Chapter 5

Rosy pov

I am standing in doorsteps they are all shocked to see me there. But they composed themselves and continued their job now I am very stunned. After some minutes my father comes in my direction in his naked self without any conscious to wear dress and pick me up.

He slowly placed me on the bed near my grandfather and uncle who is fucking my mother brutally without any mercy on her but see them I am feeling some kind of butterflies in my stomach and there is some leaking in my pussy that I can't identify what it it is.

My mother turned in my direction and give me wink. I glanced at my father direction who is giving me smile and slowly bend down to my level and gives me kiss not in my cheeks but in my lips. He slowly slides his tongue into my mouth and explores my mouth and makes me lay down on the bed.

My grandmother is now fucked by my uncle peter. My grandfather reaches his hand to my core which is bare to his hands because at night i only wear T-shirt. He slowly rubs my core. I feel like floating. I don't know what they are doing to me but i like it. My father leaves my lips when i can't take it anymore becomes breathless. He slowly slides down to my neck and places wet kisses and sucks sensitive area and there escapes some kind of weird sound from my mouth.

All members in the room turned and give me sheepish smile then only i know I moaned for the first time.

My father slowly removes my t-shirt now i am naked and he sucks my nipples which gives shocks to the core. My grandpa now slowly slides his inside my core and rubbed my buds. My father sucking my nipple and my grandpa rubbing my bud it gives new sensation which makes eyes roll back. It continues until i scream loudly and some kind of liqiud gush out of my core. My father and grandpa looked each other and gives me satisfying smile then they said i had my first orgasm and the liquid is my cum and gives me kisses on my lips. My father slowly slides down and gives wet kisses on my stomach and my grandpa removes his hand and continue to fuck my mom. Now my mom is under my grandpa and he fucks her core very brutally. My mother ask more by saying "please fuck my pussy brutally and tear it don't stop". I am seeing my mom wide eyes but she reaches me and gives kisses on my lips and sucks my tongues.

My uncles fucking my grandma and she is asking for more. My aunties now exchanged their pair and fucking each other without giving any fuck to others that they are in another world. Coming to my father, he is loving my body by giving kisses, bites, pain and pleasure at the same time.

He places kisses and bitting and soothing my pain in my navel. It gives me different kind of pleasure that i kind of floating in cloud nine. Then he slides down to my core and kissed my thighs. He starts licking my core and sucks my buds. He slowly increases his pace of licking and sucking my pussy and it leads to my second orgasm.

I become very tired and drifted to sleep but after some time somebody starts licking my pussy. I thought my father starts licking my pussy again so i slowly opened eyes to stop him that i want to sleep but i am shocked to see my brother Tony is licking, my brothers Tim and Troy are laying either side of me and starts sucking my nipples. It leads to my third orgasm and now i am totally drained and drifted to sleep but they never stopped they continued. All my family members taking turn by giving me continuous orgasm including my mom, grandma and aunties. It continue till morning 4 that i totally become unconscious.

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