Past, Present, Future

Chapter 9

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Sarutobi watched Sakura's face flash with uneasiness and confusion. He couldn't help but smile at her behavior.

'She must be contemplating on if she should enter it or not. Maybe I rushed her into it too soon.'

Sakura was getting a really big headache from thinking so hard about this one subject. Thank god for Sakura though, because Sarutobi cleared his throat as a indication that he was about to speak.

"Actually Sakura. You just got back from that mission and now I'm asking you to move to ANBU. I should give you about a week or two off before you can do anything."

Looked up at the Third Hokage Sakura flashed him a happy and thankful smile. "Thank you so much Hokage-Sama!" She couldn't express the amount of relief she felt when he said that.

"Is that all you wanted us in here for Hokage-Sama?" Kakashi asked him. Changing the subject.

The Third turned to Kakashi and smiled. "For now, yes that is all. Kakashi and Itachi…… at the southern gates in two days from now at six in the morning for your ANBU test."

With a nod, the three teenagers got up and bowed down to their leader. Once they were done, Itachi and Sakura went one way while Kakashi went off to go knows where.

-------------Three weeks later---------------

It has been three weeks since Sakura had that encounter with the demon locked in the scroll. And since then things in Kohana have been heating up and not just the battles between Mist and Kohana either. For the past two weeks Itachi and Sakura became very close friends. Sakura also became close friends with Asuma, Anko, Gai, and Kurenai. Kakashi still calls her Pinky, but she has gotten use to it. Gai still is in love with her, even though they have a three year difference. Anko and Kurenai became her best girl friends.

Now here Sakura was, walking through the Uchiha Master Garden. Even for the almost month she has been here, she never could understand how they made something so beautiful. And made it stay that way.

"Now how come life can't be like that?" She asked herself as she began to lower herself into a sitting position and took her ninja sandals off. She slowly dipped her petite feet in the pond that had the beautiful flowers around it.

"Be like what?" Said a soft voice behind Sakura.

She couldn't help but jump in surprise. She turned around and glared at Itachi.

"Don't ever do that again! You could of killed me!" She said with a hand over her heart.

She watched as he smirked her way and sat next to her. "Damn. I should of tried harder then huh?"

Sakura couldn't believe her ears. THE Itachi Uchiha just made fun of her!

"Excuse me?!" She shouted at him. Itachi couldn't help but smirk at her even more.

Over their time spent with each other, Itachi was able to socialize more around Sakura. And Sakura had no clue why h would only socialize with her. But truth be told, she didn't really think about it that much.

Itachi watched as she lightly punched him on the shoulder, as a scolding act.

"You know……it's not very nice to say that." She said with a pout.

Itachi just shook his head at her childish behavior. He raised his index and thumb finger to her forehead and flicked it.

"Will you ever grow up." He said as he flicked it, a habit he had grown to enjoy doing to her.

Sakura stuck her tongue out at him and giggled. "Why would I do that? It would ruin all the fun out of life!"

Soon their chatting died down and they just studied the pond as it glistened under the sun's rays. Sakura couldn't help but look over to her side at Itachi.

'It's amazing how much he has changed in almost a month. Don't you think?'

'Sakura……be careful. Remember we can't change any history events. Who knows what would happen if we did.'

'Your saying I can't befriend him?'

'Did you just register him as a friend……!'

Sakura realized what she said and she couldn't help but make a low growl in the back of her throat. Itachi turned to look at her but he knew she wouldn't notice.

'So what if I did?'

'Sakura, watch who you become friends with.'

'Oh come on! It's not like I'm in love with him or something!'

'You mean its not like you're in love with him yet.'

Sakura couldn't take much more of her inner self's assumptions. She shook her head to clear her mind and turned to see Itachi looking straight at her.

"Don't you have a mission or something……" Sakura grunted at him. Still a little mad at her inner self.

"How did you…..?" He was a little creped out that she knew he had a mission today. Sakura on the other hand laughed at his expression.

"I have my ways Itachi." She said with a wink.

Itachi had to resist rolling his eyes at his best friend. "I leave tomorrow morning."

Sakura was a little stunned at first. She didn't expect him to tell her. But lately he has been surprising her a lot.

