Past, Present, Future

Chapter 27

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Sakura's face rose up towards the dark sky hoping that the night sky would provide any answer to her predicament. She shook her head from side-to-side and her attention returned back to the conflict before her.

The moonlight shined down on the two teams, both from different sides of the world. One believed in the greater good, where the evil side would see justice. Then, there was the other side, where different beliefs were applied on life itself. There was no happy ending for them, all they had was the satisfaction of causing harm to anyone they wanted. In a way, it was like their type of freedom, where they could do whatever they wanted without a higher power to tell them what was right and what was wrong.

Before her thoughts to expand on this new subject, the tension began to rise substantially. She was running out of time before blood would dye the forest red.

"This is the end." Pein stated in a low tone as the grass under his feet began to crinkle.

Every ninja there, except Sakura, crouched down anticipating the first strike. Sakura watched in horror waiting for the battle to start, as her heart began to accelerate she felt a rain drop fall on her nose. 'What..?' Sakura held out her hand as she watched the rain drop fall into her palm. Her head shot up to the night sky watching the sky transform from an innocent, beautiful sky, to a dangerous one. The clouds became charcoal black and strikes of white began to strike the sky.

Thunder was heard from above as Kakashi reached into his holster and pulled the kunai closer to his body. Sakura's eyes went wide as Naruto and Kakashi charged towards the Akatsuki. Emerald eyes followed Naruto and Kakashi as they took on Deidara and Kisame. She shook her head as gruesome images floated around her mind. Nothing good could come from fighting, with was rather ironic since she was a ninja after all. Tears gathered in the corner of her eyes, as her vision blurred, and she painfully watched Naruto and Kakashi fight with determination.

'No! No! No! This can't happen! Not like this! I have to stop it!' She shouted to herself as she grabbed the dirt and lifted herself to her feet.

Pein saw her moving out of the corner of his eye and he couldn't help be but curious as to what was going on in that brain of hers. She was planning something and he couldn't wait to see what she was going to do.

The battle continued as Kisame swung his big swords towards Kakashi, only to have him flip backwards trying to avoid the chakra sucking sword. Naruto had his hands full with dodging the exploding clay. Naruto and Kakashi were back to back and breathing heavy, they were battling the two Akatsuki members of course it would be a hard match.

Eyes watched as Kakashi and Naruto, simultaneously, summoned chakra to circuit through their veins. Soon Kisame and Deidara were surrounded by thousand of Naruto's while the lightning began to strike the ground around the Akatsuki members.

The battle began to grow intense as each person attacked each other with killing intent. Blood was splattered against the green grass and sweat mixed in with their opened wounds.

Sakura couldn't take much more of the battle. Her eyes followed the blood that flew through the air, at this rate she would lose them before she could even think of a plan! Her fists clenched as she felt a spark fly through her, she looked down at her fists to see them glowing blue. 'C-Chakra?!' Sakura thought shockingly. 'When did I…' Her mind traveled back to when she was surrounded by the demon's chakra. They must of restored her reserves before placing her back into the wilderness.

Her eyes narrowed towards the battle, now she could do something about the mass she created. 'No matter what, I will end this fight once and for all!' Sakura thought to herself as she waited for an opening in the battle to interfere.

Kakashi and Naruto were painting as Deidara and Kisame's poster reduced to a slouch, mixed in with quiet heavy breathing. Even though they were tired and injured, they grabbed their chose of a weapon and charged towards one another. 'Now's my chance!' Sakura thought as she sprinted towards them.

It happened in slow motion, Sakura ran in-between the heart of the fight. They tried to back their attacks off, but their momentum was too great. Kakashi and Naruto watched in horror as they attacked one of their own. Kisame and Deidara tried to lessen the damage towards the girl, but knew their efforts would be in vain.

Konan felt her breath being caught in her throat as she watched Sakura run into the battle. She wanted to scold her, beat sense into her, but knew she wouldn't be able to touch Sakura.

Everyone tensed up as the dust around the attack began to clear. Kisame, Kakashi, Naruto, and Deidara backed away from Sakura and stood there dumbfounded. In front of them was a chakra wall on both sides of Sakura. A smile of satisfaction passed across her face as she felt the shocked stares on her.

