Past, Present, Future

Chapter 24

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The seven demons' sat down in their room, awestruck over what they just heard. None of them expected for anyone, besides Pein, to try to come into their room.

"Now will you explain what the hell is going on?!" Tae shouted, after she was sure her two younger brothers would answer her this time.

Shukaku turned his demon red color eyes towards Tae. "The woman that everyone just heard……her name is Sakura."

"And how do you know her Shukaku-San?" Emi asked quietly.

Shukaku felt a sigh escape his demon lips. Tonight was going to be a very long one. "Sakura is the human Kyuubi and I have decided to protect." Shukaku stated firmly.

Nobu turned his brown eyes towards his older brother and felt his mouth drop to the floor. "So you already know what she is?"

Shukaku sent his younger brother a confused expression but Tae was the one who was even more confused. "What are you talking about Nobu?"

Before Nobu could explain himself, their room was filled with a red smoke. Every demon in the container stared into the smoke with glowing eyes, not letting whatever entered their container catch them off guard. Their sight senses were stronger than any other creature on earth, but for some reason they couldn't see through the smoke.

"Who are you?! Come out you coward!" Tae shouted, clearly annoyed that someone interrupted their conversation.

"Is that the greetings I get Tae?" Said a voice.

All the demons' looked shocked by the sound of the voice. They all waited for the smoke to clear, to reveal….

"Kyuubi……what are you doing here?" Shukaku asked.

Kyuubi's red eyes scanned the container and he couldn't help but flash his family a smirk. "I see everyone is still the same." Kyuubi said mostly to himself than to his siblings.

"How did you get here Kyuubi-San?" Emi asked timidly.

Kyuubi walked over to the shy cat demon and squatted down to her level. "Easy Emi……Naruto is sleeping, so I am traveling around."

"Why did you come here of all places?" Tae asked as she crossed her arms across her chest.

Kyuubi smirked at his older sister and patted her shoulder. "Nice to see you too Tae, but the reason why I am here is mainly for Shukaku."

Shukaku looked at his brother with a baffled face. "What could you possibly want from me?"

Kyuubi stood back up and turned his attention towards Shukaku. "For the past two days, the Kit has been searching day and night for Sakura."

"You mean she is deemed as missing in your society?" Emi asked as she side glanced worriedly towards Tae.

Kyuubi nodded his head. "Yes. Apparently someone broke into her apartment and snatched her away. The Hokage has sent search parties out to look for her, but nothing has come up yet, but I noticed something when the Kit was looking around her apartment for clues…"

"What could that be?" Shukaku asked, trying to piece together why Sakura was at the base.

"I noticed a faint smell. I remember the scent from when the Kit and I met up with the Uchiha from the Akatsuki……their cloaks leave a distinct scent that only our demon noses can pick up…." Kyuubi explained as he saw the clarification come from Shukaku's face.

"You think Sakura is here don't you?" Shukaku asked while interrupting Kyuubi's explanation.

"Yes Shukaku, I do. Have any of you sensed her?" Kyuubi asked everyone.

Shukaku looked between his brothers and sisters and nodded his head; he did swear to protect the human. She made him feel peaceful for a reason he may never know, and was not going to ruin that feeling.

"Yes Kyuubi, we have. She almost came into our room, until one of the members showed up and stopped her."

Tae watched Kyuubi's face carefully, something wasn't right. The way his shoulders tensed when Shukaku said that the girl was here was not normal. 'Why is this human so damn special? What makes her able to cause even Kyuubi to feel uncomfortable in this situation?'

"Don't let her in this room. No matter what Shukaku." Kyuubi said with an edgy tone, his eyes gleaming with assertiveness.

Before Shukaku could even question his brother's reason, Tae jumped to her feet and slammed her foot down on the metal floor.

"What is with all of you?!" She yelled, throwing her hands up in the air, causing all eyes to be focused on her. "Why is this puny human important all of a sudden?! We have just seen her once and already she is being treated like some goddess!"

