Past, Present, Future

Chapter 7

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It was the middle of the night and Sakura was tossing and turning in her bed. She was asleep, but she was having a nightmare. The dream got to the point where it was so agonizing that she jolted out of bed. Breathing heavily.

Sakura's eyes were wide, sweat was pouring down her face, and her heart was pounding at an extremely fast beat.

'The dream……it felt so real…….'

'Well nightmares are suppose to do that to you.'

'I never had one that bad since I was little.'

'It's ok. I'm sure the thing will pass.'

'I don't think a dream were all my friends die in front of me, where I can't do anything, will pass with a snap of your fingers.'

'Just don't think about it.'

'Yeah I guess your right.'

Sakura took a deep breath in and a deep breath out. With great caution, Sakura got up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom.

'Thanks to that depressing dream, I'm all sweaty. Just peachy.'

Sakura stripped her cloths and instead of taking a shower, which would wake up the two boys in the house, Sakura took a wash cloth and soaked it with water. She stepped in the tub and started to wet herself down.

After she was done, Sakura took one of her red long sleeves shirts and black sweatpants, that she got from Mikoto before she left, and put them on.

'Ahhhh. Much better. All freshened up.'

'Now the trick is going back to sleep.'

'Yeah I know right?'

Sakura shook her head, once again, and started to make her way to her bed, but when she passed the study desk in the room she saw something glowing.

Sakura made a face at the desk and walked towards it. When Sakura got to the desk she saw that her vest pocket was glowing. Narrowing her eyes at it, Sakura placed her hand in the pocket to take out the scroll that she had ever since she came to the past.

'Why is the scroll glowing? That's odd.'

Sakura watched as the light blue glow brightened once she touched it. Taking a gulp, Sakura started to unravel the scroll. As she did, her eyes went wide.

'What kind of scroll is this?!'

Sakura was about to close it but when she tried to, she was frozen in her spot.

'What is going on?!'

But that was the her last thought because the bright light blue glow attacked her and she fell to the floor unconscious.

------The Next Morning--------

Itachi woke up at his usual time. He got dressed and went downstairs, but not after checking to see if Sakura and Sasuke were still asleep. He looked to see that they were still asleep.

'Well I don't expect them to be up at 6:30.'

Itachi made his way downstairs and made his way outside.

'While those two are still asleep, I guess I will train. What else am I going to do?'

Itachi trained for a few hours until he saw it was time to wake up his little brother for school. Itachi whipped the sweat from his forehead and made his way into the mansion. He left behind a massive amount of trees pulled out of the ground, huge holes in the ground, and a few target boards out there with shuriken right on the bulls eye.

After Itachi washed his face, he made his way to his little brother's room. Opening the door wide Itachi snuck up on Sasuke and with one single word his entertainment began.

"Boo." Itachi said in a loud, but not so loud, manner.

Sasuke, who was a average sleeper, nearly jumped out of his socks when Itachi said Boo right in his tiny little ear.

"AHHHH!!!!" little Sasuke screamed at the top of his lungs. He jumped so high out of his bed Itachi swore if he jumped any higher he would of hit his head on the ceiling.

Itachi couldn't surpass a light chuckle at his little brothers actions. Sasuke turned his head to the side to see his older brother laughing at him.

"Nii-Chan!" Sasuke shouted at Itachi as his heavy breathing slowed down back to normal. "Why did you scare me like that?!"

Itachi ruffled Sasuke's hand and shook his head. "It is what older brothers do Sasuke."

Sasuke looked up at Itachi with awe. "Really?" He questioned.

Itachi nodded his head. "Of course."

Sasuke jumped out of bed and walked with Itachi out the door. "Do you think I will be an older brother?!" Sasuke asked excitedly.

'Then I could do exactly what Nii-Chan did to me to my little brother!'

Itachi nearly lost his footing at Sasuke's little comment. He looked over to see Sasuke fantasizing about him being an older brother. He couldn't help but smirk at his little brother.

'The things he says. Wait till I tell Sakura what he said.'

Speaking of Sakura, Itachi started to walk to her door. It isn't like they did any physical workout, so her body shouldn't be worn out. All they did was just some research on that stupid scroll.

'So she did fry herself. I told her not to.'

