Past, Present, Future

Chapter 5

Author's Notes: I no everyone has been waiting for this chapter and I am soo sorry, but the past 2 weeks have been so crowded with shit that I couldn't even touch the computer at all! How scary is that?! Anyway, I am so sorry and I will try to make this the best chapter so far! I love you all who are still wit me, and if you are not then that's ok I still love you for reviewing my other chapters! I honestly didn't think it would be this good.

But enough of me, on with the thing you mostly care about! The STORY!!!


"Ugh…." With a grown Sakura rose, very slowly, up into a sitting position.

'Where am I?'

Sakura looked around, trying to figure out where she was. As she looked around, all the events of what happened last night floated back into her mind. With a smile she turned to her left to see the tiny Naruto tangled in his blankets.

'So adorable. When I get back I am going to have to tease him about it. That will get him back for embarrassing me in front of the elders.'

Sakura made a silent giggle as she flashed back to when Naruto pulled a prank on her, at the wrong time. Shaking her head from side-to-side, Sakura got off the bed quietly so Naruto wouldn't wake up.

Getting out of the room Sakura walked into the kitchen. Looking at the clock it read 8:30.

'Ah. So we somewhat slept in. The academy starts in a hour, not even. Better get started on breakfast. Now lets see what Mr. Naruto has in his fridge.'

Raiding his pantry, she found pancake mix and everything she needed. She was pretty surprised that all the ingredients seemed untouched.

'Maybe I should teach him how to cook pancakes so he doesn't eat ramen all the time.' Sakura thought as she smiled to herself.

It didn't take her long to get everything on the stove and before anyone knew it, the apartment was filled with the great scent of pancakes.

Across the hall, Naruto was sleeping soundly until his nose smelt the delicious aroma that worked its way to his room.

"Ah! That smells delicious!" Naruto jolted up from his bed, and rand out the room and down the hall, following the scent.

Naruto skidded across the kitchen floor when he saw Sakura in a yellow apron and flipping pancakes like a pro.

"Awesome Nee-Chan! That's so cool!" Naruto shouted as he placed himself at the bar he would always eat at.

Sakura, at first, was surprised by his entrance. But she was use to his older self so it didn't bother her. Once she was done flipping the single pancake she turned around to see Naruto smiling like a treasure cat.

"I see we are very energetic this morning."

"Yeah! Those pancakes smell good!"

"Don't worry Naruto-Kun, they will be done in a second. Why don't you wash your hands first. By the time your done, they should be ready. Ok?"


'He will never change. No matter how much people wanted him to.'

Sakura flipped the last pancake into the air and set up the bar area. Naruto was on one side while she was on the other. She set Naruto's plate with four pancakes and a glass of milk. She made her plate have three pancakes and she had a glass of milk as well.

"Is it time to eat?!" Naruto asked excitedly when he came in the kitchen.

Sakura smiled widely at him. "Yes! Come eat!" She said with the equal amount of energy.

Naruto smiled so wide it was surprising that his face didn't stay like that. They both sat and ate their pancakes like they have done it everyday.

When they were done Sakura and Naruto started to get ready. Naruto got dressed in new cloths that Sakura also had in her traveling scrolls.

"Nee-Chan…Why do you have boys' cloths in those scrolls?"

"Because on a mission I had to watch a little boy and he would always do something unexpected so I carried a extra pair of cloths all the time."

"Oh. That means you're a ninja too!" Naruto said as Sakura pulled a orange T-Shirt over his head.

After Sakura pulled the shirt over his head she laughed at his astonished face. "Yes Naruto-Kun I am a ninja. But I'm not that good."

Naruto's smile went into a serious expression. Sakura never saw him serious before. "Your not weak Nee-Chan! You made that guy make a giant hole in the Ramen Shop! With a flick of a finger!"

Sakura laughed softly at his enthusiasm, and ruffled his un-brushed hair. "Thanks for the encouragement Naruto-Kun. But enough with this, let me take a shower and get dressed. Then we have to get you to the academy."

Naruto smiled brightly at her and hugged her tight. "Thank you so much Nee-Chan! You're the nicest girl I ever meet. If I find a girl like you I'm never gonna let her go!"

Sakura hugged him back and sent him into the living room until she was done with her morning plan.

