Past, Present, Future

Chapter 4

Author's Notes: Hey there! I can't believe how many people like the story so far!! So this will be the last chapter of this story before I go back to school, then everything will take forever to update, sorry for that in advance! To make up for it, I'm gonna make this chapter entertaining!!




After Itachi glared at his father, and saw how surprised he was, Itachi placed Sakura down on the couch.

"Nee-San, will Sakura-Nee-Chan be ok?"

Itachi looked at Sasuke and nodded his head as an answer to his question.

"Itachi, all she needs is about two hours to rest, that is a good amount of time for her to be up and running." Mikoto said while she smiled at her son.

"Hn." Was all Itachi said as he sat down on a single chair and waited for Sakura to wake up.

"Sasuke lets leave Itachi alone for a while, come on. I'll help you with your homework."

"Hai!" Sasuke shouted as the those two ran upstairs into Sasuke's room. Fugaku on the other hand sat down on a chair across from Itachi.

"Itachi, how long is she staying here."

Itachi looked over to his dad and then back to his interest that was out cold, laying on the couch. "Hokage-Sama said until she found a place of her own."

"How long will that be till." Fugaku said with disgust.

Itachi unconsciously clenched his fist and stared at his father. "Father. She isn't weak."

Fugaku snorted at Itachi's statement. "That's a crock. She can't even get home without fainting."

Itachi was getting mad, but he hide it pretty well from his dad. "You would be to if you healed a man with a punctured lung and then punching him far enough with enough force to make him knock out twelve trees. Still having the strength to walk home." Itachi mumbled under his breath, but Fugaku heard it.

Fugaku was very confused as to why his son was defending the girl. "Hn." Was all he said and he made his way to his office, calling the Hokage to get information about this pink haired "disease" laying on his couch.

Itachi simply shook his head and began to study Sakura. As his eyes examined her, he saw a small tattoo on her ankle.

'Where could that have come from?'

Storing her new found tattoo into his mind he continued to study the girl. But he didn't find anything else that was of curiosity and before he knew it, Sakura started to wake up.

"Ugh. What happened?" Sakura asked in a soft whisper as she sat up, rubbing her head and looking all around. Trying to figure out where she was.

"Your in the living room." Itachi answered.

Sakura turned her body around to see Itachi sitting on a chair looking straight down at her. Sakura didn't know it, but she was blushing under his direct glaze.

"You know staring is rude." Sakura said with a mocking smile plastered on her face, the blush gone.

Itachi narrowed his charcoal eyes at her. "Couldn't think of anything else to say Sakura?" he said in a mocking tone.

Sakura winked at him, causing Itachi to be confused yet again, and then she started to get up from the couch. When she was up from the couch she walked around to make sure that she could move just fine.

'I didn't think that I could gain my chakra that fast. Maybe it was because of not exactly draining my entire chakra reserves.'

"Let's go." Itachi said as he got up and headed to the door.

Sakura turned her head to watch him make his way to the door. "Well aren't you nice. Not even waiting for a lady." Sakura mumbled under her breath.

After Sakura ran after Itachi and yelling at him for not waiting for her, causing Itachi to simply reply with his normal "Hn." For an answer, Sakura found that they were making their way to the hospital.

'Don't tell me that we are going to go and visit Kakashi-Sensei! I mean I already hit him, I don't think I am on his Top 10 list.'

Sakura shook her head and turned to Itachi. "Why are we at the hospital?" She asked as she tilted her head to one side.

Itachi saw her movements through the corner of his eye, but didn't turn around to give her his full attention. "So you and the man you punched can be introduced properly. If we are a team, we better get to know each other."

Sakura nodded her head with a smile on her face. 'Well this should be good, lets see what Kakashi-Sensei will have to say for himself. And lets see what Itachi will say. Not much I think.'

It didn't take long for the two of them to get to the hospital, surprisingly there was no fan-girls after Itachi.

After the two got the room number of Kakashi's room, they set off to their destination. Unfortunately, Sakura spoke to soon and when they entered the hospital's hallways all the nurses started to swoon at the sight of Itachi. Causing Sakura to laugh and resulting in Itachi glaring at death glare. But Sakura was being Sakura and she simply brushed it off.

When they entered Kakashi's room they saw him sitting up looking around the room.

'Poor Kakashi-Sensei. He hates hospitals to. He seems like he forgot about the whole Pinky thing.'

Kakashi looked up to see his teammate and the girl that punched him down after healing him.

