Past, Present, Future

Chapter 8

Author's Notes: I can't believe how many people reviewed to that chapter!! Well that is going to be a hard chapter to beat. Well I am so happy everyone enjoyed that chapter, I hope everyone will enjoy this one as much as the last one.

'Demon's thoughts'

'Inner Sakura's thoughts'




'Yes, that is why I say it. But without you, they can not combine our demonic power to make their weapon……'

'To whip out a single country when ever they damn well please……wait a minute…..what do you mean they can't do anything without me?'

That was when the demon smiled. 'They didn't tell you?' She said still with a smile on her face.

Sakura looked up at the Demon with a confused expression still planted on her face.

'Who didn't tell me what? I'm so confused!'

The Demon watched Sakura as she raised her hands up to her temples and start to make tiny circles on each side of her forehead. Trying to surpass the headache she was getting from thinking to much. The Demon shook her head in pity and pulled Sakura into a comforting hug.

'Sakura-Chan, just listen to me. Don't over think because if you try to over-understand what I am about to tell you, I'm not sure how well it will process. Besides, your stressing yourself out. That isn't healthy for a growing girl.'

Sakura just nodded her head as her and the Demon sank to the floor. Sakura just sat there like a little kid getting comforted by her mother after something terrible happened.

'Ok. Just tell me what you mean exactly when you said that they can't do anything without me.'

'Your chakra is what they need to combine all our demonic powers together. They could have all the demons in the world, but if they do not have you they can't make their weapon of mass destruction. Making their hunt pointless and a waist of time.'

Sakura's mouth dropped to the floor, images of the whole project that the organization has been working on flashed through her mind. What really confused her was why her? Why was she the one they needed?

'Why me? Why is it just me?' Sakura couldn't believe that something so powerful relayed on something as simple as her. But she was still confused as to why her Chakra was the chakra needed.

The Demon smiled down at Sakura and they broke apart, but the were still sitting on the ground. Only a few feet away from each other. 'I'm not going to load you up on the details right now, so I will just give you the basics. Every one thousand years, one certain chakra is picked out of the bunch to be "pure". The Chakra picked out has to have the special requirements needed.'

Sakura looked up at the Demon and raised her slim pink brow in her direction.


The Demon couldn't help but laugh at Sakura's comment. 'It basically saying how your chakra isn't tainted with evil desires, or vengeance. Your life hasn't sent you to do certain actions, that would be considered evil.'

'But I'm not the only one who is pure. Hinata is pure too, so is Ten-Ten. Or even Ino-Pig.'

The Demon looked at Sakura and shook her head. 'Did you not hear me? Not just anyone can have it. The person needs to have unmistakable chakra control, an untainted heart, and the person puts people before themselves no matter what. And that Sakura-Chan, that would be you.'

Sakura still stared at the woman across from her with a unreadable expression. The Demon couldn't figure out if Sakura understood what she said. To her relief though, Sakura slowly nodded her head in understanding.

'I think I get it. So I have the chakra because I have an untainted heart, I put everyone before me, and I have an untainted heart. But why did you have to send me to the past?' This question had been driving Sakura crazy. For the few days she had been in the past she couldn't figure out why exactly she was here. But now the demon could finally answer the question no one could answer.

'I knew you would as me that sooner or later. The reason why you have traveled back to the past is because……'

Sakura stared at the Demon hopping she would continue, but something was terribly wrong. Her face turned extremely pale and her face began to sweat. Sakura was alarmed and started to examine her with her medic trained eyes. But the Demon shook her head. For she knew what was happening.

'It seems that your friends would like you out of my hold. Looks like you have made some friends within the couple of days you have been here.' The Demon smiled at Sakura.

Sakura didn't pay much attention to it and just watched as the white plain dripped down like wet paint does in the cartoon shows. She also noticed how the room started to become colorful again. Sakura then looked at the Demon and captured her hands before she could completely go away from Sakura. There were so many questions she wanted answers to.

'Wait don't go! I still have tons of questions! Why am I here?! How do I get home?! What's your name?! Who else knows about this?!'

The Demon smiled a weak smile at her. 'So many questions Sakura-Chan. All I can say is that the answers will come with time. It takes much power to bring you to me, let alone even keep you on this plane for the time I have been able to keep yourself here. But the least I can do is give you my name.'