-----The Uchiha Manner---

Itachi woke up when the light from the sun shown through his window. Turning to his night stand his clock read 8:30.

'She didn't come home at all. Wonder where she went.'

With a shrug of his shoulders Itachi did his morning routine and in five minutes he was done. He then made his way downstairs to the kitchen, where his mom would always make breakfast.

Mikoto was running around the kitchen trying to pull together the breakfast.

"Hello Nee-San!" Sasuke said cheerfully.

Mikoto turned around and saw that her oldest son was sitting next to his brother at the dinner table. "Sakura-Chan didn't come home last night?"

Itachi just shook his head. 'What would possess her not to come here? Why am I so worried about her?'

Shaking his head to get ride of all his thoughts his mother then set down the breakfast and they started to dig in.

"Wonder where Nee-Chan went. Hope she is ok. Hey Okaa-San! Do you know where Sakura-Nee-Chan is?" Sasuke asked hopefully.

"You seem to be pretty attached to Sakura. Bu I do not know where she is. I would like to know if she is safe though." Mikoto said as she placed a spoonful of eggs in her mouth.

Just then Fugaku entered the kitchen and looked around to see that the pink "disease" wasn't in his kitchen.

"She finally moved out. Good. I had no need for weak people in my house." He said with a stern voice.

"No Dad, Sakura-Nee-Chan just didn't come home. Do you know where she is?" Sasuke asked his dad. Not seeing the harm in his question. He was to innocent to see his father's murderous expression on his face.

"Don't care where that infected girl went. Mikoto, I want her out of the house by the end of the week."

"But Fugaku, the Hokage said to keep her here until she finds a place of her own."

"Then find her one. I have no room for weak little girls."

Itachi glared at his father and Sasuke was on the verge of tears. "She isn't weak." Itachi added in the conversation. He had, had enough of his father talking ill of a person he didn't even know.

"Y-You d-don't m-mean that d-do y-you D-Dad?" Sasuke said as every passing moment his eyes were filling up with tears.

Fugaku looked at his two sons and saw how affected they were when he even voiced that the girl should move out. 'What has gotten into them.'

Mikoto on the other hand just sat there watching her youngest son cry and her oldest son just stare with his cold eyes. She couldn't understand why Fugaku couldn't give Sakura a chance. Trying to figure out how to lighten the mood up she looked at the clock and almost jumped out of her chair.

"Sasuke! It's almost 9:30! Get dressed! Itachi can you please take your brother to the academy for me? I need to clean up."

Itachi nodded with a blank expression and Sasuke ran up the stairs and in not even two minutes he was dressed and ready to go. Itachi took his brother and slammed the door behind him.

"Fugaku! That was the worst thing I have ever heard you say!" Mikoto yelled after she made sure her boys left.

Fugaku just sat there and sighed. "That girls doesn't belong here."

"How do you someone when you don't take the time to even notice them?! What happened to the kind, good hearted man I married?!"

Fugaku looked up at his dear wife and moved close to her, only making their distance close. "Life happened to me. I know the hardships in life and want the best for my sons. And I know for a fact that, that girl isn't right for them."

"fine. Believe what ever you want. But she isn't going anywhere and you will deal with it." Mikoto said to her husband with a strict voice, leaving no room for Fugaku to argue.

-----------Itachi and Sasuke---------

After Itachi and Sasuke made sure that they were out of the Uchiha district they started on their way to the academy.

"Nee-San….Do you think Dad will really throw out Sakura-Nee-Chan?"

Itachi turned to his brother and shook his head. "No. Okaa-San will make sure Sakura will not be thrown out."

Before Sasuke could comment back they ran into Kakashi. Itachi looked at his partner and sighed. 'He got out of the hospital….again.'

"what are you doing out of the hospital Kakashi." Itachi implied as Kakashi made his way over to Itachi.

Kakashi made an eye crease towards Itachi and chuckled. "Hello to you too Itachi. Hello there Sasuke."

Sasuke looked up at him and smiled. "Hi Kakashi-San!"

Itachi dismissed the fact that his partner changed the subject and the three of them made their way to the academy.

-------The Academy--------

When Itachi, Sasuke, and Kakashi arrived at the front of the Academy gates they saw Iruka looking around left and right.

"What is Iruka-Sensei doing?" Sasuke asked. He never saw Iruka confused before. Or looking around like an idiot for that matter.

