Past, Present, Future

Chapter 22

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Having a throbbing pain in the back of her head was not what Sakura was expecting to wake up to. Her room was filled with a groan as Sakura slowly turned over on her back and lifted herself up into a sitting position on the bed.

'Ugh, what happened?' Sakura thought, as she rubbed the back of her head with her hand, she called on her chakra hoping to heal the pounding head-ache but noticed that she had none.

'I knew it!' Sakura shouted as she mentally glared. Memories flashed through her head, as she replayed what happened in the past 24 hours. 'I wonder where Konan is now, I'm gonna need to have a word with that woman.'

Eyes fluttered open revealing curious emerald eyes. They darted around the room with growing curiosity. Sakura looked down at the queen sized bed covered with insanely white covers. Next to the bed was a deep oak wood nightstand that had a digital clock and a lamp with a light brown shade. Her eyes then traveled to the rest of the room, which consisted of a built-in closet and a bookshelf filled with books. In the corner of the room there was a wooden desk with a tiny stool as a seat. The room was bland with color, only having cream colored walls, and now that she was fully awake she felt a shiver run up her spine.

'God it's so cold in here…' Sakura thought, clearly forgetting about her rage, as she felt another urge to shiver run up her spine. 'Why is it so cold in this place?!'

She rubbed her arms with her hands trying to get warm, got up from the white bed, and made her way to the closet. 'Maybe there is something in there….'

She moved gracefully over towards the closet. Once she opened the closet door, her mouth dropped down to the floor.

'Do they seriously think I would wear this revolting thing?!' Sakura glared at the piece of clothing and grabbed it off the hanger.

A knock was heard from the door and Sakura dropped the repulsive clothing down on the ground, made sure to step on it with her bare feet, while walking towards the door.

"Who is it?" Sakura asked, while trying to hold back her anger by clenching her teeth together.

There was no answer on the other side of the door, but the door slowly creaked open to reveal Konan on the other side of the door. All of Sakura's rage came floating to the surface one she saw Konan. Konan watched as Sakura glared at her, with an intensity she hasn't seen in a very long time.

"Good morning Sakura." Konan said as she placed the tray of food down on her nightstand, ignoring Sakura's glaze.

Sakura continued to glare, as she watched Konan move toward the empty nightstand, not answering Konan's question in the process.

Konan felt it odd for the pink haired woman to be so quiet, even in the short time she has talked to Sakura; she knew the girl didn't like it when things were quiet.

The Akatsuki robe swayed in the movement of Konan, as she turned around sharply. Black eyes met fiery emerald; the two stared at each other for a few minutes until Konan turned her attention to the black clothing on the ground.

"Now Sakura, you need to wear this all the time. This place gets very cold." Konan said, in a motherly tone, as she walked over to the clothing and picked it up.

Sakura felt her anger rise. "If you think I'm going to wear that disgusting piece of clothing you are wrong!" Sakura yelled, as her fists tightened. She may be without chakra but that didn't mean her powerful punches were no longer powerful. She didn't slave all those years under the Hokage to learn how to punch craters in the wall with just chakra!

'Another person that thinks I only rely on chakra. I will have to prove them wrong, just like I did with Sasuke.'

Konan calmly stared at Sakura and shook her head slightly, causing her blue hair to follow suit. "Sakura you will freeze to death if you don't put this on."

While the two women were having their dispute, they didn't realize the curious ears outside the door, eavesdropping on their conversation.

"I've never heard Konan keep a conversation with someone besides Pein." Kisame said to Itachi.

Itachi stood slouched up against the wall, not really caring what his teammate was saying. He was more concentrated on the conversation that was going on in the room.

"I'm not putting that robe on me even if it was the last thing on earth!" Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs, causing Kisame and Itachi to cringe at the loud outburst.

"Sakura please put on the robe." Konan said as she raised the Akatsuki robe towards Sakura.

Sakura couldn't take it anymore, if there was one thing that she inherited from her Sensei, besides becoming very tolerant around liquor, it would have to be her short temper.

Konan watched Sakura walk over to the stool that stood in front of the heavy desk in the corner of the room. Sakura plopped down on the stool and slouched up against the desk.

