Past, Present, Future

Chapter 25

Author's Notes: Oh guys, I'm so ashamed of myself…I didn't update as fast as I would have liked for this story. For that, I am terribly sorry. I hope you all enjoyed the last chapter and now I hope you enjoy this chapter! :)



Sakura sat in the study feeling very restless and nervous. The look Konan was giving her was a big indication that she did something wrong. Sakura watched Konan's blue eyes search her body for any indication that could tell her where the barrier came from.

"Sakura, where did that barrier come from?" Konan finally asked, after she couldn't find out where the source was from.

Sakura shrugged her shoulders and shook her head from side-to-side. "I don't have a clue Konan! One minute I'm being chased by a rabid animal and the next second I have a white barrier in front of me!"

Konan nodded her head and sighed. "Sakura, do you know what you have done?"

Sakura stared at Konan with a confused expression, how the hell was she suppose to know that she did something wrong? 'All I did was try to get away from that science experiment.' Sakura thought to herself as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"No Konan I don't know what I did." Sakura said honestly.

Konan stared at Sakura and decided to sit down in the chair on the other side of the table. "Sakura, you showed….how do I put this…" Konan thought on how to give Sakura the proper warning without giving any information away. "….just watch out ok?"

Sakura was even more confused now but decided to brush it off. She nodded towards Konan and decided to trust her words. Even if Konan was an Akatsuki member that didn't necessarily mean that she would screw Sakura over. At least, that was Sakura wanted to believe.

'I know that she is Akatsuki, but she is the only one that has befriended me. Well besides Itachi, but that's a different story.'

Konan shot Sakura a sympathetic look. She knew what was in store for Sakura and she felt guilty for what they were going to do to her once they were able to get her near the demon's container.

'What am I thinking?! I shouldn't feel bad for the enemy! But yet….'

Sakura watched as Konan shook her head from side to side. Sakura flashed Konan a worried look and got up from her seat. She walked over to Konan and placed her hands on Konan's shoulders. She could feel how tense Konan felt, and couldn't help but feel sorry for the woman. Here she was trying to be an Akatsuki member and a friend to the enemy at the same time.

'Maybe if I can use the last of my chakra to remove the tension in her shoulders then maybe she'll feel better.' Sakura thought sincerely.

Before Konan could stop Sakura, she felt a warm sensation flow through her body. When Konan turned her head, she saw a green light erupting from Sakura's hands. Sakura made eye contact with her and smiled brightly towards her.

"Just relax Konan; all I am doing is relaxing your muscles. You get yourself too stressed out. You should take a breather once and a while." Sakura said kindly.

Konan waited until Sakura sat back down in her chair before she began to talk. There was something Konan had been meaning to ask Sakura ever since she sensed the Uchiha's chakra near Sakura's room last night.

"Sakura." Konan began, grabbing the Tamer's attention. "What happened last night?" She asked.

Konan watched as the girls face went bright red. 'Something happened last night with the Uchiha. But what?'

"Sakura, tell me." Konan ordered one Sakura wasn't saying anything.

Sakura felt the heat rise in her system. She wasn't expecting Konan to ask that, actually she didn't even know that Konan was awake that late last night.

"What are you talking about Konan?" Sakura asked, trying to hide her shock and embarrassment.

"I sensed Itachi exiting your room last night. Why was he in there in the first place?" Konan asked with a suspicious glare.

Sakura gulped and couldn't figure out a way to get out of this conversation. How was she going to explain that Itachi and she were dating? Just thinking about it in that way made Sakura want to blush even more than she was.

"That's ridiculous Konan. Why would Uchiha-San be in my room?" Sakura asked.

Little did the two women know, they had a visitor, watching their conversation. Pein was hiding in the shadows watching what Konan was saying to Sakura and it irked him to death to see Konan getting attached to Sakura. 'I could use this to my advantage. If I have Konan get close to our little guest, then her guard will be down, and we can corner her into a trap.' He told himself while a wicked plan formed in his head. 'But if Konan becomes attached to our enemy, then there will be complications.' Pein thought with a growl, hoping that Konan wouldn't be as attached to Sakura as she seemed.

"Don't lie to me Sakura. I know something is going on. I could see it when you first blew through Pein's office." Konan stated with a glare. "His posture was too tense for his normal slouch."

"I'll answer your question…if…you answer my question." Sakura said cunningly as she gave Konan a smirk of her own.

Konan raised a brow towards Sakura and proceeded with caution. Sakura was up to something that much was for certain. "What would that be?"

