Past, Present, Future

Chapter 21

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Her body was shivering and a revolting smell entered her nose. These were the first sensations that Sakura woke up to.

"Ugh….." Sakura groaned, as she tried to lift herself up into a sitting position, causing her to wince in pain.

Her body was as stiff as a board, refusing to listen to her brain telling the muscles to form a sitting position. Emerald eyes were covered by long lashes as Sakura blinked away the drowsiness she felt. Once she was fully awake, she noticed that she was sitting on a rocky surface.

'What the hell?' Sakura looked down at the floor only to see small blood stains blending in with the rocky surface that she assumed was a floor. 'How did I get here? Where exactly is "here"?"

Before Sakura even tried to stand up, she stretched out her legs, arms, back, and everything else in-between. Her body felt a little bit better, but what surprised her was that she wasn't injured like she thought she would be.

'I think I have watched too many scary movies for my own good.' Sakura thought while shaking her head trying to get ride of the scary thoughts that processed through her mind.

"Sakura-Chan! Thank god you are awake!" Anri said while she launched herself at Sakura and hugged her tightly. Sakura couldn't help but stare as a small tear escaped out of the corner of her eye.

'Anri…' Sakura thought while she tried to comfort the Demon that was attached to her side. 'It's ok. See?' Sakura stood up on her two feet and slowly walked around her mind, showing Anri she was alright. 'I'm fine. No broken bones or anything.'

Anri stayed completely still while she watched Sakura walk around her mind and also could see that she was walking around the room as well. "Sakura-Chan you don't understand! You are in grave danger here!"

Sakura stopped dead in her tracks and eyed Anri with suspicious eyes. How did she know where they were? 'You know where we are?'

The Demon went gloomy and sighed, slowly nodding her head, causing her silver hair to sway in the way of her shaking head. 'I have failed brothers and sisters. Sakura-Chan I am sorry, I am a failure. I can't even protect you and I'm a Demon! What is wrong with me?!'

Sakura watched as Anri receded to her own world. It was strange to see the Demon daydreaming, but as Sakura looked closer, she could see the deep disappointment that was evident in her ice blue eyes.

'Anri, what's wrong?' Sakura asked as she placed a hand on the Demon's shoulder.

Anri looked at Sakura with her ice blue eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry Sakura-Chan. I was supposed to protect you from them and I couldn't even do that."

Sakura raised a slim pink brow towards Anri. 'Are you talking about the people that kidnapped me?'

Anri nodded her head. "How the Akatsuki knew to follow you and your team into the Hokage's office and eavesdrop is beyond me. The man is a genius with gathering research. But the fact that I sensed him and didn't tell you…..what is wrong with me?!"

Sakura felt all her breath escape her lungs everything else Anri said after the Akatsuki and how they found her escaped Sakura. The fact that the Akatsuki was in her village worried her. They were able to enter Tsunade's office without causing any suspicion? That was when Sakura felt herself start to loose her lunch.

'That means they heard everything I said. This means they know who I am, hence why I am probably in their base right now. I need to get out of here pronto! No way am I going to stand here and wait for them to do what ever they are going to do to me!'

Anri felt Sakura get up and when her ice blue eyes meet emerald, she saw the blazing determination flashing through them. It amazed the Demon how much this one human possessed such an endless amount of determination, even when everything seemed hopeless.

'What are you going to do Sakura-Chan?'

Sakura smiled brightly at Anri and shrugged her shoulders. 'At this point I don't know. First I need to figure out if there is anyone on the other side of this door, see if it is locked, and then figure out where the hell I am in this base.'

Anri felt her depression slowly leave her. She reached inside her sky blue dress and pulled out a medallion that Nobu gave her. "Sakura-Chan, before you start to stir up trouble, take this."

Anri placed the medallion in Sakura's hands. Sakura watched as the silver gold chain fell in her grasp. Blue eyes watched her as she ogled at the piece of jewelry; many colors circled the round pendent, and it made Sakura become lost for words.

'What is this?'

Anri smiled at her. "Each color stands for a different Demon. If you ever end up in trouble, while you try to escape this hell, just call your chakra to it and leave the rest of it to us."

