Past, Present, Future

Chapter 6

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'Inner Sakura' 'people's thoughts' "Talking"

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The next day, the sun shinned brightly through the white curtains. The window was slightly open, having a gentle autumn breeze flow gracefully through the room. The lone figure in the bed was sleeping peacefully. Her body faced the window and started to get hit by the gentle breeze.

"Ugh…." Was what the 13 year old said as she tried to turn away from the sunlight and cool wind. But it proved to be inadequate.

With a loud groan. Sakura slowly revealed her stunning bright green eyes. When Sakura saw the sun out shinning brightly she smiled a small smile.

'It seems that Autumn is coming soon.'

Placing her arms on he side, she slowly raised her body up and removed the comfiture off of her. Sitting off the side of the bed, she started to stretch her whole body. Getting out of the bed she began to get ready for her day.

After her shower, and blow-drying her shoulder-length hair, Sakura put on a rob and tried to figure out what to wear, since she summer outfit will not cut it for warmth.

'What to wear?'

'Why not that cute dark green turtleneck. With the warm black boots and the white pants?'

Sakura almost jumped up to the roof when she heard her inner-self talk to her. It had been such a long time since she talked to her.

'Wow. I'm not use to you being here.'

Inner-Sakura giggled at her. 'Well I have been gone for what….two or three years.'

'Well I guess I need a little company since I am in a strange time. Oh yeah. And if your gonna come out, you might not want to expose us!'

'Yeah. Like I would do that.' Inner-Sakura said sarcastically.

Sakura shook her head and got dressed in the outfit her inner-self picked out for her. Then Sakura made her way downstairs to where she saw only Itachi and Sasuke. She looked around and made a funny face.

"Hey. Where is Mikoto-Chan and Fugaku-San?" Sakura said.

Little Sasuke's face light up and hugged her to death. "Mommy and Daddy left. All they said in the note was that they had to go on a mission and will not be back till two days from now."

Sakura hugged Sasuke back and nodded her head. She looked at Itachi and smiled his way. He simply nodded his head and stayed where he was.

"Did you guys have breakfast already?"

Sakura looked around to see that the two boys were looking at her like she was insane. She giggled at them and shook her head from side-to-side.

"I guess that means I will be doing the cooking for these two days."

With that Sakura made her way into the kitchen and started to make breakfast for Itachi, Sasuke, and herself. Sakura wasn't in there for too long because twenty minutes later Sakura came out with three plates, maple syrup, and a huge stack of pancakes.

Sakura looked to see Sasuke's eyes widen at the scene. She giggled at his cute face and set down everything on the table.

"Holy Moses! That is a lot of pancakes! Are we gonna eat all of those?!"

Sakura giggled at him as she gave him his plate. "Well between the three of us I think we can eat them all."

Itachi as surprised that she wasn't concerned about her weight like a few of the other female ninja's that he saw around town. But then again, she was different from any girl he has seen and to make him feel even better she was his first friend.

The three of them took their forks and had a plateful of pancakes. By the time they were done, Sasuke had to get ready for school. While he did that Itachi and Sakura started to clean up. While having a little talk to pass the time.

"So Itachi. What time did we get home?" She asked as she picked up some things.

Itachi didn't look her way but answered none the less. "We got home at a reasonable time."

"They didn't say anything when you walked in with me on your back?" She asked even more curiously.

Itachi looked to see her emerald eyes looking dead at him. He could see her confusing and curiosity flash through them.

"Dad was not there and Mom was worried. But I told her you feel asleep and she just nodded her head."

The mention of Itachi's Dad made Sakura feel a bit mad. 'Why is it that he hates me so much? No matter how much I try I can not make anyone except little kids happy.'

Itachi could sense her mood change and after he dropped off the plates in the sink he saw Sakura frozen in her spot. He walked over to see that she was a little mad and sad. He knew why too.

'Why would she think about my pitiful father. He doesn't know what she can do. So why does it matter.'