Sakura's smirk was blown away and replaced with a wide wicked smile. "How come you are the only one that calls the Leader "Pein" and everyone else calls him Leader?" Sakura asked hoping to put Konan in the same awkward place she just came from.

Pein felt the need to stay unnoticed a little bit longer. His guest was making this conversation very intriguing for him. He knew that the other members found it eerie that she was the only one that called him by his name, but he didn't care. He trusted her more than anyone else in the whole building, but she would never know the reason why he trusts her more than necessary.

Sakura sat back in her seat in pure victory as she watched Konan somewhat tense up once again. "Now don't let my hard work go to waist Konan." Sakura said with a smile.

Konan felt her shoulders tense and that's when she felt Pein's chakra to the side of them, hidden in the shadows. 'Damn. How much of the conversation did he hear? Probably all of it.'

"It's ok if you don't want to answer Konan, I'm sure I know why you are the only one that calls him by his name." Sakura said smartly.

Konan shot Sakura a side glare and gave her a "we-will-talk-about-it-later" look. "Hello Pein." She said in her usual cold tone.

Sakura felt her smile fall and her muscles go tense. If she would have known that he was standing there, she would have not said a word to Konan about anything.

The two women watched as the Akatsuki leader came out of the shadows and walked over towards Konan, who got out of her seat and motioned for him to sit in it.

"So why do you think that Konan is the only one that calls me that little one?" Pein said with a wicked smile.

Sakura shot the man a glare, only to have him chuckle at her actions. "Now you are not talking?" He said with a glare and an added smirk for effects.

"What do you want?" Sakura asked with a vicious tone added mixed in with her question.

Konan stood up straight and watched as Pein toyed with Sakura, she could only imagine what he had in store for Sakura's questioning. 'As long as he stays clear of our conversation from before we are good.' She thought to herself.

"I want to know how you summoned that barrier little one." He told Sakura. "I'm not one that easily admits that I'm confused on any jutsu." He said with an impassive face.

Sakura stared at him for a few moments before her brain decided to form a plan. She was going to toy with him, as a way to get back at him for having her locked up in here.

Sakura leaned over the table and rested her elbows on the table, placing her chin on top of her folded hands, just like her Sensei would do when she was thinking. "You want to know how I did it?" Sakura asked him with a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

Pein caught the sparkle in her eyes and wondered what she was going to do. "Don't make me repeat myself little one." He said.

Sakura started to feel the need to smirk, but held it down, the smirk would show when the time came. "How do you know that I'm not lying when I tell you?" Sakura asked him.

Konan felt the need to smack the Kunoichi in front of her. She was playing with fire and she was surly going to get burned. 'Oh Sakura what am I going to do with you.'

Pein stared at the woman in front of him with his impassive face. "You're right little one." He got up and in a flash he was right behind Sakura. "But if I find out you are lying to me I will do unimaginable things to you."

Sakura felt a shiver of fear run across her skin, but didn't let it show. He couldn't hurt her if he wanted her ability to calm the demon's down. If she can show him that she wasn't afraid of him, then he wouldn't have be thriving on her fear. "Give me your best shot." She told him with a smirk on her face.

Pein was a little taken back from her boldness. He brought his face away from the side of her face and stood there for a few minutes. Konan watched her Leader closely only to feel the world stop spinning.

"Pein, don't!" Konan shouted.

Pein paid no attention to Konan and before Sakura knew it Pein sent her into a world beyond her imagination. Sakura felt her eyes close once she saw his hands even make a tiny movement, but he was to fast for her.

Sakura opened her eyes only to be in an alternate universe. Everything around her was painted in dark red and time seemed to stop.

'What is this place?' Sakura thought to herself as she spun around in a circle, trying to figure out where she was.

"Now are you afraid little one? I can do whatever I please in this world and for as long as I would like." He said with a sinister chuckle at the end.

Sakura swallowed her fear and planted her feet in the ground. "I told you to give me your best shot!" Sakura shouted.

She heard a chuckle and before she could react someone came flying towards her, knocking her backwards with a single punch. Sakura recovered from her shock and landed gracefully on her feet.

'Who the hell was that?' She thought to herself, forgetting that he could read her mind in this world.

"Let's see how strong you are Demon Tamer." Pein said in a deep sinister tone.

Sakura finally realized what this whole thing was about. He wanted her to toy with him, he wanted her to stand up to him, all so he could trap her in this screwy world and test her abilities.

"So that's what this whole thing was about?! Just to see what I can do?!" Sakura yelled.

"Oh aren't you a smart one." He said as someone sent another kick combo towards Sakura.

