liked Kakashi-Sensei?!"

Sakura felt herself giggle a little harder at Naruto's sudden realization. "Yup! And you want to know what else?"

Naruto shook his head wildly waiting to hear her encounters with the older ninja, but before Sakura continued on with the fun side of her journey, the two of them sat down on a bench.

"What else did you find out Sakura-Chan?" Naruto was truly curious about what else Sakura could of found out.

"Remember how Lee was in love with me during our Genin days?" Sakura waited until she saw the shutter from Naruto again. She always knew Naruto was a little creped out by the green beast of Konoha. "Well imagine Gai like that!"

Naruto thought for a minute until he felt his whole body laughing at the realization of Gai serenading to Sakura and saying how much of a lovely spirit of youth she was.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh that's rich Sakura-Chan! That's rich!"

Sakura laughed along with Naruto after he told her about his mental picture of a 16 year old Gai acting like a 13 year old Lee around girls.

"Oh but Naruto don't forget! You were adorible when you were younger too!" Sakura said with a cute face.

Sakura watched as his face heated up wtih embaressment. He remembered the time Sakura fell asleep in his bed, bathed him, and changed him. She was the one that inspired him to be attracted to the color orange.

"Ah, Sakura-Chan! How embaressing!" He said while trying to banish his blush away, causing Sakura to chuckle a little more. "What about Teme?! I'm sure he had some moments too!"

Sakura's smile got even bigger at the mention of Sasuke's name. Sure she was sad that he attacked Naruto in the forest, and after she told Naruto about the fight Naruto was even more irked, but she still couldn't help but laugh at how cute and innocient both him and Naruto were at the young age of five.

"You sure you can handle it Naruto?" Sakura asked teasingly, causing Naruto to beg her to tell him some dirt on the bastard.

"Ok, ok. Well let's just say that Sasuke didn't like the fact that tunder and lightning made so much noise." Sakura said with a wink.

Naruto almost fell out of the bench laughing uncontrollably. "Ha, ha, ha!" Was all Naruto could muster out of himself as he rolled on the grass in laughter.

After Naruto got himself together and Sakura made sure that her friend calmed down enough to strike up a conversation once again, the two shared tons of laughs once again. Sakura revealed to Naruto Kakashi's fears and how Anko would always try to flirt with him. Then they would talk about Gai and his adventures. Sakura and Naruto talked on the bench till it was pitch black.

'Amazing how much time flys when you finally have time to catch up on the past with Naruto. He always has a way with making everything so carefree.' Sakura thought as she watched his blonde head look up at the starry sky. She looked up too and watched as the stars twinkled in all their glory.

"Sorry Sakura-Chan but I have to go. I'm really tired. It was awesome hanging out with you again!" Naruto said, bringing his attention back. The two then hugged each other and parted ways.

Sakura stood by the bench and waved at Naruto's disappearing back. After Sakura couldn't see him anymore, she continued on her way towards her apartment. It has been so long since she has actually spent some time in her own bed, she was bounced form one mission to another and now she could finally relax.

The mystery man followed the chakra from an incredible distance away, making sure the victim wouldn't have a chance to detect him. His target wouldn't know what hit them once he popped up in their apartment.

Once inside the apartment, Sakura found herself drowning herself in warm water from the shower. After her refreshing shower, she brushed her wet pink hair, cliped it up in a bun, and got dressed in a light pink sports bra with black smooth boxers.

"Ah much better." Sakura said out loud to herself as she hid a few weapons under her black boxers that reached all the way down to her knees.

'No wonder men like boxers better than briefs.' Sakura thought with a chuckle.

She made her way towards her kitchen and poured herself a glass of iced tea. "Ahhh." Sakura said in content as she cold tea was swallowed down her throat.

She then made her way towards her couch in the living room while continuing to take tiny sips out of her cup. While on the way to the couch she felt a pair of eyes on her back, sending chills up her spine.

Having her exhausted, yet still sharp, ninja senses kick in, she spun around on the ball of her foot and stared at her kitchen window. She eyed it from far away until she decided to check it out. Slowly she walked towards the window and stuck her head outside. The cool summer breeze went gliding across her face, causing her to smell the summer air.

Deciding that there was nothing outside, she spun back around and continued back towards her couch. As she turned around she bumped into a solid chest.

"What the…." Sakura looked up only to see a black and red clouded cloak.

Her senses went on high alert as she threw the cup at the man, causing him to block it with his hand, cutting right through the cloak and making a few scratches on his arm.

Before the man could even grab Sakura, she jumped out the window and ran up to the roof of the apartment complex. She saw too many horror movies where the girls never got the hell away from their murderer.

The cloaked man followed Sakura to towards the roof and the two stood there. It was much like a Wild Wild West, but without the guns of course.

"What do you want?" Sakura shouted while trying to slip into a defensive position.

'My body can't take much more of this. I still need to recover from the two back to back battles from the mission.'

The cloaked man stood there without moving. Emerald eyes watched as a piece of his cloak moved very slightly. Before Sakura could react, two needles went flying towards her and down she went.

As Sakura was lying down on the ground, the cloaked man came up to Sakura and lifted her up over his shoulder.

"Never have I had my information jumbled up like that. You made a fool out of me woman, and I don't appreciate that, but now we will be even. You made me look like an idiot in front of my team and I'll take you away from your home."

With that the mystery man jumped off the roof of the apartment complex and made his way towards the base. Every so often he would cast a glance at the sleeping woman.

'A medic ninja and she can't even tell when a needle dipped in sleeping powder is being thrown towards her.'

He glanced a little longer at the pink haired woman once he was farther away from Konoha. The place may not have a well guarded security, but he will admit, but they did have some powerful ninja. A prime example would be the Uchiha that was part of the organization.

'To think that a mire woman like you would be the Demon Tamer, it's preposterous…..who would of ever thought that a weak woman like you would be able to calm down blood thirsty killers? It blows my mind.'

And the two continued to disappear into the night, not one of them looking back. Sure one of them was asleep, but that didn't matter. What mattered to our mystery man was the fact that he was able to get back to the base and receive all the credit in finding the Tamer.

Poor Sakura, she has no idea what she is about to get herself into.






Author's Note: I hope you all forgive the amount of time it took for this story to post a new chapter. Since school is back again, I will be able to be on a more consistent schedule than I normally am during the summer.

Please tell me if there is anything wrong or if there are any ideas out there, I love hearing new ideas!

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