Past, Present, Future

Chapter 23

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Darkness graced itself upon the Akatsuki hideout. The full moon shinned brightly in the sky, along with the sparkling stars that twinkled along side the bright moon. Konan stood outside, looking up at the black sky, enjoying how peaceful the night was.

Her blue hair swayed as a night breeze swept across the field, causing the blades of grass to tickle against her legs. Konan released a sigh and laid her back against the grass. As she closed her eyes, her mind replayed the events that happened today.

First her day started off with a desk being chucked at her head by an angry Sakura, not something she really enjoyed, and then she spent the rest of the day trying to find her different cloak to wear around the base. By the end of her search she was able to find Sakura a warm black cloak. Towards the end of the day she got feedback of Sakura's day.

'The only issue Kisame told me about Sakura is that she stopped and stared at the hallway where Pein keeps his precious weapon. He seemed worried that she would find it, how brainless Kisame is. Sure we have to keep an eye on Sakura, but she will never find where the weapon is located in that hallway. Even if she finds the room, she is only making our job easier, if she enters the room on her own free will we simply will take her power and transfer it into the weapon.' Konan thought seriously as she stared up as a shooting star flew through the sky.

Konan continued to stare blankly at the black sky until she heard the door shut behind her. Rising to her feet in a graceful manner, Konan shot her deep blue eyes towards to person who interrupted her peacefulness. The teenaged boy stopped dead in his tracks, sacred to his core, at Konan's passive yet bone chilling, stare.

"Master Konan, Leader wishes to speak to you." The frightened boy said as he bowed deeply towards Konan.

Konan said nothing and with a single hand seal she disappeared from the teenage boy's sight. 'I can only imagine what Pein wants with me.'

Pein sat at his desk, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. Konan would be coming soon and he had to discuss something with her. A swirl of smoke entered his office as Konan entered his office.

"You called for me Pein?" Konan said as she bowed respectfully towards her leader.

Pein nodded his head and kept his eyes on Konan. "What did Kisame tell you about our new guest?" He stated.

Konan wasn't surprised that he knew Kisame told her information about Sakura, truth be told, she expected him to ask her about that information as soon as she heard it. Pein did not like to be left in the dark about anything, no matter how minor it may seem.

"Kisame told me that Sakura stared down the hallway where you keep your weapon." Konan stated.

Pein stood up from his chair and walked over to Konan, watching her body for any signs of fear. Konan stood there watching his shadow move from the desk and over towards her, she betrayed nothing, keeping her composure as he came closer towards her. That was what he admired about her, she didn't get nervous easily.

"Any thoughts about this Konan?" Pein asked, as he passed her and sat down on one of the lounge chairs in the corner of the room.

Konan turned her body towards his direction and shook her head to her leader. "No Pein I don't."

"Why is that?" Pein asked.

Konan didn't need to see Pein's face to notice the pure curiousness he held for her blunt answer. Ever since she joined the Akatsuki and proved how powerful she was, Pein learned to value her opinion more than his own male members. Konan sometimes thought Pein held a soft spot of her, but those thoughts were quickly banished away before she allowed herself to dwell on them any longer.

"If she finds the room where the Jinchuriki's are at, it will only aid us." Konan simply said.

Pein didn't say anything as he reflected on Konan's words. 'It would be handy to have the little one enter the room on her own free will. Then we can use her for the weapon.'

Konan stood as still as stone as Pein moved away from his couch and towards her. Her blue eyes watched each step he took across the stone floor; his steps were graceful and naturally soundless. She felt his breath brushing against her neck.

"Well Konan, why don't we strike her curiosity a little more? Remember, curiosity kills the cat." Pein said as he smelled Konan's hair.

Konan tried to not show Pein that his action was causing her body to tense up, but it was slowly showing. What was wrong with her? She never acted nervous around Pein or anyone for that matter, so why all of a sudden was she acting like this?

"Hai, Pein." Konan said in her cold voice, revealing nothing about her emotional turmoil that was taking place in her head.