Nobu shook his head, very slightly, at his older sister. When he saw the reaction Kyuubi had when Shukaku said Sakura was in the base, he knew right away Kyuubi knew about Sakura's "talent".

'What am I suppose to say to help explain this to everyone besides Kyuubi? They won't believe it without proof, but providing proof would put Sakura in even more danger.'

While Tae glared down her two younger brothers, she felt a foreign chakra entering their container. "Now who is it?!" Tae shouted.

The Chakra entered the container as a tiny blue dot, and it started to shine brighter and brighter until it filled the room with its' light. As fast as the light came, it vanished. Right before all the other demons was the youngest demon of the family.

"Anri." Tae said in an astonished tone. 'I thought we sealed her in the scroll? Don't tell me the Akatsuki got a hold of her too?!'

Anri smiled brightly at her oldest sister and bowed deeply towards every demon in the room. "Forgive me for intruding, but I don't have much time."

"Anri, how did you get here?" Nobu asked shocked to see her.

Anri straighten herself up and couldn't help but smile towards all her siblings. She hadn't seen them since the faithful day where they sealed her in that stuffy scroll. "I used my scroll's power to summon myself here, but only for so long."

"Why are you here Anri?" Emi asked with confusion, while getting up and walking towards her younger sister. Anri was her favorite little sister, even if she was her only little sister. Anri was the only one Emi could really talk to without getting intimidated.

Kyuubi and Shukaku took a few steps back, waiting to hear what their littlest sister had to say for herself.

Anri cleared her throat and began to speak. "I know this is a hard subject to grasp, but I had to come as soon as I felt her come close to you all." Anri looked around to see their attention still glued to her. "The human, Haruno Sakura, the one that came close to entering your room……"

"Don't tell me you are going to treat her like a goddess too Anri! I mean she is just human for god's sakes!" Tae stressed to her baby sister.

Anri smiled at Tae. "But we should Tae-San." Anri knew her statement was a bold one, but it had to be said.

"Excuse me?!" Tae shouted but before Tae could go on a tirade, Baku started to speak.

"Let Anri explain herself older sister." He said blankly giving Anri that extra push to help her finish what she was saying.

Anri bowed towards her quiet brother and continued with her statement. "Tae-San, I know that you don't think a mere human should be protected as much as this one……but she has to be. She is the one that could send us all to that peaceful state we all have dreamed off ever since we have been hunted down."

This bold statement caused everyone in the room, except Kyuubi and Nobu, to gasp. "Impossible…." Shukaku started to say, but now that Anri told him that, he couldn't help but agree. 'It would explain why I felt so calm around her when I was in my angry state.'

"You have got to be kidding me right?" Tae stated with a bitter laugh added at the end. "How can you possibly know this? That peaceful land is only a myth."

Anri felt the argument slipping through her fingers, what was she going to do to prove to her oldest sister that Sakura was the one that could save them all? "Tae-San, please. You just have to believe me!"

"Without cold hard proof, I don't believe it." Tae coldly said. 'I remember when I believed in that fairytale, later my dreams were crushed once I was attacked and sealed inside a human. They are all foolish to believe in this.' Tae concluded as she watched all her younger siblings start to glow with unidentified emotions.

Anri felt her head drop to the ground. "I don't have any proof to show you at the moment." Anri said in a small voice. If she did show Tae proof it would endanger Sakura further.

Anri felt her spiritual body starting to vanish away. Her ice blue eyes looked up at everyone and she squeezed in one last statement before she disappeared.

"Please everyone, help Sakura-Chan and she will help you. Just keep an open-mind Tae-San. She is the Demon Tamer and you will get your proof when the time comes."

The remaining demons watched their littlest sister vanish back to her scroll. Kyuubi looked at Shukaku and nodded in confirmation. "Now you know why Sakura must stay as far away from you as possible. If the Akatsuki calm us down they can use our power for anything."

