The HummelAndersons


Chapter 2

Kurt and Blaine sat in bed - they'd been talking for hours, trying to decide how they were going to do this whole baby thing…and so far, they hadn’t gotten too far.

"I think we should adopt." Blaine said. "What's the point in bringing another child into this world, when there's already one that could be loved?"

"No, Blaine. Wouldn't it be better to use a surrogate?" Kurt asked. "I mean, then one of us could parent the child. Wouldn't it feel amazing to see either a mini-you or a mini-me running around the house?"

Blaine thought about it and couldn’t help but weaken. "I suppose…But what about when they're older, and they start going through all that teenager-hating-parents stage, and they comment about whichever one of us not being their dad? Kurt, I wouldn't be strong enough to handle that."

"Neither would I. But we'd know that they don't mean it."

"And how would we decide who would be the parent? Surely we're going to both want to parent the child." Blaine gave a sigh. "I just think that adoption is easiest. Where would we find a surrogate willing to do the job?"

Blaine paused for a moment. "What about Rachel?"

Kurt stared at him as if he’d lost his mind. "No, Blaine."

"Why not?"

"I'm not fathering a child with Rachel Berry."

"Technically, she's Rachel Hudson."

"Whatever. After that drinking incident, I'm not having you father the child if it's hers either. Plus, can you imagine what her child would be like? Anyway, she and Finn are thinking of having a kid too."

"Now who's being stubborn? And how on Earth do you know that?"

"As a sister-in-law and someone to be on friendly terms with she's great. Tells me everything down the phone. She fits the bill perfectly. As mother to my baby, not so much."

"Well, what about Quinn?"

"After having a baby at sixteen, I'm pretty sure she won't want to do it again."


"Brittany, but she'd want to keep the baby in the end." Blaine sighed. "Sorry, but I'm just being realistic."

"Well, now I've got my mind set on surrogacy." Blaine gave another sigh, before grinning. "It would be so much easier if we could do this the normal way." Kurt's cheeks coloured, but he smiled anyway. "So, shall we look into surrogacy tomorrow? Surely there's a clinic with some sort of list for young ladies who could, and would like, to do it."


Saturday. One of the Hummel-Anderson's favourite days. Neither of them worked (unless the work was desperately due), and they usually met up with Cooper and Maddie for a coffee.

Cooper and Maddie were already there when Blaine and Kurt arrived at half past nine. They both had their coffees with them, but they didn't seem to notice the two men come in.

"I'll get some coffee." Blaine said, pulling his wallet out as he joined the queue. "You go and alert our dear family over there of our presence." Kurt nodded, yawning, and walked sleepily over to Cooper and Maddie.

The two looked up as he reached their table. "Man, Kurt," Cooper said, giving a small chuckle. Somehow, his dark hair was styled to perfection – as usual – despite the bad weather outside and he looked just as devilishly handsome as ever. "You look terrible. Worse - like crap. How long were you and Blaine at it?"

Kurt felt his cheeks heat up as he sat down. "Actually, Blaine and I were up all night, not doing it," Kurt said pointedly. "But rather discussing some issues and important events we have come across."

"Like what?" Maddie asked. Her dark blonde hair was down by her waist, and she brushed a few curls out of the way to look at him.

"Well, I think that we should wait for Blaine to tell us." Kurt said, smiling – all of a sudden, he felt excited to tell someone.

After Blaine had their coffees said hello to his brother and sister-in-law, he sat down in the booth next to Kurt as the conversation began to build up.

"So, what were you and Kurt discussing last night?" Cooper asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Well, Kurt and I wanted to tell you," Blaine said, his arm snaking round to Kurt's waist. "That we're going to start a family."

Maddie grinned. "That's wonderful!" She squealed, earning some looks from other customers, which she ignored.

"Yeah,” Cooper said, smiling slightly. "It is, baby brother. But you've kinda forgotten one thing; you're both guys. Last time I checked, you needed a boy and a girl to start a family."

"Well," Kurt said, tapping his fingers on the lid of his coffee thoughtfully. "Blaine and I were thinking of using a surrogate."

"Who?" Cooper and Maddie asked in unison.