Itachi simply shook his head and was about to take Sasuke downstairs to feed him, when Sasuke stopped at Sakura's door.

"Nii-Chan……Do you think Nee-Chan is awake?"

Itachi walked over to Sasuke and stared at the door. "What do you think Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked up at Itachi and smiled. "Well if she is, she will not be for long!" Sasuke shouted as he opened the door and ran as fast as he could to her bed.

Itachi just waited outside, not wanting to be there when Sakura was bursting with anger. But when Sasuke screamed a loud ear piercing scream he couldn't help but run into the room as well.

"Nii-Chan! L-L-Look!" Sasuke said frantically as he pointed to Sakura.

Itachi followed his finger to a fallen Sakura on the floor. Itachi grabbed Sasuke by the shoulder and placed him behind him.

'What ever knocked out Sakura could still be active.'

With great caution, Itachi moved towards Sakura's body. He examined her body, but he wasn't a medic so he really couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. He looked around the area and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Her vest was on the desk, the chair was moved and something was lying on the floor near her hand.

Itachi kneeled down at Sakura's side and very slowly lowered his head to see what exactly was lying on the floor. What he saw made his eyes widen.

'T-The scroll!'

Itachi grabbed the opened scroll and threw it across the room, hoping that if he separated the scroll from Sakura it wouldn't effect her anymore than it had.

He then looked at her to see her breathing slower than normal.

'The scroll must of knocked her out somehow. I better call a few people too make sure she is ok.'

Itachi turned to Sasuke. "Sasuke, I need you to call Kakashi and tell him to bring Anko, Asuma, Gai, and Kurenai over here. Now."

Sasuke was still looking at Sakura and couldn't really utter any words, so he nodded his head and ran downstairs at lighting speed.

Itachi waited for Sasuke to be out of the room before he scooped up Sakura, very gently, bridal style and made his way downstairs.

There he saw Sasuke screaming out Kakashi's name and in no time Kakashi entered the living room with a poof of smoke.

"Hey there little Sasuke. What do you need me for?" Kakashi asked.

Sasuke looked up at the older man and was shaking his head back and forth. When he looked to his side he saw his older brother carrying Sakura down and placing her on the couch.

Kakashi looked in the direction of where Sasuke was looking and saw his partner carrying his new one.

'What could of happened here?'

Kakashi patted Sasuke on the head and walked over to Itachi. He looked at Sakura's body, but didn't see anything wrong with her.

"Hey Itachi. Why did you have Sasuke call me?"

Kakashi looked to see Itachi staring at Sakura. He waited a few minutes for Itachi to answer.

"She was found lying on the ground. Unconscious."

Kakashi raised a brow at him. "Yeah and…..?"

Itachi glared at Kakashi with Shuringan eyes. "That scroll we were researching was unrolled lying out in the open next to her."

Kakashi nodded his head. Knowing what he was getting to.

'So the scroll attacked Sakura. Now he wants to figure out how and why.'

"You want me to get everyone over here?" Kakashi looked to see Itachi nodding his head.

Kakashi made a few rapid hand seals and sure enough Anko, Asuma, Gai, and Kurenai were right in front of Itachi in his living room. Anko looked, no more like glared at Kakashi, and everyone raised their eye brow towards the two people.

"Why are we here Kakashi!" Anko yelled.

Kakashi sighed and Asuma looked to see Itachi looking serious at them.

"Hey Itachi, what got you twisted into a knot?" Asuma asked.

Itachi turned his attention to everyone in the room and Sasuke was right there in the middle of everyone.

"Nee-Chan fainted in her room!" Sasuke shouted at everyone. When he saw that they all looked at him he continued. "See!" He pointed to the couch and everyone saw Sakura on the couch.

"So she is sleeping. What is the big deal?" Kurenai asked.

Itachi turned to everyone once she said that. "I'm only going to say this once. Kakashi, Sakura, and I left yesterday to decode a scroll. Sakura was assigned to decode that scroll for Hokage-Sama. When Sasuke and I found her the scroll was right next to her."

Everyone's eyes went wide and they looked straight at Sakura.

"So where is the scroll now?" Gai asked.