Itachi had no control over his actions, for he was lost at the fact that her eyes showed so many emotions all at once, and his hand made its way to her shoulder. Itachi didn't notice it until Sakura looked straight at him, in the eye, and started to blush. He looked down and removed his hand.

"I don't know why you care what my Dad thinks." Was all Itachi said.

Sakura couldn't continue the conversation since little Sasuke ran down the stairs at full force. Sakura pushed her red face down and a second before Sasuke came down Itachi was right at her ear.

"Don't think I haven't forgotten about that Tattoo Sakura." He said at a whisper just before Sasuke came down. Sakura couldn't surpass the shiver she felt when ever he was that close to her and on the inside Itachi smirked at the reaction.

Sasuke came down with a strange look on his face. "Niichan…..Sakura-Neechan…..what are you doing?"

Sakura looked at Sasuke with a bright smile on her face. "Don't worry bout it Sasuke-Kun. Your brother just had to tell me something important."

"Is it like a mission or something?"

Itachi smirked at the way Sasuke put his term. "Sasuke. I guess you could say that." Itachi said with a bigger smirk on his face as he watched Sakura shake her head.

Sakura and Itachi walked Sasuke to the Academy and received may confused stares. Sakura smiled at them, while Itachi ignored them. After they dropped off Sasuke, the two of them made their way to meet Kakashi.

Itachi and Sakura made their way to the woods where Itachi and Sakura fought the day before. The one thing that was different about this forest though was that Sakura could sense more people.

Sakura's eyes went wide. 'Your saying Gai-Sensei, Anko, Asuma-Sensei, and Kurenai-Sensei are there!'

'That means we can see Gai when he was our age. How funny is that going to be!'

Sakura had to contain her laughter. Come on, you would laugh to if you were thinking of what Gai looked like when he was sixteen.

Sakura's excitement about meeting the adults of her time was getting to her. She couldn't control her emotions. Causing Itachi to look at her with a raised brow.

"Why are you so excited."

Sakura smiled at him and jumped up and down. "I like meeting new people!" Was all she said and it caused Itachi to simply shake his head because of her jumpiness.

--Further in the woods----

Kakashi was with a bunch of people, all of them were 16. Expect one of them who was 15. Anko was getting antsy and was drawling the Kohana symbol in the ground. She had short purple hair with kaki pants, and a brown turtle neck. Accented off with white eyes. She equipped herself with the normal kunai holster and a sword on her back.

"Kakashi! Why are we waiting here?!"

Asuma looked at her and shook his head. He looked at Kakashi to see him too, shaking his head at her. Asuma had spiky brown hair and brown eyes with the normal Junin outfit on.

"That's the spirit Anko! Let the youth spread through you like the wind!" Gai said as he jumped up and down. This hyperactive teen, about he same age as all the others, had on a head to toe green spandex outfit. With a black haired bowl cut and squinty black eyes.

Kurenai was watching, her friend, Anko glare at Gai with a murderous glare. Unlike everyone else she was 15. She had red eyes with the normal Junin outfit as well. And long black curly hair.

"Anko-Chan. Can't you leave Gai alone?" she asked in a whisper. But of course no one heard her.

Everyone stopped what they were doing because they could feel Itachi's chakra, along with someone else's.

Anko turned to Kakashi and glared. "Who is coming here besides Itachi!"

Kurenai placed a hand on her friends shoulder and shook her head. "Don't start a fight Anko-Chan. Please." She said quietly.

Asuma and Gai stood up and watched as the two people appeared out of the woods. While the two girls watched with calculating eyes, well Anko did.

Sakura, on the other hand, was jumping up and down waiting to see what all the Sensei's of her time looked like when they were 15 or 16.

'This should be good.'

As Sakura approached the group she could feel all eyes on her. She looked around to see Asuma and Kurenai looked the same as they did in the future and Anko was still the bone chilling woman that she always was. Gai, well he almost made her laugh her ass off.

"Who the hell are you!" Anko yelled.