Pein narrowed his eyes towards the girl full of surprises. When did she get chakra all of a sudden? It immediately clicked in as he remembered the whirlwind of chakra that was around her before.

The pink haired woman turned towards the crowd of people and her smile slowly whipped away from her face. "Why do we have to fight?!" Sakura yelled at them all. She never felt the need to stop fighting stronger than this. She figured it was because she held feeling for people on both sides of the battle field.

Pein chuckled at her statement. "You live in a violent world little one." He said as his mood changed to serious. "Finish them." He ordered, getting sick and tired of waiting around.

Sakura stood in-between her teammates and the Akatsuki. "You will not hurt them anymore." She said with a stern look. "Why do you have to destroy everything?" She asked to Pein, staring him down, striping his character with her piercing eyes. "Is it so you are feared? Or because you want revenge?" Sakura asked, not hoping for an answer.

Itachi watched his leader carefully as he creped through the shadows and came closer to Sakura. He narrowed his eyes towards Pein, muscles tensed; he was waiting to jump in-between the two of them. Kakashi and Naruto also watched the shadows move around the night, as water poured down on them, their cloths sticking to them.

"Why question me little one? You know this is the end for you." Pein said as he stopped a few feet away from Sakura. "I should extract your power myself." He said with a sinister grin as his hand went inside his cloak.

The wind picked up speed around Sakura and before anyone could process what was happening Itachi poofed right in front of her, holding out a chakra filled hand, towards his own leader.

Pein narrowed his eyes towards one of his strongest recruits. "Itachi, what are you doing?" He demanded while putting, whatever was in his hand, back into the cloak pocket.

Itachi did not answer at first. Sharingan eyes shined brightly through the darkened sky as a bolt of lightning struck the sky, causing the scene behind Itachi to light up significantly. His eyes carefully studied the man before him. "You know what I am doing." He simply said as his eyes drifted to Konan and then back to his leader. "You would do the same thing." He continued as he swiftly glanced back at Sakura.

Everyone's eyes widened at the confrontation before them. No matter what part of the world they came from, they all knew the sonic Uchiha only spoke when necessary, and never stepped out of his boundaries when addressing an elder. "Uchiha, move." Pein ordered his patience wearing thin.

Itachi stood perfectly still, revealing nothing. "No." He said with a straight face.

Pein stood there dumbfounded at the Uchiha's blunt answer, but that soon was washed away once he placed all the pieces to the puzzle together. Soon a malevolence smirk crossed his face. "Oh I see…" He said as he walked around the two and eyed them up and down. Itachi stood perfectly still, eyes Pein's every move, gathering information by the way he carried himself. "So you have a little crush on the Tamer." He said, his smirk never fading. "But…" His eyes traveled to the pink-haired woman. "…she doesn't like scum like us." Pein added, trying to get under the Uchiha's skin. "Why protect someone that will kill you in the end? Kill or be killed Itachi." He smartly stated.

Sakura grew angry with the babbling Akatsuki member and growled towards him. "You know nothing Pein." She said with a smirk, his face dropped slightly as she called him by his real name. Her eyes turned towards Konan and smiled lightly. "You would be the same way if you allowed yourself to feel anything." She stated.

Pein looked back towards Konan, he knew he harvested feelings for Konan but his world would not accept that. He would keep her save and that meant to never reveal his intensions to anyone, not even her. He turned his head back towards the treacherous member and Demon Tamer. "Fine. I'll kill both of you then." He said with no remorse.

"No you will not." Konan shouted, as she too stood next to Itachi and narrowed regretful eyes towards Pein. "Pein…" she started to say, as she watched his eyes flash with hurt for a couple of milliseconds. "…this woman should be left alone. We don't need it to become what we want to be." Konan said.

Pein stood there, cold as stone, what was going on? What did this Demon Tamer do to his team?! She hypnotized Konan, and for that she was going to pay, far more worse than he originally anticipated.

"Konan, she has hypnotized you." He said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her aside. His murderous eyes shot towards Sakura, but Itachi blocked his view, of course that didn't stop his glare. "This will be the end of you." He said towards the four people in front of him.