Nobu nodded his head. "You're right Kyuubi. We will make sure that the Akatsuki don't hurt her."

Every demon, except Tae, nodded their heads in agreement. If they got Sakura out of the base, then maybe, just maybe they had a chance to save their lives and Sakura's. They would make sure she was save and then use all their power to break out of this container, that way they could fly towards Sakura and have her send them to their "Paradise Island".

Tae snorted at them all. 'So stupid. Don't they know there is no such thing as a peaceful world?'

"Now that I know that Sakura is here I better get back to the Kit and tell him the news. I'll try to contact you all again and fill you in on what's going on." Kyuubi said.

"I'm sure we will be sensing you in the future. That Blondie doesn't like to wait for things to come to him. He goes to them." Shukaku stated with a smirk. Knowing full well how much perseverance the blonde human held.

Kyuubi nodded his head in confirmation and disappeared from his brothers and sisters. 'When the Kit finds out where Sakura is he is going to run out of Konoha and try to rescue her. Watch out Akatsuki, we are coming for her.' Kyuubi thought to himself as he receded back to Naruto's mind. When Naruto would wake up that morning, chaos will ensue in Konoha.

Shukaku turned his attention back to his brothers and sisters and sank down to the ground. "We all better get some sleep." He said to everyone. "Tomorrow, we will start forming ideas on how to get Sakura out of here."

Everyone agreed and drifted off into a light slumber, except Tae. She glared at her young naïve brothers and sisters. 'We will see if this girl is really what Anri says she is.' Tae thought as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. She would test this girl in order to prove her siblings wrong, to keep them from believing the crazy myth. To save them from the heartbreak that she suffered many years ago.

As the sun ascended into the sky, the moon receded back to its hiding spot. Waiting for another night to call on its arrival. The suns' rays shinned through the underground bases' windows.

The rays brightened up Sakura's room significantly. Sakura tossed and turned on her bed, trying to block out the light, hoping to sleep a little bit longer.

'Ugh…I don't want to get up. Five more minutes.' Sakura thought as she rolled over to her stomach and buried her face under the pillow, trying to block out the sun.

She stayed in that position for a few minutes, until she felt it useless to hide from the light any longer. Throwing the pillow off her head, it flew across the room and landed on the ground. Sakura groaned and flipped her body around and sat up into a sitting position.

"What time is it anyway?" She asked herself.

Her emerald glaze shot to the digital clock only to see it was nine in the morning. Her day was just getting started. She got up only to see herself in her black cloak from yesterday.

"Might as well take a shower." Sakura told herself as she got off her bed and gently lowered her bare feet to the floor. She looked up at the tiny window only to smile brightly, while walking to the bathroom that was attached to her room.

'Maybe this time I will have an easier time with exploring this maze they call a base.' Sakura thought with a sly smile appearing across her face.

While Sakura got ready, Pein held a meeting in his office with all his members. He had very important rules to discuss with them. He stood behind his desk and watched as every member walked into his room and stood in a line.

He waited until his giant oak doors were shut before he began the meeting. "Listen up." He stated firmly, watching as all the members stood up straight and awaited to hear his words.

"Zetsu, when you brought our little guest to this base two days ago, I believed that she was the one we are looking for. However, I'd like to see how powerful she is." Pein said.

Konan watched Pein glaze at all of them in one swoop. She knew that he was dying to see what power Sakura held since she was the Demon Tamer, but… 'How is he going to set her up to use her power? When I met her, it felt like she had no idea what danger she was in.'

"What would you like me to do Leader?" Zetsu asked respectfully.

Pein didn't move from his spot and stared coldly at Zetsu. "Get her to use her power." Was his answer.

Zetsu felt his mind grow angry with his leaders' simple answer, but he didn't dare test it. When Pein saw Zetsu nod his head, he continued on with the meeting.

"I want you all to reel our little guest into where the Demons are held." Pein told everyone.