Sakura looked at her and smiled her way. But Anko glared at her. 'Not the glaring contest again! What the heck!'

Kurenai tightened her hold on Anko's shoulder and sighed. "Anko-Chan….please stop." Kurenai said in a quiet voice.

Sakura's eyes went wide when she heard Kurenai speak to Anko. For two reasons. One was because the two of them where friends and the second one was that she sounded just like Hinata.

'Wow. No wonder why Hinata-Chan liked her so much.'

Kurenai looked at the girl and shook her head. 'Great. Now she thinks something is wrong with Anko-Chan.'

Kurenai made her way over to Sakura and stuck out her hand. "Hello there. My name is Kurenai. What's yours?"

'Ok never mind. She talks like Hinata, but her personality is semi different.'

Sakura smiled at her and shook her hand. "My name is Sakura. I returned from a mission a few days ago. Nice to meet you Kurenai-San!" She said cheerily.

"Oh great another hyper one. Not another one. Gai is enough." Said Asuma.

Sakura turned around and smiled at his way as well. "Well I'm not extremely hyper."

"No just enough to change moods in a flash." Itachi said.

The six of them turned around to see the Uchiha leaning against the tree.

"I don't think I ever heard a word come out of your mouth Uchiha. Most impressive. I think I'm going to like you Sakura." Anko said as she tried to think of schemes of how to trick Itachi now that she had someone he would actually talk to.

Sakura was about to turn around but a huge flash of green came her way and stood in front of her. Holding her hand and kneeling in front of her like they were getting married.

"Sakura! Cherry Blossom! Would you like to grace your beauty upon me and go out with me! Make me the luckiest teen alive!"

Sakura couldn't help herself but to laugh so hard at him. 'He is so much like Lee it isn't even funny. But yet I am laughing so hard.'

Everyone looked at her like she was insane. Gai looked at her with saddened eyes. He didn't think he was that bad to make her laugh at him.

"Sorry I asked." He said in a sad tone.

Sakura stopped rolling around and got up to her feet as fast as she could. "No, no! It isn't that! It is the fact that you remind me so much like a friend. And I didn't think anyone would act like him, since he was… of a kind."

Sakura couldn't believe how much his eyes light up after she said that. Everyone else however watched as Sakura's mood changed within a two second span.

"This girl is crazy." Anko said.

Asuma smacked his head, Kakashi nodded, and Kurenai smiled.

"But I like it!" Anko finished.

Meanwhile with Sakura, Gai was at her side and jumping up and down next to her. He couldn't believe his luck.

'Look at this! A cute girl actually giving me a chance?! Impossible!'

Sakura giggled at his face and smiled. 'Oh how much all their Sensei's are like their students. Kurenai is like Hinata, but not. While Gai has a clone and Asuma…well he seems kinda like Shikamaru. I can't wait to see Ino and Chouji characters come out of him.'

Itachi watched as Gai was all over his friend. And the more he watched the scene unfold the more he could tell he didn't like it. He watched every step Gai took around her. He tried to see if he could picture them together and he just cringed at the thought.

'She doesn't look good with him. Wait……why do I care.'

Itachi just shook his head from side-to-side. Kakashi could see the little emotion the Uchiha displayed and he smirked under his mask.

'So Itachi has a little crush forming on Pinky over here. How cute.'

After Sakura and Gai made their way over to everyone else the two girls took Sakura and they went into their own little circle to chat and what not. While the other guys stayed where they were.

"So Itachi. Is she the one I hear all the hunter ninja's talking about?" Asuma asked staring at Sakura as she chatted away with Anko and Kurenai.

"Yeah." Was all Itachi said as he watched Asuma closely.

Gai's head shot up like a rocket. "You mean she is the 13 year old?!"

Kakashi would of broken down in hysterical laughter when he saw Gai's face. His eyes were larger than his head and his mouth almost hit the floor.

"Why what's wrong Gai? Don't want to date younger girls?"