Sakura smiled brightly at Anri, hugged the living daylights out of her, and clasped the medallion around her neck. 'Thank you so much Anri and if you ever see Nobu again can you tell him thank you? Along with the rest of the Demons that are helping me?'

Anri nodded her head with assertiveness and then rippled away from Sakura's mind. With growing determination to get the hell out of the smelly dungeon, she turned her attention to the cell and a devious plan started to form in her head.

'They won't know what hit them! Ha! That is what you get for messing with Haruno Sakura!'

Meanwhile, on the other side of the base, a meeting was being held. The room held a oversized desk stacked, very neatly, with papers and other supplies. The man behind the desk was concealed by shadows presented all through his office. Standing right next to him was a woman with the typical Akatsuki cloak concealing her form. In front of the two people were the six Akatsuki members. Every one of them was standing around in a circle, half wondering why they were hear and the other half had an idea of what the urgent meeting was about.

"Why did you bring everyone to my office Zetsu?" Asked the man obscured by shadows.

Zetsu bowed deeply towards the man. "Leader, I know it may seem too soon for me to assume this, but I have concrete evidence that supports my accusations."

The woman on the side of the Leader stared at Zetsu with emotionless eyes. "Get to the point already." She said with a bit of a bone chilling edge to it.

The Leader held up his hand towards the woman and she returned to her docile state. "Konan let Zetsu explain."

Konan growled and nodded her head. "Yes Sir."

The remaining five members waited impatiently for Zetsu to continue with his big announcement. Zetsu bowed deeply, once again, towards the Leader, Pein, and cleared his throat.

"I have found out who the Demon Tamer is." He simply said, hiding his ego-filled smirk in the process.

Pein stared unnervingly at Zetsu; Konan shot a look of indifference towards the man, while everyone else behind Zetsu waited patiently to hear what he was going to tell their leader. Only a few of the members agreed with theory about the Hakate being the Tamer, and the others felt that the theory wasn't developed enough to tell the Leader.

"How?" Pein asked narrowing his eyes towards the man.

"I followed them back to their village and collected information there."

Konan didn't believe Zetsu, how could their leader not find the Demon Tamer and he could? It didn't piece together right. "Where is the Tamer from?" She asked.

"Konoha." Zetsu simply said. Waiting for more questions to be launched at him.

Everyone in the room could hear their Leader's chair being pulled out away from him, for the legs of the chair screeched against the floor. He still masked himself with the shadows, but they could see his shadow walking towards Zetsu.

Zetsu felt all his nerves form a knot inside him. The Leader's presence was always scary when he was this close to your personal space. The shadow stopped a few feet in front of Zetsu and Zetsu could feel his piercing glaze down on him. No matter how many times the Uchiha would unleash his infamous glares, even though they were extremely daunting, they could never hold a candle to what their Leader's glare did.

"Explain yourself Zetsu. You do know the consequences if you are lying." He blankly said.

Zetsu nodded his head, not showing his nervousness and frightened state to the whole organization. He made his face as calm as usual and began his explanation.

"When you sent us to Lightning Country, I was able to get a few suspects on who it could possibly be. We came across the Kyuubi and his team…."

'The Demon boy and Hakate were there? Interesting. Why were they there?' The Leader thought while he listened to Zetsu's story.

"…..after they left, I had a hunch to follow them."

Zetsu watched as a arm raised itself in the air, silencing his story. "Why didn't any of you try to capture the Kyuubi?"

"Come on Leader, the Demon prick had the lazy man and some hot babe with him." Hidan said bluntly.

Hidan felt the Leader's eyes staring right through him, causing him to feel uncomfortable as well.

"And? You are Akatsuki. You can handle a little girl and an old man." He strained his voice, trying to hide how angry he was at his oblivious followers.

"But Leader….." Deidara stopped talking once he felt the deadly glare on him.

"No. There is no excuse for not capturing the Demon when you had the chance." He said.

"Leader, Tobi is a good boy, but Tobi thinks the woman was different than normal shinobi Tobi has seen." Tobi ranted off, trying to make the mood better.