Itachi felt his brain go in over drive. He didn't expect his leader to send Sakura into the Demons clutches so soon. Hell, he wasn't even accepting the fact that she was going to be taken away from him yet again, but for this time, he feared it would be for good. 'The demons' powers are too great for Sakura to survive. It would be impossible for her to come out alive.'

Hidan side glanced at Itachi only to see the impassive bastard as expressionless as ever. 'This is an act isn't it Uchiha? I'll crack your little mystery with Pinky. Just you watch.'

'Tobi has a feeling that Tobi forgot to do something that Miss. Konan asked Tobi to do. But what was it Tobi was suppose to do?' Tobi thought to himself, but shook it off once he realized he couldn't figure out what it was.

Deidara turned to his left and his attention turned towards the restless potty mouth beside him. Ever since Hidan has been in this room, he's been glaring at Itachi. 'Why does Hidan have a grudge on the Uchiha? Itachi doesn't bother anyone.'

Pein noticed the tension Hidan held for Itachi and couldn't help but smirk at the reason why. Whatever the Uchiha said to Hidan last night about their guest really got to Hidan.

Konan was hoping that this meeting would be over soon, they were just standing here doing nothing. As Konan cleared her throat, the room was filled with a crash from the floor above Pein's office.

The Akatsuki shot their glazes to the ceiling and stared at the spot where they heard a bang.

"What was that?" Kisame asked, as he looked to Deidara.

Deidara looked at Kisame and shook his head. "I have no idea."

When Sakura was done with her shower, she wasted no time getting back into her two day old clothing and covered herself with her new black cape.

'I better get a move on before someone comes looking for me.' Sakura thought to herself.

Sakura picked a random direction to walk through and continued walking aimlessly throughout the base. She walked past many rooms, all which held no interest, and continued for a good half hour.

'Come on, this is an evil organization for crying out loud! There has to be something exciting going on!!' Sakura shouted to herself as she passed another hallway.

But this hallway, to her astonishment, held only one door. 'Now why would this hallway only have one door?'

Making sure to hide amongst the shadows in the hallway, she made her way towards the lonely door. She didn't bother checking to see if there was anyone in the room, the Akatsuki had drained her chakra for the past two days and she figured they drained her chakra while she was asleep.

To her astonishment, as Sakura opened the door, no one was inside it. 'Now that is strange. Why would there be no one in this room?' Sakura thought to herself as she looked around the room.

The room wasn't like a room at all. Lab tables were scattered everywhere and all funky gadgets were attached to each table. The lighting in the room wasn't very bright, and no windows were anywhere. The room reminded Sakura as a basement in a scary movie, with bizarre devices that could be used for unimaginable things.

As Sakura cautiously walked around the room, she noticed another door on the other side of the room. Taking a deep breath, Sakura made her way towards the door and opened it. She braced herself as she pulled the door handle towards her. Boy was she surprised when she came face to face with a rabid human foaming at the mouth.

'What the hell?!' Sakura shouted as she froze in her spot, watching with wide emerald eyes, as the human looked her up and down.

Once the human sniffed Sakura's scent, his nostrils flared and he lunged at her. Sakura grabbed his hand and flipped him behind her, and watched the man fly across the room, crashing into a piece of science equipment.

"Oh no." Sakura told herself, she was no expecting to be chased around in a labyrinth like base this early in the morning by some strange man.

She watched as the human's hands turned into claws, his teeth turned into fangs and his whole body started to morph into an animal. Not wanting to stay there for very long, Sakura looked left and right, trying to find a way out of the room besides the way she came. Unfortunately for her, there was only one way out.

"Just great." Sakura mumbled to herself. "The one way out is on the other side of the room!"

The human/animal lunged himself back at Sakura, causing Sakura to duck down to the ground, his claws just missing her cheek. Her brain tried to think of a way out of the situation as she crawled behind a lab table, providing a defense for herself.

'With no way out besides the way I came, it will be hard to get out thanks to all the equipment in here.' Sakura thought as she saw the animal lunge towards her.