"Oh? For how long?" she asked curiously.

Itachi couldn't ignore the fact that his stomach was feeling light and jumpy. The way she was acting around him lately……it was different from what she would normally act around other guys his age.

Sakura noticed the way he drifted off into his own little world, just like she just did moments ago. She scooted closer to him, trying to get a good look at his face. Sticking her head in his face she called his name.

"Itachi?" When she saw him make no movement she said it again. But this time a little louder. "Itachi?"

Itachi shook his head, trying to get ride of his thoughts, thanks to Itachi over shaking his head and Sakura leaning closer to him, hoping to see if he would come out of his thoughts, their lips collided.

The both of them didn't know what hit them. Itachi's eyes were closed and when he felt the warmth of something against him, he couldn't help but want to explore that feeling.

On the other end, however, Sakura's eyes were wide open and she saw the whole thing happen. The strange part was, was that her body didn't want to move as she watched it unfold. She watched as his black spiky hair tossed from side to side and the way his face was coming closer to hers.

'I know I shouldn't be doing this……but…….'

For once in Sakura's life, she did what she wanted to do. She didn't listen to what her inner was screaming, she didn't think about what Tsunade's letter said or how she couldn't change the past. Right now she was thinking about the present.

Itachi thought she would of broke them apart by now, he was happy she didn't and he let it go a little further. He took his arms and wrapped them around her waist. Sakura, for once, didn't think and just acted. Her small hands traveled up to his neck and they hung there.

It wasn't long after that when they broke apart. When they broke apart, the two of them looked into each other's eyes. Sakura didn't dare say anything. All she could do was touch her lips with her fingers. Astounded at what just happened. The male across from her, had his Uchiha pride smirk plastered on his face.

'I think I did pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.' He said to himself.

"I wouldn't let myself get a big head over it Itachi." Sakura said, smiling his way, as she grabbed her shoes and started to walk into the house.

He watched as she walked into the Mansion. He wasn't going to lie to himself and say that he didn't want to kiss her. Deep down he knew he did. He just never acted on it.

'Well I better get ready for this mission into Mist. The Hokage wants us to get some information on them. If you ask me, it's going to be easy as pie.'

With one slight movement, Itachi was up and he made his way into the Mansion.

------The Next Day-----

It was four in the morning. Everyone is asleep in their nice homes, having dreams of god only knows. But one person was up, getting ready for his mission.

Itachi grabbed his traveling bag and zipped up his ANBU suit. He placed his mask around his neck and walked down the hallway. On his way to the big window that he would always jump out of, he passed Sakura's room.

As he passed her room, he couldn't help but think back to their little incident that happened yesterday. He made a sly smirk as he stared at her door.

'See you later tonight Sakura.'

And with that Itachi disappeared out the window. As he ran towards the western gates of Kohana he couldn't help but get this strange feeling.

'No, I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll just keep a close eye on everything.'

Seems that Itachi was getting a strange feeling also. And just like Sakura, he brushed it off as well.

Later that day, the sun shown high above the proud city of Kohana. You could see everyone's smiling faces as the day went on. Sakura was around the village talking to the citizens. But soon she was called into the hospital for her medic class. She was too young to work in the hospital so they made her take additional classes.

Sakura stayed in the hospital for almost the whole day, she didn't think her classes would be that long. Before she knew it, the clock read seven o clock.

"Crap!" She shouted. She had to pick up Sasuke in five minutes! She punched out her card, hung up her coat, and ran like the wind to the Ninja Academy.

When Sakura got there she saw that Sasuke was the last person there, even Naruto went home.

"I'm so sorry Iruka! I didn't notice the time in the hospital and I….."

Iruka smiled warmly at her and shook his head. "Don't worry about it Sakura. You're here and that's all that matters. Sasuke was a good boy while he waited."

Sakura smiled up at him gratefully and nodded her head. "Thank you! Come on Sasuke. Time to go."

Sasuke lunged at her and hugged her to death. He showed her his A on his test and he started to beam towards her. Sakura grabbed his free hand and was just as happy as him.

As the two of them got closer to the Mansion, Sakura couldn't surpass the same gut feeling she got last night.

'I'm sure it's nothing.'

