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Small time thief, Jay Harris, meets the Payday gang by stealing from them. Impressed in his talent they invite the thief on a journey for the biggest heist in history.

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Cryptic Writer
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Baby Steps

"We got two bags secured!" yelled one of them.

He wore a mask split horizontally with the bottom half being a dark red with a stitched smile while the top half was white with a red nose and black eyes.

A SWAT member came around the corner facing the van the armed criminal was at.

"Freeze Clown!" yelled the SWAT member aiming his gun at the criminal.

The Criminal had his back turned to the SWAT member. He quickly turned around and shot him with his shotgun instantly killing the SWAT unit.

Three more Heisters were running out all of which had duffle bags on their bags, most likely bags of money.

They were firing at the SWAT team who appeared to be bad shots.

The leader I recognized, his name was Dallas. His clown mask had a wide evil smile with red lips and black eyes. The Mask also had an American flag on it.

The heisters I now knew were the Payday gang, they were heroes some thought, terrorists others thought, and just professional criminals others thought.

Personally, I saw them as Robin Hoods of DC. But, hell, I never saw any of the money they gave away even though I needed it more than most.

That changes today.

"Wolf!" yelled Dallas to the one with the white and red mask split horizontally.

"What is it?" said the man with a rough voice and in a European accent.

"We still have 5 bags secured, we're going to need to all go into the bank," said Dallas throwing the money in a black van that had a red horizontal stripe and a red nuke painted on it.

"Fucking hell, who's going to watch the money?!" yelled the heister known as Wolf.

"The money will be fine, the SWAT will be primarily focused on getting us and freeing the hostages, besides it'll be in and out," said Dallas looking around.

I knew this was my moment to get what I needed. I was on a rooftop overlooking the Van. I quickly looked at my mask I made myself.

It was white made out of plastic. The bottom of the mask was square and the lines were rigid throughout the outline of the mask.

I used a black mesh to make the eyes look black. One the right eye there was a black chain-like pattern.

I quickly put the mask on and grabbed my pistol, the only weapon I had. I was wearing a blue flannel with a black shirt underneath it. I was also wearing blue jeans. Covering the black shirt was a black lightweight ballistic vest, I couldn't afford that so I just stole it.

I tied rope to the ventilation system and I threw the excess rope down the building's wall facing the van. I quickly put my weapon in my jeans and I slid down the rope.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching, it was clear. I slid a Duffle bag towards me and unzipped it. It was filled to the brim with money and in large bills.

I quickly zipped it up and threw the duffle bag on my shoulder. The money was heavy and I couldn't run or walk fast so I rounded the corner where I parked the white minivan which I rented for this occasion.

I popped open the trunk and I put it in the back. I quickly rushed towards the van again and grabbed another bag and put it in my van.

I made my way towards the van again and I started to slide another duffel bag towards me but I turned around and saw the gang walking towards the van with bags of money on their backs shooting at the SWAT to their left.

I quickly walked to my rental van and closed the trunk. I got in the car and started it. I drove off as fast as I could to my apartment.

I quickly turned into the alleyway beside my slum of an apartment building. I opened the trunk of the minivan and I grabbed the Duffel bags and threw them into empty dumpsters. The trash collectors were here this morning.

I planned every aspect of this without the help of the mysterious figure known as Bain, all I needed to know is which place the Payday gang was going to hit.

I quickly put the bags in the empty dumpster and I drove off to the rental car company. I got on a bus and sat there patiently.

I saw 2 men staring at me on the bus. A man in a tan suit with black and grey hair and a beard looking at me from behind his newspaper and the other man a bald man with a beard and wearing a black suit.

I got off in front of my apartment and checked the time, 9:45. I was 45 minutes behind schedule.

People were predictable and often got in habits. I made sure to learn their habits for my little heist on someone else's heist.

There was an old lady who lived across from my apartment had her son deliver her groceries at 9:50. The son stayed till 10:30 with his Mom. The son was nosy and I had to be quiet and not draw any attention to myself.

My landlord checked to see if we were in at 10:00, if we weren't in we would get a black slip and if I got 3 slips I would be evicted but that wasn't going to be a problem for long.

A police officer drove by slowly at 10:05 by our apartment looking for suspicious activity, mainly drug deals. A pretty female jogged by at 9:50 and then back at 10:20.

I quickly got to work.

I quickly rushed up the stairs to my room. I looked for my keys and unlocked my apartment.

I went to the side of my bed where a duffel bag was and there was a heavy duty piece of rope stashed inside it. I quickly got it and tied it to the leg of my bed. I threw the excess rope out the window where the garbage bins were.

I quickly walked back down the stairs after closing my door. I went to the garbage cans and pulled out the Duffle bags. I tied the rope to the first Duffle bag.

I would have to do this one at a time for this to work. I quickly walked back to the apartment. I climbed the stairs but the son stepped out of his Mom's apartment.

"What the hell are you doing?! My mom is trying to fucking rest but then there you are charging up the stairs like a goddamn rhino!" yelled the son angrily.

I turned my back to him and he pushed me to face him. I pulled out my gun and hit him with the butt of it. I heard the landlord coming to check to see if we were in.

I grabbed the son and dragged him in my room. I locked the door and waited for the landlord to knock.

He banged on the door, "Jay Harris! You in your room!?" he boomed at me.

"Yes I am, leave me be I got work in the morning!" I yelled back.

"You better give me your 2 months rent you filthy son of a bi-," he started to say.

"You'll get your lousy rent," I yelled cutting him off.

I waited for his footsteps to fade. I couldn't hear anything so I quickly went to the rope that was dangling out my window. I grabbed the rope and started tugging at it with the duffle bag slowly rising up.

It was taking forever and then I saw blue and red lights reflecting off of the wall. I quickly dropped the rope with the duffle bag with it. I waited for the Police car to pass.

I quickly started to pull again and I eventually managed to pull it up to my window. I checked the time it was 10:10.

I quickly exited my apartment and walked quietly down the stairs. I went to the garbage bin and tied the rope to the duffle bag. I started to walk to the front of the building but that's when the jogger came back.

"Hey," she said stopping.

"Uhh hey," I said looking at her putting my dirty hands in my pockets.

She looked at the apartment, "You live here?"

"Uhh yeah but not for long, I'm moving to the Renaissance apartment building," I said looking at the beautiful white apartment building.

"Really," she smiled, "I live there."

I nodded smiling.

"What school do you go to?" she said.

"I had to drop out I had huge financial problems at 15, I live alone you see, but they seem to be getting better. If I can still manage with money I might go back to Harrison," I said quietly.

"Nice, I'm transfering there, I went to District of Columbia academy, I never liked it there to be honest," she said looking at the sky.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I can't chat more but I got to go," I said being as polite and discreet as possible.

She smiled and waved goodbye. I quickly got back to work. I rushed up to my apartment. I started tugging on the rope, this time it was much less painstaking.

I opened both of the bags. I couldn't believe how much money I managed to steal. I grabbed my gun and silencer and attached them. I looked at the unconscious son.

"Don't ask questions, oldest rule of life," I said quietly.

The bullet was silenced and now all I had to do was throw him from my apartment to the dumpsters.

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