Gai's face turned to Asuma and laughed. "Are you kidding?! Why would I give up a beautiful, strong girl. Even if she is 3 years younger?"

The three guys eyes went wide and they had to exceed the temptation to slap their foreheads.

With that said the guys turned their attention to the girls. They watched as they saw Anko more energetic than ever.

"I never seen Anko this energetic before." Kakashi said.

Asuma grinned at Kakashi and so did Itachi. Kakashi looked to see them both staring at them with their faces filled with the ever so common "I-know-something" look.

"Don't even start with that." Was all Kakashi said. He knew what they knew as well, but did not like to admit it.

Meanwhile, with the girls, Sakura was talking to Anko and Kurenai. To her surprise Kurenai was more entertaining when she was around Anko.

"So when Kakashi looked at me like that I just wanted to ring his neck…." Anko said as she made hand jesters while she told her story.

Sakura listened and could see that Anko may have had a tiny crush on him. She smiled a sheepish smile and nudged Kurenai in the side.

Kurenai saw the look Sakura gave her and Kurenai couldn't believe how fast Sakura figured out Anko's secret. It took their group of guys about three months to figure it out.

'But then again. Men are clueless.'

Anko stopped in the middle of her story to see Sakura looking at her. "What is up with the face Sakura."

Sakura's grin grew wider. "You seem to be very attracted to Kakashi."

Anko's face went more pale than it was before. She couldn't believe how fast Sakura figured it out.

"How did you…..?"

Sakura giggled and sighed. "I have seen it enough with my friends that I know what it looks like."

"You can't tell him ok?! If you do, I will kill you." Anko said going from scared to murderous.

'Now that is the Anko I know.'

"You hear me Sakura?!"

Sakura snapped out of her reminiscing and nodded her head. "Sure Anko. Don't worry your secret is safe with me."

Anko smiled brightly at her and Kurenai just giggled at her new friend and her dear old friend's change in personality.

Sakura and company were going to continue their conversation until a ninja poofed right in-between the whole gang.

"Is Itou Sakura here?" He asked.

The majority of the people looked around until Sakura stood up from her circle of new friends.

"That's me. What can I do for you?" She asked as she made her way to the black dressed man.

The man nodded his head and continued with his message. "The Hokage wanted to me to remind you about researching that scroll."

Sakura's eyes went wide and she gasped so loud you could hear it throughout the forest. "Oh my god! I feel like an idiot!" Sakura shouted wicked angry with herself for forgetting about the scroll.

Everyone watched as Gai came to her side and tried to calm her down. But she totally forgot who was next to her and was zoning out.

"I would get away from her if I were you Gai." Kakashi said with an all-knowing smirk.

Anko and Kurenai looked at him with a confused look and Asuma watched with excitement. Itachi didn't show it but he was happy Gai would be getting punched.

'Why not Kakashi?! I can cheer her up!" Gai claimed loudly. Unfortunately for him Sakura was so mad that she had something slip her mind that she didn't realize that she punched Gai straight in the face and sent him flying through twelve trees. Having everyone gasp at her strength.

"No wonder why those Missing Ninja never stood a chance. She punches like a beast." Asuma said.

Kakashi and Itachi nodded their heads and Anko and Kurenai watched with widened eyes.

"Inhuman strength! Awesome!" Anko shouted. "About time Gai got a punch in the face."

"Sakura-Chan is going to be very entertaining." Kurenai said.

Sakura snapped out of her ravine and saw Gai and a bunch of trees taken out.

'Oh shit!'

'Way to punch him. The poor man.'

"Oh Gai I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!" Sakura shouted.

Gai looked up and smiled at his new crush. "Don't worry about it! I can take it!"

Sakura smiled his way and turned back to the man. "Tell Hokage-Sama that I am so sorry and I will work on it right now!"

The black man nodded and then poofed away.

"Woah! Sakura! I didn't think you could hit that hard." Anko yelled and cheered.

Sakura turned around and her face was a cute shade of pink. She then snapped out of it and smiled a sad smile.