As Sakura and Sasuke neared the Gates they saw the Uchiha police squad around the gates. The head chief made his way towards them and Sakura could tell something wasn't right.

"I'm sorry but you can't go in there." He said in a stern voice.

"I live here! I can too enter!" Sasuke yelled at him.

"No, it isn't safe." He said. Holding Sasuke back from entering the Gates.

Sakura grabbed Sasuke's hand and narrowed her eyes at the scene. "Why can't we go in? What happened?"

The Chief looked at the thirteen year old with question. "Some group of ninja attacked the district. Fugaku-Sama called us, but when we got there…."

Sakura didn't need the Chief to finish his sentence for she knew what went on. "Sasuke. Come on."

Sakura ignored as the chief yelled at them for not entering the scene. Brushing off the guard, Sakura lifted Sasuke on her back and she high jumped over the closed fence. Once they landed on the other side Sakura could tell she got there just in time.

"Sasuke. Listen to me. I want you to stay as close to me as you can. Don't let go. What ever you do, stay right next to me."

Sakura looked at Sasuke sternly and Sasuke didn't question her. Granted he never saw this side of his "Nee-Chan" before.

Once she could feel Sasuke grasp her hand a lot tighter, she started to bolt towards where the head house was. As she ran though the place she saw some of the houses had broken windows. She and Sasuke almost fell from the amount of debris on the ground.

As Sakura and Sasuke continued to run to the house the destruction got worse and worse. When they got there she heard a battle going on in the back of the house. Narrowing her eyes she spread out her chakra to see that Fugaku was fighting against one mist ninja. Mikoto was on the side lines.

'Ok Sakura, get your ass over there!'

Sakura grasped Sasuke's hand tighter and she ran full out towards the back of the house. Within minutes Sakura was beside Mikoto.

"Mikoto." Sakura said in a soft tone.

Sakura watched as the woman jumped and turned around with a sharp piece of glass in her hand. When she saw it wasn't an enemy she dropped the glass and smiled.

"Thank god you're here. They just all of a sudden came and attacked us. Saying something about someone killing their team or something."

Sakura held in the gasp that crawled up her throat when Mikoto told her why they were here. The Mist ninjas were searching for her.

'This is my entire fault. If I didn't live with the Uchiha's no one would be hurt. Time to fight back! No one is getting hurt again!'

Mikoto saw her son behind Sakura and was about to cry. "Thank god he is safe! I thought they got to him too!"

Sakura let go of Sasuke's hand and watched as he hugged his mother tightly. Sakura looked over Mikoto's body trying to figure out why she was on the side lines. Then it hit her. Fugaku and her were fighting until she was stuck paralyzed but the Mist Ninja.

"I'll heal you Mikoto. All I have to do….." Mikoto shook her head and pointed towards her husband.

"No, I'm fine. The paralysis jutsu wore off, I'm just going through after effects. Right now Fugaku needs help."

Sakura nodded her head and was about to run to help him, but she heard a ear piercing scream. The three of them turned their heads towards the direction of the sound.

Sasuke was about to run to his father but Mikoto held him back. Sakura watched as Mikoto was crying at the scene. She must of thought that she was going to lose her husband.

'Not if I have anything to say about it!'

Not being able to stay on the sidelines anymore, Sakura grabbed anything sharp she could find and stashed it in her cloths.

As Sakura ran towards Fugaku she could see that he knocked out the Ninja. Approaching Fugaku she examined his injuries.

Her stern emerald eyes scanned the older man's body. As she examined him she couldn't believe how much damage his body took. And yet he was still able to fight the ninja.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she got down on her knees and formed a few quick seals. Soon the green chakra started to flow from her hands. First she summoned chakra to enter the opened wound at his shoulder.

While she worked on Fugaku's injuries, Fugaku was coming back to consciousness. As Sakura moved away from the now healed shoulder and started to work on his fractured ribs, she could hear him make noises.

As Fugaku opened his eyes he saw a blur of pink in his face. He grunted in response and soon he saw the pink haired girl that had been living in his home for the past month.

"Go. I don't need your help." He said reluctantly.

Sakura glared down at him. Fugaku was surprised that she had the audacity to glare at him.

"No. You have serious injuries all over you. You need my help. Wither you like it or not."

