Past, Present, Future

Chapter 3

Author's Notes: Hey there everyone! Look it's a new chapter! Isnt that awesome ?! also I will be going to a beach house and after that school will come up so updates will be wicked slow. God that gets annoying to type, but on that sour note!




Sakura was tossing and turning around in her bed. She just couldn't go back to sleep. Could you blame her? It's not everyday that you are on a mission trying to obtain a simple scroll, only to find out that she is in the past. She didn't expect to see the people that she thought where either dead or fucking crazy to be right in front of her,

'Ugh. I'm never going to be able to get sleep now. Might as well wander the house. It wouldn't kill me to wander around, as long as I don't wake anyone up. That would be horrible.'

With a new destination in mind Sakura got up and opened her room just a crack and with great skill, she exited the door, without having it make any noise.

Her eyes were accustomed to the darkness and she could see where she was. She started to walk down the hallway and she could hear crying. Following the crying she found that it lead her to a room.

'I wonder who would be crying this late at night.'

Sakura opened up the door a crack and saw little Sasuke sitting up on his bed. His knees were bent in and his head was resting on his knees.

'I know that position all to well.'

"Sasuke-Kun? Are you ok?" Sakura asked in a small whisper.

Sasuke's head rocketed up to see the new guest staring at him. "Don't look at me. I am not crying. What are you talking about." Sasuke said trying to turn his head the opposite way.

Sakura softly giggled at him. "Sasuke-Kun, it's ok. I won't tell if you wont."

Sasuke looked back to her to see her sitting down on his bed. "Sakura-Nee-Chan, I'm sorry. It's just…..Father said that if we cry it means weakness."

Sakura looked down at the poor boy and shook her head. She moved closer to him and captured him in a hug. A very nice content hug, Sasuke noted.

"Sasuke-Kun, listen. If you keep your emotions inside you it will only build and build. Soon you wouldn't be human."

Sasuke looked at her to see her crying. "Nee-Chan? Don't cry! I promise I won't hide my emotions!" Sasuke shouted softly while he leaned into her chest.

Sakura placed her chin on top of his head and smiled. "Why were you crying anyway Sasuke-Kun?"

"I had a nightmare. There was some scary thing that popped out from under my bed and it wanted to eat me!" He said as he tried to hide himself deeper into Sakura's chest.

Sakura giggled softly. "Well it wont hurt you anymore ok?"

Sasuke looked up at her and smiled. "You got that right! Now that you're here it's gone."

Sakura shook her head at him, a smile still grazing her lips. "That's the spirit. I better go and let you sleep."

Sasuke broke away from Sakura and she tucked him snuggly into his blankets. With one last look over her shoulder to smile back at her new little friend to have him smiling back at her.

Exiting Sasuke's room, Sakura turned around only to have someone touching her shoulder. With out warning Sakura grabbed the hand and flipped him down on the ground, not making a huge bang.

"Who are you and what do you want." Sakura said in a warning tone as she pushed all her body pressure over the "attacker". Like a cop does when he is arresting something. Sakura held the man's hands, her breath was close to his ear.

The "attacker" wasn't fazed and flipped their positions. Now he was on top, and Sakura went face first into a chest.

"You shouldn't attack the owner of the house your staying at." Itachi said in a low tone, his breath tickling her ear as well.

Sakura gasped when she realized that she flipped and was questioning Itachi. "Sorry. I didn't know who you were, and it's dark, and well you know better than anyone else that at night your on your guard the most."

Itachi stared down at the girl below him. Her emerald eyes were more dull than they were but he thought that it was because the sun light makes them sparkle that beautiful sparkle.

"Well you should pay more attention." He said as he made his head go lower, he stealthy let his senses be invaded by a strawberry sent.

'God, her scent is addicting.'

Sakura gasped when she felt his nose touch her soft, slim neck. "Um, can you get off me?" Sakura said. Surprised that she wasn't stuttering and was so thankful for the darkness because she could feel her cheeks heating up.

Itachi grunted and got up off her. "If you don't want to get in that predicament, then be more aware of your surroundings."

With that Itachi left the pink haired beauty to tend to her own activities. Sakura watched as the soon to be murderer leave her eye sight. Then she sighed and decided to make her way back to her room.

'That was….interesting. I might as well try to get some sleep now. Although..' Sakura turned to her left to see an alarm clock that read 3:30 in the morning. 'Great. I guess if I sleep a few more hours then use that sleeping jutsu combined, ill be good to go.'

When Sakura did her hand signs her head started to glow green and in one swift moment Sakura was out like a light, her head glowing a dull green.

----With Itachi----

After he left Sakura he went back to his room. He shut his door and made his way over to a window.

'Her scent. Strawberries, how could I have let her flip me? Also how did she make my impact on the floor not echo threw the halls? Sakura, you are very interesting. For once I think I want to actually get to know you more.'

