The HummelAndersons


Chapter 3

"Oh my God!"

"Holy crap: my baby brother’s gonna be a father!"

"Maddie," Blaine said. "If you still want to be our surrogate, then you're our surrogate." Maddie grinned and mimed whooping. "So, I take that as a yes?" She nodded.

"This is exciting!" Cooper exclaimed, throwing an arm around Blaine. "I'm going to be an uncle! So, which one of you is it going to be?"

"Well, Blaine,”" Kurt said, tilting his head to indicate. "It's not as if I don't want to father a child, but I'm not ready for the mess involved."

"Yeah, kids can be messy." Cooper commented.

Maddie elbowed him in the side playfully. “How would you know? We don’t have any.”

Kurt went a light pink. "No, I mean…you know…to get the stuff to make the baby.

Blaine stared at him. "So wait, I have to w-"

"Blaine!" Kurt hissed.

"Yeah, Blaine, we don't all need to hear about you and what you do to relieve yourself." Cooper chuckled, and his wife began to giggle too.

"But, seriously, what exactly do I have to do?" Blaine asked.

"You have to wank into a cup," Maddie stated.

Blaine went redder than anyone else, and that was including Kurt. “R-Really?" He asked, looking somewhat embarrassed. Maddie nodded, still giggling. "Well…damn."

"Didn't you know, Blaine?" She asked. He shook his head. "How did you think they did it then?"

Blaine went a little redder. "Well...I don’t know…I guess I kind of forgot about that bit…"

"On another subject," Cooper began, not quite wanting to hear about his younger brother doing such activities. "When does the magic happen? You know, when they put everything together?"

"Well, Maddie has to be tested first," Blaine told him, remembering from his previous internet research over the past few days. "There’s a bunch of medicines and all that...I'm not really sure what exactly goes on...but if Maddie passes, which is highly likely, then it involves needles."

Maddie went pale. "Needles?" Kurt and Blaine nodded. "How big?"

"Not too big," Kurt said hurriedly. "Just big enough to put eggs - which you can't even see with a microscope, may I just add - inside of you." Maddie nodded, colour gradually returning to her cheeks. "Don't worry, it won't hurt."

"Don't worry, Maddie, you don't have to do it." Blaine said kindly – although he was saying this more to be polite than to be truthful.

"I want to," Maddie protested. "I'll just have to put up with the needles. I'll be fine."

"You're really brave, Mads," Cooper said, and he leaned in to peck her cheek.

Kurt and Blaine both exchanged slightly grossed out looks at this display – somehow, watching two people you considered similar to siblings kiss (even on the cheek) was uncomfortable.

Anyway," Kurt carried on, eager to get back on topic. "After we take Blaine's sperm and combine them with your eggs, the eggs will be placed back inside of you-"

"Kurt, how many children do you want? You're using plurals." His brother-in-law stated.

The brunette went red. "Well, say we used one egg and that didn't live, then we'd have a few backups."

"But Kurt, isn't it enough to just try with one egg?" Maddie asked. "If all the eggs live, then you'll have to raise loads of children, and raising just one is hard enough."

Blaine nodded. "I suppose you have a point,” He answered thoughtfully.

"So, anyway," Kurt continued, ignoring Blaine. "Once the egg is placed inside of you, Maddie, we'll see if the treatments worked."

"I'm so happy for you guys." Maddie told them sincerely, giving them a supporting grin as she laced her fingers with Cooper’s.

"Maddie, Coop," Blaine began. "Not that it’s any of our business but…don't you two want your own children? Maybe not now, but someday?"

Cooper and Maddie shared a look. “Well,” Cooper said slowly, suddenly completely serious. “I’m not really a kids kind of guy…you know, all of that dirty stuff is way too trying for me…but I’m all for being fun Uncle Coop!” Both his brother and brother-in-law gave small nods, understanding that kind of view. "Anyway, when are we going to start this procedure?"

"As soon as we can find a clinic." Blaine confirmed. "Although, we also want a good clinic that actually does it right and as risk-free as possible."

"Will you call us when you need us?" Maddie asked, giving a small and mischievous grin. "I hate missing out on all the action."

Blaine and Kurt both laughed at this sentiment.


"So, clinics." Kurt said the moment they got home from Maddie and Cooper’s house. Blaine hadn't expected Kurt to get this involved so soon - they'd only made the decision one week ago. Then again, he honestly couldn’t blame him if he was excited. "Which one?"

"Woah, Kurt, slow down." Blaine said, taking his coat off and suppressing a laugh. "Are you really that eager?"

Kurt nodded, looking extremely so. "Of course, Blaine! A week has already been wasted; we could have been looking up clinics…why didn't I do that?" He smacked his forehead with the back of his hand.

Blaine grabbed his hand before he could do it again. "Stop." He said, trying not to smile in bemusement. "Look, I actually stopped by a few clinics on my way to and from work this week-"

"You did?" Kurt asked: his face changed from shocked to mad. "And you didn't tell me?"

Blaine couldn’t help but wince at how high Kurt's voice went – when it went that high, it meant someone (usually him) was in trouble. "Well, it was only for a minute, and I only went to collect information. Not do the dirty." The shorter man felt his cheeks redden as he grabbed his coat again, going through the pockets and eventually pulling out a handful of leaflets.

Kurt snatched them from his hand and begun reading them eagerly. “Hmm. Well, I suppose you can be forgiven for not telling me since you did get a lot of information…”

"I like this one." Blaine said, pointing to a light pink one.

Kurt read the title. "The New Hope Fertility Centre." He read out. "Why this one?"

"Because I spoke to the receptionist, and apparently this centre consider families of all types...including same-sex parents."

Kurt's breath hitched. "Really?" He asked. Blaine nodded. "That's wonderful!"

"And anyway, the centre's title is enough to make me want to go there."

"So, where is it?" Kurt asked, moving to read the back of the leaflet.

Blaine had already memorised the leaflet, and easily rattled off, "Well, there's the East Side of New York, and the West Side of New York. I didn't want to book anything, just in case you didn't agree."

"Oh, that's fine..." Kurt was flicking through the leaflet interestedly. "Step One," He read. "Well, it says that you and Maddie would have to be screened, contracts have to be signed...Wow, this is really organised."

Blaine gave a small nod in agreement, coming up to stand behind his husband and look over his shoulder. "So, New Hope?" He asked hopefully. Kurt looked into Blaine's eyes and nodded slowly. "Really?" He nodded again, more sure this time. "Oh, Kurt!"

"How old are you?" Kurt asked - but he wasn't cross. He couldn't be. In fact, he was laughing. They were having this baby! Everything was falling into place: they had their surrogate, they knew who would be the father, and they had a possible clinic. They didn't need to move, as they had plenty of room for a child, and they didn't need to worry too much about costs thanks to their relatively well-paying jobs.

Everything was perfect – now they just had to go through with it.

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