"Hey Itachi, why did you bring Pinky here?"

'I spoke to soon, he is just gonna keep going at it with the whole Pinky thing. God Damn him!'

Sakura clenched her fists into a ball and glared a nasty glare at Kakashi. "You know it isn't nice to call a girl names?"

"Who said you were a girl? With that forehead of yours, its pretty hard to tell that you're a girl."

Sakura was pissed, oh how she was going to show him whose boss, but Itachi put his hand out in the way of Sakura.

"We are here to get along."

Kakashi looked at Itachi like he had five heads. "Why would we do that? It isn't like she is going to be on our team or something."

There are only a few times when Sakura smirks and that is either in battle when the opponent was falling for her trap or when someone stated the obvious and didn't like it. When Sakura smirked Kakashi got the point and sighed.

"Your kidding me right? I have to deal with two 13 year olds? What is this?"

"Well sir, I don't think you could count Itachi as a teen, he basically is a man, but doesn't have the body for it yet." Sakura said while she giggled at her own joke.

Kakashi looked at the girl wide eyed and looked over to see Itachi glaring at her, but Kakashi noted that the girl didn't seem to be phased.

'Well I guess Pinky won't be that bad after all.'

"Don't get me involved in this. Lets get started." Itachi said.

"Ok, so why don't you go first Itachi? It is your idea." Sakura suggested.

Itachi sighed, shut the hospital door, and then leaned up against the first wall he found. Sakura thought that it meant that they would be here for a while and she found a chair, bringing it over so she was at the end of the bed. Getting a good view of the two boys in front of her.

"You know my first name, but my last name it Uchiha…" Itachi looked to see if Sakura ever heard of him before, since he was world renown about his skills. If Sakura did she sure didn't show it.

"I'm the youngest to get to Jonin, and soon the youngest to be ANBU. That is until you showed up."

Sakura shook her head, then she asked him if he would say anything else but he wouldn't budge. Kakashi shook his head.

"Don't worry Pinky, Itachi likes to stay quiet most the time." Kakashi added.

Sakura giggled again, and then she turned her attention to Kakashi. "Your turn. I don't even know your name."

Kakashi sighed. "My name is Hatake Kakashi. I'm 16, and I'm your teammate."

Sakura had a huge sweat drop go down the side of her head. 'Even when he was younger, he still was a shady character.'

"So Kakashi-San…"

Kakashi interrupted her. "Just Kakashi."

'Yeah right, you call me Pinky I will call you Kakashi-San. Ha! What now?!'

Sakura smiled. "Ok, Kakashi-San!"

Kakashi groaned and Itachi smirked.

'She is getting revenge on me calling her Pinky, just great.'

'Sakura, your going to put some piazzas into our team.'

"Like I was saying before I was interrupted. Why do you have a mask on?" Sakura asked curiously.

Kakashi twitched. Sakura saw it to. The way he twitched and the way his visible eye began to go back to memory lane, Sakura could tell he didn't want to talk about it.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." Sakura said, trying to get him not to be sad.

"Yeah, lets just say, it's to hide something." Kakashi said, as he started to come back to reality.

'No duh Kakashi-Sensei. Ugh, he is always Mr.-Point-Out-The-Obvious.'

With that said, the two boys looked over to Sakura. Sakura looked up at them and smiled.

"Why are you both staring at me like that?"

Kakashi and Itachi wanted to slap their foreheads at the girl's ditzy-ness. But they didn't, fighting it every step of the way.

"Your turn." Was all Itachi managed to grunt out.

Sakura gasped. "Oh right! Well for Kakashi, my name is Itou Sakura. I just arrived back from a mission that the Hokage sent me on a while ago, and the next thing I knew I was assigned to your team."

"You're the one all the hunter-nin's have been talking about. They said that you killed three mission ninja. Pretty good for a 13 year old." Kakashi said.

Sakura smiled at him and thanked him. Itachi turned his head to her.

"What's up with the Tattoo."

Sakura looked at him funny and Kakashi also looked at him in a strange way.

"She is 13, how can she have a tattoo." Kakashi stated, trying to see the reason behind Itachi's confusing words.

"Sorry Itachi, but I have to agree with Kakashi, what do you mean?"

"On your ankle." Was all Itachi said, her reaction was good enough for him to know that she knew what he was talking about.

When Itachi said it was on her ankle Sakura gasped. Kakashi looked at her with a still confused face.

"What is he talking about." Kakashi asked, narrowing his eyes at Sakura.

