Chapter 4

Rosy pov

I am hell shocked to the core. In my grandparents room there is a king sized bed sometimes i used to think why they need this much vast bed but now i realised the reality.

In the bed my grandfather is lying and my mother is lying above him who is penetrating her pussy and uncle paul also penetrating her pussy and uncle peter is penetrating her ass. My mother is moaning like whore and asks more.

On other side my grandmother is penetrated by my father in pussy. My grandmother is asking some mercy from her son because of his brutality. On seeing this my pussy automatically leaking something i don't know what because this first time i am seeing porn live. I know they are having sex but at age 10 i can't think more. My hands automatically rubbed my pussy.

On one side Aunt mercy is fucked by my brothers tony, tim and troy. Tony and tim penetrating her pussy and troy is taking her ass. They fucking her mercilessly but she also asks for more.

Next Aunt martha is fucked by her son sam and Aunt mercy son charlie. They are double penetrating her and fucking her brutally.

I can't stand this any more so without thinking twice i opened their door all shocked in their place

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