"He didn't find Naruto, huh?" Kakashi asked. And Itachi just nodded his head in assumption.

"Oh, Kakashi, Itachi, and Sasuke. How are you? Did you find that girl you are looking for?" Iruka asked as he saw his friends at the gate.

Kakashi shook his head. "No. but I'm sure pinky is ok."


"Kakashi calls Sakura that." Itachi filled Iruka and Sasuke in.

"Oh. Well it is great seeing you both, but I will take Sasuke from here."

Sasuke sighed and started to walk, that is until he was tackled by a flash of yellow.

'What happened?' thought Sasuke as he tried to get up, only to find that he couldn't.

Itachi, Kakashi, and Iruka saw that the yellow flash was indeed Naruto.

"See, I told you, you would find him." Kakashi said as he picked Sasuke and Naruto up and placed them on their feet.

"Who are you?!" Sasuke said as he pointed at the blonde that was in front of him.

Naruto on the other hand just smiled sheepishly and laughed. "The name is Uzumaki Naruto. Who the heck are you?"

Sasuke gave him a glare and Naruto gave him a glare back. "My name is Uchiha Sasuke. Watch where you are running next time."

Naruto was about to retort a comeback that is until Sasuke reminded him why he was running. "You have to hide me!"

"Um why is that Naruto?" Iruka asked. Just slightly confused.

"Because Nee-Chan is coming for me and I can't let her find me! Where can I hide?!"

Sasuke looked at the blonde like he was crazy. "He is crazy." Sasuke said. Itachi shook his head and Kakashi looked at the both of them, seeing the rivalry that will stem from this point on.

"Who is Nee-Chan." Sasuke asked.

Naruto was about to answer but he was too late because a huge poof of cherry blossoms came into everyone's view.

"I found you Naruto-Kun." Said Sakura.

Once the smoke cleared they could see the pink haired 13 yr old wearing a pink tank top, white under shorts and a black skirt. This time her hair was down, instead of up in a pony tail; to her shoulders and her headband was used as a headband as usual.

"Ah man! How did you find me?!" Naruto said as he pouted a cute pout.

Sasuke was a little mad that the "crazy boy" also meet his Nee-Chan. "How do you know Nee-Chan?"

Sakura turned to see Sasuke glaring at Naruto. 'Aw! Their fighting already. How cute.'

"Oh Sasuke-Kun, I found him yesterday and I couldn't just leave him so I took him home…."

"Which ended up with Sakura-Nee-Chan failing asleep on my bed." Naruto finished with a huge smile plastered on his face. "Wait…how do you know Nee-Chan?" Naruto asked Sasuke.

Sasuke smirked at the boy his age. "Nee-San found her and she lives at my house."

Naruto looked over his shoulder at his new friend and sighed. "No fair!"

Sakura shook her head and stood in-between the two boys. "Why can't you boys both share? There is plenty of me to go around."

Sasuke and Naruto both huffed and turned their back to each other. Iruka on the other hand wanted to thank the girl.

"Thank you very much Sakura-San. I can't express how much I appreciate you saving Naruto."

Sakura smiled at her former sensei. 'Even when he is 16 he is always sweet. I don't know why he doesn't have a girlfriend.'

"Oh no need to thank me. It's just a good deed done. And you don't have to call me Sakura-San, Sakura is fine."

Iruka blushed a little bit and shook his head. "Well lets get these two inside. See you later Sakura, Itachi, and Kakashi." And with that Iruka and the two boys walked into the academy.

The three remaining people turned their backs to the school and made their way to the training grounds.

"So Pinky….you spent the night at the little boys house? You know I could think you are a pedophile."

Sakura turned to her left and glared long and hard at Kakashi. "Well I'm sorry that the poor guy was getting beat up by a bunch of men. I wasn't going to let them hurt him."

Itachi stopped walking and turned to Sakura. "So you were the one that made the giant hole in the Ramen Shack."

Sakura's eyes went extremely wide. 'Shit! How could I be so stupid?! At least they don't know I can hit ten times harder than that.'

"Oh….Oopies?" Sakura exclaimed as she rubbed the back of her neck and turned a light shade of pink.

"Hey Itachi, why don't we see what she can do? If she is going to be on your team we need to know what she can do."