And with that Sakura continued to set the ribs back into place. While she continued to heal him, Fugaku looked around to see Mikoto and Sasuke on the sidelines. He felt better now that he knew his wife and son were untouched by the enemies.

"Ok Uchiha-San. Just a few more wounds I need to fix and then your back in order."

Fugaku was surprised that the girl could heal him this well. He could feel his life returning back to him. Even though he wasn't a medic, he knew he was is terrible shape. When he knocked out that ninja, he knew that if help didn't come soon he wouldn't have lived.

'She saved my life.'

Sakura's hands were moving at the speed of light. She was working so fast. Trying to stop the overflow of blood and trying to fix the delicate organs that got damaged during the fight. It was not an easy fix.

But she was to preoccupied with healing that she didn't pay attention to her surroundings. The ninja got up and he grabbed his sword, glaring hard at the Uchiha male. When he looked over though, he saw the person that he and his team were looking for.

'Now's my chance!'

Not holding back at all, he charged at Sakura. Fugaku heard something move from the distance and looked to see the ninja he preciously knocked down charging at them.

Fugaku was about to say something to warn the girl that was healing him, but he was too slow. Before anyone knew it Sakura was pierced by the ninja's sword right in the stomach.

Mikoto, Sasuke, and Fugaku watched with widened eyes, as the sword popped out the other end of Sakura's stomach. Sakura looked to her left to see Sasuke wanting to run to her, tears streaming down his face. For his sake she didn't scream. No matter how much it hurt.

She then made eye contact with Fugaku. "Run. Get as far away as possible from here!"

Fugaku was stunned by her determination to not scream. As he looked up at her, a few drops of her blood dripped down from her injury and landed on his face.

Fugaku took a few seconds to watch the dripping blood start to slowly fall down the rest of his face.

"Go! Now!" Sakura shouted at him as she grabbed the other end of the sword and pushed it further into her. Making the sword more visible to everyone.

Fugaku watched wordlessly as Sakura pulled the sword going further in her.

"Now I got you!" Shouted the Mist ninja.

Sakura smirked at the man. But he didn't see it. Fugaku saw it though and he watched with wide eyes. She took the sword's blade, grasped it tighter with her hands. Pouring more blood out of her, and she used all her might to thrust it back out of her. With the great physical power she possessed, the sword was able to exit her stomach and hit the Mist Ninja hard.

Once Sakura heard a "Ugh!" from the Ninja she turned her attention to Fugaku. But she saw Sasuke and Mikoto right next to him.

"You three need to leave now! Get as far away from here as you can!" She yelled at them.

"But Nee-Chan!" Sasuke shouted at her. He never saw so much blood pour out of someone before.

Fugaku grabbed his son's hand and shook his head. "Come on Sasuke. We will go to the Hokage and tell him to bring back up for Sakura."

Sakura's eyes went wide. Never before did he address her by her name. Normally he never even paid attention to her. But Sakura couldn't absorb this moment for long, for the ninja was getting up.

"Go! Now!" she shouted again.

The three of them ran away, just like she wished. Sasuke looked back with tears streaming down his eyes. Mikoto also looked back and she too had tears falling from her pale face.

'Sakura please come back in one piece. I don't know what I would do if I would be the only woman in the house again.'

Fugaku didn't look back, he kept running. But even though he didn't look back that didn't mean he stopped thinking about what just happened.

'She saved me. Even though for the whole time she was here I didn't even treat her with respect. She healed me. Sakura, beat them. So we can start over.'

Sakura heard their footsteps run farther and farther away from them. While they ran away she distracted the Ninja with the pieces of glass she found on the ground.

She took out the pieces she had and used them as kunai's. While the Ninja was dodging them, she took the milliseconds she had in-between the throws and dodges, to heal her stomach wound. Just enough to have it stop bleeding.

"Why did you attack them! They didn't do anything to you!" She yelled at the ninja.

She watched his movements as he grabbed his sword again and ran at her.

"We knew you would pop out once we attacked the people who were close to you! You killed our best ninjas and now it's your turn to die!"

The ninja waved his sword around like a propeller and soon Sakura saw his hand seals. Before she knew what hit her, he flung her backwards into a bunch of trees. She didn't have time to recover, for she fell into the pond.