"I'm sorry everyone! But I have to do what the Hokage asked me before I forget! Talk to you later! Nice to meet you all!"

Sakura said as she started to run. Itachi simply nodded at everyone and followed her. Leaving them in the dust.

Kakashi looked around to see almost everyone just blinking at what just happened.

"Well now that I think about it, I was assigned to help out Pinky over there."

"Why? Are you guys a team or something?" Anko asked with a little but of jealously. Kurenai laughed at her friend and every other guy just sighed.

"Don't worry Anko. I only call her that to see her get mad. It is fun. I do it to you all the time." Kakashi said before he poofed off to wherever Itachi and Sakura were.

------At the Library-------

Sakura and Itachi entered the library and ran down to the basement. To where all the ancient files and books were kept.

"The Hokage said that you had the scroll. What does it do." Itachi asked as they walked down the million flights of stairs.

"That is the problem. My mission was to get the scroll for him, but he didn't tell me why or anything. So we are here to find out." Sakura said as she saw Kakashi poof right next to them.

"Hey Kakashi."

"Hey there Pinky. Did you like everyone you meet today?"

Sakura smiled and nodded. "Very much." Trying to not notice that he called her Pinky.

-------Down in the basement-------

After ten more flights of stairs Sakura, Itachi, and Kakashi got right down to work. Sakura cleared off a table and placed the scroll down on the dusty table. With a deep breath she opened the scroll and Itachi and Kakashi got ready incase a genjutsu would be placed on Sakura or something would go flying at them.

When Sakura opened it up all the way she saw that nothing was wrong with it.

"That is different." Was all she said as she started to get into her research mode. Her eyes narrowed and her eyes went to a dull green.

"Normally a scroll has a genjutsu on it." Kakashi said.

"Especially something as valuable as this one." Itachi added.

Sakura nearly gasped at what she saw. Itachi and Kakashi looked her way they saw her run her glowing blue fingers over the scroll.

"No wonder it didn't attack us. It is because there is a genjutsu on the words itself. We have to dispel it. But it will not be easy. We need to gather enough chakra to trick it into attacking it and then we have to manipulate it into dissolving into air."

Kakashi and Itachi looked at her with amazement. "And you could tell all of that by the look of it?" Kakashi asked astounded.

Sakura looked at him and smiled. "Well I didn't tell you this…..but genjutsu is my specialty. So it comes natural."

They both nodded. And after Sakura showed them what would happen to her own chakra when it touched the scroll they saw the yellow chakra come at her. Itachi reacted on instinct and grabbed her hand away before the yellow substance could attack her.

Kakashi smirked at him and Itachi glared. Sakura smiled at him, unaware of what was going on.

After a few tries they were able to get the entire yellow chakra out of the scroll and used half their chakra to dissolve it away.

Once Sakura was sure that they were clear of traps they started to dissect the scroll. It was really hard considering the scroll was in old ancient language.

Sakura looked up at her team and stared at them with empty eyes. The two boys looked at her with confusion. They never saw this side of Sakura before.

"Ok. Kakashi. You need to find all the books you can about scrolls. I don't care if they have elementary scrolls in there."

'Way to go all military and ordering me around Pinky.'

Kakashi didn't ask questions and did what he was told. Sakura turned to Itachi and nodded her head at him.

"Itachi. Your going to have to find all the items you can about jutsu's and such."

"How do you know this is a jutsu scroll." He said suspiciously.

Sakura glared at him and sighed. "You can never be too sure."

Kakashi came over to the table and looked at her with confusion. "How do you know what you are doing?"

Sakura giggled at him, her mood changing once again, and winked at him. "All you are doing is reading books and trying to match it up with the scroll. It is like a matching game, but much harder."

"Oh." Was all Kakashi said as he got back to his pile of books to collect.

Sakura then started to run around the room like she was on fire. Going every way possible. Grabbing any book that looked remotely useful.