Not wanting to be injured by the animal, Sakura stood up and pushed the lab table over, causing the rabid animal to run into the table, making a dent in the metal table.

Meanwhile, down below, Pein's eyes narrowed as the banging continued on in the room above. The room above his office was solemnly for testing the Jinchuriki's power. He had many of his teenage servants be used as the Ginny pig in experimenting how well the Demons' powers would combine with human DNA.

'Who ever is up there is destroying my work.' He thought bitterly.

"What the hell is making all that fucking noise!?" Hidan stated angrily as he covered his ears trying to block out the noise.

Konan's blue eyes watched the ceiling as if she could see the commotion happening above her. She listened to the banging and could only guess that their experimenting has awakened some anger emotion from the test subject.

'If only we could see exactly……'

Sakura had to think fast, she was either lunch meat to some science project or she could live. Obviously she chose the later option. It wouldn't take long for the angered animal to break the lab tables that distanced herself from him and that would be the end of her.

'Well if I can't exit out the way I came, I guess I'll make one!' Sakura shouted determinedly to herself.

Not wasting any more time, she stood up on top of a lab table. She watched as the beast stopped thrusting its body into a lab table and growled at her. He got down on all fours and started to run towards Sakura's lab table.

Sakura jumped up in the air as the animal came charging at her, causing the lab tables to fall down in the process. As her fist came in contact with the floor she felt a flare strike within her. She couldn't believe it! Her chakra was there! They didn't drain her chakra yet! 'Yes! For once luck is on my side!'

Konan watched with wide eyes as she saw a fist pop out from the ceiling. She looked to see everyone staring at the fisted hand, but as they continued to watch the fist, the hole in the ceiling become bigger.

"What in the name…" Kisame started to say as Sakura jumped from the hole in the ceiling and back flipped away from the hole she just made.

Tobi watched as the pink haired woman fly through the ceiling. 'Tobi remembers what Tobi was supposed to do! Tobi was supposed to drain her chakra!' He thought innocently, not realizing what trouble he would be in if his Leader found out.

Pein stared at his little guest with curiosity. "How did you get there little one?" He asked with a sickening dark tone.

Konan watched as Sakura paid no attention to Pein and continued to look at the hole in the ceiling. "Sakura, what is going on?" Konan asked, trying to keep her stern side but at the same time trying to reach out to Sakura.

Sakura shot Konan a look and was about to answer her, when the animal jumped down from the hole and bared his teeth towards Sakura.

"What the fuck is that?!" Hidan shouted as he stared wide eyed at the ugly beast in front of Sakura.

Sakura stared at the beast as it crawled closer and closer to her. Although she had her chakra it wasn't much and she had a feeling that the sick bastard of a leader was going to watch it until he felt the need to stop the experiment.

'Just great. I try to get out of a room and I just trap myself in another one!'

Sakura didn't know what to do. She was unarmed and she could only show so much of her skill to the Akatsuki. Fear raised through her as the animal stalked towards her. She felt so helpless, just like when she was thirteen again. She felt the need to kick herself for even being this weak.

'If only something could help me…' Sakura said fearfully as she tried to figure out a way to subdue the creature.

Deep in the base, the Demons were still sleeping the day away. Tae watched them all continue to sleep and felt peaceful, that is until she heard that girl's voice again.

'If only something could help me…!' It said fearfully.

Tae glared at the voice and huffed. "Why would I help you when you are simply a human?" Tae whispered, not wanting to wake up her family.

She heard the voice say the same thing again, and couldn't help but feel guilt tug at her heart. 'Why am I feeling this way?' Tae thought to herself.

Tae summoned her demonic chakra and formed a ball in one of her hands. As she said a few ancient words, the ball became glass and she saw the pink haired girl being cornered by some type of animal. Tae could sense some of her brother's, Jin, chakra present in the animal.

'That is what they did to Jin's chakra when they took a sample of it' Tae realized as she watched the way the animal pounced towards Sakura.