Sakura watched eyes wide, as her voice went from a gleaming confidence to a weak voice. It seems that their time was slipping at an uncontrollable rate, which Sakura couldn't stop.

Green eyes darted around the soon to be vanished white plain. She could hear mumblings and then the mumbles became clearer.

"I almost got it!"

"Hurry up! She is slipping!"

"It should of broke by now!"

"The demon is holding on pretty strongly. This might take a little bit more effort."

"Then add more power."

"The scroll is covered in light blue Chakra! Hurry!"

Sakura shook her head, trying to focus less on the voices and more on the demon that was slowly vanishing into air in front of her eyes.

'Please! Tell me who you are!'

The Demon smiled brightly at her. 'My name……it's……it's Anri……'

And with that Sakura watched as Anri disappeared right in front of her. Sakura blinked a few times trying to process if everything that happened was real. Before she knew it, the colorful world that came back began to get dark.

'What the hell is going on!'

'I think we are returning back to reality.'

------With everyone else-------

Kakashi was scanning the scroll with his Shuringan eyes, while Itachi scanned Sakura with his Shuringan eyes. Anko, Gai, Asuma, and Kurenai were reading other scrolls to figure out how the scroll worked. Naruto and Sasuke were sitting at Sakura's side of the couch, waiting for her to wake up. The Hokage and Iruka sat there hoping everything will turn out good. There wasn't much they could do besides wait.

As Kakashi read the scroll over and over he couldn't find a hole in it at all. He looked over the scroll so many times he could practically see every detail in his mind if he had to.

'This scroll is pretty solid. There are no slip ups that I can see with the way the Chakra is formed…….wait a minute.'

Anri must have been concentrating on trying to explain things to Sakura because Kakashi saw a hole in the scrolls chakra.

'Better do it now!'

Kakashi shouted for everyone to get over to where he was, everyone ran to his side except the two little boys. They stayed with Sakura.

"What do you got Kakashi." Anko said glaring at him.

Kakashi ignored her and started to form some seals. "I found a hole in the scrolls defense chakra, so I'm going to try to see if I can plunge my chakra in there so I can break off what ever the Demon has placed on Sakura."

Itachi narrowed his red eyes at the scroll and watched as Kakashi's and the Demon's Chakra meshed together.

'If that demon does anything to Sakura……so help me god….' Itachi thought as his fists clenched together, waiting for something to happen.

"I almost got it!" Kakashi yelled as he pushed more Chakra into the scroll. The scroll was reacting to the chakra with surging light blue chakra. It was trying to attack Kakashi but Itachi plunged his chakra in there to help.

"Hurry up! She is slipping!" Anko said as she ran to Sakura feeling how pale and sickly she was starting to look.

"It should of broke by now!" Kurenai shouted worriedly, not really sure how this would turn out. She was hoping for the best though.

"The demon is holding on pretty strongly. This might take a little bit more effort." Kakashi said as sweat started to pour down his face.

"Then add more power." Itachi said as he pushed more chakra into the scroll. Anxious to get Sakura out of the demon's hands, for good.

"The scroll is covered in light blue Chakra! Hurry!" Gai said as he and Asuma watched the scroll cover itself in a light blue haze. They were not sure what that meant.

The Hokage watched in horror as everything unfolded. Iruka was holding back the two boys for they wanted to jump on Sakura in hoping to wake her up.

'Come on Sakura. You can do it. I know you can.' The Hokage thought as he stood there waiting for something to happen.

Soon the scroll stopped glowing a light blue and Kakashi and Itachi stopped pouring their chakra into it. Gai and Asuma cautiously leaned closer to the scroll on the table. Kakashi and Itachi on the other hand closed up their Shuringan and stood there waiting for something horrible to happen.

Anko and Kurenai smiled as Sakura's state started to go back to normal. Her skin returned back to a normal pale and her body stopped shaking. Kurenai sighed with relief that Sakura was back to normal and Iruka let go of Sasuke and Naruto.

Sasuke and Naruto didn't take their eyes off of Sakura and everyone else went over to the scroll, wondering what they had to do now.

"Now what?" Anko said.