'I need to get this battle over with. He shouldn't have much left in him considering Fugaku fought him earlier.'

As Sakura fell down to the bottom of the pond, she opened her eyes and watched as the pond turned red, from her now reopened wounds. Not wasting any time, Sakura stood up on the bottom and jumped out of the water.

The ninja watched tiredly as she jetted out of the water. Sakura took his delayed reaction as a time to throw a sleeping shot at him. The ninja watched with wide eyes as her dead accurate throw hit him right in the neck.

"You aren't get….."

Sakura jumped towards the other side of the lake as she saw him fall down to the ground asleep. Not just letting him be asleep, she took his arm and twisted it around, causing it to break. As a precaution incase he woke up and came to attack her again.

'Now when he wakes up he will not be able to come after me right away. He will be too occupied with his broken arm.'

Catching her breath she ripped more clothing off her and tried to stop the bleeding. Not waiting any longer, Sakura ran into the damaged Mansion and looked for the First-Aid kit.

Once she found it, she dumped it out on the counter and started to address her wound. It took her a few times to get the massive bleeding to stop, but she soon was able to patch herself up.

'Ugh. Why did it have to be the stomach? That's the hardest to patch up when your in a battle.'

Now that she was all patched up, Sakura could sense five more Mist ninja's coming.

'I don't have enough energy to kill all five of them! This injury is hindering my abilities! And healing Fugaku didn't help matters.'

Looking around franticly, Sakura decided to suppress her chakra low enough so the Mist-Nin's couldn't find her right away.

But it didn't buy her enough time to get many weapons from the home. All she was able to do was grab the two swords that were on top of the fireplace mantle.

"There you are little murderer." Said one. As he eyed her up and down.

Sakura gracefully hid the swords behind her back. Hoping they didn't see she was armed.

The leader came up and stood in the middle of their group. "Who would of thought that a 13 year old would kill three of our guys…..unless you got help…." He said as he rubbed his chin in as thoughts crossed his mind.

Sakura watched as his evil smirk stretched up to his ears.

'No! He and his people will not hurt anyone else! I will fight them all if I have to!'

"No! I killed the three of them! No one helped me!" Sakura yelled out at them.

"Oh really? Well in that case……kill her." The leader said as the five of them came charging at her.

Sakura made an eep noise as she dodged each and every attack. Trying to get away from the 10 punches that came at her.

'At this rate I will run out of energy!'

Sakura watched each and every punch. Trying to find their pattern just like Tsunade taught her to do. The more and more Sakura watched the punches the more she could see that they would make combinations with each others moves.

'This is going to be harder than I thought. Just Peachy.'

Sakura let out a low growl as she strained her eyes to follow their lighting speed movement. Sakura couldn't take the exhausting movements any longer. So with a simple punch in the ground she made a crater big enough to cover their fighting place.

As Sakura jumped into the air and used chakra in her feet to run on the air, she could see their shocked faces at her strength. But she didn't let that distract her as she dropped to the ground and ran as fast as she could to the forest that was just outside the Main House.

'I need to get them into the woods. Then I can release a technique I have dieing to test out. But I need to watch out for this fatal wound over here.'

Sakura gripped her stomach and as her other hand swished in the wind she felt something in her pocket. Sticking her and in the pocket she saw that it was a needle.

The needle was a sample of a new medicine she was working on. She was trying to find a way where she could stop the flow of blood cells when a wound appears.

'I may not have worked all the bugs out of it. Hell I don't even know if it is safe. But desperate times calls for desperate measures.'

With that final thought, Sakura injected the needle in her wrist vein. She closed her eyes for a moment as if to concentrate and soon she stopped running.

Sakura watched as her stomach stopped bleeding excessively. Soon she felt the ninja's coming up fast.

'Come on! Please work!'

Sakura stood there as she watched the five Ninja's circle her in the woods.

"Should we continue?" Asked one.

"Did you see her punch?! It was inhuman!"

"She didn't use chakra at all either."

Sakura watched as disbelief crossed all their faces. They couldn't imagine someone with that much inhuman strength. Sakura felt immensely proud of herself. It wasn't everyday you had people praising you for your strength.