Itachi and Kakashi were sitting on the ground writing down information on scrolls and reading through the books. They would also watch Sakura from time to time. To see how well she was doing and to their surprise she was almost done with her pile of books. Along with about three scrolls filled with information.

After two more hours of being cooped up in the room Kakashi was about to break.

"I don't know about you guys. But I am leaving. I can't stand being in this room any longer."

Sakura looked up from her scroll and smiled at him. "Oh, I'm sorry Kakashi-SAN to keep you locked up in here. You can leave if you want. Thanks so much for your help!"

Kakashi gave Sakura a sarcastic smile, since he caught on to her little game and he nodded towards Itachi.

"I don't know how you can stand Pinky over here Itachi. But….good luck!"

Sakura was about to throw a kunai at him for insulting her but he poofed away to fast.

"I'll get you later Kakashi." She said under her breath.

Itachi looked at her and shook his head.

'It is like Sakura and Kakashi are like siblings sometimes.'

The both of them returned back to their work. After another three hours of working, Itachi looked up to see it was time to pick up his brother.

"Sakura. We need to go. Sasuke will be waiting for us."

Sakura put down a huge book and nodded her head. She took all their information, and the scroll and they left. They practically ran to pick up Sasuke. When they got there they saw Iruka holding Naruto and Sasuke back before they hurt each other.

"Oh come on guys." Sakura said to herself. Itachi looked at the corner of his eye and saw how she saw so exhausted.

'Well I guess researching does take a lot out of you.'

"Boys please don't fight." Iruka tried to calm them down, when he saw Sakura and Itachi come he couldn't be even more relieved.

Sakura smiled at Iruka and he waved at her. She broke up their fight and Naruto and Sasuke both stormed off home mad as a bull.

"Sasuke-Kun. Please do not be mad. You both need to get along." Sakura said to him. But Sasuke didn't want to hear anything of it.

"Sasuke. I would suggest you listen to Sakura." Itachi said as he saw Sakura smile at him in the corner of his eye.

Sasuke looked at his older brother and groaned. "Why are you always on Neechan's side?!" He yelled.

Sakura groaned at his question and Itachi just shook his head. "Because Sasuke-Kun. Your brother and I are friends and since your parents are not here for the next two days we need to stick together." She said as she placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

Sasuke looked at her wide eyed when she said that his brother and her were friends. His shock then was covered with a smile and he started to jump up and down.

"Awesome! That means you are going to live with us forever!"

Sakura smiled at him and turned to Itachi. When she did she saw him just staring at her. And only her. She tried to think nothing of it and she smiled at him as well.

Instead of eating a former dinner Sakura introduced take out to the Uchiha boys. They loved it so much that Sakura had to order more.

"See what happens when you live life outside walls people build around for you?" She said with a smile.

Sasuke laughed and giggled. Itachi watched Sakura as she acted like the mother of the house. Running all over cleaning up and straightening everything out, along with trying to get more information on that scroll.

'She will not leave that thing alone.'

Sasuke watched her run back and forth, dodging all the furniture and not knocking over anything.

"How does Neechan do that?!" Sasuke asked in wonder.

Itachi grabbed his brother and gave him a rustle on the head. "Girls can multitask without much thought. It is like second nature to them."

Sakura popped her head out of the kitchen and smiled up at the two boys on the couch. "Your brother has that right. I would listen to him once and a while."

Sasuke giggled when he saw his older brother glare and saw Sakura stick her tongue out at him. But he didn't get to watch long because Itachi told him to go to bed.

After Itachi and Sakura said good night to him they went downstairs and sat on the couch. Itachi watched Sakura as she went through the whole data they collected. He had no idea Sakura had this much energy to do this much.

'It explains her stamina.'

"You might want to take a break Sakura. You can't fry yourself on the first night."

Sakura took her eyes off the scroll for one minute and smiled at her friend. "I know that. It is just that this scroll….from what we have found it is just leading us in circles and we still have no idea what it does or how it activates."