She felt his nose move away from the back of her head and move towards her cheek. 'What the hell is going on with him?' Konan thought as she continued to stay still while Pein's nose tickled her cheek.

"Don't disappoint me Konan." Was all Pein said as Konan felt lips on her cheek. As fast as the lips came on her cheek, they were gone. 'Did he just……kiss my cheek?'

Konan didn't turn around, no matter how much she wanted to, and simply nodded her head up and down. She could feel Pein's eyes follow her blue hair as it swayed from side-to-side against the side of his face.

"Good." Pein whispered in her ear and walked back to his desk.

Konan bowed towards Pein, and without another word, she exited his office. She walked down the never-ending hallways and stopped at a wooden door. As the wooden door opened, Konan stealthily walked into the room and towards a bed in the corner of the room.

As Konan laid down on the bed, she felt her mind processing everything that happened in Pein's office. He baffled her beyond comprehension, never before has he shown affection towards her, but she didn't dwell on it for long and drifted off into a light sleep.

Most of the members were asleep in the complex hidden underground, but not everyone. Six members were up and had no intention of going back to sleep. They were sitting down in a circle on the metal floor in their room.

"What is wrong with you Emi? You've been quiet all day." Shukaku said to his younger sister, staring into her cat eyes.

Emi didn't look up and kept staring down at the metal floor, if she looked into her older brother's eyes she knew she would crack and tell him what was bothering her.

'That girl's voice…..where did it come from? She didn't sound like any of the other members that pass by our hallway…..'

"Nothing is wrong Shukaku-san." Emi lied to her older brother.

Shukaku shot his little sister a suspicious look and looked around at his other brothers and sisters. Nobu was staring at Emi with his brown eyes, he seemed suspicious as well but he didn't dare voice his suspicions. His other sister, older than Emi but younger than himself, wasn't paying much attention to them.

'Tae is always in her own world. How she is able to control water with her dazed mind is a mystery to me.'

His black eyes glazed his three other mysterious brothers sitting on the other side of the circle. 'Baku, Jin, and Riki are always quiet, rarely do they voice their thoughts. Even they are not believing Emi's statement.'

The seven Demons' sat in their closed in space in dead silence. Shukaku rested his back against the wall and continued to observe his family. Before he came into the container, his brothers and sisters were untamed beasts, now that Shukaku regained his spot as one of the oldest demons everything calmed down.

"Why can't we get the hell out of here?" Nobu snorted as he punched the floor underneath him. No matter how much demonic chakra he used, he still couldn't punch a hole through the container.

Nobu felt his brother's eyes on him. He didn't freeze under his glace and shot his black eyes towards his older brother.

"Nobu we have to wait for the right moment." Shukaku instructed to his brother.

"You've said this for how long?! And we still haven't gotten anywhere Shukaku!" Nobu shouted, thrashing his fists into the ground where he sat. Although Nobu respected Shukaku, he still refused to call Shukaku with a suffix, to Nobu's surprise Shukaku didn't seem to care.

Emi, who was to the left of him, jumped up in shock once she saw him continue to punch the floor. "It is no use Nobu-San." She whispered as her blue eyes stared at the wall behind Shukaku.

"Well I don't see you trying anything!" Nobu shouted.

Tae, who was daydreaming, was brought back to reality by her younger brother's punches. 'Nobu if you don't stop punching the damn floor I'm going to use you as my personal punching bag.' Tae thought to herself as Nobu continued to punch the floor.

"There is nothing we can do so stop punching the floor, before I start punching you." Tae told Nobu with a glare.

Nobu felt his older sister's glare on him and felt the intensity of those blue eyes on his back. When Tae woke up from her daze, she could be down right scary when she wants to be. To Tae's relief, Nobu stopped punching the dented floor and continued to sulk in his own depression.

"I know we are stuck here, but let's not kill each other." Shukaku told his fellow demons.

"Easier said than done brother." Tae hissed out while she slowly receded back into her dreams.