"Put on the robe Sakura." Konan said in a demanding tone.

"Now this is the Konan I'm used to." Kisame said, while a shiver ran up his spine. Unlike Zetsu, he respected Konan and her power; she was down right scary when she wanted to be.

Itachi felt his muscles twitch in anticipation. Sakura was not the type to just give up and give in to anyone's demands. 'She is planning something devious that is for certain.'

Sakura's head dropped down, causing her face to be hidden behind her hair. Konan walked over towards Sakura and held up the robe to Sakura.

"Now Sakura." Konan commanded, trying to keep her calm exposure, but it was slowly slipping with Sakura being this stubborn.

Konan watched as her arms moved towards the robe. Time seemed to drag on as Sakura reached up for the robe, but Konan's sharp eyes watched as Sakura retreated her hands back behind her. It was like the robe would burn her if she touched it. But before Konan had time to stop Sakura, Sakura lifted up the heavy wooden desk, and hurled it at the wall directly behind Konan. Konan felt the force behind the throw as the desk just skimming past her left cheek.

A big crash was heard on the outside of Sakura's room. Kisame moved away from the door and blinked repeatedly at it. "What was that?"

Itachi felt his mind mentally chuckle at Sakura's showing of a tantrum. 'I wonder what she tossed.'

Kisame didn't wait to find out, so he opened the door, making it fly open. The two of them walked into the deadly silent room only to see a stiff Konan and a heavy breathing Sakura.

"What part of No don't you get?! I would never wear that thing and disgrace my village!" Sakura yelled once again, all her anger coming out.

Konan blinked a couple of times before she turned her head around to look at the billions of pieces the desk broke into. 'Even without chakra she still is able to lift 10 times her weight….incredible.'

Kisame just stared at what was left of the desk. He then turned his head towards Sakura and watched as her breathing calmed down.

"Let me see what I can do." Konan said, returning to her cold state.

Sakura felt herself smile brightly towards the blue haired woman and flashed her a bright smile. "Thank you Konan!"

'Not having to wear that thing would be the least of my worries.' Sakura thought while still flashing her bright smile.

Konan slightly tilted her head and turned her attention to Kisame and Itachi. "I take it you are here for Sakura." Konan stated.

Kisame nodded his head. "Yeah." He stated firmly.

Sakura looked back and forth between the three shinobi with a puzzled expression. "What are you talking about?"

"You will have these two watching you for today. They will be acting like your guards." Konan finished as she walked out of the room.

Sakura stared at the woman as her jaw dropped to the floor. 'What?!'

Konan paid no heed to Sakura's expression and turned around to leave Sakura's room. Once Konan was outside the room her attention returned to the other two Akatsuki members.

"Itachi and Kisame, if anything happens you are to report it to me." Her black eyes then landed on Sakura. "I will be back to bring you dinner." And with that, Konan disappeared from their sight.

"Eat your food. When you're done, come out." Itachi told Sakura as he and Kisame exited the room, leaving Sakura no time to respond to what happened.

Sakura felt strange as Itachi ordered her around in that emotionless tone, she hated it with a burning passion. Whenever he used that tone she felt, unimportant and useless to him, even though she knew his feelings towards her.

"What the hell. Why me?" Sakura told herself as she made her way towards the tray filled with food. "Oh well better eat while I can." Sakura said as she tested the food for poison and then took a sip of the chicken soup.

Meanwhile, outside Sakura's room, Kisame and Itachi stood on either side of her door, waiting for her to finish eating.

"Why do we have to watch her? I never said I wanted to baby-sit." Kisame said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Hn." Was all Itachi said. 'We are the only ones that Leader trusts not to hurt Sakura. Deidara and Hidan would rape her and Zetsu would treat her poorly.' He Sharingan eyes stared at the wall in front of him as his mind continued to wander. 'It's better this way. Now I can watch her more closely. Even though it is for one day.'

A few minutes passed and her door slowly creaked open. Kisame and Itachi watched as Sakura timidly walked out of her room. She hesitantly looked up in the eyes of her "guards" and returned her glaze to the floor.

"Follow us." Itachi said as he took the lead and Kisame followed behind Sakura.