"We don't know." Kurt admitted. "We couldn't think of anyone we knew to do the job."

Everyone simply looked down at their coffees for a moment, pondering on what to do.

"I'll do it." Maddie blurted out.

Blaine, Cooper and Kurt stared at her.

"W-What?" Blaine asked, choking on his coffee.

Maddie nodded. "I'm a non-blood relative to both of you, so I'd be able to carry a child from either of you." She stated.

"Maddie, are you sure?" Blaine asked. "This is a big decision."

Again, Maddie nodded. "I want to...Only if it's okay with Coop, though.”

Cooper looked rather dazed. “Well…yeah, but…it’s not really my decision, Mads…”

Kurt cleared his throat, still astounded. "Anyway, Maddie," He carried on. "What about your career?"

Maddie shrugged. "I can always work from home. As long as Cooper doesn't mind me looking like an elephant for nine months, then I want to be your surrogate."

Kurt and Blaine both looked touched, and looked at Cooper, on tenterhooks. The older man took a long sip of coffee (well, he pretended, as there wasn't any in the cup). When he finally looked up, they found that his face was soft.

"Of course, I don't mind." Cooper said, smiling brightly – and, clearly, his looks hadn’t faded much over the years because there were some onlookers ogling him from a few tables over. "It'll just be slightly weird to see my wife carry your baby, squirt." They all laughed awkwardly. "Anyway, if it makes you two happy, then I'm all for it."

"Thank you, Coop, Maddie," Kurt said, looking ready to hug them.

"Listen," Blaine said. "We still have a lot of planning to do, so it's going to take a while before we have to get into the technical buissness."

The two nodded. "Just call us when you've made up your minds."


"Blaine?" Blaine looked up. Kurt and he had just finished their Saturday morning shopping, and were now unpacking everything. "What do you think? About Maddie being our surrogate?"

Blaine turned back to his grocery bag and gave a one-shouldered shrug. "I think that she knows what she's doing. I also think that she's amazing for doing this."

"So, should she be our surrogate?"

Blaine stopped unpacking and leant against the sink. "Kurt, she still has to pass tests to make sure that she's OK to carry the baby," Blaine stated. "And even if she does, what if she falls in love with the baby and we're left empty handed?"

Kurt bit his lip. "She wouldn't, Blaine. You know that she and Cooper agreed that they didn’t want to be parents, so I don’t see what’s stopping her.”

Blaine sighed. "Kurt, Maddie has a fear of needles."

Kurt frowned. "And…?"

"That’ll be a problem since the whole thing is going to involve a lot of needles."

The brunette paused before shaking his head. “That’s not going to stop her from doing it – she’s smart and she probably knew about the needles when she offered.”

Admittedly, Kurt had a point.

Seeing he was getting somewhere, Kurt sent his husband an expectant look. "So, Maddie?"

Blaine smiled. "Yes, Kurt, if all goes well then we can use Maddie." Kurt beamed and wrapped his arms around the short man excitedly. "Hey, you'll break the eggs in this bag!" He let go reluctantly, and they shared a smile.

"So, which one of us is first?" Kurt asked.

Blaine shrugged as he stuffed some bananas in a fruit bowl. "Don't know."

"I think you should do it.”

Blaine froze, and he turned round to look at Kurt. "Why?"

Kurt was worried if he'd upset Blaine, so he hastily added, "Well, it's just...I'd love it even more if this child was yours...I mean, I can always donate my sperm later, but I feel that you should do it now." Blaine didn't say anything for a moment, thinking it over. "A-And, to be honest, the thought of a little boy or girl with mad dark curls and hazel eyes running round the house warms my heart."

"It's not that I don't want to, it's just...I don't know. I mean, I don't want you to feel like you're not, you know, the kid's dad. Because you would be."

Kurt nodded. "I know. I would love this child, Blaine, even if it came out with two heads and six tongues." Blaine cracked a smile. "So, your sperm?"

Blaine nodded, still smiling. "I guess – though I doubt it will come out with two heads or six tongues or whatever." Kurt gave him a hug, softer this time, and they embraced for a moment silently. "You really want to use my sperm?" Kurt nodded surely. "OK then. Let's do it."

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