Sakura watched as the blur came towards her again. Not letting him get the upper hand this time, Sakura watched his kicks and after a few movies, she was able to predict his pattern.

Pein watched his clone fight against Sakura and watched expecting her to throw the clone across the room. When Sakura threw the body across the room, it was then, that she was able to see who was fighting her. In front of her was….Kisame?

"What the hell?!" She shouted as "Kisame" pulled out his sword and began to charge towards Sakura. 'How could Kisame get here?!' She thought as she dodged his sword.

"Have fun little one." Pein's voice broke in as he continued to watch her battle against his clone.

Sakura couldn't do anything expect dodge everything "Kisame" threw at her. She had no chakra, no weapons, and her strength was slowly disappearing.

'That was his whole plan all along. After he figured out that I had chakra he predicted that I would use it to help others, making my chakra reserves become empty.'

Sakura continued fighting with the Kisame clone with everything she had. She needed to buy herself some time and come up with a plan. 'Come on Sakura, think…the way Pein described it, it sounds like it holds components of a Genjutsu.'

Sakura tired to corner Kisame a few times, but he was moving to fast for her to see. The only indication that told Sakura where he was coming from was the sound of his sword cutting through the air.

'How do you disarm a Genjutsu? A genjutsu can be cut off from either stopping the flow of his chakra or even cutting the signal from his brain. But how can I cut off the signals going to the brain if I have no chakra?!'

Pein listened as the girl talked to herself. He was a little impressed about how well she remembered the basics when they were taught at such a young age. 'Her memory is good, but lets see how well she thinks she can escape. '

From the outside, Konan watched as Sakura's body began to show signs of bruising on her skin. She looked back at Pein's body only to shake her head. 'To think you would go as far as using your eyes to mimic Itachi's technique, just to test Sakura, you'd be lucky if she makes it out of there alive.'

Before Konan could reflect on the predicament more, the double doors opened to reveal Itachi, Kisame, and Hidan. She stepped in front of Pein's body, hoping they wouldn't see what was going on.

"What do you want?" Konan asked them in her cold manner.

Hidan glared at the woman and began to talk. "Back off bitch. I'm here to see the Leader."

Konan narrowed her icy blue eyes towards Hidan. "He's busy."

"Oh really? With what exactly?" Hidan asked as he glared at her.

Konan shook her head and glanced at the Uchiha and Kisame. "Why are you two here?" She demandingly asked.

"We are here to tell Leader the status of his experiment, and something we found out…" Kisame said.

Konan sighed once again and shook her head. "You'll have to wait until he's free from his business."

"And what fucking business is that exactly?" Hidan stated.

Konan was about to brush the three ninja's off until Kisame pointed out what was behind her.

"He's right behind her. He doesn't look busy." Kisame told Konan, while flashing her a glare. "Women." He said under his breath as the three started to walk around her.

Konan wasn't going to try and stop them so she just watched their reactions. Hidan's eyes were about to pop out of his head, Kisame stared at Sakura and Pein with shock, while Itachi revealed nothing.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Hidan shouted.

Konan felt a sigh escape her lips. She had no reason to explain to the foul-mouth ninja what was going on, so she just remained quiet and took a seat near Pein.

"What is going on Itachi?" Kisame asked, he examined Sakura's face and noticed that her eyes were glazed back. It was like she wasn't in this world anymore. 'It reminds me when Itachi would use his Tsukuyomi on opponents. Man is that a scary sight.'

Itachi said nothing and looked at Sakura's eyes, it didn't take him long to feel his blood freeze over. Her eyes were glazed back to the point where he knew she was in trouble. He stealthily looked over to Pein and felt the urge to interrupt whatever game he was playing with Sakura, but his Sharingan eyes just stared at his body. Not once did he travel to Pein's eyes.

'Then he would get curious, and we don't need that. He better be done playing with Sakura soon. Leader's world is different from mine, its more taxing on the victim and more sinister.'

The four Akatsuki members waited patiently for Pein and Sakura to come back to reality. Well, at least Itachi, Kisame, and Konan were. Hidan was swearing up and down the isle trying to pass the time.

Her energy was wearing fast, which was unusual. 'It is probably this twisted dimension….Wait a minute! That's it!' Sakura thought to herself as her eyes went wide.

Pein narrowed his eyes towards the woman and was curious to see what she could have possibly figured out just by stating that the universe was another dimension.

Sakura stood still as the Kisame clone came running at her. She didn't care if it was a clone or not, but at this point she wanted to get out of the twisted world. When the Kisame clone was within reaching distance, Sakura grabbed the overly large sword, and pulled it out of his hands.