"In her room. I'll get it and bring it down. I want some of you to figure out why the scroll went off and others figure out when she will come out of her coma." Itachi demanded as he made his way upstairs to get the scroll.

Anko and Kurenai made their way to Sakura, while Asuma and Gai went near Kakashi.

"Will Nee-Chan be ok?" Sasuke asked as he went over to Anko and Kurenai.

Anko didn't do anything and still looked over Sakura, Kurenai turned to Sasuke and gave him a friendly smile.

"Don't worry Sasuke-Chan. She will be fine. She is pretty strong."

Sasuke was about to add to it but his big brother came down the stairs and slammed the scroll on the table.

Asuma, Gai, Kurenai, Anko, Kakashi, Itachi, and Sasuke came around it and just stared at the plain black and white scroll.

"Doesn't look that important." Kurenai said.

"It's in old language." Anko analyzed.

"This is going to take longer than I thought." Asuma said.

"Don't give up! Let the power of youth run through your veins!" Gai shouted as he leaned closer to the scroll to get a better look.

--------With Sakura-------

Sakura didn't get up right away. She laid down where ever she was and stayed there until she felt like getting up.

'What the hell was that? The scroll like attacked me.'

'It was a little strange.'

'Yeah. I thought the damn scroll would be dormant after it sent me to the past.'

'Apparently not.'

Groaning a loud groan, Sakura moved her arms and lifted herself off the ground. When she opened her eyes all she saw was a white plan of nothing in front of her.

'Where am I?'

'Your inside my scroll.'

Sakura nearly jumped out of her skin. She looked around left and right. But she didn't see anything.

Sakura moved her mouth to talk to what ever or who ever answered her but when she did, nothing came out.

'What the…..'

'This is my domain little one. We can only communicate through thoughts.'

Sakura still couldn't believe what was going on. Here she was, stuck in a scroll, talking to whoever is trapped in the scroll.

'Watch it be some psycho path.'

'Now, now. That isn't a way to treat your host.'

And before Sakura knew it a serge of pain came over her. She fell to her knees and held back her scream with every ounce of will power that she had.

'What is going on!'

'We better listen to him. Who knows what other things he can do to us.'

'In this domain none of my thoughts are private.'

----With everyone else­------

As Gai leaned into the scroll it started to glow a light blue. Gai backed his head away from the scroll so everyone could get a good look at how the scroll activates.

Sasuke wasn't looking as the scroll anymore for he heard a low grunt of pain. When he went over to Sakura he saw her twitching and biting her lip in pain.

"Nee-Chan!" Sasuke yelled.

His yell got everyone's attention and they turned to where he was. They saw the same exact thing as Sasuke, but now there Sakura had cuts randomly appearing on her skin.

"What kind of a scroll is this?!" Anko yelled as she ran to Sakura with Kurenai by her side and they started to heal Sakura's cuts. But since they were not medics they did it the normal way.

But the strangest part was that as fast as it came it went.

"This is one of the strangest scrolls I did ever see." Gai said as he went back to the scroll, after he made sure that Sakura was ok, and tried to decipher it.

------With Sakura------

Sakura waited for the pain to get worse, but the strange part was that it never did.

'What…it….it stopped.'

'Now that you know that I take insults personally, lets start all over.'

Sakura narrowed her eyes at the white plain and got in a defensive position. She then heard a chuckle.

'Oh little one, you have been on the edge to much for your lifetime. You can relax in my presence.'

Sakura started to laugh at the person. 'Well after I get attacked by what ever you attacked me with….I don't think so.'

'Oh can you blame me? You know better than anyone that it hurts to be called something you are not.'

Sakura's head went down in shame. 'Their right. I feel like such a ass now.'

'Don't be hard on yourself Sakura-Chan……'

'How do you know my name?!'

She was a little startled that some ancient scroll knew her name. As Sakura let her guard up even more, she then saw something moving from the distance. Reaching for her kunai at her side, she realized that her weapons were gone.

'Well if we don't have weapons, then we can use our chakra.'

Sakura nodded her head, and noticed that the person didn't talk back to her.

'They can't read my thoughts. That's a good thing. So wait till they come out and reveal themselves and then attack.'

Sakura, taking her inner-selves advice, she waited for the figure to come clear. And soon the figure appeared in front of her.