The Leader felt his eye brows rise up, but they couldn't see it, of course. "Explain Tobi." His voice returning to his impassive tone.

Tobi shrugged his shoulders and continued on with the story. "Tobi saw that the woman did some jutsu, but Tobi didn't recognize it." He said, not wanting to say that her and her teammates escaped. That would cause them to get in even more trouble and Tobi doesn't like getting his Leader angry.

"What type of Jutsu?"

This time Kisame entered the conversation. "The little woman was forming seals at a leisurely pace. It's not every day a ninja casually runs through hand signs, especially with Itachi and his Sharingan."

"Yeah, so?" Konan said with an annoyed tone added at the end. Everyone knew never to run through their jutsu's casually. Period, end of story. It gives your opponent time to figure out what element jutsu it could be.

"The babe went through the damn seals like it was not a big deal we would see what she was summoning." Hidan said.

"Or she could have thought that we couldn't copy it." Kisame said.

The Leader didn't say anything as all possibilities ran through his head. 'Kisame is right on one thing, but the girl is Tsunade's apprentice. What jutsu could she possibly know that she doesn't think no one can copy?'

"Itachi, can you copy the move?"

Itachi's glowing red eyes scanned the room to see everyone waiting for his answer. His answer would determine how the rest their Leader's mood would be. If he told them that he couldn't copy it, which he couldn't, then their Leader would be even more furious. He would step up their mission count and everything else. Something none of his teammates and himself would enjoy.

But before Itachi could give his answer, they heard a voice from the other side of the door. The five members exchanged confused looking between each other, while the Leader and Konan sent a look to each other.

"Leader-Sama…..." Said the voice from the outside of the door.

The Leader felt irritated that a low ranking servant would have the guts to interrupt his meeting. He felt his anger snap and knew what he was going to do to the poor boy. "Come in." He said in a very bloodcurdling voice, causing everyone to question what their Leader was going to do to the poor Chunnin.

A poof was seen in the room and a boy about the age of fifteen entered the room. He was one of the servants that would watch the dungeons, interrogate the prisoners, and would clean the whole base. The fifteen year old stood in the room, clearly showing his discomfort from the look his Leader was giving him.

"I'm sorry Leader-Sama, for interrupting your meeting..." his brown eyes looked up at the shadow causing him to return his glaze to the floor immediately after. Even though he couldn't see the Leader's face, the vibe he was giving out was a dead give away that he was a dead man if he didn't come up with a good excuse. "…..but there has been a breach in the security system."

The Leader raised an eyebrow towards the teenaged boy. "What kind of security breach?"

The teen gulped down his nerves and continued on with his sentence. "A prisoner in the dungeon escaped and now the security system around the base is down."

"How can the fucking security system be down?! We are underground you shit head! No one in here besides you freaks now how to disarm it!" Hidan shouted, but calmed down once the Leader held his arm up to calm down the vulgar ninja.

"Which prisoner?" The Leader asked, while trying to narrow down the culprits that would be smart enough to shut down the security system and who would be dumb enough to try to escape, but most of their prisoner's were neither.

"The new one that came in last night." The teen said timidly.

The Leader glared at the boy. 'What new prisoner….wait a minute.' His attention was brought back to Zetsu. "Is this you're doing?"

Zetsu felt the uncomfortable feeling float around his stomach. Oh boy was he in for it now. "Yes. I brought the Tamer in last night and shoved them in the first heavily made cell I could find."

The teen watched as his Leader walked up towards Zetsu, still being concealed by the darkness, and lifted Zetsu up by his collar. Never before has he seen his leader like this, sure he would threaten him and his friends if they screwed up a job, but everyone thought that the boss treasured his six main shinobi. Apparently only sometimes….

"You brought him here?! You never crossed this with me. Did you even drain his chakra?!" The Leader yelled.

Zetsu felt his skin crawling up his arm. When his leader was mad, and actually showed it, he knew he was in trouble. "I'm sorry Master, but I figured I would bring them here before I missed my window of opportunity."