"Watch what else I can do." Sakura said to them with a look in her eye.

As Sakura formed a few hand seals, she could feel her body reacting to the medicine. But she also felt massive power flowing through her veins.

'Time to kick some ass!'

The five Mist-Ninja's didn't wait for her to react. So the leader motioned two of them to attack her.

Sakura stood there, waiting for them.

'If I want to perform my new Jutsu I need to save all the chakra I have. That means I need to knock out these two guys.'

As the Mist Ninja's got closer, their leader noticed something. He noticed that Sakura wasn't making any motion to attack them.

'What is she planning.'

The leader watched as his two ninja's came close to her, she punched one right in the stomach. He heard the cracking of bones from her hit. The other ninja jumped back in precaution.

Sakura watched as one of her opponents went flying down to the ground. He went flying down on the ground. Then the other ninja started to conjure up some jutsu. Now knowing not to engage in close combat with her. It could mean death.

Before Sakura knew it, the ground started to shake. Her eyes went wide and she watched as boulders popped out of the ground.

"Let's see how you handle this!" He shouted.

Soon the boulders came right for her. The ninja guided the rocks in all different directions. Making Sakura have to dodge each and every one of them.

Sakura could feel her power slipping away from her as she tried to dodge each boulder.

'If I keep this up, I will be a sitting duck.'

'Then why don't you crack the boulders at a certain angle, so you can hit him with his own weapon. It will knock him out and then you will only have to deal with three more!'

The Mist Ninja looked at Sakura to see a new fiery light in her green eyes. He raised a brow at this, but continued with his boulder crushing.

Smirking in her head, at her new plan, Sakura dodged a few more boulders, trying to see a pattern in the way he threw his boulders. After a few boulders, she found it and her plan went into action. But she would have to do it quick. For the medicine was wearing off.

Everyone on the side watched the mini battle unfold. The leader had his eyes narrowing at Sakura. She may be thirteen, but there was something about her that made her different. He watched as she jumped in a strange way and extended her fist.

'She won't be able to crush the boulder in that direction. She would crack a few bones before she could actually hit a solid boulder.'

To the leader's disbelieve, when Sakura extended her fists they saw the boulder shatter like broken glass. The Mist-Nin that was guiding the boulders watched with horror.

'Oh shit!'

Sakura then took her air time and took a few pieces of debris; throwing them right back at the lonely ninja. Thanks to her marvelous distraction, he didn't see the pieces of rock come flying at him with extreme speed. Before he knew it, he feel to the ground unconscious.

The Mist ninja's leader watched as the exhausted pink haired girl landed on her feet clumsily.

'If it takes this much energy to knock down two of them. Who knows how powerful the others are.'

'Yeah and those could be their trainees too. We don't know how much stronger the other's are!'

The Mist-Ninja could see that her energy was draining. He also noticed that her wound was starting to bleed again. When Sakura turned around to look at the remaining three people she followed his glaze down to her wound.

'God damn it! I need more time!'

'Look's like we don't have it. Use it now!'

"Who would guess a thirteen year old would possess so much power." The leader mumbled to himself.

Waving his hand in the air, the three of them got into position. "You are a big threat to our country. For that, we must eliminate you." He said in a empty, stone cold voice.

Sakura shook her head. "Who said I was done?"

With that the leader couldn't help but raise a curious brow towards her. She was full of surprises. What more could she possibly do? She was straining herself to catch her breath and her wound wasn't going to stop bleeding.

"What can you possibly do?" He said.

"This is what I can do!" Sakura yelled and got into position. This would be her final attack!

-------------With the Uchiha's------------

After they ran a good distance away from where Sakura was, Fugaku could see the gates. As Fugaku came into view of the Police Squad, the ground started to shake.

Mikoto couldn't help but turn back around towards where Sakura was.

"Oh dear….." She was about to run to Sakura, but Fugaku gripped her shoulder.

"No. She told us to leave. We have to respect that."

"But what if she….."

Sasuke watched as his mother tried to bat away the on-coming tears that threatened to fall down her face. He couldn't help but look back as well.

'Nee-Chan. Please……please be ok.'

Fugaku watched as his youngest son and his wife were being torn apart as thoughts plagued their minds with images of what was going on.