Sakura quietly walked behind Itachi as she examined the never ending hallways he was leading them down. 'How can I remember where any hallway will take me when I can't even distinguish when one starts and another one ends?'

Itachi lead Sakura up and down several hallways. It seemed like a never ending labyrinth with all the twists and turns in the building. As the three of them neared another ordinary hallway, Sakura felt very powerful chakra radiating from that direction.

She stopped following Itachi, causing Kisame to bump into her. "Hey shrimp keep moving!" Kisame ordered as he followed her glaze to the hallway in front of them.

He shot a look to Itachi and tried to push her away form the hallway, but she planted herself there, she wasn't moving at all.

Sakura narrowed her eyes down the long hallway and realized that she was sensing the Demon's locked up in the invention.

'Now I know what kind of chakra I'm sensing. The demons' are down in that hallway!'

'Hello? Whose there?!' Yelled a Demon from the hallway.

Sakura felt her eyes widen at the sudden realization. 'You can hear me?' She didn't recognize the demon's voice, but she felt the Demon's chakra flare.

The Demon that she responded to didn't answer her. She felt her eye brow raise in the air at the confusion. 'Well if they won't come to me I'll come to them. Something isn't right and I need to find out what.'

Sakura took a step towards the hallway, but was stopped by a arm. "Sorry shrimp, you aren't allowed down there." Kisame said as he forced her to turn around and continue to follow Itachi.

"Why? What's down there?" Sakura asked, while Kisame pushed her by the shoulders to continue to follow Itachi.

"Nothing important to you." Kisame said.

Sakura felt her curiosity rise even more. 'Why is it that a Demon could talk to me and yet it didn't talk back?'

As they got further and further away from the hallway, Sakura returned her attention back to the two men near her. She was going to ask them where they were going, but her questions were answered when Itachi opened a door. Light shined through the dark complex, blinding Sakura with the sudden brightness.

Kisame pushed the blinded woman forward and soon the door made a loud click noise behind her. She stood still until her vision was cleared and she found herself outside in a grassy field.

Her eyes looked around the luscious grass and found a few trees scattered around the area. 'That means we are in some area that allows plant life. But why did they bring me out here?'

Sakura toned out of her thoughts only to see Itachi and Kisame discussing something in a whispered tone that she could barely hear.

She stood there trying to read their lips, but the collar of their robes blocked her from reading anything. Her emerald eyes followed Kisame as he vanished from sight and then they turned towards Itachi.

'I guess Kisame had to patrol the area or something.' Sakura thought.

She watched Itachi walk towards her and stop a few feet away. "Follow me." He told her as he walked down the hill.

Not wanting to be left behind, she quickly followed him down the hill. As they walked down the hill, she noticed a forest come into view. Now why were they going into a forest? Sakura was very confused, but she didn't say anything, and followed Itachi while they traveled deep into the forest.

Before Sakura knew it, they were standing in front of a sparking lake. On the sides were trees hovering over the water and rocks surrounding the lake. Sakura felt her breath get caught in her throat. The place was beautiful!

Sakura looked over to Itachi and felt the need to flash him a big smile. He felt her glaze on him and he watched her from the corner of his eye. He knew she would love this place, it would be a spirit lifter for her, and he knew she needed it.

"Itachi….can I….can I go swimming?" Sakura asked, completely lost for words.

Itachi felt a small smirk cross his face, but Sakura caught it even if it was very small. "Hn."

That was all the conformation that Sakura needed. She launched herself at him and hugged him tightly. Itachi stiffened at her sudden touch, but as fast as the hug came, it was gone.

"Thanks Itachi!" Sakura shouted happily as she released him from her bear like hug and ran towards the rock platform that she could jump into the water from.

Itachi climbed onto one of the tree branches that hovered over the water. He laid down on the branch and watched Sakura climb the ten foot rock. His eyes never left her, he was in charge of her wellbeing, and even though he was just suppose to watch her for today, he took that further than it was intended.

Pink hair went flying in the air as Sakura dived down into the refreshing lake water. As she landed into the water, tiny ripples moved away from where Sakura landed. Itachi watched her swim in the lake, from floating on her back to jumping off the rock and doing several jumps off it, he couldn't help but feel at peace. Peace that he hasn't felt since he was thirteen and when she was with him.