The Hokage looked to see everyone looking at him waiting for an answer. He sighed and shook his head. "I guess we wait for her to wake up. But there is no telling how much strain the Demon put on…." The Hokage was interrupted by a gasp from the far side of the room.

Naruto and Sasuke gasped so loud it was hard to ignore it. Everyone turned around to see why they were gasping so loud and to everyone's surprise they could see Sakura starting to return to consciousness.

Itachi and everyone ran as fast as they could and circled around the two little boys and the couch. Itachi watched with semi emotion-filled eyes, Kakashi watched with curiosity, Anko was cheering for Sakura to wake up, Kurenai stood in the back ground waiting for Sakura to wake, The Hokage had a smile on his face, Iruka gasped, Asuma raised a single brow, and Gai was waiting to jump all over "his" flower.

Naruto and Sasuke got closer to her with their eyes wide opened. They were waiting to scream her name as loud as they could.

Meanwhile while this was all going on, Sakura was trying to wake up from her headache filled encounter with Anri.

'Anri was her name right? Maybe I should research her so I can understand her character a little bit more.'

'Yeah true. We were SO close in finding out why we were here to!'

'Wait a minute, who was the one that butt in! I am going to kick their ass!'

'Sakura, wait a minute! They were trying to save us they had no idea what was really going on.'

Sakura was lost for words but didn't swallow her anger, right now she needed to extinguish the anger before she did something regretful.

Taking a quick sigh Sakura started to bring herself back to reality. There was no telling what happened on the other side.

Naruto's and Sasuke's eyes went wide when they saw Sakura trying to open her eyes. At first they were little slits but they soon became open all the way.

"Nee-Chan!" The two of them yelled at the top of their lungs. Everyone else smiled at the sight, except Itachi, he smirked.

Sakura didn't know what hit her. First she was looking at the Uchiha's living room ceiling and then next she was greeted by a blue and yellow blur.

'It's Sasuke and Naruto.'

"Your awake!"


Sakura couldn't help but smile and she started to lift herself into a sitting position. As she blinked a few times and looked down she saw Naruto and Sasuke burring their face in her chest. She couldn't help but laugh.

"Great to see you up and active Pinky." Kakashi said with a crease of the eyes.

Sakura's face turned from a smile to a frown she glared at Kakashi and stuck out her tongue.

"I see you missed me that much Kakashi." Sakura then looked around to see almost everyone she knew, she was a little puzzled by this.

"Why are all of you here?" She said tilting her head.

Anko couldn't help but smirk her way. "Uchiha over here called all of us, well except Iruka and Hokage-Sama over here, to help him get you back to normal."

Sakura couldn't hold down her blush that creped to her face. She turned to look straight at Itachi to see him just staring at her.

'How cute. He cares about you.'

'No I don't think he does. He was just doing it because of Sasuke.'

Sakura didn't have the brains to think that he actually did care for her safely, maybe he was even scared he would lose her.

'She's blushing….. cute. Wait am I… way. Impossible.' Itachi shook his head to get ride of the thoughts that entered his head.

The Hokage smiled at everyone, but soon it turned into a frown. "Ok Jonin, now that Sakura is fine, get back to work. Kakashi, Itachi, and Sakura I need to see you two in my office. Pronto. You can give Sasuke to Iruka." Everyone nodded their heads and were getting ready to say good bye.

"Come on Naruto and Sasuke. Time to get to class." Iruka said as he motioned for Naruto and Sasuke to come over to him.

"Aw man." Sasuke said with a pout and he jumped off of Sakura and made his way to Iruka. Naruto was a little reluctant.

"It's great your back to normal Nee-Chan!" Naruto said.

Sakura smiled at him and waved to him. "Thank you Naruto." Everyone watched as Sasuke and Naruto went with Iruka out of the house.

Sartobi then turned to everyone and cleared his throat. "Don't you all have some place to be?" He said before he poofed off as well.

Sakura giggled at everyone and waved them good bye before they all poofed off before the Hokage would yell at them. He wasn't a big fan at yelling but when he did, it was no laughing matter.

After everyone left Itachi turned to Sakura and walked to help her up from the couch. Sakura watched as he held out his hand as an act of politeness and she gladly took it.

But when she took his hand, she didn't expect to feel butterflies fluttering in her stomach when she took his hand. His hand was so soft and warm. She didn't expect for his hand to be that soft. The strange part was that she didn't want to let go of it.