'Who would of thought she placed that much of a impression on my family.'

He soon shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. They didn't have much time, for who knew how long Sakura could stand against who ever was over there with that severe wound.

"Come on. We need to get the Hokage." Fugaku said as he grabbed Mikoto's arm and placed Sasuke on the other side of him.

The Chief of Police was about to come up to them but Fugaku ran right past him. The Chief was about to question him, but he saw the stern look in Fugaku's eyes and knew it would be a bad idea to ask.

------In the Hokage's Office------

Sarutobi was sitting at his desk, gathering up late night paper work. As he was getting organized, a few Jonin that were patrolling the borders, walked in. They said they sensed a disturbance in the Uchiha district. But he told them not to do anything about it since it was the Uchiha's district.

'They are probably working on some Jutsu.'

Shaking his head as an act to concentrate on the task at hand, he heard someone knocking on his door.

"Come in." he said with a sigh.

Once Fugaku heard that, he slammed into the office. He watched as Sarutobi's eyes went wide.

"Uchiha-San. What happened to you?" The Third asked in almost disbelief.

Sasuke tugged on his mother's leg. Mikoto looked down to see Sasuke about to cry. Giving him a sympathetic look, she took him into her arms and cradled him.

The Third wondered what could be happening that caused the Uchiha's to become so upset.

"Fugaku. What is going on." The Third said in a demanding voice. Most of the time he tried to avoid that side of Hokage, but seeing Fugaku this beat up was unbelievable.


Fugaku didn't get to finish for two ANBU came poofing into his office. Fugaku watched as the two people covered in a black suit bowed deeply towards The Third.

The Hokage nodded his head towards them. The two men took of their masks and turned around. Fugaku watched as his son and Kakashi saw them.

Saying that Itachi was surprised would be a lie. He was shocked beyond belief. He glanced at Kakashi and he seemed just as shocked.

"Father." He bowed deeply towards him. "What are you doing here?"

Itachi looked around to see his mother sitting down in the chair with his little brother. His mother had a few scratches here and there, but Sasuke had no wounds on him. Itachi then turned his full attention to his father.

Kakashi, too, looked Fugaku up and down. Out of everything he has heard of Fugaku Uchiha, he never had seen him this beaten up before. Something must of happened.

'Where is Pinky?'

Looking at his father, Itachi saw that his father was a mess. His Uchiha uniform was ripped to shreds, he had dry blood everywhere. As he looked around, he too, noticed that Sakura wasn't here.

"Where is Sakura." He stated. Glaring around the room.

Mikoto avoided eye contact with everyone, Sasuke buried his face deeper into his mother's hold, and Fugaku stared up at the three of them with empty eyes.

"That's why we are here Hokage."

Sarutobi narrowed his eyes towards the Uchiha. "What are you talking about?" He asked.

Itachi noticed that his tone set off that same gut feeling he felt when he left on his reconnaissance mission.

Kakashi watched as his partner started to tense up. He couldn't help but smirk at him.

'Even though it has only been a month, Itachi has grown attached to Pinky.'

"Go on Fugaku-San." Sarutobi stated.

Before Fugaku could continue every single person felt a huge powerful wave of Chakra surge out of no where.

Fugaku stared at Mikoto and she then stared out the window. She had no idea what was going on but she had a pretty good idea where it was coming from.

Itachi stared at Kakashi and the both of them couldn't believe how powerful it was. The strange part was that it came from the other side of town. What would be going on at this time of night?

The Third had a semi-idea of what was going on.

'That amount of Chakra is used for only one thing……don't tell me…..'

"Uchiha-San. Finish what you were going to say. Where is Sakura." The Third said in a hurried tone.

Fugaku snapped out of his staring and returned his attention to the room.

"Sakura……she……saved my life."






Author's note: Again I hope you all liked it! FYI: the whole needle thing it sorta restored Sakura's energy and it is helping her, for now. Yeah I know the fighting scene really sucked! I really don't know what happened to me in the fighting scene. Like I couldn't do much considering I made her use most of her energy healing Fugaku. And I knew some of u would be like "she has too much chakra". But like, I don't know. I struggled with that scene. But I hope u all liked it!

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