As Sakura swam over towards Itachi, she couldn't help but ogle over how relaxed he looked. His muscles were less tense than normal, and she could tell just by his eyes that he seemed content.

But, she couldn't miss how handsome he looked just lying down on that tree branch. He head resting on one hand, while the other arm was limply hanging over the tree branch. A few pieces of hair escaped his low ponytail, making those pieces dangle in front of his Sharingan eyes.

'Well that won't last for very long.' Sakura thought as she sunk into the water, only leaving her nose and eyes above the water. A plan was being born in her head, and she was sure there would be hell to pay for it, but at the moment she couldn't resist.

Itachi narrowed his eyes, ever so slightly, as he watched Sakura sink down into the water like a hunter did when stalking his prey. 'Let's see what you do Sakura.' He thought with a tiny smirk on his face once again.

Sure she was playing with fire, but like a little child, Sakura wouldn't stop playing until she got burnt. She slowly sank herself into the water, fully, and disappeared from Itachi's eye sight. He watched her with heat in his eyes, he loved it when she challenged him. His Sharingan eyes traveled over the water, looking for her figure in the water.

Sakura knew he would use the Sharingan to his advantage, that's why she got out over where the tall grass could conceal herself. Without her chakra she needed to rely on the nature around her to blend in.

Getting into a squat, Sakura slowly and stealthily, walked towards Itachi's tree. Sakura giggled quietly to herself, she looked like a Native American blending in nature. Once the tall grass left her wide open, she quickly ran to the base of the tree trunk. She watched as Itachi stood in his same spot, barely moving a muscle.

'Ha! He's still looking for me!'

Sakura climbed the tree up to Itachi's branch, to see him still laying down in his original position. As Sakura was right behind him, he tuned around to see her emerald eyes open wide.

"Got cha." He said as he grabbed her and flipped her to a laying position on the branch.

Sakura didn't struggle against him, but she did glare at him. "No fair! You cheated." Sakura pouted, referring to his Sharingan.

Itachi lowered his head down to her neck and tickled behind her ear with the tip of his nose. "Oh really?" He said, while taking in her scent.

Sakura smirked in her head, another plan boiling in her head. "Yeah. You always have the Sharingan on." She said as she lifted her legs around his waist.

Itachi stared at her with more heat growing in his eyes. It had been a while since he could actually touch her and hold her like this. She was finally alone with him and him only. Not with some pig on a Club floor or with his whole team organization either.

"You should watch what you wear Sakura." Itachi said as he traced circles on her arms.

Sakura tilted her head to the side in an innocent manner. "Huh?"

Itachi growled at her and came crashing down on her soft pink lips. He didn't even have to ask for entrance, for she gladly opened for him. Sakura moaned into his kiss as his tongue started to play with hers. Her hands made their way to his hair and started to tangle her fingers in his dark locks. They felt so smooth against her fingers that if felt like she was on Cloud 9.

When he pulled away, Sakura growled cutely at him and glared softly at him. Itachi simply ran his hand along her face and slowly made his way to her pink locks.

"When you dress like that, you draw unwanted attention Sakura." He whispered in her ear, causing a shiver to run through her. "No one is allowed to see you like this." He said as he eyed her revealing outfit.

Sakura felt a light pink blush raise to her cheeks. Now she knew what he was talking about. He was jealous that everyone could see her assets. He was never one to share with others. That she learned the night at the Club.

'How cute…he's jealous. Maybe I should play with this a little bit more…' Sakura thought with a devious smile on her face.

"Don't think about it Sakura." Itachi said as he assaulted her lips again, but this time it was filled with more hunger and passion than before.

Sakura followed his lead, playing with his tongue in her mouth and running her hands on his chest hidden behind the robe. She felt his muscles tense from her touch, but they soon relaxed and he continued playing with her hair.

'Time to place my plan into action…'

Before their moment ended, Sakura moved her hands to his hips, and felt him stiffen. She looked up at him to see his eyes burn with lust, little did he know that wasn't what she was thinking. His hands moved from her hair and traced along her arms and stomach causing butterflies to roam al around her stomach. Even though his touches were heavenly, she shook her head and with one swift movement she lifted Itachi up, tossing him into the water.