As Itachi helped her up, he too felt strange feelings. He felt light headed and he had some urge to want to touch more of her heavenly skin. It was as soft as he thought it would be, but he didn't picture it feel this heavenly against his skin. He noticed that her hand was about a size or two smaller compared to his, which made him want to hold on to it to keep it away from any danger.

The both of them stood there caught up in their own realizations for a good two or three minutes. Sakura's thoughts were interrupted when Itachi moved his hand away. She almost whimpered at the lost of warmth but caught herself just in time. Nothing would be more embarrassing than whimpering in front of him.

"What happened in that scroll Sakura?" Itachi asked.

Sakura stared deep into his black eyes and started to contemplate on what to tell him and what not to tell him.

'How much does he know? How much did the Hokage tell him?'

Itachi saw her struggling on what to tell him and what not to tell him.

'What happened to her that she will not tell me?'

Itachi narrowed his eyes at this and he walked closer to her, closing their distance.

"Tell me Sakura. Tell me everything." He demanded. He didn't like his friend to keep certain things away from him.

Sakura smiled up at him nervously and shook her head. "Don't worry about it Itachi. It is nothing big."

Itachi growled at her and his glared intensified. Sakura just stared at him with wide eyes.

'Is it me or is he a little affectionate today?'

'Who knows.'

"If you mean cringing in pain, having your chakra surge throughout your body, and then your protection seal on your ankle activating on that demon as nothing big I find that hard to believe."

Sakura's mouth dropped wide open. But she then smiled a sweet smile at him.

"Well you seem to know most of it. So there isn't anything I need to explain."

"Why was your chakra surging through you? Why were you cringing in pain?" He asked his questions with authority and it really shocked Sakura to no end.

'Why does he care so much?'

'Well you're his friend so……'

'But Itachi isn't the type to ask questions. He normally keeps the questions to himself so he can figure them out himself.'

'Maybe he is baffled by this one?'


"The reason why I was cringing was because she attacked me because I insulted her. I didn't know who she was at first that's why my chakra was surging like crazy. I was going to attack her. My seal went off because I didn't trust her. See? Nothing to worry about."

Itachi was going to press the matter but he decided against it. They needed to go the Hokage's office before they got in trouble.

"Let's get ready and go to the Hokage Tower."

Sakura nodded her head and the both of them took the fastest shower and quickest time to change into an outfit. Once they were done they ran out Itachi's bedroom window at flying speed. Within twenty minutes from when Sartobi left the house, Sakura, Itachi, and Kakashi were waiting outside the office.

When Itachi and Sakura meet up with Kakashi, he also asked the same questions as Itachi. Sakura had to surpass the temptation to punch at the wall, but she told him the same thing she told Itachi and he seemed pretty satisfied with her answer.

Now here they were, waiting for the Hokage to call them in. within a few more minutes Sartobi popped his head out of his office and called the trio inside.

"Sit down you three, sit down."

The three did as they were told and waited for the Hokage to continue talking. As he rounded his desk the three teens sat in their chairs wondering what exactly the Hokage wanted to talk to them about.

"Itachi. Your father told me you would be entering the ANBU exam without hesitation." Sartobi said as he then turned his attention to Kakashi. "And you Kakashi said that you would enter the exam as well." Kakashi nodded his head in agreement.

Sakura stared wide eyed at the Hokage in front of her. She knew where this was going.

'He wants me to join the Exam too. Am I even ready for it? The last time I took a exam it was for Chunnin.'

Sakura jinxed herself because Sartobi looked straight at her with a smile.

"Sakura. I know you just came back from the long mission I gave you, but I think it is about time you take a exam. Considering you haven't taken one since you turned Chunnin, which was a while ago."

Sakura gulped and looked at the Hokage. Scared of what he was about to say, for she knew what he was going to say to her. The problem was, was that she had no idea for an answer.

"Would you like to join the ANBU Exam?" He asked as he raised a brow giving her the signal to speak what was on her mind.

Sakura looked up and took a deep sigh.

'What do I say?!'






Author's Note: Well there u have it! Some ItaXSaku fluff and some hints to how Itachi is likin miss Sakura over here.

What will her answer be?

I wonder???



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