Before Pein could even lay a finger on Zetsu, one of the servants went flying through his office door, knocking it down and sending the Jonin level man right into Pein's concrete desk, causing the desk to break in half.

'What is going on in here?' Pein thought as he and everyone else in the room turned their heads towards the hole in the door.

While this meeting was taking place, Sakura was able to finally agree on a plan. She walked over to the stone door and examined it with keen eyes; looking for any cracks in the stone it would be easier than trying to unlock the door.

'Who ever captured me really is an idiot. Every kidnapper knows that you either poison the captive, like they do in the movies, or they drain a ninja's chakra. Common sense people! But no matter…. their lose, my gain!'

With that final thought, Sakura took a deep breath, drew her arm as far back as she could go, and punched right where the tiny crack in the stone was. Her inhuman strength allowed her to knock down the stone door with a single punch, causing it to crumble under the pressure. After the door crumbled to the ground Sakura was attacked by three guards.

Sakura dodged each and every one of their kicks and punches. As she examined her opponents, she noticed that they were teenagers. 'Now why would a top killing organization like the Akatsuki keep their prisons guarded by teenagers?'

In no time, Sakura knocked the three guards and dragged them in her cell. She then placed them all on top of each other and continued down the long hallway. She watched as some prisoners glared at her with envy, others snickered and started to talk about how she was going to die before she reached the end of the hallway.

'What are they talking about?'

Not being the patient woman that she should be, Sakura turned to one of the prisoners and her emerald eyes held a bit of a edginess to them.

"What are all you snickering at?" Sakura lowered her voice into a threatening tone. She did not like to be mocked and she did not like being clueless either.

The prisoner stared at her with frightening eyes. "They will come…."

Sakura narrowed her eyes at him and grasped his shirt with her hands, shaking him a little bit. "What are you talking about?"

The frightened man shook involuntarily and she saw another man inside the stall. Sakura let go for the man, feeling sorry for him, and turned her attention to the other man. "What about you?"

"You got guts girl, but let's see what happens to you when interrogation comes around."

Sakura got a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach, what ever the interrogation was, it didn't sound good. "What do you mean?"

The said man got up from the floor and shoved his face in the bars. His eyes shined as he eyed Sakura's revealed body up and down. She glared at the pervert, causing him to return his vision to her face.

"The interrogation is where everyone down here ends up. The newly arrived prisoners, like you, stay in the stone chambers. Then once you get an interrogation a couple of times, you work your way up to less guarded areas." He said right as he started to go in a coughing fit.

Sakura's medical trained eyes scanned the injured man as he coughed up blood. She could tell by the way he held onto his side and the way he walked over to her that he was in horrible condition. Him coughing up blood indicated internal organ bleeding, him holding onto his side meant his ribs were broken, and the fact that he could barely walk over to her told Sakura that his leg was broken in several places. His hoarse voice indicated that it was a hassle to even breathe.

'What ever interrogation techniques they used on their prisoners it doesn't look pretty. No wonder they have Chunnin level ninja's watching over their prison. Why would they bother putting well skilled ninja when they can just basically kill their prisoners to the point that they can't do anything?'

As Sakura scanned the cell, she noticed a dull blinking in the corner of the cell. Narrowing her eyes a little more, trying to figure out what it was, she noticed it was a video camera.

'So they have less guards outside their door, but they are still being watched…..'

Sakura felt a smirk slowly creep up her face. She was having another idea forming in her head; she was going to get back at these sadistic bastards for pushing these prisoners over the edge and then letting them sit here to slowly die.

'But where would a main security camera be?'

She turned away from the prisoners, now knowing why her cell probably smelled so horrid, and continued walking down the hallway. She blindly went down random hallways, hoping that if she went up any staircase she would get to something that doesn't look like a prison.

After three flights of stairs, Sakura found herself away from the smell of death and blood and was welcomed to the smell of fresh pine scent.

'Who would have guessed that the Akatsuki would smell like fresh pine? Oh well, it's better than the prison I just came from.'

As Sakura followed her sense of direction, which apparently was very good considering it got her this far in the lair, she saw a video camera surveying the hallway she was about to enter. Her plan flashed through her head once again and she went on her hands and knees, crawling along the floor until the camera couldn't see her.

