Chapter 2

Rosy pov

My conditions are
1. I will lose my virginity to my father (both pussy and anal)
2. I want sex daily without interval that means I want my pussy filled cock always but can be removed only after my permission.
3. Daily all have to cum in my pussy thirce each.
4. At night everyone has to participate in sex make me cum more than thirce and at sleep double penetration is must.
5. At morning wake me up by pussy eating and morning sex by everyone.
6. I want mom, aunties & grandma to give me morning dosage of breast milk and pussy juice.
7. I want to experience all kind of sex so you all will fulfill my needs without objection.
8. Above all conditions must be followed by you all for 1 month
9. Main and important condition is that I want to pregnant at the end of this month.
10. I will have sex with anyone outside family after losing my virginity and if you want i can also bed with your clients.

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