Meanwhile, in another part of the complex, someone else was suffering from their own type of disturbance. Sakura was sleeping peacefully until the urge to go to the bathroom woke her up from her peaceful dreams.

'Ugh…' Sakura thought to herself as she crawled out of her warm bed and made her way to the bathroom.

After she relieved herself, Sakura found her way back to her bed and tried to fall back asleep. But Sakura found herself not being able to fall back asleep. 'Ah! Why can't I go back to sleep?!' Sakura angrily sat up in her bed and leaned against the headboard of her bed.

Her emerald green eyes scanned her room, only to stop at the billion pieces of wood scattered across the other side of the room. 'I told Konan I was never going to wear that damn cloak, but she didn't listen to me….which reminds me!'

Sakura pushed the blankets off her and walked over towards her closet. 'Konan told me that she found me something to wear instead of the cloak….' Sakura told herself as she opened the sliding doors and found a simple black cloak hanging up in her closet.

Her petite hand removed the cloak from its hanger and fastened the collar around her neck. She watched as the black material cascaded around her body, hiding her body from sight. 'Well since everyone is asleep, I guess it wouldn't kill me to go exploring.' Sakura told herself as she slyly exited her room and started to walk down the many hallways.

Left, right, down, up, left, the hallways seemed like they lead Sakura in circles. She could take one way and the hallways lead her to another place.

'Oh well it's more fun than having someone watching my every move.' Sakura thought to herself.

As her feet took her wherever, she found herself in front of a hallway with torches lighting up the hallway. It was the first hallway Sakura has seen that had a source of light to show her the way.

'It could be a trap….but….oh why not? I'll have to keep my guard up though.' Sakura thought as she cautiously walked down the hallway.

As Shukaku's eyes scanned his brothers and sisters, once again, he saw Emi's eyes open wide.

"What is it Emi?" Shukaku demanded, thinking that if he caught her in the middle of something she would tell him. Shukaku's outburst caused the remaining demon's to stare at Emi as well.

"Come on Emi drop the act." Tae said in annoyance. She wanted to get out of this tin can too, but acting like a drama queen wasn't going to help them.

"She's back…" Emi said out loud, more to herself than to her family.

"Whose back?" Nobu asked.

"There she goes again…." Emi said again.

Shukaku narrowed his eyes towards his timid sister, something was wrong. 'What is it that she is hearing that we aren't?'

Sakura walked down the hall aimlessly, trying to figure out where the hell she was. 'What the hell. You would think that because there is light in this hallway I would be able to recognize something…'

Sakura's thoughts were cut short once a door at the end of the hallway stood right at the end of the hallway. 'So this hallway is a dead end?'

"She is getting closer…" Emi said to her family.

"Who is she talking about?" Tae said in an annoyed tone.

"Just ignore…." Before Nobu could finish his sentence Shukaku cut him off.

"Shut your mouth and listen." Shukaku said as he tried to listen to the mumbled voice that Nobu talked over.

"…might as well go in…what else do I have to lose?" The voice said.

Shukaku felt his eyes grow wide. 'S-Sakura?! How….when did she get here?!'

Nobu and Tae noticed their brother's expression as the woman spoke. They looked at Baku, Jin, and Riki to see them listening intently to the voice. Before the demons knew what happened their doorknob started to twist.

"Come on….why won't this door open?!" The voice said again. This time Nobu heard the voice loud and clear, his mouth dropped to the ground and he jumped to his feet.

"Impossible!" He said.

"What's your issue?" Tae said.

Nobu didn't get to answer for Emi started to speak. "So all of you can hear her as well…."

Tae looked back at her younger sister and was baffled beyond belief. Was she missing something? She didn't hear any voice, what were they talking about?

"Fine, if this door won't open, I'll force it open!" The voice shouted, causing Tae's eyes to widen.

"Who is that?!" Tae shouted now studying her brother's faces. They knew who it was and they weren't sharing their information. "Well Nobu and Shukaku?!"