Kakashi and Naruto walked beside Sakura, adrenaline pumping through their veins. "Bring it on!" Naruto yelled as he grabbed his two kunai from the ground and pushed his sore body back into place. Kakashi stared towards Sakura and allowed his glaze drift towards the Uchiha. 'Can we trust him?' Kakashi thought, watching him as he stood perfectly still. His glaze drifted towards Sakura and watched as she eyed the Uchiha with shock and then pride. 'He betrayed his own organization to help Sakura; I guess his feelings for Sakura was never erased.' He thought with an all knowing smirk.

He remembered the day when he first met Sakura, she healed him and then punched him back into a tree, and even to this day he never understood why she would punch him out after healing him. But after seeing certain personality traits of Tsunade in Sakura, he assumed she had an influence on her. His eyes trailed towards Itachi, a small smirk plastered his masked face. He remembered the young protégé mopping about when Sakura was in the hospital, and now, they have come together.

"Your funeral." Pein said as he ordered Kisame and Deidara to clear the field and join Tobi on the sidelines. Konan couldn't stand by and watch Pein torture Sakura, now matter how much she held feelings for him.

Sakura watched Konan back away from Pein and walk back towards her side. Pein's nose flared in anger at Konan's actions. Pein watched as blue eyes filled with sadness looked up at him. "Pein…this was never suppose to get this far." She started to say. "We were recruited to start an organization that would allow stray ninjas, or neglected ones, to find a place to belong to." She continued, reminiscing past events with Pein, but her eyes grew hard at him. "But you became drunk for power Pein. I stood by you all these years hoping the old Pein would come back…" her eyes traveled to the ground, no longer having the will to look at him. "…I can't sit back anymore and watch you to continue to destroy yourself." She finished.

A boom of thunder crashed over the sky, causing the ground to shake, as Konan finished her hurtful words. Pein stared at her with unreadable eyes and the silence was broken by his evil cackle that roared through the sky. "Are you kidding me?!" He shouted as he smirked like a mad man. "This was the best thing that has happen Konan! We can teach the ninja's like them that they can't rule us! With our project we can rule the world!" He shouted as he reached in his coat and pulled out a long ax. "No matter…you will see my ways as soon as I kill them." He stated as he glared towards everyone beside her.

Pein's power began to fill the atmosphere and it became unbearable. "Get ready." Itachi said as everyone's guard was on high alert. "There is no limit to what he is willing to do." Konan said softly as she began brace herself for the fight of her life. Naruto nodded towards the additional members, and felt more determined than ever before. Kakashi smirked and braced himself; this battle would go down in history.

Sakura watched as everything happened in a flash. She couldn't follow anyone's movements, for they were inhumanly fast. She could make out certain colors but other than that everything was a blur. All you could hear was metal clashing and grunts groaning. Kakashi used the weather as an aide to slow down Pein, while Naruto would launch any jutsu he could, hoping to get a decent hit on him. Itachi was using his genjutsu's to confuse him while Konan would use her animal origami to inflict damage on him.

Pein didn't seem fazed he took on all four of them without batting an eyelash, it pained him to attack Konan, but she needed to learn her place and figure out what side she was on. However, he didn't hold back on the other three, he used all his tricks and mind games trying to throw them off track and destroy them.

The sky glowed as the thunder and lightning crashed once again in the heat of the battle. Sakura felt the world crashing down on her. Although she couldn't see every detail of the bloody match, her medical trained eyes watched every drop of blood pour out of the battle and every motion. 'If they don't stop now…' Her vision became blurry as crystal tears fell from her eyes. She knew that their inhuman speed would destroy their tissue, nerves, and muscle layers before any poison or paralysis jutsu could. Then if she added in the powerful jutsu's… 'They will die.' She thought as the tears flooded out of her eyes.

Her body sunk down to the ground and landed on her knees. She looked down at the ground and threw her fists down on it. 'No! No! No! This is what I have been trying to prevent! They don't need to kill themselves for me! Why can't there be peace for once?!' Sakura thought with angered thoughts as she allowed chakra to flow to her hands and she banged against the floor, causing the earth to crack all around her.

'There has to be something I can do! Send them to a peaceful state or something!' She yelled at herself, knowing full well that there was nothing she could do, but her glowing hands grabbed the medallion around her neck and she yanked it off her neck.

The strap broke against the force of the tug and Sakura watched her chakra crawl towards the medallion's stones. Tears went sliding down her cheeks and landed on the ancient jewelry before her. Her face turned towards the God's above and her grip on the medallion increased, causing the metal to slice through her skin. Blood mixed in with chakra, as she continued to watch the battle.