Getting up on her feet, Sakura climbed up the wall with only her left side being attached to the wall, while she grabbed the security camera and disconnected it.

'Ok now it is time for some real fun. First the wire goes over here, and then this one over there, followed by this yellow wire going in this plug.'

As Sakura reassembled the video camera she couldn't help but smile at her job well done. She would have to thank Shino for teaching her how to reassemble certain electronics. Once the camera stopped blinking its red light at her, she jumped off the wall and continued down the hallway.

Further down the hallway, Sakura saw two oak doors to her left. She felt different chakra readings, but she couldn't dwell too much longer on it, for a bunch of ninja's jumped out from behind her and attacked her.

Sakura relayed on her instincts to dodge any hits she could. A mini fight ensued while Sakura threw every person that came at her, into a wall. One man came up behind her and had her in a head lock. Sakura stepped on his foot, grabbed his arms, and threw him right into the double oak doors that were now in front of her.

The man went flying through the doors causing a big hole in the doors. Sakura watched the man fly through the room and hit a concrete desk and cracked it in half.

'Oopies….oh well.' Sakura thought while shrugging it off that is until she saw eight heads turn her way. She felt her breath being caught in her throat. Right in that room stood the same six Akatsuki members that attacked her team, and two other people she have never seen before.

Before Pein could do anything the pink haired girl jumped over one of his guard's heads and ran right at them. Causing the two of them to fly in his office and his guard flying through the air, hitting the wall, causing a crater.

Zetsu stared wide eyed at the woman. She seemed so weak and helpless when he kidnapped her, and here she was now, creating craters all over Pein's office.

Deidara felt his mouth drop down to the ground, where the hell did she come from?! Tobi smiled at the girl, not knowing what else to do. Kisame watched as the little woman, from before, created the crater in the wall. Who would have thought a little woman could crack a concrete bench and create a fissure in the wall?

Hidan, on the other hand, was speechless. There was the pink haired babe again! But this time, she wasn't fully clothed; all she had was a sports bra on and guy's boxers.

'Now I wonder where she got those….'

He watched, inactivated, by the way her body looked. Her chest would rise and fall with every breath she would take, causing her boobs to follow suit. His eyes traveled from her fully developed chest, to her flat stomach. Being a ninja did have it perks when it came to a fit body, but what was a bonus was that she wasn't overly muscular like most woman ninja he has seen. Even with her inhuman punch it didn't affect the way she looked.

Itachi stood as still as stone. He felt himself grow angry with Zetsu. How dare he bring her to this place? And most importantly why was she only dressed in as little clothing as possible?! He could see Hidan ogling over her body, but he couldn't blame him. For her to have to ability to possess such strength and still look as delicate as a flower was marvelous. However, he did not like the fact that every male in the room had the pleasure of seeing her like this either. He didn't like to share what was his. If Hidan didn't stop soon, he was sure he was going to make him stop.

"Zetsu, what is the meaning of this?" Pein said as he turned his glaze to the said man.

Zetsu felt his promotion just in reach now. "This, Leader, is the Demon Tamer." He said pointing to Sakura, who was trying to catch her breath.

Pein narrowed his eyes towards the man and shook his head. "She doesn't look like it Zetsu….you better not be lying." Pein said in a threatening tone.

Zetsu shook his head. "No Master I assure you, this is the prisoner I kidnapped from Konoha. I heard her and…."

Sakura couldn't believe her ears. Her emerald eyes glared a hole in the back of Zetsu and when she heard him say he kidnapped her that was when she snapped. "EXCUSE ME?!"

Everyone in the room looked at Sakura and watched as she tightened her fists, revealing white knuckles to everyone. Zetsu felt a sweat drop in the back of head; the girl was very loud that was for sure.


Zetsu nodded his head and noticed his master watching the girl closely. "What are you going to do about it? You're only a woman."

Sakura felt her face scrunch up in disgust, so the man was sexist huh? She also noticed another female in the room; she seemed insulted by Zetsu's comment as well.

