Chapter 1

Rosy pov

Today, Happy birthday to me. I am eagerly waiting for this day because am turning 18 and going to lose my virginity.
So here comes my intro

Hi, My name Rosy. I come from open family. I love my family. In our family they can have sex with whom ever they want after 18 and they also lose their virginity with the family members only.
All ladies always lactate so we all will energy drink every morning from them. I also lactate and my father only feed from me and i love my father very much because he gives best oral sex.

During feeding he gives best orgasms and he teach me blowjob, handjob, etc. He is my lover.
So, I want to lose my virginity to my father (raw without oral).

Today is my 18th birthday and am only girl child in the family so all are eager to make love with me. I always give best blow job.
Yesterday itself I stated my conditions to all and they are very much happy with my conditions.

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Happy sunday
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