Pein watched her actions closely. He couldn't figure out what she was going to do, for once the sword was in Sakura's grasp she grabbed it and smirked.

"I figured out your secret." She said with a triumphant smile. "You control everything with your eyes, just like any other Kekkei Genkai, but what is different is that you can see through this clone's eyes." Sakura said as she stared right back at Pein through the clone's eyes. "Which means, all I have to do is…"

Pein watched it in slow motion. She rose up the sword and with one swift thrust, the sword sliced right through the clone's eye. Pein felt the vision of Sakura disappear from his left eye, because of the unexpected action, Pein had to let got of his world.

The four Akatsuki members watched as Pein's head began to move again. The four of them jumped to their feet and waited for their Leader to make a comment.

"Konan, take our guest back to her room." Pein said coldly as he disappeared from their sights.

Konan stared at Pein with indifferent eyes, but on the inside she felt worried for him. Her attention was brought back when she heard gasping coming from Sakura. Her head snapped around to see Sakura covered in sweat and gasping for air.

"What happened to you Pinky?" Hidan asked while eyeing how her body was glittering with the sweat pouring down her exposed skin.

Sakura glared at the man and stood up abruptly, causing her brain to spin a little. She looked towards Konan and frowned towards her. "Why didn't you tell me he was going to do that?!" Sakura yelled at Konan. "I could of avoided that sooner."

Konan shot Sakura a look and grabbed her arm. "Let's go Sakura." She said coldly, but Hidan had other ideas.

"Oh no you don't. Who said you were going anywhere?" Hidan said as he stared at Sakura. "What happened?" He asked demandingly.

Sakura stared at him and then turned her attention towards Itachi and Kisame. "There was a clone of you Kisame." Sakura said, not giving any other information.

"You're going to give me more fucking information than just that Pinky." Hidan ordered.

Sakura felt her anger rising. Hidan was just getting more annoying by the second. Itachi eyed Sakura's condition, very discreetly, and was surprised that she wasn't as tormented as he thought she might be.

"Hidan let Konan pass. Leader seems pissed as it is and we don't need anymore chores." Kisame told the man as he picked Hidan up, allowing Sakura and Konan to walk by.

"Thank you." Sakura said with a smile, took Konan's arm and walked out of the library.

Once the two woman were out of the library, Kisame shot the door they exited a confused look. "She seems pretty chipper for just getting out of Leader's world." Kisame said.

Itachi nodded his head and began to exit the room. Kisame felt Hidan squirm around in his hold. "Let me go you big fat ass of a fish!" He shouted.

Kisame's hold on Hidan became tight and Itachi could predict what would come next as he started to open the door from the library. "Just for that you little prick, you are coming with me. I need a punching bag to get some stress off." Kisame said as he took Hidan to the training grounds with him.

Itachi, on the other hand, decided to hide out until Konan left Sakura's room. He needed to get the full story on what happened. Not many people can be just fine after a high level genjutsu. 'With Pein doing the Genjutsu, which means there is no escape hole, and his hold is amazing. Leader either released Sakura, or she escaped.'

It was a while until Konan walked out of Sakura's room. Itachi stayed attached to the ceiling, covered in shadows, until he could sense Konan's chakra entering Pein's office. After a few minutes he jumped down and opened Sakura's door.

After entering Sakura's room, he shut the door, and looked to see her facing the window. He gracefully made his way towards Sakura and leaned up against the wall beside her.

"Sakura." He said as he watched her face turn towards him.

Sakura wasn't startled when she heard his voice, in fact, she was quite content when she saw him next to her. "Hello Itachi." She said with a small smile.

Itachi stared at Sakura with suspicion. "What happened between you and him?" He asked.

Sakura sighed and shook her head from side-to-side. "I can't really explain it Itachi. First I was sitting in the library talking to him, and the next minute I'm in a world painted red." Sakura said.

She felt a hand grab her shoulder only to see gleaming red eyes shine with intensity at her. "Sakura, I told you not to harass him." Itachi told her, while his grip tightened. "He's more dangerous than anyone you have ever faced."

Sakura could tell how angry he was with her, with the way his eyes were screaming at her, and the way his grip became stronger. 'I guess I can't blame him, I understand that he is worried for me but…'

"Itachi, I know, but he just gets me so mad!" Sakura yelled, causing Itachi to loosen his grip. "He thinks I'm a toy to play with! He expected me to egg him on, he expected me to fight back, and he's like a physic!" She yelled loudly as she got up from the window seat and paced around the room. "It's impossible to surprise him!"