"Zetsu, I suggest you rethink what you just said." Konan said getting ready to wash the floor with Zetsu.

Zetsu felt Konan's anger in her voice and only glared at her. She was weak too, no matter how much respect his master had for the woman, all women were weak it has always been that way.

"No. What I say is true and that is that." Zetsu said.

Before Sakura could process what she was doing, she saw herself charging towards Zetsu and aimed a punch at his face. Zetsu simply dodged it and flipped her backwards.

Sakura was in such a rage that she wasn't thinking rationally, everything she did was unprocessed thoughts, causing Zetsu to throw her on the ground. She wouldn't give up and kept charging towards him, but before the girl killed herself, Pein stopped this little game.

He held onto Sakura, while she squirmed around in his hold. For a little girl she was really strong, as demonstrated by her punches and the fact that she was somewhat throwing off his balance.

Itachi watched the whole thing with a unreadable expression, but on the inside, he wanted to pluck her out of Pein's hold and keep her all to himself. He was going to have a talk with her once she was alone.

"Enough." Pein said in a military sergeant like tone, causing Zetsu to stop, but not Sakura. She still continued to thrash in his hold not caring that his voice sent a shiver of fear up her spine.

Pein lowered his head towards her ear and whispered very softly to her. "If you do not stop little one, I will make sure that you end up like the prisoners down in the dungeon." He said in a vicious tone.

Sakura felt her blood run cold, she remembered the prisoners in the cellars and she would be damned if anything like that happened to her. But his words, they felt so merciless and truthful that she stopped struggling in his arms and went limp. She noticed Itachi staring at her and she couldn't help but wonder what exactly he was thinking. She never did figure out exactly everything he would be thinking about.

"What are we going to do with her Leader?" Deidara asked.

Pein dropped Sakura out of his arms, causing her to fall on her butt, but she shot up to her feet before anything could happen to her. He circled around her and gave her a calculating look every step of the way.

"Zetsu….what exactly did you hear about this one?"

Zetsu cleared his throat and proceeded to tell his Leader about Sakura's identity and how he heard it. As Zetsu told his story he watched Pein's face for any indication that he was satisfied with his work, which was a fruitless effort, considering Pein never revealed what he was thinking.

Pein turned his attention, once again, from Zetsu to Sakura. He looked her in the eyes and watched as she glared ten fold at him, causing him to chuckle very lowly.

"You have spunk, I'll give you that." He said while she continued to glare at him, showing no signs of being afraid of him. "So if you are the Tamer, than we better find you better accommodations than what you woke up to."

Sakura felt her composure drop. He was going to actually give her a room? A place with four walls, a comfy bed, and a bathroom with a toilet, shower, sink, and it doesn't have the smell of blood?! What was going on here?

"What?! Why the hell would you be trying to make me feel welcomed to this shit hole?!" Sakura shouted at Pein.

Pein smirked as she yelled in his face. If it was one of his followers he would have killed them on the spot, but she was the Demon Tamer. If he killed her, then it would be impossible to save his wonderful creation.

"Well little one, if you are going to be helping us out, you need to be on equal turf like the rest of the members in this room." Pein said.

Sakura felt herself wanting to laugh at him, but felt that if she did, it would not end well.

"Who said I would even help you?!"

Pein caught her face with his hand, causing Itachi to narrow his eyes ever so slightly, and creased it with his thumb.

"Does it look like you have any choice little one? No one will find you and now that we know what you are capable of, your chakra will be drained. The odds are against you."

Sakura watched as his thumb traced over her lips, as the rested against her soft pink lips she opened her mouth and bite his thumb. Sakura watched in victory as he started to bleed and wince ever so slightly at the slight pain.

She watched as he glared at her and then a small evil smile creped on his face. "Oh you will be a fun guest indeed."

Sakura stuck her tongue out at him and tried to punch him in the face, but he caught her small fist with great ease.

Pein turned his attention to Konan and motioned her over. "Konan, take her to her new room. Make sure she is dressed appropriately and everything she needs are in the room."

Konan growled at the order being given but complied. She grabbed Sakura's arm and dragged her to the room.