Sakura looked the figure up and down. The person had long sliver hair, that went to her mid-back. Her skin was pale, but not too pale, and her eyes were ice blue.

'She is beautiful.'

'Yeah, she is.'

The lady smiled her way and started to walk towards Sakura. Sakura took a step back but didn't stop to admire her beautiful dress. It was so long it would form a trail as she walked. The dress was form fitting and was a sky blue, with white that went over it, with a black outline of roses all over. On the edges there was gold lining.

'Even if she did attack us. She still has good taste.'

Sakura just nodded her head in return and continued to step back as the person stepped forward.

'Who are you! what do you want from me?!' Sakura yelled at her as she put her fists up in front of her.

The beautiful woman stopped walking and stared at Sakura. 'You have no need to be scared of me Sakura-Chan. I'm your friend.'

Sakura couldn't take much more of this and so she gathered Chakra in her fists and glared at the woman.

'Fine. If you will not tell me I guess I will have to beat it out of you.'

The woman looked at her and narrowed her eyes at her fists.

'Lets see if what they say about you is true.'

Sakura just brushed off what she said and ran full force at the woman.

------With everyone in the living room-----

It had been an hour since they last saw any movement from the scroll and Sakura.

"Ugh! This is getting us no where!" Anko screamed as she threw one of her kunai's at the wall. Making Sasuke jump out of his skin and run to hide behind the couch.

"Watch your temper Anko. You scared the poor boy." Kurenai said as she walked behind the couch to comfort Sasuke.

"I can't believe I'm saying this…..but I agree with Anko on this one." Asuma said as he scratched his head as he read a few lines from the scroll. "This scroll makes no sense. It is just leading us in circles. One sentence they talk about past present and future, and then the next they talk about pure hearts."

"Don't give up! We have to keep looking! For Sakura's sake!" Gai yelled as he grabbed the scroll and started to read it.

After Kurenai came from behind the couch with Sasuke she looked at Sakura's still form, but when she did a double take and saw her hands glowing blue.

"Guys!" Kurenai yelled. As she and Sasuke ran in front of the couch Sakura was on.

Itachi was the first one there before the other men and watched with Shuringain eyes. Trying and hoping to figure out what was going on.

'Her chakra is surging through her like crazy. What ever this stupid scroll did to her… is stressing her out.'

"Look! Nee-Chan! Her ankle is glowing!" Sasuke pointed out as he ran to her ankle, as did Kakashi and Itachi.

"Itachi. It's the tattoo." Kakashi said as he narrowed his eyes at it.

"Why would a 13 year old have a tattoo? That's nuts." Asuma said as he looked at the glowing tattoo.

"We were going to get the story, but the Hokage called us." Itachi said as he grinded his teeth together.

-------With Sakura-------

'Here I come!'

The woman just stood there, not afraid of the power Sakura held in her hand.

'Please reconsider what you are doing.' Was all she said.

Sakura didn't flinch and saw that her tattoo was glowing. She then stopped running.

'What are you? No human can make my tattoo glow.'

The "lady" in front of her smiled. 'Your right. I'm not human. But I didn't think that the demons would give you that.'

Sakura backed up again and narrowed her eyes at her. 'Gaara and Naruto thought it would be a good idea to put a mark on me so that way if another demon attacked me, they would know not to. It is like a protection symbol.'

The "lady" smiled her way and continued to walk up to her. Making the symbol glow brighter. As if a warning.

'If you trust me, the glow will go away. Please. I need you to trust me.'

Sakura was a little questionable about trusting the demon in front of her. But she tried to.

'So that means you're a demon. Why are you locked in this scroll?'

'The rumors are true. You are smart. And well I might as well start from the beginning.' She said as she eyed the still glowing tattoo.

------With everyone------

"This is too weird. And I have seen weird." Anko said as she studied the tattoo.

Itachi was about to answer her but the door bell rang. He growled for being interrupted but made his way to the door. When he opened the door in came the Hokage, Iruka, and Naruto.

"Hokage-Sama. What can I do for you." Itachi said, hiding his anger.

The Hokage and company walked in the house. The Hokage turned to Itachi and smiled at him.