Itachi watched her with a tint of worried eyes. He watched as her chest heaved up and down from being riled up. He saw her try to calm herself down with deep breaths, which he couldn't help but chuckle lightly at.

Sakura heard him chuckle at her, even if it was very small, and felt happy yet insulted at the same time. "How else do you want me to calm down It…"

Sakura didn't get a chance to finish her rant, for he grabbed her flaring arms and pulled her into a kiss. He released her lips gently, but didn't allow her to leave his proximity. "Sakura, calm down. I will make sure he won't come near you." Itachi whispered in her ear.

Sakura moved her hands from his neck and pulled him into her. Itachi's muscle reaction was to tense up, but they soon relaxed once he realized that she was hugging him.

"Thank you Itachi." Sakura told him as her grip on him tightened and she stayed pressed up against him.

Meanwhile, once Konan left Sakura's room, she decided to check on Pein. After he came back from the Genjutsu he placed on Sakura, she could tell that he wasn't the same. Something happened between the two of them and it was obvious that it didn't please Pein at all.

'I better go and check up on him.' She thought to herself as she knocked on his office door and entered the room without a response.

Blue eyes shined in the pitch black room, she searched for him only to find him laying on his lounge chair. Soundlessly, she approached him and sat down on the chair next to his.

"Pein, what happened?" Konan asked gently.

Pein made no movement and just grunted towards her. "She had no chakra and she caught me off guard…there is something about that woman that is strange." He said half to himself and half to Konan.

"What do you mean?" She asked, trying to figure out what exactly he meant.

Sakura told her what happened between her and Pein, every detail of it, and when Sakura told her that she figured out Pein's main power it startled her. The young woman was too smart for her own good, maybe that was what had Pein in such a bind?

Pein's abrupt movement caught Konan off guard and before she knew it, her back was meeting the wall, her face was in his grasp. Her calm blue eyes looked up towards him and saw anger flash through his eyes.

"Konan this has to stop." He said angrily.

Konan blinked at him as an act to say that she was confused. Pein's grip on her face tightened and he pushed her back into the wall even more.

"Stop making friends with the enemy!" He shouted at her.

"Pein…at least let me…" Konan would of squeaked if it wasn't for her self control. Pein threw her across the room and watched her body fly into a book shelf.

"Don't explain to me Konan! She is the enemy and here you are trying to play gossip girl with her! We can not get involved with any enemy. It means death Konan!" He shouted towards the bookshelf.

Konan appeared right behind Pein and could feel the anger and slight worry radiating off him. "Pein she won't do anything to me." She said softly, as she placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

Pein turned around abruptly and grabbed her hand with his. "She has wisdom that is considered a threat, she could kill you any second once she orders those demons to attack you." He scolded her.

Konan covered his hand with her other hand, as an act to calm him down. "Pein, she doesn't even realize her own power, even if she did…she wouldn't hurt me." Konan said the last part quietly as she looked away from him and made her eyes stare at the floor.

Pein raised his free hand up and turned her chin to look at him. She could see many emotions crossing his face, even if his eyes showed nothing but emptiness. "You will stop talking to her as if she was your sister Konan. I don't need anymore members killed." He said in a rough tone.

Konan held back her emotions and kept her calm exterior. She removed her hands from his and bowed deeply towards him. "Yes Pein, I will do whatever you say." She told him as she turned around on her heel and proceeded to walk out his door.

Once his door was shut, he threw the closest thing to him against the wall. 'That Tamer is screwing everything up!' He thought enraged as he replayed Konan's last words in his head.

Konan was normally the one that kept him calm, that helped him when a problem needed to be solved. She never showed disrespect towards him and in return he would do the same. Pein knew she disagreed with him just by the way she told him that she would follow his orders and he went back towards his lounge chair.

"It's for her own good…" He started to tell himself. "Konan will see that the Tamer will want to kill her and then she will thank me for warning her." He took a deep breath and stared up at his black ceiling. "Konan, forgive me, but this is for your own good. Out of all the ninja here, you are the most important one." He finished as he closed his eyes and drifted off into a light sleep.






Author's Note: I hope you all liked that one! There is some SakuXIta fluff and PeinXKonan fluff! :) I apologize for any spelling errors or grammatical errors, my p.c.'s spell check is not working. Why? I have no idea. But I wanted to get this chapter out to all of you. I'm sorry if Pein is OOC but he needed a wake up call.

The story is wrapping up, only a few more chapters left, and as you can see it is getting juicy!



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