While Konan and Sakura were walking to her new room, Pein went over the new rules pertaining to Sakura's captivity. The last thing Sakura could see was them all looking at her as she was dragged away. She concentrated on Itachi's face, only to see him staring right back. As her eyes scanned his body she could see him shoving his tightened fists in the cloaks pockets.

"Come, on. Keep moving." Konan said.

Sakura picked up her pace and followed Konan through the many twists and turns of the lair. As the only two woman walked in silence, Sakura couldn't help but want to start a conversation with her. And being the person that she was, Sakura didn't really enjoy the quietness anyways.

"So who are you?" Sakura asked, figuring it was a safe question to ask.

Konan didn't turn around and growled out the answer. "I'm a member just like everyone else. Nothing more, nothing less."

Sakura felt bad for the girl. 'It has to suck being the only woman in a base full of men….what am I talking about?! You know how much fun you could have?' As Sakura watched Konan's back she figured she wasn't the type of person that would do that.

"Uh….what is it like to be the only girl here?" Sakura tried again.

Konan sighed; her energy was calming down a bit, now that they were a good hundred feet from the men.

"It sucks. All these bastards belittle me because I'm a woman." Konan said. "Well mainly Zetsu, he is their leader."

Sakura was truly surprised that she answered. 'Maybe she just asks that way around men.'

"I take it that playing cold is just for show?" Sakura said, now walking beside Konan and not behind her.

Konan looked to her right and shyly nodded her head. "Yeah. If I don't act cold then they wouldn't care what I have to say. That's why I act so emotionless and sadistic."

Sakura ran in front of Konan and flashed her a smile. "Well don't worry! You can act normal around me. You know, us being girls and everything."

Konan smiled a small smile towards the energetic pink haired girl. 'Isn't she supposed to hate us because we took her away from her village? She is just too friendly to be a ninja.'

Sakura went back to Konan's side and the two continued walking to her new room. Sakura knew that she was suppose to be hating these people, but maybe if she befriended one of them, she could heal all their sorrows and pain. Maybe it was her doctor position taking over, trying to heal everything that was broken, but it didn't matter. This other woman beside her needed a friend and if she could turn around an Akatsuki member, she would have done the impossible.

"You going to tell me your name now?" Sakura asked again.

Konan nodded her head and smiled. "My name is Konan."

Sakura smiled brightly at the woman. "Nice to meet you Konan. My name is Sakura."

Konan nodded once again to the talkative ninja. It still amazed her that the girl was so talkative, but before long, the two arrived at Sakura's new bedroom.

Konan locked the door behind her and held a needle up towards Sakura. Sakura looked right a Konan and was deeply confused.

"Konan, what are you doing?"

"I'm sorry Sakura, but I have to do this…."

Sakura had a gut feeling of what was about to happen and before Sakura could knock the needle out of her hand, it was injected in her arm and Sakura felt herself become lightheaded. Sakura felt all her warm chakra leaving her. All that remained was a tiny pinch of chakra.

Before Sakura knew it, she fell unconscious and Konan placed her on her queen sized bed.

The needle was glowing blue, holding Sakura's precious chakra. Konan looked down at Sakura with regret.

'I'm sorry Sakura. I wish I didn't have to drain your chakra, but it is orders. I am looking forward to talking more with you. I hope you are able to forgive me.'

And with that, Konan carried the glowing needled back to Pein's office, closing and locking Sakura's door as she went.






AUTHOR'S NOTE: Ok first off let me inform everyone that I don't know how Konan's personality is. I read a few things on wikapedia, not the most reliable source in the world, and they told me that her character was not really known. So I portrayed her as a character I thought she was. If anyone has any information on her, please tell me. I don't like making OOC character; I feel that it ruins the story and everything else. So please do tell me if you know anything about her character.

I hope you all enjoyed that extremely long chapter! 20 pages people! 20 pages! There is my present for you! It took me all day to write it and I am extremely happy with the way it came out. This is my favorite chapter, by far! So much happened and there is more to come!!

Please keep reviewing! As you can see the more reviews the happier I was and the longer and better the chapter was! :)



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