Sakura looked at Kakashi and Itachi. "I have a bad feeling about this."

"Don't worry Pinky. We just want to see what you can do."

Sakura rolled her emerald eyes and sighed. "Fine."

-------The Forest--------

Itachi and Kakashi turned to Sakura. One had a smirk on his face while the other one was giving her an eye crease.

'Shit. I've got a bad feeling about this.'

"So Pinky….Pick one of us." Kakashi voiced waiting to see who she would chose.

Sakura's face dropped to the floor. 'They want me to pick the person I want to battle huh? Well lets look at my options. If I battle Kakashi-Sensei I could win easily since I battled his older self. But then there is Itachi. I could see somewhat of his style of fighting. Even if he is younger.'

"It's a hard decision. Why not……Itachi?" Sakura asked with oblivious added in her voice.

Sakura looked to see Kakashi's face somewhat shocked and saw Itachi just look at her. "If you get hurt it isn't our fault." Was all Itachi said.

Kakashi looked at his friend and shook his head. "Well Pinky. You asked for it."

Sakura smiled up at her new teammates. "Yeah I know I did." She said and then she disappeared right in front of their eyes.

Itachi looked at Kakashi and Kakashi smirked along with Itachi. "This is going to be good." Was all Kakashi said before Itachi went off to look for his opponent.

Sakura was sitting on a tree branch. Her other clone was discreetly following Itachi.

'Ok. So I have to fight an extremely high level ninja. Just peachy. How should I do this? I know he has the Shuringan, so I better watch out and not display something that he could copy.'

Sakura sent her chakra and found that her clone was getting Itachi's attention. But he wasn't falling for it and just sent a kunai and made the clone poof away.

'Lets get the party started.'

Sakura started to run threw the trees like a soundless cat. Not letting Itachi hear her steps. But Itachi already heard her and sent five kunai at her. Sakura, dodged three out of five and got hit by two of them. They didn't do much and she just took them out of her and placed them in her holster.

'I can use this against him. With that new jutsu I made up he wont know what hit him.'

"Come out and fight. I don't like people who hide." Was all Itachi said as he unsheathed his sword.

Smiling at his indication, Sakura jumped out of the tree and the two of them engaged in sword combat. Both impressed at the other persons skill behind a sword.

Kakashi ran over to see the two of them with swords. One was going all out while the other one was semi doing some work.

'Itachi, at least try. We need to see what she can do. But so far she is pretty good. I'm surprised she can keep up with you.'

Getting tired of the sword, Sakura put her away and took out the two kunai's Itachi threw at her. Itachi watched her with Shuringan eyes and got into a defensive position.

'What is she planning.'

Itachi dodged the kunai's and not letting him recover from the kunai's Sakura, charged at him and they did hand-to-hand combat. Sakura was so dizzy that he could punch so fast that at first she didn't expect him to move so fast. She was getting hit left and right.

Itachi just watched as he stepped it up a notch, moving to fast for her to see him punch. Not leaving a opening for her to strike. Kakashi was on the sidelines watching how Sakura was doing under Itachi's pressure. To his surprise she was taking it very well.

'H-How can he hit this fast. T-There has to be a w-way to find an o-opening. I-If only m-my eyes could adjust…Wait a minute that's it! He doesn't want me use my eyes he wants to see how good I am with my other senses.'

With a triumphant smile, Sakura closed her eyes and let Itachi to continue to hit her. After a few more hits and punches, Sakura could see the pattern in his hitting and kicking.

'Why did she close her eyes? She is only going to get hurt worse.' Kakashi and Itachi thought. Obviously they didn't read as much into the situation as Sakura did.

'Ok next is going to be a left hook, then there is going to be a upper cut to my rubs. So dodge right and down.'

As Sakura told herself what to do, Itachi and Kakashi watched as she dodged his attacks. Once Sakura found an opening she punched him square in the ribs, sending him about 12 feet away from her.

"Thank god. Now I can take a breather." Sakura said as she preformed a genjutsu over Itachi before he could get up from her swift punch.

Kakashi watched as Itachi sat there and then his attention went to Sakura. While Itachi was getting up from the punch, Sakura was healing herself.

'She does have good stamina. Very good for a girl. She could even match mine.'

Meanwhile with Itachi, as he got up everything was spinning. Trying to hide the fact that he was dizzy, he continued to walk forward. But the more he walked the more everything spun.