Naruto and Kakashi were kneeing on the ground panting, while Konan and Itachi stood up right, breathing heavy as well. Pein was standing there like a mad man cackling at their "poor battling skills". By this time Pein had unleashed his other sides, making their job that much harder.

'Please! Please! Just let them be at peace!' She yelled as she thrusted her hands into the earth once again.

'So you wish it…so it shall be.' Anri's voice popped in her head.

Sakura's eyes went flying open as she looked down at the medallion in her hands. Her chakra was swimming around it and her blood seeped into the ancient letters. 'What that…?' Sakura thought to herself as her charka expanded all around her, and soon, around everyone.

The battle seized as Sakura's chakra fanned out around the whole forest. Pein stared at the magnitude of the charka and turned towards the Demon Tamer, only to see her crouched down on the ground. Konan looked around in amazement; this was the extent of Sakura's power? There was no telling what Sakura could do. Itachi felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up; he looked towards Sakura and prayed to God she knew what she was doing. Naruto, however, were flabbergasted and wanted to run towards her, but Kakashi stopped him. "No Naruto let Sakura do her thing." He said.

The chakra expanded all over the forest and traveled towards the Akatsuki base. The servants inside felt the power linger towards them and watched as it slipped through the cracks of the base. None of them moved, not daring to challenge the intruding chakra. Sakura felt her chakra start to turn into an unknown force. 'Is this what it feels like?' She thought to herself as she concentrated on guiding it towards the Demon's room.

Inside the Demon's room, they all were sitting down in a circle, wondering how Sakura was doing. "Do you think she made it ok" Emi asked worriedly.

Nobu placed a comforting arm over his sister's shoulder and nodded his head. "Don't worry Emi, Sakura is probably fine."

Tae wasn't paying attention to her brothers and sisters, for she felt a strong, yet familiar, chakra coming their way. "Hey guys…don't you feel that?" She asked.

Shukaku jumped to his feet as he too felt the chakra coming towards them. "What do you think it is?"

"We'll soon find out." Jin said as he pointed to the floor of the metal container.

"What is it?" Raku asked as he looked down at the specimen.

"Don't touch it Ra…" Riki was cut off, for once Raku touched the chakra, and he was gone.

They all jumped up to their feet and soon the chakra was swimming around their feet. No one dared to move and they just watched as the chakra slithered up each body.

Tae's eyes went wide as it covered her face and before she knew it, she was in a strange place. She saw Raku standing near her and soon all her family members were coming in one by one. She felt a light breeze blow through her cloths and she narrowed her eyes.

All the Demons looked around, admiring the gorgeous scenery before them. There were giant oak trees swaying in all their glory, the sky was a beautiful tint of orange and blue, the place was too remarkable for words.

"Where are we?" Nobu asked.

Shukaku and Tae shrugged their shoulders. "I have no idea." Tae answered honestly.

"How can you not know where we are Tae-San? You were the only one that actually saw picture of the peaceful land." Anri's voice projected over the world as she became visible to them all.

Shukaku's mouth twitched when he controlled his jaw not to drop to the floor. "You mean…"

"Yes Shukaku-San, Sakura freed us all." Anri said with a happy smile.

"How?" Emi asked.

"After you all released Sakura from the Akatsuki's clutches, she met up with Kyuubi-San's container and his teacher. This is where a large battle resulted, trying to gain custody of Sakura and Kyuubi-San…"

"That doesn't explain anything Anri." Shukaku stated.

Anri smiled at her older brother and walked over to the running river near them. "Tae-San, run your hand over the water, you can control water after all."

Tae walked towards the pristine water and waved her hand over it, just like her little sister said too. To their surprise they saw a projection of Sakura kneeling on the ground, crying, and saw the massive destruction. Trees were pulled out of their roots, blood was spattered everywhere, and the humans were covered in wounds.

"Sakura wanted peace and her chakra gave her just that." Anri said as she watched Sakura's chakra go towards the Kyuubi's container and start to extract him, painlessly.

Kakashi and Sakura watched as her chakra crawled over Naruto and covered his whole body. "Sakura-Chan, Kakashi, what is going on?!" He asked in a panic tone.