­----Next Day----

Sakura woke up with a yawn and started to stretch. Looking to her left she saw it was 7:30. She got out of bed and went to take a shower. The warm water was like a blessing. When she was done, she got dressed in a set of black shorts, orange skirt, and a white shirt. There was a note attached to the cloths though.

Sakura picked up the cloths, placing them on the queen sized futon. Then she took the note and read it.

Dear Sakura-Chan,

I wish I knew that would have a guest because I would of gotten you better cloths. But since I found these, I am giving them to you. Since I didn't have a girl feel free to ask for as much cloths as you like. )


Sakura smiled at the note and put on the cloths. When Sakura turned to her full length mirror to see that the cloths fit her just right. Then she blow dried her long hair, placing it up back into its high pony-tail. Placing her headband in its normal spot surveying as a headband to keep fly-aways, well away. And her bangs came down to frame her face.

'Well better get down stairs. Everyone should be up by now.'

Sakura walked down the stairs to see Mikoto, Sasuke, and Itachi all hanging out in the kitchen.

"Good morning Sakura-Chan!" Mikoto said smiling as she stirred the batter in the bowl.

Sakura waved in her direction and smiled. Sasuke got out of his chair and ran over to Sakura, almost knocking her down, if it wasn't for Sakura's good sense of balance.

"Good morning Nee-Chan!" Sasuke said as he hugged her.

"Good morning Sasuke-Kun. have a good sleep last night?" She asked, hoping he didn't have any more bad nightmares.

"Yeah! I meant up that monster!"

Sakura giggled and they both returned back to the kitchen. Sakura looked over to Itachi to see him staring at her with those cold, bone chilling eyes.

Brushing it off Sakura smiled in his direction, making him slightly confused. She smirked inside her mind, proud that she made the Uchiha Itachi confused. Then she made her way to ask Mikoto if she needed help cooking, which she accepted happily.

When everyone was done with breakfast Sasuke ran upstairs to get ready to go to he Academy and Mikoto returned to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Sakura and Itachi were left in the living room, all alone.

"The Hokage wants me to show you your other team member."

Sakura looked over to see that Itachi was looking at her. She turned her body so she could actually see him, instead of sitting the opposite way.

"Oh? Ok, sounds like fun!" Sakura said happily.

'Fascinating. She gets happy so easily. That means she is a walking mood swing. Great.'

"Anything else that you are "ordered" to do with me?" Sakura said as she made invisible quotes around ordered.

Itachi smirked at her action. How she was so different than everyone else. But once she knows that he is all powerful she will be a fan girl in no time.

"Nothing. Why? You want to spend more time with me?" Itachi said as he closed their personal space, inch by inch. Sakura looked up to see that famous smirk on his face. She squeaked, rather cutely, when she saw how close they were and she backed up a little.

Before Itachi could do anything they heard little Sasuke's feet pitter pattering against the upstairs hard woods. Soon they saw Sasuke running down the stairs, getting on his sandels.

"Hey Nee-San? Nee-Chan? Can you take me to school?"

Itachi was going to decline but Sakura was faster. "Sure Sasuke-kun. Why not?"

Itachi grunted. "We will be late. We don't have time."

Sakura turned to the boy her age and smirked a sassy smirk towards him. "Tisk, Tisk, Tisk Itachi. So we are a few minutes late, who cares?"

Sasuke cheered that Sakura made Itachi realize that they could be late, just this once. Sasuke was walking with Sakura, hand in tow. Itachi walked behind them, half watching them half watching what other people would do if they saw the three.

As Itachi looked around, as they made their way through the crowded marketplace a lot of boys his age where checking out Sakura. Itachi didn't like it so he secretly glared at them.

'Why would they degrade a woman like that. Sick.'

Soon the three of them were at the academy and once Sasuke was dropped off Sakura and Itachi were making their way to where ever Itachi lead her.

"Did you hear?"

The two 13 year olds overheard a few gossipers as the made their way through the marketplace.

"No what?!"

"The ANBU found a masked man outside Kohana! They are taking care of him now."

Sakura knew who they were talking about but acted like she had no idea, Itachi however was picking up speed towards the gates.

"Yeah! They have him right at the gate, not knowing what to do. He is hurt very badly!"

Itachi didn't wait any time and was running over to the gates, Sakura picked up her speed and was right behind him. Soon they were at the gates, three ANBU surrounded the masked boy.

They looked to see Itachi with some girl. They looked at the new comer with a curious face, but saw that she had a Kohana headband on her head. She must have been new to the squad or something.

Sakura looked past the ANBU to see her Sensei lying down on the ground, in his own pool of blood. Her eyes went wide and her heart started to beat faster.

'At this rate he will soon loose so much blood we wont be able to much to him in time. Time to be Dr. Haruno again. Hold on Kakashi-Sensei, I'll save you.'

Sakura didn't think twice about walking in between the groud of ANBU. At first they studied her with calculated eyes, but it soon fell when they saw that her hands started to glow green. They assumed she was a medic.