'I didn't think she could hit that hard. But everything is spinning so much.'

Sakura watched her opponent as he tried to walk straight, but he ended up tripping over a few stumps, but he covered it up the best he could.

'The genjutsu is suppose to confuse him so I can hit him with a jutsu. But I want to see how long it will take him to get out of it. While that happens I'll set up a trap.'

With that Sakura went around to all the trees and implanted kunai's in their trunks. Only to be released when she pulled the invisible chakra wire.

After a few minutes Itachi caught on to the genjutsu and broke it with a single hand seal.

"I have to say, didn't think there were others that could create a good genjutsu." Itachi mumbled. But Sakura heard him and smiled a thank you to him.

Itachi shook his head and his hands went to work. In a second Sakura was captured in a genjutsu herself. Sakura didn't know it of course.

'What is going on? My head hurts so much! To many flashbacks! Everything is red!'

While Sakura suffered with her massive headache, Itachi walked up to her and was about to attack, when a bunch of kunai's came out of the trunks of trees.

"…." Itachi dodged each and everyone of them.

"She is sure filled with surprises." Kakashi voiced to his partner, who nodded his head.

Meanwhile Sakura was still screaming over her headache.

"Itachi, which one did you use?"

"The one where I have to break in order for it to stop."

Kakashi shook his head from side to side. "We were suppose to analyze her skills. Not see how fast we could break her."

Itachi was inturupted by a huge scream coming from Sakura. The two boys looked over to see a huge chakra wave surrounding her.

"What is that?!" Kakashi shouted.

'Oh, well that was a nice nap.'

'How did you wake up?! Why now?! I'm kinda got a huge headache here!'

'This headache woke me up Saku-Chan! Now lest show Mr. Uchiha how we do things, Sakura style!'

With that the huge chakra wave busted and Sakura's screaming stopped. Then all of a sudden Itachi and Kakashi watched as Sakura started to get up on her feet.

"How could she…" Kakashi whispered.

Itachi was confused too, but he just charged at her. Stepping up his attacks once more. But Sakura put a clone in to battle with him while she ran to the top of a tree. Itachi saw it was a clone before she summoned it and made it poof away.

"Give up. Your done and can't beat me."

Sakura was flaming with anger. "How dare he think that I am that easily to defeat. Time to show him why everyone back home doesn't want to get me pissed."

'Yeah! Kick some Uchiha ass sista!'

Giving them a smirk, Sakura jumped off from the tree and gathered chakra in her palm, like she always did.

Kakashi looked up to see the real Sakura falling down towards Itachi.

"Itachi! Move! She is coming from above!"

Itachi looked up and saw that Kakashi was right. He didn't waist his time and he jumped out of the way. The strange part is, is that it looked like Sakura wasn't planning of punching Itachi, it was like she wanted to hit the ground.

"Why does she want to punch the ground."

"Hn. She probably can't stop her attack."

Sakura turned her body to face her teammates and smirked in their faces. "Have fun." Was all she said and then her fist hit the ground.

Before they could tell what happened the whole forest shook like an earthquake just passed. They looked down at their feet and they had to jump on a tree's branch, for the ground was cracking underneath them.

"Impossible! That's an inhuman punch."

"Hn." Itachi said with his Shuringan eyes swirling at the sight.

When the smoke cleared they could see the biggest crater they ever saw. Next to it was a exhausted Sakura, still on her feet.

They jumped off the tree and made their way to her. "Nice job Pinky. I didn't think you could hit like that."

Sakura looked up at him and smiled. "Thanks."

Itachi looked at her and then the crater and then back at her. "How did you break out of my genjutsu."

Sakura looked at him and smiled. "Long story, lest just say, that massive headache woke up something inside me."

"Hn." Was all Itachi said. He then turned his attention to everyone. "We're done here. Kakashi see you tomorrow."

With that Kakashi left the two of them to walk home.

Sakura, shakily, helped herself up only to somewhat drop down to the ground. Itachi saw this and shook his head.

"Can't get up. Can you."

Sakura stuck her cute little tongue out at him. "No thanks to you."

Before Sakura could figure it out what happened, she was on Itachi's back.

"You know I was kidding. You didn't have to carry me." She said with a blushed face.