Sakura heard his cry, stopped her crying, and ran towards the blonde. She stopped short in front of him as his whole body glowed blue and before she knew it, he fainted to the floor. "Naruto!" She yelled as she dropped, once again, to the floor and felt for a pulse.

Anri turned her head towards the sky above them, causing her older siblings to do the same thing, and they watched as Kyuubi went flying down from the sky. He landed on his feet and looked around the place with confused eyes. "Where am I?" He mumbled to himself.

"Welcome back Kyuubi." Shukaku said with a smirk as he watched Kyuubi slowly turned around as his face dropped to the floor.

"Where am I Shukaku?" He demanded answer this time.

Shukaku walked up to him and patted him on the back. "We are free Kyuubi, Sakura sent us here." He answered, causing Kyuubi to stare disbelievingly at him. Kyuubi was dragged by Shukaku to go look at the water reflecting what was happening down on earth.

Pein's eyes widened at the sight before him. The Demon Tamer did her job, and right before him too! He didn't stop it or anything, how foolish he was! He growled towards the petite female and raised a pointed dagger towards her. "You took them away!" He yelled at her, causing Itachi to pull her beside him.

Kakashi knelt down towards Naruto and watched as his eyes slowly blinked up at him. "Kakashi-Sensei….what happened?" He asked as Kakashi helped him to his feet.

Kakashi shrugged his shoulders and shook his head from side-to-side. "I have no idea Naruto." He said honestly. "How do you feel?" He asked.

Naruto looked himself over and felt something different about himself, but he couldn't place his finger on it. "I feel….good." He said, as if the feeling was foreign to him.

"Hate to break up your reunion, but…" Konan said as she pointed towards the hysterical Pein. "Pein…calm down." She said as she walked up to him and tried to calm him down.

Pein glared at her and grabbed her hand before it made contact with him. "Don't you see Konan?" He said as he glared at Sakura. "She killed our plan; her chakra extracted that Jinchuriki from that blonde." He said, causing Konan to gasp.

Sakura looked down at the medallion and watched as all the colored stones began to crack. "What is going on?" She said out loud, causing everyone to turn towards her. She outstretched her hand and watched as the medal began to crack into millions of pieces, the strong stormy wind, pushed the pieces away like sand. She followed the pieces as the wind carried it towards the sky. 'Did I…did I free them?' She asked, as she looked down at her ankle, only to see nothing there.

Her mouth dropped to the floor as she remembered what she thought and what Anri said before her chakra went stretching through the forest. She was hung up on making peace between the ninja's and then she allowed her chakra to pour into the medallion. Emerald eyes went wide as all the pieces finally were put together, she freed the Demons!

"Don't think that's the end of it." Pein said in a deadly voice as he got ready to attack them once again.

Sakura turned around only to see Pein flying towards her. She grabbed onto Itachi and shut her eyes closed this was the end of them. Kakashi and Naruto went into a defensive position and both carried a determined face, they knew it was the end and they would embrace their honorable death with opened arms. Itachi felt Sakura attach herself to him and snaked one arm around her waist, pushing her closer to him, his face was blank as he waited for the final blow from Pein. They all knew that Pein was still running on a full tank, and they were running on empty.

Normally, waiting for your death, wasn't a way how they all thought they would end their lives. Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura pictured their end either being at old age or in a battle doing down fighting. Itachi accepted his fate, knowing there was nothing they could do to escape this battle.

Konan stood with horror in her eyes as she watched Pein charge towards them. She wanted to break some sense into him, but he was so wrapped up in getting revenge that it ate him away. Years ago she would of never thought that her almighty Pein would be eaten away by personal desires, but the man in front of her….well….he was eaten away. She looked up at the lightning sky and felt a lone tear escape the corner of her eye. 'Please, help Pein. End this fight with no lives lost.' She thought, knowing that her wish would be useless.

This was a world were lives were lost everyday; father would be fighting against his own family for his beliefs. Why would today be any different than the last?






Author's Note:Well everyone….that was a very intense chapter, not as long as before, but pretty much equal in intensity. :)

As you all could sense, the story is coming to an end, I don't know how many more chapter, but not many are left. I hope you all enjoyed it :) and please criticism is welcome, and REVIEWS ARE AN AWESOME CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!! :)


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