Sakura thought she was going to die of laughter when she saw his face. His lustful glaze was erased with anger and shock, he didn't think she could lift him up without chakra.

'Ha! Take that!' Sakura cheered as she crawled to the very edge of the tree branch, making it tip to the water, as she scanned the water for him.

Itachi couldn't believe it. She just lifted him up and threw him in the water. He didn't even suspect it. 'This show's how relaxed I am in her presence. But now it's my turn.' Itachi thought as he swam underwater towards where the shadow of the tree was.

"I wonder where he went…" Sakura said out loud as she lowered herself closer to the water, making the tips of the tree branch dip into the water.

Down below, Itachi smirked as he slowly made his way to the surface. As his red eyes came up to the surface, he saw her upper body leaning over the branch in her face scanning the water out in front of her.

Before Sakura knew what happened, Itachi grabbed her hand and flipped her into the water. She went down with a splash and it didn't take long for her to raise up to the surface.

"Itachi! What was that about?!" She yelled as she tried to splash him with the water.

Itachi just stared at her and pulled her close to him. He lowered his head down to her ear and tickled her inner ear with his tongue. "Don't throw me into the water." He said in a husky voice as he pulled her closer towards him.

Sakura looked up at him to see droplets of water drip from lose pieces of hair and down his face. Her breath was caught in her throat at his appearance, she knew there was a good reason why she tossed him in the water.

Itachi watched her examine him, little did she know, he was doing the same thing. The water dripped from the ends of her hair and her eye lashes making her seem like a water goddess. His hold on her tightened, he didn't want to let her go, now that she was so close to him there was no way she was going to escape.

The two of them got out of the water and leaned up against the tree where all the trouble started. Itachi sat up against the tree first and Sakura sat in-between his legs. Her head rested against his chest and she curled up against him. While Sakura cuddled against him, Itachi placed his arms around her tiny waist, making her more comfortable against him.

It didn't take long for Sakura to fall asleep it that position. She felt safe and secure in his arms. The way he held her against him made Sakura feel complete. When she drifted off into dream world, Itachi watched her sleep, not moving a muscle. His eyes watched as her chest rose up and down slowly.

She was delicate and looked like she would wither away if he moved her. The way her body fit against him was like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle coming together. He didn't want to leave this moment, but when he felt Kisame's chakra coming towards them his heart sank. Their moment, although very comforting, was short lived.

He removed himself from underneath her and placed her a few feet away from him. As Kisame came into view Itachi watched as Kisame eyed Sakura.

"I see shrimp over here fell in the water." Kisame commented, not noticing Itachi's cloths looking a little damp.

"Hn." Itachi said. "Let's go." Itachi said, as he picked Sakura up bridal style, not allowing Kisame to carry her.

"Hai." Kisame said as the two of them walked back to the base.

While they walked to the base Itachi couldn't believe how much his emotions ran wild within him when he was near Sakura. She was the only one that made his locked up emotions come to life. She was truly a beautiful woman, but it wasn't just her looks that attracted him.

The way her mind worked completely fascinated him. No matter how much he studied her, she would always surprise him with something else. She was a rollercoaster ride that never ended, but that is what he loved about her.

Kisame walked along side Itachi and watched as his partner seemed very gentle with the pink haired woman. Granted she was beautiful, with her button nose, short pink hair, and vibrant green eyes, but also her fiery spirit was a rarity in their line of work.

But for all the time he has known Itachi, he wasn't one to be attached to women, hell he never even showed interest in woman! Now, all of a sudden, his partner seemed attached to the short tempered spit fire woman.

'It seems all to natural. Do they know each other from somewhere? But she is 19 and Itachi is 24, there is no way they could know each other….this is a mystery worth looking into.' Kisame thought as they continued towards their base hidden underground.

Even though Kisame is not one to pry into his partners business, this display seemed to fishy not to look into. 'Sorry Itachi, but she has caught my attention as well…'






There is the much needed Fluff that everyone was looking for!! I found their little hunting scene very cute, but that's my opinion! Don't worry I am planning more fluff to come in more chapters!! :)

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