Itachi turned his head and smirked. "Hn." Was all he said.

Itachi and Sakura decided that it was too early to go home so they went to the park, and sat down on a hill overlooking the village and its sunset.

"Your really fast Itachi. How did you go so fast without using your Chakra?" Sakura asked.

'If he is this fast then, imagine how fast he is now. I see how he became so powerful, but so fast? It's a crime. His parents push him to hard. I noticed that he only fights when he has to. Funny how that works.'

"Practice." Was all he said.

Sakura looked over at him to see him looking at the sunset. She couldn't help but giggle at the sight. There in front of her was the S-Class murderer and he was ogling over the sunset. How cute.

"What's so funny." Itachi demanded as he turned all the way around to face her.

Sakura looked up at him in the eyes and giggled even more. "N-Nothing. I-It's just t-that I d-didn't think t-that you o-ogled over a-a sunset."

Itachi's facial expression turned sour and he turned his head to the sunset. "Most people don't think so either. They think I'm someone that only thinks about training, eating, and sleeping."

Sakura stared sadly at him and scooted closer to him. Close enough to place her hand on his shoulder, but he grabbed it off him as fast as it came on his shoulder.

"Don't give me sympathy." He said with his now activated Shuringan eyes.

Sakura, on the inside, was scared out of her mind. But on the outside she shook her head to him. "So your saying that I can't help a friend in need?" she asked giving him a pout.

Itachi's eyes leaked some of his emotions and it was surprise. He never once had a person that wanted to be his friend, well besides his cousin, but that was different.

"How can you say I'm your friend." He said coldly. Looking deep into her eyes.

Sakura shook her head. "You remind me so much of a guy I use to know. He was always so cold, he couldn't except the fact that there were people who wanted to befriend him. He just let himself become distant and soon did something so foolish to hurt everyone that loved him."

What Sakura didn't know was that her fists clenched unconsciously and she was gathering chakra in them. Itachi watched as she let her emotions run haywire.

"And I care."

Sakura turned to the ice cube next to her and without thinking bitch slapped him, without the chakra infused palm. When she realized what she did her expression went from angry to worry to anger again.

Itachi on the other hand just blinked at her. 'Did she just hit me. Why does she care what I do.'

"I-I'm s-so sorry." She said in a soft voice. That turned into anger. "But you need to realize that there are people who care for you! And if you say something stupid again I will make sure to hit you with one of my chakra infected fists!" She shouted.

Itachi smirked at her, grabbed her waving fist and ended up bringing her way to close to him. He brought his lips up to her ear, making her shiver under him. His smirk grew.

"Who said I would let you hit me?" He said with a sassy voice. Causing Sakura to blush as red as the sky.

"D-Don't underestimate m-me." She stuttered. Not sure what was going to happen.

Itachi held her wrist and let his senses, again, be invaded with her sent. He didn't know what it was but her scent was addicting.

'What is she doing to me?'

"Um…..Itachi…..don't you think we need to get home before Mikoto gets mad at us?"

At first Itachi didn't answer her, to tangled up in her scent, but then he nodded his head, let go of her wrist and gave her a piggyback ride.

"Itachi! I can walk you know." Sakura shouted again, squirming around in his hold. Having him tighten his grip around her so she wouldn't fall.

"If you keep squirming around your gonna end up with me dropping you. So shut it and get over yourself."

"Why do you care?" Sakura asked confusingly.

"I can't help a friend in need?" Itachi asked/said throwing Sakura's own words back at her.

Sakura tried so hard to stifle her gasp but it betrayed her and escaped anyway. She then smiled and let her head rest on his shoulder, feeling very exhausted.

"I'm glad we can become friends" Was all she said before she fell asleep on his back.

'He is so warm.'

Now when Itachi heard what she said he almost stopped walking, but when he felt her chest rise and fall in a slower pattern against his back he could tell she was asleep.

'Itou Sakura….Your very different. Different indeed. I think this friendship is going to be quite interesting.' Itachi thought to himself when he turned to the light girl on his back. And for the first time in what seemed forever he smiled, a true smile.

---------------to be continued----------------------------------------

Author's Notes: Well that is a wicked long chapter! I hope the fighting scene wasn't so wimpy. I tried to make it action packed, but I don't know if I did that. Also I hope you like my attended fluff at the end there???



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