Sakura simply lowered her arm down to her left leg and plopped it up onto the bed. If anyone would happen to come in, they would think that something was going on between Kakashi and Sakura. All because of the position her leg was in.

Kakashi got up from under the covers and Itachi moved from the wall to get a closer look. By the time they could see it, both boys were very close to Sakura.

'Ever heard of personal space? Hello! I have my leg plopped up here!'

"It's a star." Kakashi said, breaking the silence.

"What does it mean." Itachi ordered, glaring at her.

"Itachi you should know that your glares don't scare me. As to answer your question Kakashi, well it's a long story."

"We got time." Kakashi said, now fascinated by the tattoo that existed on her left ankle.

"Fine, so before I went on this mission…"

Before Sakura could even start the door opened. Sakura quickly put her leg off the bed and the boys went back to their original spots. When the door finally opened a messenger came in.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but the Hokage would like to talk the team."

All three nodded their heads and made their way out the door, but the messenger stopped Sakura.

"I'm sorry Miss. Itou, but the Hokage would only like to speak to Kakashi-San and Itachi-San."

Sakura simply nodded her head and after waving to her new teammates. Sakura left the hospital once learning she wasn't needed.

"Damn, and she was going to tell us about that Tattoo too." Kakashi said.

"Hn." Itachi said. He was trying to figure out how she could possibly gotten a Tattoo, and why. He didn't like to be clueless about things.

After getting the boot, well that is how Sakura put it, she started to walk around Kohana. Looking back and forth at the beautiful scene before her. Soon she came up to the all to familiar Ramen Shack.

'Well I guess a bite to eat wouldn't hurt.'

Sakura made her way to the shop when she heard a bottle being broken. Turning to the side of the shop she saw three older men picking on a little kid with blonde hair.

'It's…..It's Naruto! Oh god, I know I can't interfere with the past, but they are going to hurt him. I have to do something!'

Sakura changed her direction she was walking and headed towards the three men. When she got close enough she saw that they were throwing broken bottle pieces at Naruto.

"That is what you get you Demon!"

"Leave Kohana!"

"You're a monster! No one wants you!"

Sakura couldn't take it anymore and jumped out in front of the poor little boy.

"Hey! Stop it!"

The three men stopped throwing the glass, seeing the little girl get in their way.

"Move girlie. It's none of your business."

The other two men nodded their heads at the man's statement.

Sakura clenched her fists. "It is my business, if you want to beat up someone beat up someone your own size!"

"Girl, he is a monster! Why protect him?!"

"Do you honestly think you could beat us? Your 13."

Sakura glared long and hard at all three of them. "I will protect anyone that is getting beat up for no reason. You have no right to attack a innocent little boy!" She yelled, her yell echoed through the whole town.

The head of the three man team stepped forward. "Girlie, just go home and leave this to adults."

Looking up at the man, Sakura could see that he was going to kill Naruto once she left.

"No. I think it is high time someone kicked your asses."

With that Sakura started to step forward to the main man of the team. Picking up her hand, Sakura placed it in front of his forehead.

"I don't think a flick to the forehead is going to do anything. I'm not a dog."

Sakura laughed at him and smirked. "Yeah? Watch." And with that, she flicked the man in the forehead. The two men would of have laughed at the girl but once she flicked their "leader" they saw him fly backwards into the Ramen Shop. When the man collided with the wall, he went right threw it. Leaving a huge hole in the wall.

"Lets get out of here!"

"Yeah! I'm down with that!"

The two remaining men picked up their "leader" and ran away. Sakura watched them long and hard until they left her sight range. Turning around, Sakura saw Naruto looking up at her with big blue eyes.

"You ok little guy?" Sakura asked in a soft tone, holding out her hand.

At first Naruto thought she was going to hurt him like the other men did, but when he didn't feel anything, he took her hand and stood up.

"Y-Your n-not a-afraid of m-me?" Naruto asked sacred of what she might say.

Sakura smiled a bright smile at him. "Of course not. Why would I hurt a cute little boy like you?"

Naruto looked deep into her emerald eyes and his scared expression soon turned into a happy one.

"Thanks Ma'am!"

Sakura laughed at his enthusiasm and then she saw his cuts, taking a glowing hand she healed all his cuts and bruises.

With a big smile Sakura started to talk to him once she was done. "Well, why don't you tell me your name and I'll tell you mine in exchange?"

Naruto nodded his head. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto! What's yours?!"

"My name is Itou Sakura. Pleasure to meet you Naruto-Kun."