Itachi watched as Sakura started to place her hands on her head and pull on her pink locks out of frustration.

"Sakura. Calm down." Itachi said as he grabbed her hand and pulled it away from her head.

Sakura's attention went from the book to the person who pulled her hands out of her hair. She tried to read Itachi's face for a reason why he was so concerned for her but she only saw clouded eyes.

'Wait I know why he is so concerned! I remember him saying that we were friends. I can't believe that I am becoming friends with a murderer.'

'Maybe we can change the past. Hence changing the present right now. Making us being able to change the future.'

Itachi studied his friend with close eyes. There was something she wasn't telling him. She knew something about that scroll, but for some reason she wasn't telling him. And here she is now, trying to figure something out and he hated to be placed in the dark.

"Sakura." He said with a stern voice.

Sakura snapped out of her thoughts and gave Itachi a questionable glance. They still didn't remove their hands.

"Yeah Itachi?"

"Your hiding something about that scroll. Tell me what it is."

Sakura's eyes went wide and she nearly cursed out loud.

'Fuck! What do I do?!'

'We have to come up with a plan.'

'Do you think he is talking about the scroll?'


'Ok, ok, ok. Think. How can we explain this?!'

Sakura didn't have time to think though because Itachi tightened his grip on her hand and spoke a little louder.

"Sakura. Answer me."

Sakura didn't know what to do. She was stuck. All she could do was try to figure out what exactly he wanted to know.

"Huh?" She asked.

Itachi glared at her. "You know something about that scroll. Tell me."

'I knew it was that stupid scroll.'

"Oh. Well I didn't want you both to worry about it or anything so I didn't tell you."

Itachi narrowed his eyes down at her and backed her up to the corner of the couch. "Tell me Sakura. Now."

Sakura turned pink with the closeness of their distance and sighed. Trying to get the pink to go away. "W-Well it was j-just that the s-scroll activated o-on me when I w-was coming b-back from my m-mission. That's it."

Itachi's glare intensified ten fold and he made Sakura back into the couch even more. If that was possible. He was now on her and Sakura was sitting there with him kneeling on the sides of her body.

"Why didn't you tell us. It could be a valuable piece of evidence for this research and you could have been hurt…."

Sakura couldn't believe her ears. Did Itachi just worry about her? Since when did an Uchiha, let alone Itachi, worry about her?

She couldn't help but blink at what he just said. Itachi just grunted at himself. He got off her and picked up the scrolls.

'I can't believe I just said that. What came over me.'

"What are you doing with those scrolls?" Sakura asked.

Itachi didn't turn around and made his way upstairs. "So you can actually get some rest and not be a walking zombie tomorrow. You worry too much and that can hurt you in a mission."

Sakura's eyes went wide and she still couldn't believe her ears. 'Did he just worry about me…again?!'

'That is interesting.'

Meanwhile, Itachi just ran upstairs, placed a jutsu on the scrolls and shook his head back and forth.

'What is wrong with me. That is twice in a minute that I worried about her. What is she doing to me.'

Itachi tried his hardest to figure out why he was worried about her but he couldn't figure it out. He just tried to clear his head and went to bed.

But Sakura was left on the couch confused out of her mind. She had no idea what just happened and had no idea that Itachi cared about her that much.

'Well this is really different. Maybe Itachi isn't that bad after all. Maybe I can change the present. Which would technically be the past….ahhh I'm to confused.'

'He is just over protective of his friend that is all. You have to think of it in his point of view. You're his only friend. And I don't think he wants to lose that.'

'I guess so.'

With a new thing learned in her mind, Sakura made her way upstairs and got ready for bed. Once her head hit the pillow Sakura was out like a light. Thinking about how things would be if she changed the past.






Author's notes: well there u have it folks! Some ItaXSaku for you and I guarantee you some more once they go on a real mission. Don't worry they will not be researching the scroll the whole time and Sakura's tattoo will be explained on the way to their mission. Aren't I evil??? Lmfao!

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