Itachi turned to the three and gathered up as much information as he could from them. When he was done "interrogating" them they all turned to Sakura. Watching her work.

Sakura's calculating eyes scanned Kakashi's body. Looking for anything that would possibly cause him to loose his blood quicker than at the paste it was pouring out of him now.

'Found it. His rib, fractured at that, moved over to puncture a lung. This is going to take a lot of chakra.'

Sakura turned to the four with stern eyes. "He has a broken rib that is causing him to bleed more than he should. Then there is a gash in his shoulder, from a sword mark no doubt. It seemed that he was caught off guard considering the way the hole was made…."

"Stop talking girl and heal him." One ANBU said.

Sakura turned around from Kakashi to the ANBU, her eyes changing from stern to murderous. "If you want me to heal him you better let me voice his injuries!" Sakura yelled.

Causing them to look at the girl with surprise. Itachi smirked. 'She is entertainment. One minute she is all sweet and the next she is going to kill you. What very interesting Vixen she is.'

The ANBU shut his mouth and nodded his head. For some reason this girl scared him to no end. Even though he was on ANBU, no crazy man ever scared him like this little girl did.

Sakura closed her eyes and started to have her chakra enters Kakashi's blood stream from the shoulder wound, following the main arteries, she was able to get to the ribs and with more chakra she now covered his chest from the inside and out. Keeping one hand to guide her chakra and the other one over his chest. Soon the tissue started to move the rib back into place. Then she had the chakra from above go over his skin tissue to get out any infections.

After the rib was back to its original place, Sakura made sure to mend them together. Checking to see if the ribs were mended together perfectly she used her, now low, chakra to heal his shoulder wound. The rest was cuts and they could heal on their own.

When she was done she removed her hands and she slouched a little, breathing heavily.

The three ANBU and Itachi came over to the girl and watched as Kakashi started to regain consciousness.

"Ah." Kakashi said as he started to stand up. He looked around to see the three ANBU that brought him back to Kohana, Itachi looking him over and a pink haired girl, that looked like she was going to drop to her knees. Sheer will power holding her up.

"Who healed me?" 16 year old Kakashi asked. Looked at the three ANBU or Itachi for a answer.

"The girl healed you, Kakashi." The ANBU squad leader said, nodding over to the girl.

Kakashi looked over the girl and walked up to her. "Thanks for healing me…..Pinky."

Sakura's heavy breathing stopped and the three ANBU, Itachi, and Kakashi watched her with anticipation.

"Don't you dare……" Sakura said her eyes hiding behind her bangs.

Kakashi smirked. "Don't I dare what…..Pinky?"

Sakrua had, had enough of his foolishness.

'So what if you are my Sensei! I'm about to give you a piece of Haruno Sakura!'

"I said….Don't call me Pinky!" Sakura yelled bringing her fist up to his newly healed chest, sending him flying backwards, making him hit a good dozen trees or so.

The three ANBU looked at her with surprise. The one that yelled at her before was glad that he did shut it mouth before, otherwise he would have ended up like kakashi.


Saying that Itachi was surprised was a understatement. 'If she put chakra in her fist she would have made Kakashi return back to his critical state.'

The head ANBU squad leader turned to the girl. "You just healed him, why would you injure him anymore?"

Sakura smiled at the squad leader. "Actually I hit him in a new spot. You see his injury was in the left center, I hit him in his lower right stomach, which is just where tissue and cushion, so I just knocked the wind out of him is all."

The ANBU nodded, went to retrieve Kakashi and they left with a poof. Itachi looked over at his new fascination to see that she was now breathing even heavier than last time.

"Come on. Your going to fall where you stand if we don't get you home." Itachi said as he walked over to her.

Sakura looked to her side to see that he was coming closer. "What are you doing?"

"Look, your gonna faint on your feet. I'll carry you home. To save both of us the trouble."

Sakura shook her head reluctantly. "No way! I am not getting help from you! I can walk on my own thank you very much." And before Itachi could argue with her she was walking back into the market.

In a flash Itachi was at her side, knowing that she will soon faint from exauhstion. To his dismay they made it all the way home with out her fainting. She truly was amazing, her willpower was stronger than hell.

Of course Itachi spoke to soon because once they entered the house, causing everyone, Mikoto, Fugaku, and Sasuke took in their direction, Sakura gave out having Itachi to catch her.

"Itachi! What happened?!" Mikoto yelled running over to Itachi to look over Sakura.

Itachi looked at his mother and sighed. "She had to heal Kakashi. And she is out of chakra."

"She is as weak as I thought. Cant even heal a simply wond." Fugaku said.

Itachi looked at his dad with a glare. "No, Kakashi had a internal wound that punctured his organ."

Fugaku turned around when he heard that. 'Impossible. She is only 13.'

-----------------------to be continued---------------------------------

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