Naruto smiled a wide smile and ran over to Sakura to give her a giant hug.

"Thank you for healing me and saving me."

"Your welcome Naruto-Kun. Hey I got an idea, are you hungry?"

Naruto was about to say no, but his stomach started to growl. Sakura laughed when she saw him yelling at his own stomach to hush up.

"I'll take that as a yes. Come on, why not have some Ramen?"

Naruto's eyes went as wide as saucers and he took off to the shop, sitting at the bar and ordering as many bowls of Ramen as he wanted.

After about two hours of eating and talking at the shop, Sakura paid the food bill and they soon made their way over to the park.

"So Naruto-Kun, why were those men beating you up?"

Naruto was skipping along side Sakura and holding her hand. When she asked him the question his skip became slower and his smile turned into a frown.

"I don't know. They call me a monster, well almost everyone calls me it. They beat me up for a reason I don't know. Except you, Sakura-Nee-Chan, and Iruka-Sensei."

Sakura looked down at Naruto and patted his head. "Well look at it this way Naruto, they just don't know you. Don't let it get you down."

Naruto returned to his happy self and soon they arrived at a playground. Naruto and Sakura ran around playing on the swing sets, sliding down the slides, and playing in the sand box.

Sakura was making a sand castle when Naruto knocked it down. "Naruto-Kun! Why did you knock down my sand castle?" Sakura whined, giving him a cute puppy pout.

Naruto couldn't hold it, and he started to roll around in the sand laughing to his heart's content. Sakura saw him laughing and smiled.

"What's so funny?" She said in a giggly voice.

Naruto finally calmed down and Sakura could see the tears rolling down his face.

"Sakura-Nee-Chan! Your f-face w-was f-f-funny!" Naruto said starting to laugh again.

Sakura shook her head from side-to-side. Simply watching her new little friend laugh his butt off.

Looking up to the sky Sakura saw that it was getting dark.

'Hum. I guess that meeting with the Hokage took longer than any of us expected. I'm sure Mikoto wouldn't mind if I brought Naruto home and then head "home."'

"Hey Naruto-Kun."

Naruto looked up to see Sakura looking down at him. "Yeah Sakura-Nee-Chan?"

"It's getting late, why don't I take you home."

Naruto nodded his head and soon took Sakura's hand. They skipped off into the bad side of Kohana, where all the druggies would sell their drugs or where all the homeless drunks would drink until they got wasted again.

'Poor Naruto, he lived here even when he was only a little kid.'

Sakura grasped onto Naruto's hand making sure that he wouldn't leave her side. Soon a ratty apartment building came into view. Getting out a key Naruto kept on a string in his pocket, he lead Sakura up the stairs, unlocked his apartment door and lead her inside.

"You live all alone here?"

Naruto nodded sadly. "Yeah. But I get it isn't that bad."

Sakura shut the door behind her and started to walk around the apartment. It wasn't a good place for a little boy to spend his days, but for the town to give him a free apartment, even after they know he holds the Kyuubi, she guessed they put him here on purpose. Like some sort of punishment.

"Naruto-Kun. Guess what time it is!" Sakura shouted, already finding out where the bathroom was.

Naruto looked at her and soon his face turned pale. He did not like baths at all. He would try to wait until the very last moment to take a shower.

"No! Nee-Chan! No! Please!"

Sakura shook her head from side-to-side. "Sorry bud, but you stink and I think it is time to take a bath."

Naruto was going to run away but Sakura was to quick and she grabbed him, ran into the bathroom, shut the door and locked it. Now he couldn't escape and Sakura knew he knew that.

"Fine. I'll take a bath. Just this once!" Naruto shouted regretfully as he let Sakura strip him and throw him into the tub.

-----------With Itachi and Kakashi----------------

When the two exited the Hokage's office they saw that it was near night.

"God, all he wanted to talk about was how we needed to find information on a scroll. How pointless."

"Hn." Itachi agreed with Kakashi on this one.

As they made their way to the streets they saw Iruka walking up and down the streets.

"Hey Iruka. What's wrong." Kakashi said.

Iruka turned and ran over to Kakashi and Itachi. "I can't find Naruto. I'm afraid maybe some of the villagers may have hurt him."

"Check the Ramen Shack." Itachi said.

"Hey speaking of trouble, where is Sakura?" Kakashi asked as he looked around the street.

'So Kakashi only calls her that when she is around. Way to instigate a temper Kakashi.' Itachi thought as he tried to think of placing Sakura would be.