"When did she get here?" Nobu asked himself, not expecting his older brother to answer his question.

"That is what all of the fuss is about all of a sudden…" Shukaku said realizing why all of a sudden all the servants were running around like wildfire.

"Will someone explain what is going on?!" Tae shouted, causing everyone to look at the raging demon. "If you two don't explain what is going on right now, I will personally make your life a living hell." Tae said, while cracking her knuckles. She watched as her family felt her chakra raise as a way to back up her threat.

"We'll explain in a minute Tae." Shukaku reassured his older sister. "Just wait a minute."

Tae shot her younger brother a glare but sat down and waited. Never once did she lower her chakra though, she would keep her threat until they answered her question.

"Someone's coming." Emi stated.

Shukaku and Nobu looked at each other and then back at the wall of the container. They were ready to make a distraction so Sakura could run away if needed.

Sakura, on the other hand, was getting ready to kick down the door in front of her. Not aware of what was coming or what was on the other side of the door.

"One……two……three!" Sakura shouted as she got a running start and aimed to kick the door.

Sakura expected to hear wood crack underneath her kick but she felt a hand grasping her ankle. She glared at the person in front of her. "What the hell!" She shouted while trying to get her ankle away from the person in front of her.

"What's a hot babe like you doing up this late? Don't you need your beauty rest?" The voice said.

Sakura felt her anger grow inside her. She knew who it was. It was the only horny man in Akatsuki that freely showed his emotions on the subject or any subject for that matter.

"Move out of my way." Sakura demanded.

Hidan let go of her ankle and watched her gracefully twirl her body around, causing the cloak to open and reveal her body. To Hidan's disappointment, Sakura swiftly returned her foot to the ground and the cloak surrounded her body once again.

"Sorry babe, no can do." Hidan said as he walked over towards his pink haired mystery.

Sakura glared at him as he came closer towards her. She could only imagine what he was going to say to her. Unfortunately, his pace increased, and before she knew it, Hidan was mere inches away from her face.

"Let's get you back to that room and do some more productive things with our time." Hidan said with a wink.

Sakura felt her face grow hot with anger. 'Is he serious?! What's wrong with him?!'

"I'll pass thank you." Sakura said as she spun around on the ball of her foot, back facing Hidan, and walked away.

Hidan didn't stop there and followed her form down the hallway, back to where the other hallways were, and grabbed her shoulder. Sakura looked behind her and in a blink of an eye, Hidan had her pinned against a wall.

Red eyes met emerald in their tight space. Hidan watched as Sakura squirmed in his grasp. He felt the need to smirk at her movements. "I wonder how good you taste Pinky." Hidan whispered in her ear as his hands went to reach the tie of the cloak.

Sakura reached out and placed her hands on his chest, getting ready to throw him across the room, she glared up at him and watched as his eyes held lust.

"Anxious aren't we?" Hidan said with a growing smirk. "I wonder how good you are in…."

Hidan didn't get to finish his sentence for he was thrown against the wall. Sakura blinked several times as she watched Hidan's body being thrown into the wall. Hidan jumped out of the wall and glared at the shadow next to Sakura.

"Who the fuck was that?! How dare you fucking interrupt my damn business!" Hidan shouted.

Sakura looked to the left of her and watched as Itachi slowly walked out of the shadows. She felt the urge to run behind him, but knew she couldn't, her attention soon returned to the angry Hidan who was about to jump down Itachi's throat.

"What the fuck man!" Hidan shouted as he ran at Itachi and pulled out a kunai. "Never interrupt my business you fucking pretty boy!" Hidan shouted.

While this conversation was going on, the six demons listened intently to the conversation. Shukaku couldn't help but be curious. 'Where did the Uchiha come from?'

"I'm glad he threw that annoying man into the wall. He always swears to much." Tae said out loud.

"But why are they even up Tae-San?" Emi asked.

"None of them ever really sleep, but how did they know that this girl would be in our hallway?." Tae said.

The family of demons exchanged puzzled looks and continued to listen to the interesting conversation.