"I heard that most of my Junin are missing so I needed to see why. And when I come here, here they are. Why?"

Everyone behind Itachi looked at each other and smiled a foxy grin at him.

"You see Hokage-Sama….." Kakashi started.

"Itachi called us here." Anko said.

The Hokage looked back at Itachi and raised a brow. "Why is that?"

Itachi looked at his fellow members. And sighed.

'He could help us actually.'

"The scroll you ordered Sakura to get activated on her last night, and this morning Sasuke and I found her unconscious on the ground. And from there we have been trying to figure out why."

Naruto ran away from Iruka and ran to the couch. Not forgetting to glare at Sasuke as he ran by him. He stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Sakura on the couch. What caught his attention was the glowing thing around her ankle.

"Iruka-Sensei! Sakura-Nee-Chan's ankle is doing something funny!" Naruto pointed out.

Iruka ran to the couch to see exactly what everyone else was seeing. Even the Hokage ran too.

'Well that's something you don't see every day. These people are going to wonder what it is. I better save Sakura the trouble.'

The Hokage looked at everyone and sighed. "Well this is interesting."

"You know what it is. Don't you." Itachi said as he saw the Hokage nod his head.

"Iruka….can you bring the children into another room? Please?"

Iruka didn't question him and did what he said, taking them upstairs into Sasuke's room.

Anko was at his throat. "You better tell us, now!" she yelled as she took his collar and lifted him off his feet.

"Anko, please, calm down. I will tell everyone everything. Don't worry."

Anko didn't like his answer, but she let him go. Even though she met Sakura yesterday, Anko felt attached to Sakura.

"You all better sit." He watched as everyone did. He then coughed to clear his throat. "The reason why Sakura's ankle is glowing is because the "tattoo" on her ankle is a protection seal."

Itachi glared at nothing unparticular, and everyone nodded their heads for the Hokage to continue.

"The seal, is made from demons, as an act to protect someone or something they care for, so that way no other demons will cause harm to it."

"But Sakura doesn't know any demons!" Gai shouted.

"That isn't true. She met Naruto about two days ago, and she doesn't even know it." Kakashi said.

Itachi snapped his head in the air and stared at the Hokage. "Can the seal be placed without the person knowing it?" Itachi said as he tried to figure out other demons besides Naruto.

"No. The seal can be placed by as many demons as desired. The containers that hold the demon's inside them, have to also contribute their chakra to it."

"Well that rules out the blonde boy." Anko said.

"But then….. who is left?" Asuma asked as he tried to think of other demon containers.

The Hokage shook his head. "Naruto isn't the only one in the world with a demon inside him. It could be impossible to tell. Since she was on that mission for about six months we may never know."

"How do you make it glow." Itachi demanded.

The Hokage smiled at the young genius in front of him. 'Getting a little crush I see.'

"The seal will not activate on humans, for humans don't activate it. It will only glow when another demon is in presence and the person with the seal doesn't trust them."

The Hokage watched as everyone's eyes went wide and they looked at the scroll with realization.

"We have to figure this out! For the safely of Sakura!" Gai shouted out loud making his ever so famous nice guy pose.

Everyone nodded and Asuma went up to go get Iruka and the two boys.

"We better get to work then." Kakashi said as he activated his Shuringan and started to read the scrolls chakra levels. Trying to get a lead on where the scroll came from.

------With Sakura------

'I am one out of the famous demons that once roamed the earth. A long time ago when everyone started to go insane, Kyuubi and Shukaku thought that it would be safe enough to seal me in a scroll, to save me. Making it so I would never be sealed into a person.'

'Like Naruto and Gaara… that's why Tsunade wanted the scroll. Because since the Akatsuki already have seven out of the nine demons….'

'Exactly. But we know for a fact that without me and Kyuubi they can not make their weapon……and you should know that weapon better than anyone.'

'You saying that because I was able to break in once or twice….?'

She chuckled at Sakura and stretched out her hand to rest it on her shoulder. To the demon's surprise, no wall came in-between them. Making her smile

'Yes, that is why I say it. But without you, they can not combine our demonic power to make their weapon……'

'To whip out a single country when ever they damn well please……wait a minute…..what do you mean they can't do anything without me?'

That was when the demon smiled.






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