"Who is Sakura?" Iruka asked.

"She is a new member of our team. I found her in the woods yesterday." Itachi said.

"Oh. Well you can come with me, I'm sure we will find her."

With that they ran over to the Ramen Shack only to see the daughter of the owner filling in a giant hole in the wall.

"Hey what happened over here?" Iruka asked.

The daughter smiled at him and laughed. "It was quite funny, some little kid was getting hurt then some girl came over and knocked a guy out with a flick of a finger."

Itachi and Kakashi looked at each other and nodded. "Did she have pink hair."

"Umm….I don't know. There were to many people surrounding the kid for me to see."

"Was the child a blonde?"

"Yes, he went with the girl. But I didn't see much."

"Thank you." Itachi said.

"Iruka I'm sure Naruto is fine, he probably went home, you'll see him tomorrow."

"Yeah your right Kakashi. Well I'll see you. Hope you find your friend." Iruka said as he poofed away leaving Itachi and Kakashi.

"Itachi don't stress over Pinky. She probably went home. You know that the legendary Sannin Tsunade is in town so it could have been her. I doubt Pinky could do that with her fingers."


Kakashi shook his head then with a wave and a goodbye, Itachi was left to go home by himself.

-------At the Uchiha's---------

When Itachi came home Sasuke came running to him but stopped deep in his tracks.

"Where is Nee-Chan?"

"Out." Was all Itachi said. He didn't want to say that he didn't know because a Uchiha never gets unsure about something.

"Sasuke! I told you to go to bed! Now move your butt!" Mikoto shouted from the kitchen, but then came into the living room to see her son and no Sakura.

After Sasuke ran upstairs, Mikoto asked the same question Sasuke asked him. But this time Itachi shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm sure she is fine. Remember, she said she was from here, so she must of found a friend and is spending the day with them. She'll be home later."

"Hn." Itachi said as he made his way to his bedroom.

Once he got to his bedroom, he shut the door, but left the window opened. His room was at the front of the house and being the light sleeper he was, he would be able to know when someone was entering the house.

'Okaa-San brought up a good question. How long was Sakura gone during her mission? I'll ask her in the morning, god I never knew a woman could have so much secrets.'

With Sakura plaguing his mind, Itachi drifted off to sleep.

-------With Naruto and Sakura------

It didn't take Sakura long to bath the little guy. Once he was squeaky clean, Sakura wrapped him in a towel and Naruto lead her to his room. When Sakura saw the condition of his pj's Sakura frowned. Naruto didn't notice and started to put on the pj's that is until Sakura stopped him.

"What's wrong Nee-Chan?"

Sakura shook her head. "You can't wear those."

"But this is all that I have." Naruto replied his head down to the ground.

Sakura bent down and lifted his chin up so he could look at her. "Yes, but I have a present for you."

Naruto didn't know what to say, because he never got a gift before. He just watched her as Sakura took out a scroll, unrolled it, and perform a set of seals. Before he knew it Sakura had a set of pj's in her hand.

"Wooahhh!" Was all Naruto could say.

Sakura gave him the cloths and he changed into them. When he was done he was wearing a orange T-Shirt, that fit him perfectly, and a pair of black long pants.

"Awe! You look adorable in that!" Sakura said when Naruto turned around to show her.

"Thanks Nee-Chan!" he said as he lunged himself at her and hugged her to death.

'I never will miss this kind of hug.' Sakura smiled.

"Enough excitement for the day. Time for bed." Sakura said as Naruto climbed into bed.

Sakura tucked him into his bed and as he started to close his eyes, Sakura felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her.

'I guess I wasn't as healed as I thought I was. May be I can…' Sakura stopped in mid-though because she fell onto Naruto's bed.

Naruto looked over to see Sakura laying down, sleeping with her head and half her chest on the bed, everything else as off the bed. 'Don't worry Nee-Chan. I'll take care of you. It's the least I can do.'

Naruto crawled out of bed, took Sakura's arms and soon, with much effort, he got Sakura to lay comfortably on the bed. He then got a extra blanket from his closet, that he kept for the winter, and covered her. Then he inched his way back into his bed. Making sure not to wake the girl next to him.

"Good night Nee-Chan." Naruto whispered and soon he passed out from exhaustion as well.

--------------------------to be continued------------------------------

Author's Notes: Well I think that was a cute chapter! And I apologize if anyone is OOC in this chapter. It is very long to! Go me! So here is the chapter before school! HOPE you all enjoyed it!!


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