At the sight of the girl fighting some creation holding her brother's chakra, Tae felt something unimaginable swell up inside her. One side of her didn't want to help the poor woman and hoped she would be eaten by the animal, but the more logical part of her knew she had to save her.

'Even if I don't believe in the girl, my family does, and even though I don't see eye-to-eye with them that doesn't mean that I have to disregard how they feel. Humans think that us Demons are selfish. And in some ways we are, but when it has to do with our family, we would do anything for them.'

And with that thought, Tae decided to help the girl out. 'But how would I help her out?' Tae pondered.

When Tae studied the scene more closely, she watched as the rabid animal lunged at Sakura once again. Tae wasn't sure if sending her chakra to find its way to Sakura would help but she had to try. After everything she heard about the Demon Tamer, they said that the Tamer could come in contact with active Demon Chakra no matter how far away.

'That myth better be right.' Tae thought as she released some of her chakra into the air and stealthily sneaked it out into the hallway.

Sakura watched the animal lunge towards her and for some strange reason; she didn't have the strength to move out of the way. 'Come on! Move legs move!' She shouted to herself, only to see that they wouldn't move.

Pein watched the scene with narrowed eyes. When he saw his experiment out of its container he was curious to see what would happen. If Sakura was indeed what Zetsu said she was, she could of calmed down the beast in the human, but it seemed like she had no idea what to do.

As the animal moved closer and closer to Sakura, Sakura felt something warm on her chest. Her emerald eyes dropped down to look inside her cloak only to see her pendant glowing white.

When her eyes returned to staring at the animal all of a sudden a barrier came between her and the animal. The barrier shined with a white glow mixed in with red demonic chakra.

She watched as the beast was thrown backwards towards Pein's desk. Before Sakura could figure out what happened, the barrier was gone and she felt Pein's eyes glaring at her.

She stood in the office for a few moments, but ran out of that room. She would of made it out of there if Pein didn't stop her at the door.

"Where do you think you are going?" He asked her darkly as she felt his stare on her.

Sakura didn't look up and felt the need to get out of that room very strong. She didn't even have the ability to say anything so she stayed silent.

Pein narrowed his eyes at her and turned his attention to Konan. "Konan, take her to the library." Pein stated. 'I'll deal with her later.'

Konan bowed down and walked over to Sakura. "Yes Pein." She stated, as she grabbed Sakura's arm and took her out of the office and shutting the door behind her.

When the door was shut Pein looked towards his cluster of members. "Zetsu, did you know she could do that?" Pein asked with a purpose behind it.

Zetsu studied the event that happened in front of him. The Demon Tamer was only noted for calming down demons not summoning a barrier and knocking down anything that came in contact with it.

"Leader, that barrier…. It wasn't….."

Pein didn't let Zetsu finish, for he had already came to that conclusion, once he felt the chakra enter his study. "Yes." He said to Zetsu as he turned his attention to Deidara and Tobi. "Find more information about this." He ordered, causing Deidara and Tobi to exit his study.

Pein turned his attention towards the three remaining members and stared blankly at them. "Hidan, go check the Demons and make sure nothing is out of place."

Hidan shot Itachi one last glare and poofed away. When Hidan was gone Pein instructed Kisame and Itachi to return to the room above them and fix up the lab. Kisame grabbed the animal and the two of them disappeared from Pein's sight.

Pein eyed the hole in his ceiling and felt the need to grunt. 'Fist the little woman makes holes in my walls and now she makes holes in my ceiling…which reminds me…Tobi didn't drain her chakra. He will pay dearly for his mistake.' Pein thought to himself as he exited his office and made his way down to the library.






Author's Note: Sorry everyone, but I had to fix up this chapter. The way the chapter was written last night did not please me at all. Last night I wanted to just get it out to you all and so today, right after school, I made finishing touches on it. Hope you all enjoyed it! Sorry for the long wait! :(

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