Itachi stood completely still, blankly staring at the kunai Hidan held towards him. Hidan's eyes burned with anger, he thought he was actually going to get laid by the spitfire with pink hair, but now it wasn't going to happen.

'Thanks for cutting in you bastard!' Hidan shouted at Itachi, although he never showed it.

Sakura felt the tension growing between the two men and couldn't help but gulp under how sinister they both looked at each other. 'I have to do something before they rip each other's heads off.'

"Um well…..I think I'll just take my leave now…." Sakura said as she slowly inched her way away from the growing fight.

Her interruption made both men look at her as she tried to make a quick get-away from the two men. Itachi watched Hidan make his way towards Sakura, but he stepped right in-between Hidan and Sakura.

"Move your pretty boy ass Uchiha." Hidan growled out. "Or else I'll kill you." He finished darkly.

Sakura studied Itachi's back, as he took Hidan's threat and insult, she watched as Itachi wordlessly walked up to Hidan and stopped right as he was face-t-face with Hidan.

"If you go near her again, you will be the one dead." Itachi whispered only loud enough for Hidan to hear.

Sakura couldn't hear what Itachi said, but what ever he said made Hidan go off into a tamper. His face turned bright red and his eyes shot Itachi a death glare. He pushed past Itachi, making sure to bump him in the shoulder, and quickly turned back around.

"Watch your puny back you prick." Hidan hissed out as he vanished into the darkness of the Akatsuki's hallways. 'I will find out why you care if I go near Pinky, maybe then I'll be able to crack your mask…Uchiha.' Hidan promised himself as his vision of Sakura faded away.

Sakura turned towards Itachi and placed her hands on her hips. She looked at Itachi, only to see him turn around to face her. "What was that about?" Sakura asked.

Itachi said nothing as he took Sakura's arm and guided her towards her room. "Nothing you need to concern yourself with. Just watch yourself around Hidan."

Sakura felt her eyes roll in the back of her head. 'I can only imagine what he said to Hidan.'

When Itachi and Sakura made it to her door, Itachi walked to both of them into her room and shut the door. His red eyes glowed in the dark, while Sakura's emerald eyes stared at the man before her.

He walked up to her and placed his hands on her shoulders. She looked up only to see his red eyes recede into black coal eyes, making Sakura smile.

"Now those are the eyes I remember." She stated happily.

Itachi said nothing and gathered her into his arms. It may not have been a real definition of a hug, but it was Itachi's own little way of showing affection. Sakura felt herself sink into his chest and closed her eyes.

She felt so peaceful, it was like they were continuing what happened under the tree that afternoon. While Itachi held her close, he felt her muscles grow limp and head lean against his chest. He looked over to see her asleep against him, but before she would fall to the floor, Itachi gently picked her up and placed her into her bed.

As he covered the white sheets over her, he couldn't help but feel anger rise through him again. He had been there at the start of Hidan's and Sakura's conversation and he was not happy with what Hidan was suggesting.

'He will not touch Sakura. I will make sure of it.' Itachi thought as he kissed her forehead and exited her room. As he exited the room he noticed a medallion, shinning in the darkness, hanging around Sakura's neck. 'Was is that?' He thought, but didn't dwell on it for long and left Sakura's room with out a sound.

Itachi, Hidan, and Sakura were not the only ones still awake. Pein was wandering the halls and watched the whole conversation from beginning to end. The way Itachi acted towards Hidan puzzled him, the Uchiha was normally quiet and only talked when needed. Now all of a sudden he was "defending" their new guest.

'I guess our little guest is causing more problems than I expected. Although, she might be quite interesting to have around.' And with that the Akatsuki layer was left to return to its' once peaceful quiet state.






Authors Note: Sorry it took me so long to post a chapter everyone, this weekend was very hectic. I had lip sync practice for spirit week at my school and I had a lot of homework. Please forgive me.

But I hope you all enjoyed the chapter! I made it longer for you all too!!



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